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Okay, Now It’s All Clear…

By Mark Potok on September 21, 2011 - 3:03 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

Move over, Glenn Beck. The amusingly misnamed Accuracy in Media, a far-right organization that generally spends its time defaming gay people and all things on the political left, yesterday published an exhaustive, and exhausting, report that purports to unmask a Latino rights organization. And it makes the former Fox News host’s famous blackboard look downright simple.

The new “report” was written by James Simpson, identified as a former Office of Management and Budget analyst who also freelances for far-right publications like FrontPage Magazine and Soldier of Fortune. It purports to show that “the company associated with Gustavo Torres and CASA de Maryland comprises a who’s who of the radical left.” CASA, it says, is “of a piece with all other American organizations of the far, far Left.”

If you want to actually read it, you’ll have to wade through about 18 pages of mind-numbing accusations, insults and a blizzard of alleged links to people and organizations that Simpson and Accuracy in Media believe are scary indeed. We took the easy way out, just studying a spectacular spaghetti bowl of links and ties that Simpson diagrammed to make his point. It’s all there, the connections between George Soros and the Communist Party USA and the AFL-CIO and ACORN and the Obama Administration and… well, you get the picture.

And in the unlikely event that you still haven’t been fully illuminated on the threat posed by CASA, Simpson has some soothing words for you. In the next few weeks, he says, he’ll be releasing even more explosive materials “that could not be included due to space constraints.”

Apparently, some things are too much even for Accuracy in Media.

  • The crimson avenger’s Left Nut

    Did you ever think you are part of the problem and not part of the solution? The big people such as Rockefeller, and Rothschild, etc, began infiltrating left in the 1960’s and using them in false flag movements. Most leftists are decent well intentioned people and extremely naive. However, since WW2 liberalism and both the DNC and RNC been taken to it’s logical extreme in progressivism. This along with environmentalism is nothing more than Marxism. Greens are like watermelons, green on the outside and red on the inside. If you read and understand Marx, then you will know socialiststs, progressives and communists are but one and the same. Fascism is but another branch of the totalitarian family that you all so love. The current term and stalking horse used by the Fabian Society is call Communitarianism… The strange bedfellows of global bankers, CFR/TC, Bilderbergers, and Club of Rome is Global Government, and Distopia. All this in the name of fuzzy headed “Egalitarianism”. The future is very dark and you are all complicit in the crime of treason against the American Nation State and her people. You will rue the day when you brought us all to totalitarianism. For you will suffer the same fate as us in the coming hell on earth… This is not a bibical prophecy, this is self fulfilling our own dark destiny.

  • Jonas Rand

    What is the connection between Hugo Chávez and Muslim terrorists? Of course, all of these “connections” are unreliable, untrue, and/or confusing, but most of them have some writing beside the arrow supposedly explaining it all. This one doesn’t.

    One of the most ridiculous examples is the link between some organizations and Muslim terrorists, supposedly because they went to Egypt. So, because you go to Egypt, that makes you affiliated with Muslim terrorists?

  • Scott


    Unions killed nothing. If it weren’t for unions you would not have the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, health care provided by your employer, paid sick time off, on the job protection in case of injury, nada. It is ALWAYS _management_ that moves jobs out of the state or the country due to simple greed. All labor law started with unions taking up the fight for what is right. Amazing how any unionized business survives, eh. Look at telecom (where I work): unionized wages and benefits still today, and considering the rest of the workforce, pretty good ones, and they still manage to eke out BILLIONS in profits.

    Next time you receive a paycheck whether or not you belong to a union, thank previous generations of union people for making it possible that you have enough money to own the computer you use to post your drivel; then pick up a book on history and once again thank the unions.

  • Aron


    I live in Masaachusetts. And yes, while there used to be a lot more industry here, I would hardly call it the ‘rust belt.’ In case you haven’t noticed, it’s all high-tech.

    Now, being from Ohio, you should know what a REAL ‘rust belt’ state it.

    Have fun with Rroberts.


  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Uh oh, roberts is having a breakdown after having his fleet of Fox memes sunk.

  • Dick Lancaster


    Did you know that there was a vibrant manufacturing industry in the northeast and midwest? It is now called the rust belt. Unions killed the industry. Management was complicit in that it caved to their demands feeling, rightly so that management would be retired before the collapse.

