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What Occupy Wall Street Was Not

By Mark Potok on November 21, 2011 - 9:31 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic

As the Occupy Wall Street protesters are swept out of their encampments around the nation, many are asking what the movement’s next step will be and if the police actions might actually help the two-month-old populist outburst grow.

But even for those seeking to discern the future of the OWS movement, a more instructive question might be: What was OWS, anyway?

To hear the denizens of the far right tell it, the protesters who filled public spaces in cities around the country and even abroad were unwashed hippies, lazy potheads incapable of holding a job, homeless opportunists scarfing up free food and shelter. They were Nazis. They were Marxists. They were anarchists.

To former Fox News conspiracy-monger Glenn Beck, OWS is part of a “Marxist revolution that is global in nature” and is helping “indoctrinate our kids into Marxism.” To far-right WorldNetDaily’s Ellis Washington, the protesters are “liberal fascist mobs” given to “violence, conspicuous drug use, rantings, cursing, public defecation on police cars and promiscuous sex.” To Tea Party Nation chief Judson Phillips, they have “no problem with Nazis or the Communists” and support “forms of totalitarianism that directly killed about 250 million people.”

Most of these charges are simply laughable. There was a little bit of violence around the edges of some encampments, but it was not related to the protests. Doubtless, a few people in the crowds lit up a joint whose pungent odor was duly publicized by the watchdogs of the right, but drug use was actually almost non-existent, according to a vast number of news reports. The notion that the people who gathered to upbraid the “1 percent” of Americans who control much of the nation’s wealth were fascists or National Socialists was backed by no evidence at all.

The one charge against OWS that seemed to have some shelf life was the claim, initiated by the neoconservative Emergency Committee for Israel and amplified by a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, that OWS was thick with anti-Semitism. It must have seemed to these groups, along with the scores of others on the right who parroted their claims, an easy case to make. After all, it’s an ancient canard that Jews control the banks that OWS is protesting.

The brunt of their attack came in a video the Emergency Committee shot in New York. It shows a man holding a “Hitler’s Bankers” sign and shouting, “Jews control Wall Street.” Another shot shows someone shouting at a Jewish man, and a third shows someone suggesting that the media is controlled by Jews. Separately, a YouTube video of a woman making anti-Semitic remarks at a California OWS protest was promoted for days on a whole array of far-right websites.

That’s it. There is no other “evidence” of anti-Semitism in the OWS movement. As a matter of fact, as has been repeatedly pointed out, much of the OWS movement is Jewish and hundreds of Jews joined Jewish religious celebrations at the New York OWS encampment. The Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman, while condemning anti-Semitism, pointed out that the movement is not about Jews and the videotaped comments did not represent its “larger view.”

But evidence has never hindered the likes of radio heavyweight Rush Limbaugh, who noted that the 1 percent of Americans being criticized by OWS is equivalent to “roughly the percentage of Jews in the population.” Limbaugh went on to suggest that this might mean that “this group is being organized and paid for by a bunch of anti-Semites.” With that kind of incredibly dimwitted logic, of course, Limbaugh could have accused OWS of practically anything at all.

  •, Aron


    Absolutely. Considering their work effects the nation as a whole, I say they should receive as much compensation as they can.

    And I’m not simply claiming that because I’m seeking federal employment as an intelligence analyst.

  • RRoberts

    CM: Uhhh, the Bush Administration tried to implement regulations, but Barney Frank and Maxine Waters opposed them.

    You still did not answer my question regarding government employees. I have presented the facts from the Washington Post. Is that FAIR?

    Yay or Nay.

  • CM


    “… you don’t have to be brilliant to know that sub prime lending caused the crash, and that sub prime lending was started under Carter/Clinton when they in effect ordered the banks to make sub prime loans.”

    Securitization of subprime mortgages that lenders knew would default was the actual cause, and Wall Street, under the laissez-faire policies of the Bush administration, was the culprit behind that scam. Internal memos written by staffers at the lenders, filed in various lawsuits, confirm that these companies were well aware that they were writing loans to people who could not repay them, and selling those loans (and the default risk) to banks all over the world while lying baldly about their safety. If you’re trying to refloat the myth that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the main culprits, save your breath.

