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Anti-Muslim Groups Plan Events for 10th Anniversary of 9/11

By Evelyn Schlatter on August 30, 2011 - 4:31 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

This year is the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history. Many somber commemorative events are planned, including one at Ground Zero at which the long-awaited memorial will open. Others will try to bring healing through art or encourage participation in a national day of service in honor of the nearly 3,000 people who perished. Several will hold memorial services or engage in some other charitable event to remember and honor those who died and to support those who lost loved ones in the attack.

And there are those who are not so charitable, people and groups who plan film screenings and rallies to bash Muslims and warn of the “Islamic threat” that is supposedly intent on trampling the Constitution and establishing a Shariah-guided caliphate in its place. Anti-Islamic hysteria has increased dramatically in the past two years, and its purveyors have managed to convince many others that an estimated 0.6% of the U.S. population is hell-bent on destroying American society and culture. The 10th anniversary provides these Islamophobes a sterling opportunity to draw attention to their bigoted views. Among their plans:

  • Pam Geller, director of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) and perhaps the reigning queen of Islam-bashing, has scheduled her second annual freedom rally on 9/11. At her blog, Atlas Shrugs, she says it’s a rally for “our war dead” and a protest of “the 15-story mega mosque going up on Ground Zero” (the Park51 Mosque is actually planned for a site two blocks away from Ground Zero, but facts don’t get in the way of a good Geller rant). Geller also claims that the rally is in support of St. Nicholas Church, a Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed by debris from the collapsing towers. Geller claims Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, kowtowed to Muslims and chose to support Park51 rather than the rebuilding of St. Nicholas. The church’s reconstruction has been in conflict because of difficulties over land.
  • Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones will hold public meetings on Sept. 7 in Dearborn, Mich., the city with the highest concentration of Arab Muslims in the country. No word on where those meetings will be held or what specifically they’ll address. The next day, Sept. 8, Jones is scheduled to appear in court with regard to the ruling by Dearborn District Court Judge Mark Somers, who jailed Jones and his fellow pastor Wayne Sapp on April 22 for refusing to pay a $1 peace bond. Jones and Sapp attempted to stage a Good Friday protest outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn.
  • Terry Jones will then head to New York City, where he claims he and Sapp will “point out the multiple dangers of the Quran” and talk about radical Islam on Sept. 10. Jones has not released the location of this event.
  • Gary Cass, a minister with, a ministry of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC), is planning an “outreach” to “strategic high schools located near mosques with known links to terrorism.” The Christians involved in this action will be handing out literature “that tells students the truth about Islam and Mohammad and their violent, and oppressive policies towards non-Muslims, especially women and blacks.” The mission of is to “champion Christian religious liberty” and provide a first line of response to “anti-Christian defamation, bigotry, and discrimination.” Cass foresees the 9/11 event as the kickoff to a year-long campaign that targets communities with “the most radical Mosques.”
  • The Christian Action Network (CAN), based in Virginia, is planning four screenings of its latest anti-Islam film, “Sacrificed Survivors: The Untold Story of the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque.” CAN claims that it planned the screenings to give 9/11 survivors and victims’ family members to “tell their stories through the film.” The film’s purpose is to make a case against the “Ground Zero Mosque.” The screenings didn’t come without controversy. CAN will be showing the films in public parks, but the group was initially denied permission by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation because, according to an article in Charisma News, officials were concerned about the documentary’s content and viewpoint. CAN has planned four separate showings in New York City parks beginning Sept. 7 and ending Sept. 13. The organization released its first anti-Islam film in 2009. “Homegrown Jihad” alleged that radical Muslims had built secret compounds all over the U.S. for paramilitary training.

CAN is also working with U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who will be hosting a screening of CAN’s film in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 7, after meeting with 9/11 family members. West has attracted attention for a variety of anti-Muslim statements. He has suggested that there are terrorist-run “training camps” inside the US and that terrorists are infiltrating the military and “brainwashing” soldiers. In West’s view, Islam is not a religion, but rather a “theo-political belief system and construct” that must be destroyed.

