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Strange Bedfellows: Nativists Sponsor, Tout New Black Anti-Immigrant Group

By Leah Nelson on August 18, 2011 - 10:41 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist

A mysterious anti-immigration group called Blacks for Equal Rights Coalition (BFERC) recently made its debut in Los Angeles with a July 6 “Community Outreach Summit” on “The Impact of Immigration on Black Communities.”

The summit, whose entirely unnamed lineup included “advisors, educators, politicians and activists from the community,” generously offered a free lunch to the first 125 people to sign up.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Though “presented” by BFERC, the summit was sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant group whose founder, John Tanton, wrote in a 1993 letter to controversial ecology professor Garrett Hardin, “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.”

This is not the first “black” anti-immigrant group FAIR has sponsored. That honor would go to the now-defunct Choose Black America (CBA), which was billed as a grassroots organization but was apparently a front group funded and founded by FAIR for the sole purpose of putting a black face on the mostly white anti-immigrant movement. FAIR also helped establish other groups that purportedly represented the victims of immigration – the Coalition for the Future of the American Worker, which claimed to be a coalition of blue-collar groups, and You Don’t Speak for Me, the Latino version of CBA.

Like CBA, whose leaders appeared at events alongside white nationalists and border vigilante leaders, BFERC has patrons in the strangest of places.

Jeff Schwilk, head of the nativist extremist San Diego Minutemen, recently announced that BFERC had joined his SoCal Patriots Coalition, whose other members include tax-protest groups, Minuteman factions and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

“Look out La Raza, your days of playing the race & hate cards against real Americans are coming to an end,” Schwilk wrote in an E-mail encouraging people to donate to BFERC. “The sell-out black politicians and corrupt leaders (Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, etc.) who have sold their souls to La Raza and the Marxist movement at the expense of their black constituents are being exposed, challenged, and will be defeated as black Americans rise up and claim their piece of the American dream. It’s a new day.”

Inexplicably, the FAIR/BFERC summit was also promoted on the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist hate group that has referred to blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.” Surreally, the notice appeared directly above a paid advertisement for an event sponsored by the racist National Policy Institute, whose mission statement says it aims “to elevate the consciousness of whites, ensure our biological and cultural continuity, and protect our civil rights.”

The sparse BFERC website offers no clue as to its provenance or leadership. Its oddly militant and ungrammatical content does not appear to be the product of FAIR’s professional staff of anti-immigrant spin doctors.

“We are against the devastating impact of Genocidal forces imposed on the Black communities by the taking away of jobs, housing, education and social benefits. It is inevitable that BFERC will work vigorously to maintain our Civil and Human Rights that our forefathers fought so diligently for in order for us to have ‘Equal Rights,’” says its mission statement. Elsewhere, the group refers to “Taxation without Representation” – an issue in which FAIR has never shown the slightest interest.

In a particularly dismal section titled “Education,” the website claims BFERC will — at unspecified future dates, times and locations — offer a book club, a workshop on “The Black Family Foundation,” and a writing clinic for “Legal Eagles” seeking to learn how to “Fight Write.” Its title? “The Pen is more Mightier than the Sword.”

  • ruben


  • ruben

    to skinny….first of all let me get one thing straight, i believe that shadow wolf is a fake and a phony…..masquerading on here as someone who he is not…..second he is a HYPOCRITE!!….he loves to label and accuse people of the negative activity that he himself is guilty of…..just like your typical right wing extremist……i guess living in arizona he has learned well from the likes of russel pearce and j.t ready……third we are on the splc blogs…..they do there homework if the national coalition of la raza were racist as he says they would have brought it up to our attention!!…..i feel like i am hearing sean hannity or bill o’reilly on fox news when i read his generic posts…..but any way were cool……i like hearing from you….peace.

  • skinnyminny

    All I can really say is I raised my eyebrows on this one.

    Well, no, let me take that back. Please read this with a open mind, and reflect on this for a minute. I have written stuff here that is sometimes hypocritical and sometimes things I write may come off as an angry black girl/woman. Sometimes I write it as a way to open up dialogue, sometimes I write coming from the heart.

    This time I am writing from the heart to you. I admit I’m a straight up ‘hood rat.’ And sometimes reading your comments, you sound like you are from the hood also. I don’t think Shadow Wolf was disrespecting you. I know that respect means a lot from where we come from, and crossing the line could be a problem.