    I don’t know what a “liveable” wage is. If you take a job that pays so much or so little that it kills you, I suppose that would be a “dieable” wage.

  • Scott

    Mr Roberts, ::button-PUSHED::

    In your short factless posts where you never seem to actually respond to anything the “stereotypical posters” here write you have once again exposed your true weakness and cowardice. If you equate _fighting_ hate and haters as hate… so be it. I will admit to hating racists, hating bigots, and hating HATE. You and your ilk only seem to perpetuate TRUE hate by condoning and making excuses for those that physically attack others due to skin color, religious belief, sexual identity, ad nauseum. So, please, continue to stew within your own real hate and allow we others who refuse to lie down and take it as you would obviously prefer, to continue our fight. We will prevail, look around you.

  • rroberts

    I have found the HATE and it is here. You talk about stereotypes, the posters on this place are eaten through with stereotypes.

  • ruben

    when the white right and in particular the tea party criticizes obama, latinos or muslims they usually accompany that rhetoric with racist posters or ethnic stereotypical propaganda…..and often times they are armed at their rallies…..when hoffa said what he said did the people attending that rally have posters of toothless rednecks or hillbilles when he was calling out the right?…….or when was the last time that you saw a left leaning rally with the people holding up racist posters? the fact here people is that the right simply cannot or is having a very hard time with protests that do not include racist and ethnic stereotypes……both sides can engage in ugly politics but it is by far the right that brings the racial hate and intimidation into it.

  • skinnyminny

    was at the normal ‘couples night out,’ and saw a documentary entitled, “Locked Out.” I think you should probably see this documentary, or at least the trailer on this documentary, this you can pull up on your comp. It was about unions being locked out, it showed families (including kids) dealing with the strike – these were miners in Boron Califas. It also named the company JT Gettier, which is a company that allegedly says they are the Home Depot of unionbusting. This company provides security and replacement workers. You will see, that the workers did not get violent, even with the security present and filming their every move. What you will also see, the families were turned down for ‘Medi-cal…’ yet, it was the unions that supplied food to these families.

    And for you to say that if a conservative said something hateful…all you have to do is look at the campaign rallies of McCain and Palin, and you will see just that. It was worse actually! Daily, or least almost daily, all of the pundits have Obama on the brain. I don’t have a telly, but, I do have a radio.

    The SPLC does report fairly. They report on the NOI each and every time they do something wrong. As for me, I don’t care for the NOI. I don’t care for Herman Cain – which I will not vote for, he’s made it plain and clear that he doesn’t like Muslims. Me, I’m no muslim, but I am a minority. If I lived in Florida, I wouldn’t vote for West. I don’t care for Mike Steele…Just so you’ll know, Lamar Smith and Chuck Grassley is trying to introduce a ‘mass deportation’ bill, which Marco Rubio supports. If you ask me, most of these guys, especially the teas are sounding like the former gov of Colorado, Richard Lamm, he was elected as a Dem, but, he was by no means a dem – he was actually a conservative, who talked of cutting medicare in the 1990s. He said some horrible things in a speech in 2006 that really upset people.

    There’s a guy (Stein) from Charter Oaks School, in Covina Califas that was recently fired, in which, he says because he’s gay. With all of these ‘at will employee,’ and ‘right to work’ bills being presented, in addition to the GOP passing a bill to try to stop the NLRB from interfering with private businesses – the workers have nowhere to turn. The GOP keep saying they want to create jobs, yet, they are trying to privatize any and everything they can get their hands on.

    You criticize the SPLC, alleging they need to fairly report hate. I think it’s unfair that you make this allegation. Now, let me ask you this, if I were to go to a right-wing site and make this same allegation, do you think the folks would be kind – extend courtesy? Be honest!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ah but Roberts, you couldn’t answer any of the questions, so now you’re just sputtering around with this nonsense. I provided concrete facts and links to your claims, particularly the “take them out” comment which was clearly preceded by “Everyone’s gotta vote”. You can’t counter that by some hypothetical situation that hasn’t yet happened.

