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Accused Alaska Militia Leader Boasted of Rockets, Bombs, Cavalry

By Bill Morlin on September 13, 2011 - 5:02 pm, Posted in Sovereign Citizens

Alaska militia leader Francis Schaeffer Cox discussed “overthrowing the federal government by violent means” after establishing a common law court system and recruiting a 3,500-member militia, new court documents disclose.

“It is not a rag-tag deal,” Cox boasted of his Alaska Peacemakers Militia, claiming it has a medical unit, with doctors and surgeons, and engineers “that make GPS jammers, cell phone jammers, bombs and all sorts of nifty stuff.” ( continue to full post… )

News Roundup for September 12, 2011

By Janet Smith on September 12, 2011 - 1:19 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Crime

Police say that security video footage was used to track down a man who was arrested for slashing another man in the face and arm at a convenience store near Lafayette, Ind., during a suspected hate crime. The victim said he was talking on the phone at 2 a.m. when the suspect cut him while yelling racial slurs.

A judge will decide today whether four people accused of a cross burning in Arroyo Grande, Calif., knew they were targeting a black teen. The teen was watching television in March when she saw a burning cross in her neighbor’s yard. The decision will determine whether hate crime enhancements will be added to other charges.

An Albanian man was arraigned in federal court Friday on charges that he provided material support to terrorists and had been planning to join a radical Islamic group in Pakistan. Agron Hasbajrami, who had been living legally in Brooklyn since 2008, allegedly sent more than $1,000 to a contact in Pakistan over the past year for the purpose of financing terrorist activities abroad.

The National Policy Institute Conference: Immigrants Ruining America

By Arthur Goldwag on September 12, 2011 - 1:14 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant

The lower levels of the Ronald Reagan Office building were mostly deserted Saturday morning, but there were a few signs of life outside the Polaris Suite. Books like Jared Taylor’s White Identity and Richard Lynn’s The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide were for sale in the foyer; inside, where a dozen or so tables were set with glasses and pitchers of ice water, a low buzz of conversation arose from the overwhelmingly male crowd that was slowly trickling in. Though there were a handful of 20-somethings in evidence, most of them seated in a student gallery at the back, more than half of the registrants appeared to be AARP-eligible. ( continue to full post… )

National Press Club Hosts White Nationalist Event

By Arthur Goldwag on September 11, 2011 - 10:53 am, Posted in White Nationalism

Friday, September 9, 2011, at 1:30 pm sharp, in the wood-paneled precincts of National Press Club, the National Policy Institute’s press conference begins. The occasion is the release of its report “The Majority Strategy: Why the GOP Must Win White America.” Most of the 100 or so seats are taken; surprisingly enough, given the provocative topic, only one non-white face is in evidence. ( continue to full post… )

‘9-11 Go Home,’ Attackers of Sikhs Say

By Bill Morlin on September 9, 2011 - 2:28 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim, Hate Crime

A North Carolina convenience store was heavily damaged in a middle-of-the-night fire apparently started this week by an arsonist who sprayed hate graffiti marking the anniversary of 9-11. It is the latest in a string of violent crimes, including murders, where the victims are Sikhs – apparently mistaken as Muslims by the hate crime perpetrators. ( continue to full post… )

News Roundup for September 9, 2011

By Janet Smith on September 9, 2011 - 11:10 am, Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-LGBT

A former Rutgers University student charged with intimidating his roommate because he was gay was in court today as attorneys tried to work out some key issues in the case. Dharun Ravi, 19, allegedly used a webcam to spy on Tyler Clementi’s encounter with another man in September 2010. The judge ruled that prosecutors must give defense lawyers the name of the man having the intimate encounter with Clementi and refused to dismiss the hate crime and invasion of privacy charges.

Cameron Nelson, 32, became the third gay Utahan in less than two weeks to report being attacked allegedly because of his sexuality. Nelson was taking out the trash at work when two or three people beat him up and yelled anti-gay slurs at him. Police in Salt Lake City are still investigating attacks on two other gay men.