    Hear me out on this one, I read comments from people that say awful things about blacks…I also see comments and posts about different black organizations. Sometimes, for me, I just don’t respond because I can’t back them up, or I don’t agree with the organization itself. Sometimes I respond to see if they are really going to pour their heart out. I don’t know much about LaRaza, CAIR, or what this new group this post is about. Yet, this new group, I will not give them any thumbs up with who their are associated with. But, you have got to let people form their own opinions on their own terms, otherwise, you have got to give them a reason to believe differently and not in a confrontational way. I have to admit, to me, this came off kinda like in a bullying way, in how you responded to Shadow Wolf.

    Now, I will not go against Shadow Wolf on the way he addresses some of these guys, aka name calling. Maybe I’m wrong thinking like this to some people, but, when you look at what’s happening in Arizona, like talk of stripping people of citizenship from immigrants children that were born here, jailing people who are or look like immigrants, workplace raids, removing ethnic studies programs, requiring the pres to present a birth certificate in order to be on the ballot, removing historical black figures from buildings, and a lot of other things going on there like “papers please,” I just won’t change my mind until they (leaders) can show a different demeanor. Arizona is a scary place, a place I wouldn’t want to go – especially when they arrested a Puerto Rican man because they thought he was an illegal immigrant.

    And I will add this, I have a problem with the drug dealing/using, especially when it effects where I live – it’s horrible, whether they are black, white or latino. This is very scary, to be near (like neighbors or neighborhoods) with this because of the violence that always comes with it, or the users coming in the hood that have the potential to steal or rob. We’ve already dealt with this with the blacks, the Cubans…but what Shadow is talking about, this new group is taking it to a whole new level. Just based on what I used to see on the news, now read on the web and hear on the radio, these guys aren’t afraid of anyone, even their own military or police, not even ours. So Shadow, I believe, have a legitimate gripe.

  • skinnyminny

    something that is happening that is not being reported, is that some of the reservations are under ‘lockdown,’ or martial law, if you will, due to some of the problems, in Arizona. SPLC has a link to one of the sites in Arizona, it’s called Feathered Bastard, look to the right of your screen.

    I don’t think the job market can or will improve anywhere. If one group faces problems, then the businesses just bring in a different group from a different country. Just look at the story about the guest workers protesting/sit in at the Hershey chocolate factory in Pennsylvania last week. I say this because if you look at history, this is what they always do. For example, the first known sewing factory workers were white women – believed to be indentured servants and newly arrived immigrants, then blacks replaced them, then the Asians replaced the blacks, then the Latinos replaced the Asians, now there are sewing factory all over the world. Look at the labels in your clothing, you will see Pakistan, El Salvador, India, Egypt, Haiti, Indonesia, Mexico…Also, next time you go to the grocery story look at the labels on fresh fruits and vegetables as well as can goods, this comes from all over the world as well, this is also evident in small store fronts that label themselves as local farmer markets.

  • ruben

    shadow wolf…..i suggest you go to the website of the national council of la raza and find out for yourself what they are all about before you label anyone racist….you are the poster boy of hypocrisy…just read your posts….you have the nerve to call other people “republiKKKoons,bigots and hate mongers and then you engage in the same hate filled,scapegoating rhetoric as them, if you want to call anyone a racist i suggest you look in the mirror my friend!….to skinny…..don’t worry….. i will not be derailed….i just have zero tolerance for hypocrites.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I hear you. The RepubliKKKoons should make you feel disgusted in terms of hypocrisy. Instead of being the Party of legit businesses men, respected leaders and representatives. They have become the Party of bigots, hate mongers, and greedy fat cats. Here in Arizona, take Republican Ben Quayle, who is now charging his constituents $50 to make their complaints to him about the economy or whatever:

    There is nothing worst than having a leader charging you for critical things that currently affect our daily lives with respect to the direction in which this country is headed. Republicans–they only care about your money, not your American well being.


    Obviously, you’re very lost and confused. I know where I stand and I stand by my statements. The racist “La Raza” whether it means “the race” or “the people” is no different from the WN or Black Supremacists. Unlike “La Raza”, did you know that the NAACP has helped Native Americans fight and put an end to “Indian” sports teams mascots on the High School and University level? In any case, I’ll digress from addressing you any further.

