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Israeli Prime Minister To Address Liberty Counsel’s ‘The Awakening’

By Ryan Lenz on November 17, 2011 - 2:40 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Anti-Muslim

The Liberty Counsel has announced the lineup of speakers for next year’s national conference, and it’s a marquee of far-right luminaries. Prominent figures of the anti-Muslim movement will rub shoulders with the anti-gay religious right. Christian dominionists will hang out with hard-line constitutionalists. And, of course, the prime minister of Israel will speak, too.

That’s right. The website for The Awakening 2012 lists Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as one of the confirmed speakers for the event scheduled for next April in Orlando, Fla. “As our nation’s honor is deteriorating, now is the time to take a stand and restore our country’s strength and dignity,” one conference flyer proclaims.

The Liberty Counsel did not return a telephone call from Hatewatch to confirm Netanyahu’s appearance via video linkup. But if it is true that Netanyahu has agreed to speak to the group, it just may be that he has agreed to lie down with the American radical right so long as they are united in common purpose. (Most of the figures associated with the conference are passionate supporters of Israel.)

Or maybe he just isn’t aware of the varied “passions” represented by participants at The Awakening.

Founded by Matthew Staver, the Liberty Counsel is affiliated with the Liberty University Law School on the campus of Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. Annually, the conference brings together economic conservatives, national security hawks and stars of the anti-gay – and increasingly anti-Muslim – religious right to address the future of America.

At last year’s conference, for example, Frank Gaffney, who helms the Center for Security Policy, warned that the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated the government at all levels – a common refrain heard from a hard right convinced that Islam is systematically subverting the West. “They are doing it through influence operations,” Gaffney warned, and no federal department was outside the Brotherhood’s insidious reach.

Gaffney is scheduled to speak at this year’s conference, as is Lou Engle, a Christian right mainstay who has said Muslims are “fueling the demonic realm” in the thrall of “spiritual dark powers.” More recently, during a 24-hour prayer and fasting event held last weekend in Detroit, Engle prayed that Muslims in Dearborn, Mich., would have “dreams of Jesus.”

The Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., also did not return calls to confirm Netanyahu’s participation. But if Netanyahu’s staff doesn’t know the nature of the group he’s agreed to address, maybe they should give the Liberty Counsel and all it’s friends a hard look.

They may not like what they find.

  • IThink

    As stated previously, when the Right,a nd I mean the fringe reactionary, fascist and authoritarian Right Wing of politics has nothing resembling facts, logic or reality to back up their deeply disturbing and protracted worldview, all they have left to sling is the most grossly offensive analogies and false equivalencies ever devised in the English language. Of course, this works perfectly well for the ‘justified’ ends as long as they have some dummy base willing to vote and defend for any B.S. they can scrable onto (legislative and news) paper, a website or in the form of this said disgrace of a conference. I can’t wait to hear what Faux Schnooze network has to hagiograph about this!…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ha ha! Yeah, the SPLC is burning down synagogues, forcing the Liberty Counsel members to do forced labor, shooting them en masse, forcing them to live in ghettos, and exterminating them in death camps. That is a TOTALLY accurate analogy, and is in no way insulting to people who actually suffered and died in the Holocaust.

    LOTS of class, Liberty Counsel!

  • James

    Unfortunatley if it’s about hating Muslims bibi is all for it…if only he knew how a lot of these christians really feel about Jews. And lou engle the false prophet calling anyone demonic? Actually none of these right wing religions are familiar with the teachings of God.

  • Jane Schiff

    I typed in the following as a search term:
    Liberty Counsel Max Blumenthal. What follows below from Liberty Counsel is “Beck – Like.” The posting date on is October 29, 2011. The youtube posting date is 10/28/11.

    Liberty Counsel: SPLC Doing To Us Just What Nazis Did To Jews

  • Aron

    Somehow, I’m not surprised. As a friend of mine has previously stated, Bibi has done more for the Palestinian cause than arguably anyone short of Arafat.

    While I’m not saying that Palestinian cause is wrong, I am saying that Netanyahu is one of the worst things to ever happen to the State of Israel.

    Suffice it to say, he is a HUGE fan of George W Bush.

  • Mitch Beales

    So will Netanyahu be joining the PDL, the pro-defamation league?