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SPLC and Mississippi Lawyer File Suit in Racial Murder

By Mark Potok on September 7, 2011 - 10:55 am, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Crime

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) joined Mississippi attorney Winston J. Thompson III in filing a lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of the family of a black man who was beaten in a motel parking lot and then run over and killed. The New York Times also detailed the case, in which SPLC accuses seven white teenagers of responsibility for the June 26 murder in Jackson, in a story late Tuesday.

  • Mitch Beales

    Allanio I have always found it interesting that gun control legislation began to be implemented about the time the Black Panther Party and others began urging minorities to arm themselves.

  • Allanio

    I’m 61 years old I have a conceal weapons permit. We live in an environment where people think it is alright to murder people because of their race which is sick. I’m a retired military veteran I carry a gun because it is better to have one and not need it than to need one and and not have it. These bastards needed to have been sent to their just reward. The thinking is only White people need to have protection when in reality it has always been the opposite in this country, Vida and Jasper ,Texas incidents are only a few examples. If they encounter me they will pay a price. I’m not the only Black who is fed up with the murderous way of some whites who think it’s alright to kill Black people at their leisure. It is criminal to tell anyone not to defend their own life.

  • MrsCaptJack

    When I first read about this story, I honestly thought it was a “this day in history” kind of story. I really don’t have a problem with the death penalty in a case like this. You took this innocent man’s life. The state should be allowed to take yours, without the required appeals process.

  • Willie Salas

    Racism still exists in this country. We as Christians and citizens have a duty to take a strong stand against those commiting these types of crimes. I hope the courts impose a harsh sentence on these criminals, that will also send a message to other would-be racists’. Hatred and racism serves NO useful purpose to society.
    Thank You SPLC for getting involved.

  • Ann Siegel

    The importance of this case goes far beyond its specifics and represents we must stand for as a nation.

  • Sandy Aslanian

    It’s cases like this that remind me why I support the SPLC. On behalf of those who do what they can to eradicate hate and promote peace and love…Thank You!

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    Thank you, SPLC, for taking on the haters in this world.

  • Jerry Lopez

    Let justice prevail. A murder is just that, murder. Life in prison with NO parole.
    The only way to get the message out.