  • ModerateMike

    @Shadow Wolf,

    It seems to me that what you are really fed up with is drug trafficking. No one is going to tell you that you have no right to feel outraged about people crossing the border to sell drugs. Moreover, I think that most people would agree that admitting people into the country in an orderly manner is in our long-term best interest. The problem I have with the current immigration policy is that it deports not only drug dealers, but anyone and everyone without documentation, even those who were brought here as young children, and even if they are loving parents with no criminal record. People have made the case (yourself included, I believe, in a previous post) that this is a good way to create jobs. Very well…how is Arizona doing? I am willing to keep an open mind on this one, but throw some figures at me. How many people have been able to return to work as a result of these deportations? What kinds of jobs are they obtaining? Are they staying in their new positions? Also, are businesses realizing increased profits as a result of the departure of immigrants? Is the state seeing a matching rise in consumption tax revenue? Are new businesses finding Arizona more attractive now? And what about tourism…are people vacationing there more often now that the immigrants are being deported or frightened away? Let me know; I’m eager to learn.

  • Brother1

    I don’t know how this discussion digressed from a “Black anti-immigration group” to a discussion of La Raza and American-Native cultural differences. But, in an effort to remain topical, I will not address inter-cultural differences between the Tribes, because they have existed for centuries.

    So BACK TO THE PAST; Should American-Africans be opposed to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? To clearly answer that we must dissect the issues. True, New arrivals to this country give the impression of having a negative impact on “Poor Blacks”. But they also have a devastating impact on poor Whites. If American-Africans are losing social position to those “new comers”, American-Europeans are also losing ground. Those summer jobs that years ago went to the children of American-Europeans now go to the “new comers” legal or otherwise. Those “fall back” jobs that were available in unionized construction, are no longer available to American-Europeans because they are being filled full time by “new comers”.

    In the past ten years the economic positions of American-Africans have remained NEARLY unchanged. They are still expressed as the “most unemployed, most uneducated because of high school drop-out rates, and most unwanted in social-economic circles”, but truth is that very many American-Europeans are now joining those classifications. Just as White woman displaced White men in the highly selective labor force, executives, CEO, etc; the “new comers” are displacing primarily American-Europeans in the general labor markets, such as un-skilled and semi-skilled labor. Look at the crews repairing your roads and laying concrete, the “colors and genders” have changed. However as stated above, the economic status of American-African have remained relatively unchanged as a result of immigration.

    So Should American-Africans be opposed to ILLEGAL immigration? Simply stated YES. All Americans should be totally opposed to ILLEGAL immigration because it erodes the American labor/wage standard. Remember, the “new comers” tend to accept lower wages and that erodes the labor/wave standard.

    But a major question must be asked: Why hasn’t the legislators fixed the immigration problem? Simply because there is none. The immigration policies of this nation are exactly what they are intended to be. Cheap labor flows across the borders and American businesses hire pass over the American labor force and hire the cheap labor, simply because it is more profitable. Cheaper labor = Cheaper products, which the displaced American labor force buys out of economic need.

    So are the immigration policies wrong? – NO. Are the immigration policies right? – NO. They simply are what the are.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf & Ruben,
    come on guys! This is exactly what they want. Why give it to them, the minorities fighting against each other. I suggest you guys look at the documentaries, “thunder in Guyana” and “Hubert H. Humphries the Art of Possible.” Here you will learn that the right is up to their old tricks of causing racial disparities and riots in order to control the elections. If we are all divided, they will continue to do what they are doing because we are too busy fighting each other to see what they are doing. I admit, we all have problems in different ways with immigration, however, it is all immigration that is causing some kind of problems in each of our neighborhoods. But Ruben, despite all of this, I plan to attend to Chicano rally at Laguna Park (now Salazar) on Whittier Blvd next weekend.

    I think everyone need to do more research, not on each other, but the policies they are putting forth. For instance, they want the flat tax – well, just look at countries that have a flat tax, i.e., Cayman Islands, with the flat tax, it is easier for the rich to still avoid taxes. With the flat tax, if you buy a house, that tax must be paid upfront, which increases the cost of the home, this causes more and more people unable to purchase a home or car. All the prices will increase much more because every purchase you make the tax is included (our people sell it as a consumption tax).

    The people at Verizon is striking, again they are pitting the masses against each other. As far as telecommunication and cable companies, they need to get a contract with the city – that is why some cities have different cable companies. This is a bargaining chip the workers have, but they are not using, and that’s the city.