Kenneth Paul Stiffey Jr., 21, of Indiana County, Pa., was sentenced to 18 months in prison and three years of federal supervision for his role in a 2009 cross burning. Prosecutors said Stiffey helped transport the cross in a truck and kept it in his garage until another conspirator took it into a neighboring family’s yard and lit it. The family hosted a black foster child.

FAIR Chairman Sings Praises of Racist Founder John Tanton

By Heidi Beirich on September 9, 2011 - 7:35 am, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Extremist Propaganda

In its September newsletter, the chairman of the board of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Roy Porter, wrote a glowing paean to the group’s racist founder, John Tanton, in advance of FAIR’s Oct. 1 tribute to “John and his legacy.” Tanton played a critical role in the creation of several powerhouse anti-immigrant groups besides FAIR, including the Center for Immigration Studies and NumbersUSA, and is arguably the man most responsible for the modern nativist movement.

Porter gushed with praise for Tanton. “I’d like to express the board’s immeasurable gratitude to John, a man of extraordinary leadership ability, wisdom, courage, and compassion,” Porter wrote. In words reminiscent of those employed earlier by FAIR President Dan Stein to praise Tanton, Porter described the FAIR founder as “very much a Renaissance man, with expertise in such diverse fields as medicine, chemistry, ecology, history, literature, philosophy, politics, demography, agriculture, and land conservation.”

What’s not on Porter’s list of Tanton’s amazing abilities is racism. Nowhere is mention made of Tanton’s memos to FAIR’s board that questioned the “educability” of Latinos and warned darkly of a “Latin onslaught.” Also ignored are Tanton’s many racist comments including this 1993 gem: “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” And that’s only the beginning. ( continue to full post… )

Racist Leader Billy Roper Shutters White Revolution, Joins Klan

By Bill Morlin on September 8, 2011 - 3:31 pm, Posted in Klan, Neo-Nazi

Billy Roper, one of the country’s leading professional racists, says he’s closing the doors of his 9-year-old White Revolution organization, which he concedes has been a failure, and will join forces with long time Klan leader Thom Robb.

“As the leader of the organization, I am solely responsible and accept full responsibility for White Revolution’s lack of success as a membership organization,” Roper writes in “an open letter to the white nationalist movement.”

Effective immediately, Roper says, “White Revolution will cease to accept new membership applications and will suspend all recruitment activities as a membership organization while we undergo a period of reorganization and dismantlement …”

His organization may be disbanding, but he’s still a racist, Roper says. “This is not really an occasion for sadness, because I am not retiring from the movement. I am just putting aside my pride and my ego and doing what is best for my family, my race and our cause.” ( continue to full post… )

News Roundup for September 8, 2011

By Janet Smith on September 8, 2011 - 10:58 am, Posted in Anti-Latino, Klan

Residents in New Castle County, Del., have reported that the Ku Klux Klan is actively recruiting new members by targeting predominantly white neighborhoods in Newport, an area southwest of Wilmington. According to reports, a Klan group is leaving calling cards in sandwich bags filled with rocks that they throw out of car windows onto lawns and driveways.

A Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue employee alleges he is the victim of a hate crime. Upon arriving for work Aug. 28, 2011, Miguel Rodriguez alleges he found an unsigned note on his locker.  The note contained anti-black and anti-Latino racial slurs and a threat if Rodriguez were to return to his shift. Rodriguez reported several other incidents of harassment last year. County authorities are investigating the alleged incident.

Neo-Nazi Pleads in MLK Bomb, Sentencing Set for Nov. 30

By Bill Morlin on September 7, 2011 - 4:35 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi

Bomb component receipts, deleted pictures and a DNA match led FBI agents to identify long-time racist Kevin William Harpham as the man who built and planted a potentially deadly homemade explosive device on a Martin Luther King Jr. parade route in Spokane, Wash., earlier this year.

Those details came Wednesday at a 45-minute hearing in U.S. District Court in Spokane, where the 37-year-old Harpham — a man with past ties to the neo-Nazi National Alliance and the racist Vanguard News Network — pleaded guilty to attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and placing that bomb to carry out a hate crime. ( continue to full post… )