    As for federal government employees, I’ll restate my earlier comment more simply: The problem is not that federal workers are overpaid, it’s that everyone else except corporate executives is underpaid. And the whole tendency of the right-wing/libertarian/Tea Party movement is to free business owners from any obligation to pay workers a fair, living wage for what we do. Anyone who opposes that tendency, Occupy Wall Street and the labor unions included, is doing good, important work and deserves an honest hearing.

  • RRoberts

    Sorry again, but one more thing,
    Below is a link to a washington Post article about the % of Americans who do not pay income taxes. It appears to be 46%, not 50%. So I was incorrect, but not by much

  • RRoberts

    CM: I never said I opposed the OWS crowd. I only ask for fair coverage. I have attempted to answer people who questioned things I have put on my posts with some specific facts,
    You, on the other hand, seem to like to have stated that I want to enslave consumers and workers. On the contrary, I have no love for big banks or big government. (Why is it that liberals want to call conservatives names and say that they want to do terrible things to people? I have never called anyone a name in any posts – as far as I can remember – on this blog.)
    Let me ask you: Do you think it is “FAIR” that taxpayers work and pay taxes so that the people who work for them (i.e. government employees) make 50% more than they do for the same job? Is that fair?
    Government pay is only a part of the problem. I mention it because it is an issue that the media refuses to address at all. What is the cost of providing a retirement income and healthcare benefits for government workers to retire 10+ years before the rest of us? Think about it. If a worker starts at age 20 and works until age 55, that is 35 years. If we then pay income/benefits for 10 extra years, that means we are inflating our workforce costs by almost 33% because we are paying a retired employee for one year of not working for every three years he worked. That does not make sense.

    If we need to raise taxes, then raise taxes. But issues like this need to be addressed FIRST.
    And, unless the press and others report the facts in an equitable manor, these issues will not be addressed.
    Read a book called Rise and Fall of the Third Republic (this is about France, not Germany). It presents a scary view of France between WWI and WWII in which the country was terribly polarized and the press was terribly biased. The true news was not being reported. As a result, the country was split and wholly unprepared for Hitler.

    You want a real life today example of how truth gets twisted in the media: Ask anyone the question ‘Who caused the great recession?’ and most people will say Wall Street and Bush, because that is all the media says. But, you don’t have to be brilliant to know that sub prime lending caused the crash, and that sub prime lending was started under Carter/Clinton when they in effect ordered the banks to make sub prime loans. They created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who bought the loans. You can go to YouTube today and see videos of Barney Frank in 2005 blasting Bush’s regulators for trying to put new rules into place for Fannie and Freddie that might have saved us a few hundred billion.
    But who gets the blame for the recession… Wall Street and Bush. (And I am not relieving them from blame in total, only in part.)
    And, if you don’t identify the real cause of a problem, then you don’t know how to prevent it from happening again.

    Sorry for being long winded.

  • CM


    We get that you don’t like Occupy Wall Street, you don’t like labor unions and you don’t like the federal government. In fact, you apparently don’t like anything that protects workers and consumers from exploitation or enslavement by the owning class, which leads me to surmise that you’re a business owner yourself, or one of their mercenary lackeys. But your not liking it doesn’t make it bad.

    You refer to “outrageous” federal pay and benefits, for example, but for many of us, no matter what the accurate figures are, the point is that federal workers are better-protected than their private-sector peers because the Civil Service system provides a scale of grades and steps for determining compensation on a more or less rational basis. In the private sector, on the other hand, these things are largely left to the whim of the business owner, who would pay nothing at all if he thought he could get away with it. Unions, of course, are the best protection workers have against this kind of selfish, arbitrary and often hostile treatment, so naturally the owners don’t like unions and do everything they can to demonize them.