    I agree that the media has jumped the gun in some cases, like with the Loughner shooting spree. There was no evidence to show that he had seen Sarah Palin’s “crosshairs” poster, and he was clearly mentally ill. What I find very strange is how the entire media picked up on that case, which was a dead end, while they did not direct such attention to the fellow who attempted to attack the Tides Foundation or who shot up the Knoxville church. There was a far more solid case of inspiration in both those incidents. Strange for a “liberal” media.

  • Aron


    Dick ‘Oblivious Richard’ Lancaster and R ‘Really, Robert?’ Robert are definitely not trolls. Misguided and belligerent, certainly. Prone to bombast and outright lies, absolutely. But trolls? No. They’re worse than trolls.

    They’re True Believers.


  • rroberts

    To Rusian: As I stated in the prior post, I am not calling anyone a ‘thug.’ (By the way, if you are a student of labor/management relations, you should know that labor has, and some say continues, to threaten those in management and those outside its ranks. I can point out a few references if you like. You might read a book called Bloody Williamson if you get the chance.)

    You are correct, Jimmy Hoffa did say ‘lets take the sons of bitches out.’ That pretty much sounds like hate speech to me. One could be nice and say is was electoral process oriented. Would a conservative pundit who said ‘let’s take Obama out’ have been given the same courtesy by you?

    I do not doubt, and do not deny, that there is hate on the right. I do not criticize anyone for fairly criticizing those who use hate speech.

    I do doubt your statement that liberals ‘don’t express nearly as much hate as conservatives.’ But, I can see that you would come to that conclusion if you read the SPLC.

    But we could argue a long time and never convince the other which side ‘hates more.’ My point is this organization, SPLC, needs to more fairly report hate be it from the right or left.

  • ruben

    ruslan…….well said as always…..i have to add the right wingers are always ready to criticize the muslims when they don’t call out the extremists of there religion but i guess the same does not apply to them….and they have the nerve to call the left hypocrites!!……lmao!!

  • punkmar77

    People we are definitely dealing with two trolls, don’t feed the trolls….

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Roberts, why is it that union protesters are automatically “thugs”, but Tea Party protesters are well-behaved and just sticking up for the Cawnstitooshun?

    The fact is that liberals DON’T express nearly as much hate as right-wingers, and when they do, there are those who criticize them within the left(right or wrong). Let me ask you this- when someone like Ann Coulter says that the Tim McVeigh should have blown up the New York Times building, or when Bill O’Reilly said that terrorists ought to attack San Francisco, WHO on the right condemned them? Who stepped up and said “he/she went too far?” When Michael Savage went on the air and said “kill 100 million Muslims”(yes, he actually said this), who on the right stood up and attacked him?

    How many “union thugs” have appeared at rallies armed with semi-automatic rifles? How many have threatened “2nd Amendment solutions”? How many are selling “Conservative Hunting Permits(Google Liberal Hunting Permit)?

    How many spree shooters have we had who were avid fans of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Jon Stewart? I ask because to date, several men have been arrested in connection with spree shootings or attempted spree shootings who said their “teacher” was Glenn Beck, and in the case of the fellow who shot up a Unitarian church back in 2008, not only did police find his house full of books by Michael Savage and Sean Hannity, but he also left a note with his anti-liberal manifesto full of right-wing memes.

    Am I saying that Michael Savage or Hannity MADE this guy shoot up that church? NO. All that concerns us here is your claim that there is an equivalent to this on the left. So give us one bomber, one spree shooter, one attempted spree killer whose house is full of Michael Moore documentaries, Noam Chomsky, or whatever.

    So drop this nonsense about how there is just as much hate and violence on the “left”.

    Here’s some sources to break your heart. Enjoy:

    What Jimmy Hoffa actually said:

    “He then urged the audience to vote in the coming election and in reference to the Tea Party, stated, “Everybody here’s got to vote,” Hoffa said. “If we go back and we keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these sons-of-a-bitches out and give America back to America where we belong!”[56]”

    It’s clear that he meant remove them via the electoral process.

    On Byron Williams, who attempted to shoot up the Tides Foundation center based on Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theories(because we all know how popular the Tides Foundation was before Glenn Beck, right?)

    Feel free to provide some equivalents among liberals or leftists.