  • George

    It says in the Koran: Sura 3, Verse 28 – A Muslim shall not befriend a non-Muslim. It says that Allah says if they will befriend a non-Muslim, Allah will cut them off from himself. Quoted by Daniel Scott, a Pakistani lecturer on Islam. What else needs to be said? Muslims will never assimilate into Western society, they will die trying to make the West an Islamic nation.

  • MrsCaptJack

    In 2005-2008, I worked with a lot of Muslims. I happened to be at work on one of the anniversaries of the 9/11 attacks. So I asked, what do you feel about this? What do your relatives who are still at home feel about this? Every single one who answered said they felt incredible shock, horror, and shame that Islam could be associated with this. And every single one of them, including myself for associating with them was dealt some sort of hate speech that week.

    Would you have us judge all Christians by the Westboro Baptist Church members or by the priests who are convicted of molestation? I think not. Stop judging Islam by the fanatics who acted ten years ago. Islam is NOT the enemy. Ignorance and fear are.

  • Eric

    Putting statements is quotes doesn’t make them untrue. Pamela Geller is a hero for speaking truthfully about Islam. Geert Wilders is a hero of the world for warning us about the evil of Islam. These people speak the truth, while the SPLC is defending murder, slavery, treason, and all manner of the most despicable evil in its apologetic for Muslims. The SPLC shares in the guilt of the crimes of the Muslims that have been ongoing since the demon Mohammed first left his slime trail on this earth.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Well Bill, until Christians can stop the terrorists within their ranks, I guess they should have to give up some of their civil rights as well.

    It’s funny how you call yourself a patriot and yet spit on the US constitution.

  • BillCunnane

    Having lose many friends during the 911 attack I still have the belief that until muslims world wide stop the movement of terrorism, torture and killings, they should be kept as persons of interest and all movements followed, all financial transactions monitored and their meeting infiltrated. They are all potential terrorists and need to be treated as such. We should limit the number and size of mosques and their actions within need to be monitored as well since the attackes on the US were planned, supported, and carried out from within these centers. I believe in NATIONAL SECURITY and I continue to feel muslims have not changed their ways. Remember … their attack came to our shores, their attacks targeted AMERICANS. As a Vet and an AMERICAN I support tight restrictions, monitoring and control of all muslims and that includes a ban on any future building of mosques, muslim schools and centers. Its not violation of the constitution…its called NATIONAL SECURITY.

  • W Malloy

    I still have concerns about unintended effects of Houston Grand Opera’s Songs from HGOco’s “Pieces of 9/11 Memories from Houston,” and have no intention of being around the crowd watching it to honor memories, along with fringe elements whose embers of hatred will be fanned into violence by the presentation.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Right after 9/11 we saw Palestinians dancing in the streets.”

    We also saw Iranians observing moments of silence and expressing sympathy for the US. We also saw a Christian leader claiming that the attacks were really caused by lesbians and atheists. Your point?

    “Were these the moderate Muslims that had nothing to do with 9/11?”

    I would say the tens of millions of Muslims worldwide who weren’t dancing were the “moderate” Muslims.

    “Were these the Muslims who condemn the violence of their more radical cohorts.”

    I have a felling these are:

    “If a group of rednecks drove a monster truck into the ground zero Islamic Center and rednecks nationwide celebrated, would the SPLC embrace a bunch of Bubbas during ceremonies 10 years after the event?”

    There is no Islamic Center at Ground Zero, so your point is moot.

    “And what about that pool hall the rednecks built only 2 blocks from the remains of the Islamic Center?”

    Holy crap, you actually KNEW that there was no Islamic center at ground zero; you actually knew that it was two blocks away, and yet you still implied that it was at ground zero. How do you manage to keep conflicting ideas in your head so easily?

    Question about your analogy- What connection is there between the individuals who carried out 9-11 and the people who are building that Islamic cultural center?

    Git me a beer, Junior

  • Sam Molloy

    Like a lot of Americans, I rarely get to know a Muslim. The few I have are moderate and easy to like. This is a good site to hear from moderate Muslims. I feel like you should speak up in more places as the people that need to hear from you don’t read this, or anything else that doesn’t fit in their fantasy world. We Christians share your frustration, because the (so-called) Christian Right certainly does not speak for all Christians but they seem to get most of the attention.