    What the libertarians and their ilk are aiming at appears to be the goal of imposing something like the feudalism of a pre-UMW West Virginia coal town on the U.S. as a whole. Surely you can understand why many of us are opposed to that goal.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Roberts, none of this changes the fact that tax rates are at all time lows, and the claim that 50% of people pay no taxes is demonstrably false.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Here’s the link for you, Ian:

  • RRoberts

    One more fact and I will quit for now.

    Of the 15 largest contributors to political campaigns from the 80’s through 2012, 9 of 15 are labor unions. 12 of the 15 give most of their funds to Democrats. Unions representing government employees are #3, #5, #6, and #11 on the list.

  • RRoberts

    Below is a portion of a USA Today article proving my point (but also proving an error on my part). As you can see, based on salaries, federal employees are paid more than private sector employees. When benefits are included, the difference becomes about 108K to 70K. My simple math tells me that is a 50% premium.

    My apparent error was in the quote of $120K annual salary. That figure was likely salary plus benefits. (The $108K below is from 2008. So $120 in 2010/2011 seems reasonable.)

    By Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY
    Federal employees earn higher average salaries than private-sector workers in more than eight out of 10 occupations, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data finds.
    Accountants, nurses, chemists, surveyors, cooks, clerks and janitors are among the wide range of jobs that get paid more on average in the federal government than in the private sector.

    Overall, federal workers earned an average salary of $67,691 in 2008 for occupations that exist both in government and the private sector, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The average pay for the same mix of jobs in the private sector was $60,046 in 2008, the most recent data available.

    CHART: Federal salaries compared to private-sector
    These salary figures do not include the value of health, pension and other benefits, which averaged $40,785 per federal employee in 2008 vs. $9,882 per private worker, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

  •, Aron


    I was wondering when someone was going to bring that up. You make a very good point.

  • Ian

    “Pajama’s Media[…]? That was the EXACT same site which tried to claim that the hashtag icon displayed by Occupiers was a type of fascist symbol.”

    Do you have the link to that? That would be awesome. Normally I’d expect stuff like that from WND.

  • Mitch Beales

    Wasn’t it “well-behaved” tea partiers who spit at a congressman and stomped the head of a reporter? Or did Rand Paul put them up to it? Or does it make any difference at all?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ah but we all know that the US Census was a plot by ACORN, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Tides Foundation to spread disinformation and keep tabs on conservatives until the FEMA camps and death panels are prepared for them! I know those FEMA camps have been taking a long time, but you have to ask yourself whether you want it done fast(like under 20 years) or done right.

  • CM

    Not to beat a dead horse, but according to the most recent available U.S. Census figures, the average salary for full-time federal civilian workers in March 2009 was slightly under $72,000. The number RR apparently pulled out of the air is about 67 percent too high.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Pajama’s Media, SERIOUSY, Roberts? That was the EXACT same site which tried to claim that the hashtag icon displayed by Occupiers was a type of fascist symbol. There’s zero credibility there. And then there’s this:

    “Occupy Oakland protesters told the media that the shooting had nothing to do with the encampment and didn’t involve any activists. Proteers [sic] surrounded the scene of the shooting and made a human chain to keep photographers from filming the victim.

    Barucha Peller, who is part of the Occupy Oakland encampment, said some of the first people to help the victim were medics from the camp.”

    It’s pretty clear this incident had nothing to do with the protest going on, but of course leave it to the astute bloggers at PJM to make it seem like some kind of conspiracy was afoot.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Here you go, from Forbes, hardly a librul media source.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ok let’s correct some of your errors, Roberts.

    1. Labor unions have lent support to OWS but unions have FAR less money than think tanks.

    2. I’m not a liberal.

    3. Most important point. Your claims about US taxes prove my point entirely. For example, you quote the figure of 50% of Americans not paying federal income tax. This claim is false, and those that actually do pay no income tax pay the federal payroll tax, in addition to state taxes. In the late 1940s and 1950s, during America’s largest economic boom, income tax rates were as high as 90% for the richest strata of society. The recent decades’ tax cuts on this group has not delivered its promises of higher wages and more jobs. In fact we have seen the opposite.