  • rroberts

    To Scott & Rusian: I had provided several references to the question asked of me. The good folks here at SPLC saw fit to only publish one. The reference is a Youtube video title, (and I explained such in one of the comments that did not get posted) I did not make this title or any of the titles up.
    There are a number of others. Search under ‘union thug’ or ‘union demonstration.’ and you will see them. (And I am not personally calling anyone a thug, that is merely the way to find the videos.)The ones I had selected were excerpts from news stories or raw video.
    The point I am trying to make is that liberals expound just as much hate as conservatives, and you only need read your own posts, and many others on this site, to see what I mean.
    If you want to ‘hate’ conservatives, that is up to you. If you want to call Republicans names like ‘sons of bitches’ (Maxine Waters), or “racists” (Morgan Freeman) or if you want to “take them out” (Jimmy Hoffa at Obama Rally), then you have that right.
    However, I think that doing so on a blog that supposed to expose hate is being a hypocrite to say the least.

  • ruben

    to dick lancaster……have you been living under a rock these last few years….as long as the white right continues to pass discrimination and ethnic cleansing type laws like the ones in arizona and other states against latinos….. latino rights organizations will not disappear but will actually increase.get a clue!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Rroberts, on what grounds do you call them “Corrupt inexperienced”?

  • Scott


    First you neglected to provide a link. Second, did _you_ make up the descriptive title? Do you really believe that nurses are “corrupt” and “inexpierianced”[sic]? Whom would you rather care for you or your loved ones, non-unionized, under paid poorly trained nurses? You, like so many in the US seem hell-bent on being against your own self interests. The Koch brothers would be proud.

  • rroberts

    To Leslie: Here is one from Youtube.

    1000+ Corrupt Inexperianced Union Nurses Protest in Front of Meg Whitman’s Private Residence

  • skinnyminny

    Dick Lancaster,
    Okay, here is something that pretty much complement my claims, “An industrial relations round up,” in this piece, it talks about Amazon locking the doors at its warehouse in order ‘to prevent theft,’ yet, have ambulances on standby in case of employees suffer from heat related illnesses. In addition, it also talks of other countries and the way to do away with unions, or less benefits for union/non-union workers.

  • skinnyminny

    Dick Lancaster,
    I’m not certain how you can compare to two, union and non-union! I’m not certain why people who tends to not like unionized jobs continue to work in unionized employment!

    Personally, I don’t see how unionized employment drives up costs. For example, you see reports about how WalMart doesn’t pay a living wage and encourages its workers to apply for supplement aid, i.e. foodstamps, refuses to pay overtime…that’s what unions are for, if you work overtime, you will be paid. If you are injured on the job, you will get medical treatment without losing your job. If you go on maternity leave, you will have a job afterwards. If you go to a funeral, you will have your job afterwards. You go to jury dury, you will get paid and have a job afterwards. You are deployed for military/national guard service, you will have a job when you return. You call in sick because you really are sick, you will have your job when you return. You work overtime, you’re paid – now, say you have a babysitter or childcare, they expect to be paid for the extra hours, so, shouldn’t you? Or do you pay the extra, and let the company off the hook. But, let’s also add the fact that you are single, or, you had to cook dinner – you may be too tired to cook, so an additional cost is fastfood, when you had initially intended to cook your own meal.

    As far as violence and intimidation towards non-union, I live on the west coast, and have never seen such. However, with the latest strike of grocery workers that was looming for Vons, Ralphs…I wouldn’t have crossed the picket line to shop in order to support my union brothers and sisters. What good is a strike if people undermine it? I will add, that when I worked in a hospital, I saw people, non-union, of course, come into the emergency room for fingers cut-off using company equipment, burns…and guess what, the patients were scared of losing their jobs – citing, the company would terminate them and blame them for ‘not following company policy/procedure resulting in injury(ies).’ Oh, let’s not forget, sometimes when you work non-union jobs, you more than likely will not be properly trained, and if you make a mistake, you will be terminated, even though you weren’t properly trained. This is true, because most low-paying jobs, non-union jobs don’t have, or should I say, don’t want to invest money in their new employees by thoroughly training accordingly the way their company works (you can have a college education, but, some companies do things differently), they don’t invest in their employees by doing background checks, pre-employment physicals/drug tests…

  • Lex

    Yeah il bet ms-13 a typicial street gang(although extremly violent) is part of some anti americian communist muslim conspiracy but not just another street gang like the bloods,crips,18 streeth gang and latino kings who’s sole motives are profiting through crimes

  • Dick Lancaster

    What is a “Latino Rights Organization”? What rights are Latinos denied? How do we know when they obtain these rights and can finally disband?