    I’ve mentioned more than once that people need a street degree, and some people got angry at me. That’s why, this is a slang term they are using, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” I know where it came from and what it means, I’m willing to bet that Ruben knows also.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    I forgot to add, the city of Vernon’s mayor was called the million-dollar man, because his salary was over a million, with less than 200 residents. So again, people need to start questioning why the big salaries and the cities are going broke. The lobbying, yes, it is done with travel trying to convince businesses to come to their district. Compton is the next city on the verge of insolvency.

  • skinnyminny

    Shadow Wolf,
    I was speaking more in line with some of the people appearing at the town hall meetings. I can’t really say if these people were the actual constituents or actors, since it seems the repubs have a history of using actors. I’m referring to the people that have been yelling for over 3 years now, “don’t touch my social security, don’t touch my medicare…” Interesting how their reps continue to say they want to end these programs, and the people voice their opposition to this, they still vote these people in and expect to get their wishes. So, how is it, that Coburn tells the person concerned about a person in a nursing home that it’s not the government’s responsibility to pay for this, it is up to the family? In double-speak, if you will, he is saying that he will cut this program and that person has to figure out how to pay for it, or bring that person home for their own family to take care of.

    I was at my neighbor’s a couple of days ago, we saw the L.A. cty board of supv public meetings/hearings see for 8-16-2011, I think it was item #41 about the City of Vernon discorporation – it said the city haven’t received revenues since 2005, the investment in derivatives lost millions of dollars (losing its value) and they had to spend $40 million to break the contract. With all of this, the officials still spent millions on lobbying and consultants. L.A. officials are worried about the enormous debt it be absorbing from Vernon’s debt – before all of this, the city of Vernon fought being disincorporated, threatening to take the jobs elsewhere.

    Then there are reports/rumors that some repub. are charging a fee for their constituents to attend a town hall like meeting. The constituent that wants to attend must pre-register and pay the fee. Can you believe this? This is almost like a concert – pay before entering. What are they, rockstars now? They were voted in to represent their people, and now in addition to the taxes paying their salaries, they now will charge a fee for people to see them. I am dumbfounded on this one – it’s almost like the people are saying to the elected ones, “here take my money, take it all, I’m still not going anywhere because I’ll be here for you, take my money, anything to make you happy.”

  • http://yahoo ruben

    to shadow wolf ……a few posts ago you stated that mexican people went out of our way to be considered white,but reading your posts i think that it is you…red!! when have you ever seen a red person…i believe that the true color is BROWN!!…but i guess that you are o.k with the derogatory description of a indigenous person of this continent by the europeans…..on many of your posts on here you rail against the white mans injustice against the native people but then you pretty much agree with most of there policies…..spanish and english are languages of europe…..the border was put up by europeans,native people of north america migrated back and forth before the borders and barriers were set up……maize the staple food of most native people of this continent was first cultivated in mexico and then spread through migration and trade amongst the natives of the continent…..the uto-aztecan language was and is one of the most wide spread native languages in ALL OF NORTH AMERICA!!…and there for there is a direct relation between all indigenous people of this continent regardless of what you or the borders that were put up say……i suggest that instead of going by what the mainstream says do a little research and know the truth.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Sorry for the typos in my last comment.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I don’t know if I agree with Bill Maher’s quote regarding “American” leaders in general. But I do agree with that assertion wholeheartedly when it comes to the leaders in the state of Arizona. We have a sock-puppet of a Gov.(Jan Brewer, famous for her long 30 sec. brain freeze in a debate last year) whose education level is at a community college degree in radiology. And a host of other “dumb” leaders in the Republican wing of the aisel. As for other leaders in other states, it’s not my place to judge their leadership.


    Most Americans are against illegal immigration. Including Native Americans. Soley because the drug cartels tends to exploits Indian Country for its lack of law enforcement. They use this to their advantage. Reservations throughout the southwest are notorious for cartel drug distribution points. And Natives are fed up with it, because it’s destructive to our people As a result, Indigenous Natives of the North do not view “Indians” of the South as one of their own, in spite of the fact that “Indians” in the south are indeed Indigenous to that area. It’s a major cultural conciousness that separates one from another. Like most Native Americans of North, we regard those “Indians” from the south simply as “Mexicans”. The major cultural difference is what sets us the two apart. While Native Americans are more adapt with the Northern American Way of Life, than a Mexican-“indian” from the south. This includes English as being the primary language for nearly all N As. This is also why Mexican-“indians” are listed in the HIspanic catagory as “Latinos”, is based on the fact that Spanish is their primary linquistic stock, as well as their cultural background. It’s not logical to lump Indigenous Native Americans with Mexican-“indians” of the south. The iconic difference between Native Americans and Mexicans can also be presented in the mainstream’s image of the two races For instance, Native Americans are associated with the color “Red”, while Mexican-“indians” are generally associated with “Brown”:
    Brown Pride=*MEXICAN* Mafia
    Red Man=Native American
    The color Brown=Mexican
    The color Red=American Indigenous
    Such commo stereotypes like these is deeply rooted in American minds. And btw, Native Americans want nothing to do with “La Raza”.