  •, Aron


    I fail to see how Ruslan’s language smacked of ‘hate.’ They were descriptors. Nothing more.

    And regarding the salaries of government employees, you’re simply wrong. I have many friends who work for various federal agencies. Many of them have been there for over a decade. And working incredibly hard. Yet they only make 90,000-95,000 dollars per annum. They could make a great deal more in the private sector. The government offers those benefits to prevent a brain drain.

    Oh, wait. It seems you would prefer we had an East-Berlin style brain drain caused by elimination of competitive government benefits. I would love to hear about how well your country is run.

    Also, got any facts to back up those figures? Because I’ll bet you three delicious chocolate chip iCookies that you can’t produce verifiable sources.

    Ball’s in your court, buck-o.

  • RRoberts

    Reference to murder at OWS.

    Actually, this says ‘near the site’ so it may not be related.

  • RRoberts

    Wait a minute. Aren’t the Labor Unions funding OWS?

    If OWS was intelligent and sincere, they would also protest against outrageous federal employee salaries (avg now at $120K/year) and outrageous government benefits.

    But, my point in all of this was merely to ask for an even handed treatment of OWS vs TP. You can agree or disagree with either, but report on both fairly. SPLC does not report on much of anything fairly.

    By the way, let us look at some of the addictions that Mr Rusian has used in his last postings:
    Lazy, Ignorant, Willfully and profoundly stupid, idiotic, whining. SPLC, Once again you need to address the hate of those that post on your blog.

    OH, I forget. Liberal hate is good hate. Sorry, I keep getting confused with that.

    By the way, the US tax receipts during the last years of the Bush administration were at roughly the same percent of GNP as the prior fifty year average. And this is with about 50% if the people not paying any income taxes. Oh and also, there are $400 billion in tax increases in the healthcare law. Just thought you might want a couple facts that never make it to the media.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ah yes. I remember seeing one of these clips on Fox where they told viewers how to find a Tea Party in their area.

    That having been said, there is another fundamental difference between the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street. See, thanks to right-wing bloggers, I know that there were some pretty stupid people at the Occupy rallies. There were a lot of videos where unsuspecting people naively answering trick questions and not for a moment suspecting that they were being used. Then of course each Occupy movement had a contingent of self-important, pseudo-intellectuals known as Ron Paul supporters. So indeed, Occupy had its share of idiots and ignorant people.

    On the other hand, Occupy protests have attracted some highly intelligent people, many of whom are never heard from in the US very often, if at all. Occupy brought class back into the American discourse.

    The Tea Party on the other hand, doesn’t have that other end of the spectrum. Now bear with me here, dear conservatives, because this may seem like just name-calling but I’m going to explain it in detail. The Tea Party runs the gamut from lazy/ignorant to willfully and profoundly stupid. Let me break this down as I promised.

    The Tea Party raged against taxes and out-of-control spending. The first point about this, which tons of people pointed out almost immediately, was the question as to where these people were when Bush blew a massive surplus for tax cuts and then massively increased spending with an unnecessary war. This question has never really been answered. Every individual will say “Oh I’m not satisfied with either party,” or “I was angry about that too,” but the bottom line is that they weren’t organizing rallies back then. Oh wait, sorry, some of those people were. They were protesting our anti-war rallies and calling us traitors for criticizing the president during war time. I guess that rule changed in 2009.

    Anyway, so they’re upset about taxes. Just one problem, Obama cut most Americans’ taxes at the time when the Tea Party was most active, and taxes are at record lows. The US has the second lowest tax burden in the entire industrialized world. Check it out:

    So you’ve got people screaming about taxes, despite the fact that their taxes are either low, or actually going down. That is why the BEST elements of the Tea Party can be called ignorant/lazy. That is to say that before going out and waving around a sign and screaming about their high taxes, these people never bothered to actually look at US tax rates, and the trends associated with them. As a general rule, conservatives NEVER CHECK when claims are handed down to them by their pundits. If you want to get into the conservative talk radio business you would do well to remember that advice.

