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News Roundup for September 26, 2011

By Janet Smith on September 26, 2011 - 4:04 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, White Supremacist

Police in Brooklyn, N.Y., say a 24-year-old man was approached by a man who pretended to have a gun and was robbed of his cell phone. The victim was then asked about his sexual orientation, berated with anti-gay slurs and sexually assaulted.

Prosecutors say the alleged victim of a hate crime in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, ignored a subpoena and failed to show up for a preliminary hearing after receiving threats. The judge in the case rescheduled a hearing and ordered the accused released from jail.

Police are investigating a potential hate crime in a West Seattle neighborhood after a man and his partner had their cars vandalized and an anti-gay message left inside a vehicle.

A Newark, N.J., man has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly harassing a gay couple who lived next door to him.  According to the Essex County prosecutor, Douglas Brown called his neighbors anti-gay slurs, put oil on their home, and slashed tires on their vehicles.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Now rroberts is going to use childish semantics and sophistry to defend ‘hate’, as for some reasons conservatives seem to think it isn’t so bad.

    Let me break this down to you. The term hate crime means a crime which was motivated by hate for someone’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. So for example, if you attacked a person simply because you thought he was gay, and we can figure that you wouldn’t have attacked him otherwise, then you are guilty of a hate crime.

    If someone writes an F-bomb on the side of the building, we can’t say that they wouldn’t have written that word otherwise. In fact if you look at most noticeable graffiti, it isn’t legible at all.

  • rroberts

    How do you know that the motive of the person who painted the F word on the side of my building was NOT hate?
    Vandalism of that sort can be just as much to intimidate as KKK or anything else.
    You don’t think that street gangs use hate and intimidation?
    You don’t think that when we found the F word painted on several buildings in our area that there was not hate and intimidation involved?
    What makes you the all knowing arbiter of what is in a person’s heart?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Uh….concerned citizen, did you know that the Jimmy Hoffa you were referring to has been dead for several decades?

  • Concerned Citizen

    Jonas Rand

    Are you aware that Jimmy Hoffa was involved in the mafia? There is no different between the mafia and right winged hate groups.

    The SPLC should be ashamed of itself for allowing the F word be published. I guess it’s okay for liberals and leftists use the F word, but free speech by right winged activists is condemned by the likes of the SPLC. Go figure!

  • Jonas Rand

    Spraypainting “fuck” in a public place is not hate speech. It does not incite hatred and there’s no clear motivation from such an action to do so. On the other hand, “KKK” is hate speech because it is the name of a hateful organization whose sole purpose is racism, clearly being meant as a racist or racist-inspired expression.

    There has been furor within the right-wing echo chamber about International Brotherhood of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa Jr.’s speech. However, the right-wing propagandists have taken his comment totally out of context, and it’s clear to anyone who is slightly intelligent to know what Hoffa was saying. He did not mean “take the sons of bitches out” as in, give them cement shoes and kill them. Obviously, the sense in which he used the phrase was that of voting certain politicians (the ones waging a one-sided class war on the poor) out of political office. Hoffa was neither inciting violence, nor propagating “hate speech”, but encouraging people to vote. Of course, Fox dished out spin, as always, but Hoffa’s statement was completely removed from context in order to lay the foundation for Fox’s half-truths.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Alright Roberts, I already had to shoot down your claims in another topic, but I’ll do it yet again here.

    First of all, the reason why KKK and the F word aren’t the same is that KKK is a political symbol and suggests that the graffiti was painted because someone wanted to intimidate people typically targeted by the KKK. The F word does not make this connotation. People will write or paint words like that on walls for all sorts of non-malicious(albeit stupid) reasons.

    Next, yes, you have asked about the Jimmy Hoffa comment, and I destroyed it by providing a link to his biography page. Hoffa was clearly talking about “taking them out of power” as he prefaced his comment with “Everyone’s gotta vote….” And no, some hypothetical scenario involving a conservative pundit saying that about Obama doesn’t refute the fact. Maybe the question YOU ought to be asking is why Fox news neglected to show the quote in full for so long.

    As for the Berkeley threats, yes, you need to provide some evidence of this. What the Berkeley bake sale ignores, BTW, is that there are other forms of Affirmative action which benefit white students. For example, having a parent as an alumnus can earn points. Being from a particular area(usually a mostly white area in some states) can earn points, In fact many higher scoring white students are passed over for OTHER WHITE APPLICANTS who scored lower on the entrance exams.

  • rroberts

    To those that asked:
    Yes, I believe SPLC is biased in their judgement on what constitutes ‘hate,’ be it hate speech or actions.
    I have asked SPLC before, but they did not bother to post: Why someone who paints ‘kkk’ on the side of a building gets condemned here as a hater, but the person who painted the ‘F Word’ on the outside of the building where I work is not.
    I have asked why Jimmy Hoffa saying he is going to ‘take the sons of bitches out’ is not hate speech.
    Regarding the Berkeley bake sale and the threats they received, I assumed the SPLC folks could see the same newscasts which I saw. If that does not constitute reporting, then I hereby report it. I can supply details if needed.
    The point I have tried to make is that trying to eliminate hate from the media, the country, the world, or wherever, is a valid and commendable goal.
    However, to think ‘hate’ is limited to conservatives is inaccurate, and leads to a lack of credibility for SPLC.

  • Leslie

    The Republican bake sale is hilarious. Why don’t they sell pastries to raise money for their main pet project: funding the military industrial complex? This would help their other pet cause of which they are largely responsible—the huge budget deficit.

  • Concerned Citizen

    From what I understand. It is a discrimatory bake sale by charging white men more money. This crappy bake sale was a disgrace

  • Mitch Beales

    The republican bake sale at Berkeley is hate speech.

  • ModerateMike


    I take it that you believe that SPLC knew about this incident, and willfully omitted it. Is that the case, and if so, what makes you believe it?

    Or, was your post more of a protest against what you perceive as biased reporting on the part of SPLC?

    Either way, it would serve you well to elaborate. For example, regarding what you mentioned in your post, did anyone report what happened to the campus police? If so, how did they respond? Did the campus papers say anything about it?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    To answer your question Concerned, the judge may have kept the case open because the plaintiff’s failure to appear was supposedly due to threats of some sort.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Gee Roberts, did they ever bother to report them to the SPLC, and can they prove them?

  • Concerned Citizen

    I have a question. If someone is a pliniff in a court case and don’t show up. Would the judge drop the case, as in the case in Coeur d’Allene, Idaho. Why did the judge decided to reschedule the case instead of dropping the case. By the fact of a no show,this makes the plainiff look like the guilty party.

  • Randall Gross

    Most of the GOP fails to see the distinction between hate speech and hate crime. Whether intentionally or ignorantly it probably doesn’t matter since both play to the false “white victimhood” meme the UC Berkley GOP club was trying to further. White victimhood is always a hoot.

  • rroberts

    Why did you not list as a hate crime the threats and slurs that the Republican Organization at UC Berkeley received over their planned bake sale?