  • chris schultz


    la raza means the people. Yu are correct. Let me ask you this. Would you be fine with a white organization which was not racist and went by the moniker das blut or “the blood’? You know that everyone at the SPLC and you would be screaming racist and writing fabricated gossip columns based on the name alone.

  • CM

    According to its corporate registration with the California Secretary of State’s Office, BFERC has only existed since July 22, although its Internet domain name was registered back on April 15. Its “entity address” appears to be a mailbox-rental store, and its various phone numbers are unlisted. The “agent for service of process” is one Shirley McNab, who probably is just acting as a proxy, as she’s listed on LinkedIn as a business consultant and tax instructor. This seemingly hastily and sketchily assembled “coalition” does not appear as yet to have received a tax exemption from the IRS, though these kinds of filings do take time.

  • ruben

    shadow wolf there you go again….you know nothing!!… is la raza racist?……or are you just simply regurgitating what most of the bigoted people who oppose illegal immigration say to justify there hate… raza means the people and is an organization similar to the naacp……are they racist to?… claim to be of native american decent but i seriously doubt it….are the black leaders of this anti immigrant group so naive as to believe that once they help fair deal with all us illegal “meskins” that they are all gonna join hands with john tanton and co. and sing cumbaya…..or better yet they probably think that john tanton will have a more favorable opinion of them…..keep dreaming is all i have to say.

  • skinnyminny

    Aha! Now this is what you call sleeping with the enemy. It’s obvious the groups sponsoring these splinter groups don’t like any minorities. A free meal, wow! This sounds like what happened at the recent straw poll, with the exception, they gave the kids a fun day, which included dunk Bernanke. I guess this is why they are trying to starve the population, to hang food over their heads or as a bargaining chip, huh!

    I take it these groups haven’t seen the recent protests in Pennsylvannia, huh! The foreign, guest workers were protesting working conditions (some came from Russia as well, that paid over $3k to get here) long hours, less pay, no medical…that’s a Hershey factory in the states, so who knows what goes on at the main factory in Mexico. But Hershey blames a contractor.

    I hope non of these groups are listed as nonprofits and receive tax credits/breaks. I have to repeat this, however, I must say this is not to offend, but Bill Maher once said, “Americans are to dumb to govern.” I am starting to agree. For example, Tom Coburn responded during a town hall meeting when asked about the elderly and cuts to benefits, saying something like, “look at the constitution. Nowhere in the constitution does it say the government is responsible to take care of them, that’s up to the family.” After this, it is said that the attendees applauded. LOL! Sometimes I wonder if these people, that demand foreigners speak English, I wonder if they themselves speak or understand English. LOL!

  • Shadow Wolf

    Since the leadership of BFERC is not known. And they’re keep it a low profile, I will only assumed this is another faux stint of CBA part 2. It would be interesting to see who or which Black “leader” is running this show.

    Being against the racist “La Raza” and illegal immigration myself, I think legit Black leaders can take a more civil and independent approach without the backing/support of the abhorrent WN groups. But they always to have the support of the WN when doing so.

  • tyrone mixon

    It seems an anti-immigrant Black group would make more sense than any other. It to me seems we are the target of very group and illegals are just the latest in a string that wants Black people dead. I truly don’t believe in borders but if that means we are ran out of or killed for our neighborhoods, then shut down the damn borders.

    Also, we are quickly reaching a point when Black people will have had enough of being treated this way. When that point is reached it’ll make London look like a Sunday afternoon camp meeting.

  • Aron Levy

    ‘The Pen is more Mightier than the Sword.’ I’m not even going to touch that one. It is beneath my dignity as a scholar.


  • chris schultz

    WOW!!! You guys have certainly outdone yourselves this time. From the title, to the content, to the style of authorship this piece would fit exceptionally well along any piece in the national enquirer, etc. Gossip, innuendo, rumors, guilt by association, nameless guilty parties. it is all there and also written in a style reminiscent of a pre teen girls diary or notes passed to friend in class.