    Anyway, so the people whining about taxes who didn’t bother to check are lazy and ignorant. That’s the best part of the Tea Party, the elite vanguard if you will. Next you’ve got the morons who believe in death panels and think that France is socialist. Now back in the early 1990’s there was this debate about healthcare, and it was easy to lie to Americans about how European countries work because we didn’t have the internet much less web 2.0 and social networking. So one needs to ask, “If these people are so concerned about socialized medicine(single-payer was never on the table and Obama gave up the public option very quickly) , WHY don’t they bother actually contacting some random people from countries like France, Canada, or Norway, and find out how the system works there? Well of course they don’t bother because they are ignorant, lazy, and a bit stupid. Ditto for the people who whine about “Czars” despite the fact that many presidents have had such sub-cabinet level positions.

    Then we’ve got the next layer of stupid. These are the people who claim that the US government is socialist, that Obama is a Marxist, that ACORN is the equivalent to the SA, and so on. These people will pass on any meme that Glenn Beck gives them. If I could pass myself off as a guest on a right-wing pundit show, and if I claimed that Obama is actually a more radical type of Marxist known as a “Galievian” Marxist, sooner or later you’d see these idiots ranting about how Obama is a doubly-dangerous “Galievian Marxist.” Just look at the way they’ve turned “Community Organizing” into some kind of dirty word, which of course, they are terribly afraid of. So it’s better to have our communities DISORGANIZED?

    Anyway, most of the Tea Party’s problems are typical conservative traits, most of all laziness and ignorance. They are scared to death of crime when violent crime has been going down. They are afraid of illegal immigrants when plenty of studies show that they contribute more than they take from society(also there’s this thing conservatives claim to like called the “free market”). They think America’s becoming socialist when it has actually been privatizing a lot of things for a long time now. They scream about taxes when taxes are at record lows. In all these cases the cause is the same: They…don’t….check.

    Now someone might claim that the Tea Party is about “liberty” or “freedom”, but this is just BS. You’ll never hear people like those at the Tea Party openly coming out against the War on Drugs, standing up for gay marriage, abortion rights, etc. Moreover, these people were nowhere to be found when America suffered one of the most significant blows to civil rights in recent history, the PATRIOT act. The only exception to this lies with the Ron Paul supporters, but they’ve got a whole host of other problems.

    So that’s the difference between OWS and the Tea Party. OWS may have a lot of ignorant and even stupid people, but it also has highly intelligent people. Also, many of the ignorant people at rallies like OWS are eager to learn new things. Sometimes they might be a bit too naive, but they want to acquire knowledge. I observed this when working with anti-war movements. You could tell some people didn’t really know much about politics, but when you told them about things they had never heard they were curious, they asked questions, they asked about books they could find to learn more, and so on.

    The Tea Party on the other hand, does not have a brilliant element to it. At the very best, its most intelligent people are whining about taxes when they really shouldn’t be. The rest are not simply ignorant, but lazy. I try to discuss with these people, and I find that no matter how obsessed they are with Marxism, taxes, capitalism, economics, US history, etc. they really don’t want to discuss these things in detail, and they don’t want to so much as look at anything which might upset their worldview.

    Worse still, some people seem to make a conscious effort to remain ignorant, because for many of these issues it is difficult to avoid seeing or hearing evidence which contradicts your beliefs. How does one, for example, become obsessed with George Soros, and then NEVER bother to read his basic biography or some of his articles, either of which would easily destroy the idiotic idea that this capitalist is supposedly bankrolling worldwide Communist revolution.

    So that’s OWS vs. TP in a nutshell.

  • CM


    “The Tea Party had several well-funded think tanks plus a major political party backing them.”

    Don’t leave out Fox News, which organized (stage-managed) and promoted the Tea Party from the start.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Typical conservative confusion. Let’s break this down, shall we?

    1. Non-profit status bars organizations from political campaigning. It is clear that the SPLC does not involve itself in political campaigns. I have never seen the SPLC endorse or support any political candidate.