  • Dick Lancaster

    Right after 9/11 we saw Palestinians dancing in the streets. Were these the moderate Muslims that had nothing to do with 9/11? Were these the Muslims who condemn the violence of their more radical cohorts.

    It seems as though our domestic enemies can be revealed by their support of our foreign enemies.

    If a group of rednecks drove a monster truck into the ground zero Islamic Center and rednecks nationwide celebrated, would the SPLC embrace a bunch of Bubbas during ceremonies 10 years after the event?

    And what about that pool hall the rednecks built only 2 blocks from the remains of the Islamic Center?

    Git me a beer, Junior.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It is definitely true that people who have little to no contact with Muslims are more inclined to fall for this Islamophobia nonsense. I can’t help but laugh when these people tell me about all the dangers of Islam, not knowing that I have spent plenty of time in majority Muslim countries and territories, without any incident whatsoever.

  • weelwall

    I like the one about the Constitution not addressing Slavery.

    Similarly today’s US Laws R not protecting the Muslims like it is protecting the Jews or the Blacks. Witness the the Burning of the Quran with impunity.
    This has had consequences for the US Citizens in the wide World & will continue to do so until someone wakes up & starts dealing with Anti-Muslims just like with anti-Semites & Racists.

  • jwd

    This is text book hate mongering 101. Pick a group any group make disparaging remarks about they’re culture and frame them as a threat. This allows you to attack on levels including acts of violence. Indians,Blacks,Koreans,Germans,Mexicans,Japanese the list goes on and on.

  • Rebecca

    And the same goes for 9/11.

  • Rebecca

    Not all Germans were Nazis. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Generalizing and stereotyping are both wrong. If nothing else ever permeates the human skull regarding the Holocaust, those 2 simple concepts should.

  • DutchPointer

    Yes, Islam is a problem, especially fundamentalist Islam, but as far as I know – and that’s pretty far – it is only a problem in Muslim countries and the one is a pain in the ass for the other.
    So we, the Dutch people, send policemen and -women to teach Afghanistan policemen never to fight but instead to help elderly cross the street and how someone who is exploding in public will get a ticket for that.
    The problem is that those guys can’t write nor read and in the meantime Americans are teaching them to shoot.
    But that’s all the trouble we have with Muslims.

    My neighbors on one side are Muslims,nice people, good jobs, healthy children and very clever and amusing.
    We never can talk about religion because I know the Quran as well as the bible because as an atheist I have to know what I am talking about and my neighbors don’t even know where for God’s sake they can find the nearest Mosque. I don’t know either, but the difference between us is that they are believers and I am definitely not. They like soccer and I definitely do not. No problem at all.
    My Muslim neighbors are devoted to democracy, the western welfare-state, human rights, equality of justice and so on, just as I am. They like to pay taxes, but not too much. Other things we have in common is that we don’t drink too much, we don’t eat pork and we don’t have tattoos. Yeah, they are Muslims and moderate believers and I am secular but Jewish. You don’t leave all the culture of your roots behind you.

    So now you will understand that the followers of our Dutch Islamophobic hero Geert Wilders are mostly to find in the rural territories where it is hard to find any Muslim. They don’t know Muslims and Wilders is using that. And by the way, something his American friends don’t like: Wilders is no Christian. He is agnostic.
    I don’t mind.
    The natural color of his hair is not blond, but black with some gray in it and he is partly from Asian descent, married with a women from Hungary. Do you know how strange Hungarians are in the European community of peoples? They are not of the Caucasian race and their language is not from the Indo-Arian group of languages like all the others in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa. So, this Wilders-guy is very anti-strangers and the strangest of all is the guy himself and his family.
    I don’t mind.
    But he inspired a right-wing white lonely wolve in Norway to kill 60+ innocent children, camping on a small island, because the children didn’t mind too.

  • Dorothy Brooks

    I agree with Ishamel Royer in the points he made.