    I worked union shops. One was in showbiz. They were competent but drove the costs up. The other was defence contracting. They were incompetent and drove the costs up. I would not join because both advocated and supported violence and intimidation to non-union members. I was never injured but my truck suffered frequent damage which the union thugs attributed to frequent weather patterns over my parking space.

  • skinnyminny

    My response to that is, if the ‘liberals’ do anything, it would be non-stop news.

    BTW, what I do know is that if there are videos, how do I know it wasn’t a stunt of conservatives? For example, O’Keefe, Breibart, or some others who have, what I believe, tend to do a sort of ‘gotcha’ or setup type incident, in order to show their proof that these type agencies/activities are not for the good of the public and should be defunded and/or shutdown. Were there any arrests? ‘Liberals’ are always arrested, intimidated/manhandled…

    So, again, prove that this incident wasn’t a stunt or setup. Yes, I need more proof, because with conservative type groups going after agencies such as TSA – in order to gather/garner support that this agency should be privatized, and teachers ‘with their union keeping them in jobs they shouldn’t have with bloated pensions,’ in order to privatize the schools as well – yes, bring on the proof. And just because you may or may not provide footage of film, doesn’t make it so that these are actual union gangs, remember O’keefe posing as a pimp in the ACORN incident?

  • Scott

    No, I’ll admit, being a union member and a proud one at that, that sometimes we do picket the homes of CEO’s, but we do NOT attack them or otherwise threaten harm. It is, simply, a way to _publicize_ the perfidy of said CEO’s and other “business people”. The SPLC exposes, largely, _violence_ and threats to minority groups and other less powerful groups and individuals. Anyone who can’t see the difference has no sense of history or reality.

  • Leslie


    Please support your claims with links showing union gangs showing up at the homes of business people.

  • rroberts

    And liberals don’t target conservative groups? And liberals don’t target businesses? Have you seen the videos of the union gangs showing up at the homes of the business people? Funny you don’t see the SPLC concerned about stuff like that.

  • skinnyminny

    Jon Hall,
    This is definitely newsworthy! Apparently, you didn’t understand the vision of this information.

    Did you see the little red box? It’s content says, ‘Russia, Cuba, China and other hostile military and intelligence…’

    If you take the time, or if you can comprehend what this entire story is about, it is a map to the ‘targets’ of the rightwingers, i.e., Acorn, George Soros, Obama Admin., LaRaza, employee unions, Hugo Chavez & Admin, MS-13 street gang, National Lawyers Guild…

    While this may not be a source of news for you, it is indeed news for me, and others who have complained of harassment…by different groups. In fact, these groups can now bring suit, it is possible to show a pattern of like groups being target of intentional public ridicule/damage to reputation…and I stop right there, because this is too good to be true!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hall, please explain what is newsworthy, according to you.

  • Jon Hall

    Not newsworthy. Please raise your standards.

  • rroberts

    Did this organization receive $1.5 million from Hugo Chavez and did they attend a Revolution in America conference? If so, the chart would seem to be worthwhile.

  • Robin White

    Ah, the author’s semantic network. Something this convoluted is, in my opinion, indicative of a clinical condition.

  • chris schultz

    Congratulations Ruslan, you now seem to see clearly how the SPLC practices “journalism”, and rakes in millions of dollars. Tabloid hearsay gossip in a pop culture dominated society sells.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I find this rather amusing because all they need to make a “connection” between two individuals or groups is to say something like “so and so worked with or used to be..whatever.” So let’s play the game with right-wingers!!!

    Glenn Beck- Alcoholic and drug addict! He used to be!!
    David Horowitz- Radical Trotskyite Communist
    Michael Savage- Ex-hippy.
    Rupert Murdoch- Connected to Saudi prince, various criminals
    George W. Bush- Funded and supported “color revolutions” in Eastern Europe; JUST LIKE SOROS!!!

  • Aron


    Well played! I wish I had thought of that one :)


  • Philip

    I don’t see where Kevin Bacon is on this chart. Clearly their findings are invalid.