    2. Most of your idiotic charges can only apply to people who showed up at these rallies. OWS was a grass-roots movement and they don’t have the right to deny the 1st Amendment rights of anyone who wants to show up.

    3. Nobody was looking for weapons at Tea Party rallies; they were obvious and many Tea Partiers called attention to them. It’s obvious that whatever transgressions of Tea Partiers are brought to your attentions, you will claim they are “debatable.”

    4. Please provide evidence that someone was murdered in one of the camps.

    As for blocking access, attacking police(that’s what happens when you use violence), and unlicensed public kitchens. Too damned bad. The Tea Party had several well-funded think tanks plus a major political party backing them. OWS has nothing.

    People like you can’t run around talking about “watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants” and then throw a hissy fit when dissenters have an unlicensed public kitchen or smoke some pot. It’s this kind of nitpicking and whining that makes me do two things: 1. Believe that the “authoritarian personality type” may be real after all. 2. Call BS on all the right-wing “rebels” who talk about taking “their country back” from the gubmint.

  • RRoberts

    Mr Rusian: I am not the reporter here. SPLC receives millions of dollars of tax deductible donations each year under the premise that they are a nonpartisan organization.

    But let’s see what OWS events I can recall:
    Trying to block Brooklyn Bridge.
    Trying to block access to subways.
    Trying to block streets.
    Anti-Semitic signage.
    Lice and filth.
    Refusing police orders.
    Attacking police. (several police officers have been sent to the hospital).
    Killing someone in the camp.
    Uncounted use of illegal drugs.
    Unlicensed public kitchens.
    Blocking access to the port of Oakland.

    And lets see. What did we have on the Tea Party:
    A few armed people at the protests. (Of course. no one ever looked for weapons at OWS.)
    Maybe some name calling and spitting on a person (although that is subject to debate.)

    Granted, I have likely missed some TP transgressions. But I bet there are many more OWS activities that have been unreported.

    Again, all I ask for is some level of fairness in reporting. Or perhaps the SPLC would like to give of their 501(c))3) status?

  • Leslie

    There were former bank employees involved in Occupy Wall Street also who had seen illegal accounting schemes going on whistle blowers silenced with threats to their lives.This protester does not look like the stereotype portrayed by the right wing media.

  •, Aron

    Hey, RRoberts is back! I missed you buddy!!!

    I have absolutely nothing but respect for the Republican Party. But I dislike the conservative wing.

    I am hardly out to demonize it (well, maybe a little bit…), but compared to the polemics coming out of the other side, I’m a marshmallow.

    One need only look at the cover of this month’s issue of the NRA’s ‘American Rifleman’ to see what I’m talking about.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m an NRA member.

    Let’s give RRoberts some time to clean up the parts of his mind I just blew.

    Good to have you back. Comic relief is always welcome.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ooooh look at that rightie whine!! Alright then, since you think the Tea Party was dealt with unfairly, you can dig up stories and show how.

  • RRoberts

    After months of ATTACKING the Tea Party protestors (who were MUCH better behaved than OWS) and calling them every name in the book, it is interesting that the SPLC comes to the complete defense of OWS. Even the very comments that SPLC makes about those who dare criticize OWS are indicative of hate. Such as ‘denizens of the far right’ and ‘right wing fear mongers.’

    Then when you couple those comments with the liberal, open minded, and tolerant comments of the posters who agree with SPLC and you CLAIM to be an organization that wants to eliminate Hate and endorse Tolerance.


    Come on, at least be honest with yourself and admit that you are out demonize any conservative you can.

    Perhaps if organizations like SPLC and ACLU actually tried to represent all the people, then they might actually accomplish something.

    How come SPLC did not give the Tea Partiers the wonderful glowing comments that you give OWS? Could you be extraordinarily biased?

    The answer to that is YES.

  • Ian


    Brief correction, Buchanan’s “amen corner” comment was made during “The McLaughlin Group” on August 26, 1990 and was about the Persian Gulf War, not the Supreme Court.