    My comment:
    It is a dangerous thing to try to take out/white wash/brain wash/diversify and CHANGE an event to fit one’s personal leanings. This is EXACTLY what happened with the Civil War and in writings about the Constitution. The Civil War was about SLAVES which brought economic prosperity to this country on the backs of my people. The Constitutional framers FAILED to deal adequately with the “slave” question. and now, you want to ignore the issues in 9/11. The Mayor of New York wants to re-frame what the responers LEANED on to get through the horror of that day. Many now want to say that this was NOT an issue of those who believed in “a” religion not ALL religions. It was Muslims who caused 9/11. Sure they may be violent and not typical. BUT.. please don’t miss the point and try to re-FRAME the argument. It only delays or even PREVENT healing. It is TRUTH that will help us heal. And if the framers of the Constitution had not failed to deal with the real issue of slavery, we would be better off now. If you who SAY you believe in diversity will look at the issues squarely and realistically, we will be better off and not delay the inevitable confrontation of what is America to do with those who might be attempting to destroy it? We simply don’t know but re-framing the issue is frankly dangerous and even more dangerous than some of the people you cited.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ishmael, I smell a troll. It’s interesting how you use the same terminology as the Islamophobes. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence though.

    Please explain what in “Political Shariah Islam”(never heard that term myself) you want removed.

    And if you think people like Geller or Spencer(a proven fraud) don’t hate Muslims, you clearly aren’t reading their words.

  • James

    @Ishmael Royer. LOL, you are funny my man. If you believe what you wrote you are truly deluded and I feel sorry for you. Save yourself don’t be drawn into the evil lies of spencer, geller, west (one only need read their material or listen to what they say to know they hate Islam as a whole and anyone who practices it. Educate yourself and in this education you will save youself. Peace, James

  • Ishamel Royer

    As-salamu Alaykum,

    My friends – Muslim is NOT an ethnic group so I wish you would all stop treating us as such.

    We (Muslims) are nothing more than followers of Islam. There are followers of Islam who make up every ethnic group and race in the world.

    Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim, and myself want to reform Islamic Doctrine and take out all the violence in the Shariah (Islamic Law) so we can follow our religious rituals without the political Shariah. The problem is the Muslim Community has issued Fatwa’s (death sentences) on Dr. Jasser for his reformist ideas and wanting to bring Islam into the 21st Century.

    I have read what all these people say about Islam – and they do not hate individual Muslims. How could they when Muslims are white, black, brown, and yellow.

    These people you call the “haters” are like devout Muslim Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and Tawfiq Hamid: These people, Spencer, Jones, Cass(I don’t know about him), Emmerson, Guandolo, Gaffney, etc… They don’t hate Muslims they have specific problems with Political Shariah Islam.

    The barbarity, inequality, and hate of the Political Shariah Islam is what you should be focusing not these vocal easy targets.

    Ishamel Royer

  • ModerateMike

    I would have thought that the Oslo shootings would have cooled Ms. Geller’s ardor a bit, especially after finding out that the suspect referred to her numerous times in his writings. Introspection is obviously not one of her strong suits…

  • Paen

    I wonder how many 911s has the war machine inflicted on the Muslem world since 2001?And lets not forget the original 911 in 1973 in Chile when the U.S.A. overthrough the legitimat governemnt in order to fill the coffers of the multinationals.

  • Linnea

    James, I think you nailed it. Geller, Spencer, and their ilk do not see Muslims as fully human. That’s the heart of the problem.

    And I agree with everything else you posted. Well said, better than I could express it.

  • James

    pam geller, robert spencer, briget gabereil, terry jones, allan west serve one master and that’s satan. They thrive on death, hatred, violence and intolerance and they love to spread it. Let me ask these servants of hate how much innocent Muslim blood must be spilled before your taste for death is satisfied? How many more millions of innocent Iraqis have to die? How many more Afghans? Or do you not count them as human? I belive God tells you to love your fellow man including Muslims, I belive one of the core principles of the U.S. Is tolerance and inclusion. I belive the same demonic force that drove Hitler drives you guys. The anivesery of 9-11 is not to promote hatred and intolerance, it’s a day of rememberance and outreach.