  •, Aron


    I’m very glad to hear that. I’m also very glad to see the sheer number of commas you used.

    Because the world can NEVER have enough commas.

    Ha ha ha!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I don’t care. I think they’re all a bunch of nuts,, who has nothing beter to do.

  • Sam Molloy

    I’ve been a subscriber to Adbusters for years. I enjoy their different take on the dominant paradigms and agree with a lot of the 99% ers complaints. However, most advances in Gay equality and the jobs where people actually do things have come from corporations, not government.

  • Ramses

    The claim that OWS was infested with anti-Semites when I saw a photo from of self-policing behavior: somebody had a large sign that read, “Google: Zionists control Wall Street” while somebody stood next to the fellow with the sign with his own cardboard sign with a word that equated to “Jerk.”

    For those who are interested in links:

  • IThink

    To all the right-wingnut trollies making their baseless red herrings about the American Nazi Party endorsement to OWS and their non-existent anti-semitism:

    1. Where were the righties when Glenn Beck has and continues to panhandle Jon Birch conspiracy theories that George Soros, a JEWISH billionaire, was behind Tea Party criticism and every progressive political entity in the U.S. (and did an outrageously tasteless puppet show impersonation of his conspired political cronies to boot?)
    2. Where were the righties when conservative media pundits and Evangelical fundamentalists defended to the ‘T’ accusations of anti-semitism against Mel GIbson and his ‘Passion of the Christ’ film? Joining in the chorus without independently thinking, despite overwhelming evidence and reason stating the Romans and not the Jews crucified him? Whoda thunk that???
    3. Where were the rigthies when Tea Partiers were going to endorse David freaking Duke (KKK grand wizrd and world’s most de facto influential anti-semite and all-around white ‘nationalist’) to run for Republican presidential nomination 2012? Agreeing with it? Whoda thunk it…
    4. Where, or rather what were the Righties doing when anti-semitic/racist reich-wing groupies like Stormfront, National Vangaurd, the KKK, John Birch Society, etc, were giving thousands of dollars of campaign donations to Ron Paul the day in 2008 he created his record-breaking ‘money bomb’ and originating the present day Tea Parties with his supporters, even as he is a Republican frontrunner for President now? Joining in I take it?
    5. Where were the Righties when Ann Coulter said, as the apparent spokeswoman for all Christians everywhere, that ‘we’ JUST believe ‘Jews need to be perfected’? God’s chosen people and the de facto ethnicity of the messiah Jesus Christ himself? Agreeing I take it!
    6. Where the righties when Pats Buchanan and Robertson were regularly publishing ‘political science’ books detailing anti-semitic conspiracies (cultural marxism, the Free Masons, Zionist-occupied govt. and the whole wingnut smorgasboard) and marginal white nationalism on a an easily deceived American public? Making them NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERS? So much for the elite liberal media and the politically-correct police, sounds like their downright NOT doing their job…
    7. And what did the Righties say when Pat Buchanan called Congress and the Supreme Court ‘Israel’s Amen Choir’ because they nominated a Jewish woman in Elena Kagan as a justice? Complaining there wern’t enough ‘white’ people perhaps? That hypocrisy has GOT to be heart-attack inducing at some point…

    I could of course go on for days in Encyclopedian form, but I don’t want to induce too much forced exposure to reality that fast, otherwise you might go and shoot up your local Holocaust Museum or Unitarian church for being ‘radically left-wing’ (read: disagreeing and winning a debate with a conservative)!

  • Ithink

    QuestionYourself said,
    on November 21st, 2011 at 12:27 pm
    Your motivation is too transparent here. You’re trying to maintain the alliance between the gentile left and Jewish left. The only problem is, of course, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.
    The gentile left is increasingly considering such treatment to be apartheid-like (and for very good reason), but many (although certainly not all) on the Jewish left take a decidedly conservative approach on the issue.
    Which, of course, is why your organization chooses to not even talk about it, although you have run articles on European racism and even articles on rather detailed topics involving Polish history, despite the fact that no one in your organization, doubtlessly, speaks Polish or could be considered an expert in such an area. (But in those cases, gentiles got trashed–so that’s not the problem criticizing Israel would be with most of your big donors, right?)”

    You sound like you have quite a time talking to those voices in your own head, huh (gentile and jewish Left? WTF) This kind of claptrap is considered ingenious over at Stormfront, Alex Jones and Tea Party Nation’s comment threads, so I guess you deserve vocal kudos for tryin’ out at something reasonable and informed! Methinks ‘question yourself’ (a contradiction of breathless magnitude for the mentioned above statements) should actually try staying relevant to the post in question…?

    Did you know that there are in fact many Jews on both the Left & Right that have had substantial influence on politics and other historical matters? Why is it you wingnut trollies like to roll over and rhetorically incinerate moderate and liberal Jewish voices like Eugene Debbs, Jon Stewart, Albert Einstein, Paul Krugman, Al Franken, Elena Kagan and so on but you revere Libertarian Goddess Ayn Rand and Conserva-Dem Joe Lieberman as Right-Wing apostles? Is it because they’re vehemently pro-War and pro-Capitalist despite the devastating consequences they often have for the majority, and not so much their ethnic or religious demographic? Your reactionary Righties sure have a hilarious and deeply distorted view on Race! (Like how Martin Luther King Jr. was apparently a Republican and would’ve never been pro-affirmative action or progressive welfare/social safety net programs especially beneficial to maligned minorities but millions of Middle-Class whites as well, because he dreamed of a ‘colorblind’ world and America where people ‘by magic’ wouldn’t judge others based on anything but their character? Even when any speech, writing or other entity produced by the man would indicate politcs that are the complete antithesis of conservative dogma in its present day form? My Lord, why we don’t have political science tests for those running for ANY office in America, I’ll never know!)
    You do know Bush Jr. used to tote around, as a ‘right on’ Republican Evangelical, how all Jews and non-Christians (whatever that means) were going to hell as a form of witnessing, and I won’t even get into what other self-described Republicans or anti-communist stalwarts like Pat Buchanan and David Duke have said about them (the Jews) and you wonder why 80-90% of them vote Democratic? Its because they can’t think right, or are too busy faxing up the latest Illuminati world conference, huh? Must be fun knowing all your bills and other life necessities are taken care of inside your homemade insane asylum!

    How people can’t see OWS is a lot bigger than any one ethnic, racial, religious, age range or class demographic’s interests or wants (of which it manifestly represents a little bit of everything aforementioned; the de facto 99% of America that isn’t and never will be based solely on rich, older, white, Protestant males topping off and gloating endless over their Forbes 500 listings) is incomprehensible to a thinking mind. Than again, most people don’t exactly know how to to that and act on independent logic, which is half of any problem in the world, ANYways!

    You teabaggies can keep whining and moaning about how you were ‘doing and representing’ all along (while a balck putative liberal was elected President with a supermajority Democratic in Congress) what OWS has apparently accomplished in a few months, but the writings are on the wall and your pocketbooks and casted votes tell quite the tangible contradiction. The fool that stormed out of a townhall forum under this notion after hollering ‘Socialist Whore’ at Elizabeth Warren and no coherent argument sums up what the Republicans & Teabaggers are all about at the end of the day: the money honey; and by any divisive and anti-public opinion action necessary to get more of it…A broken clock is right twice every day indeed.

  • Ithink

    B.B. said,
    on November 21st, 2011 at 10:10 am
    “You neglected to mention that OWS was endorsed by David Duke and the American Nazi Party. Either one of those endorsements alone would of been considered a damning indictment of the movement by the likes SPLC and other assorted leftists if they weren’t sympathetic to their goals. I am sure most protesters aren’t particularly sympathetic to Duke or the Nazi Party, but what is notable about his is how selective the SPLC is in using the “links and ties” type reasoning when declaring right-wing groups beyond the pale of acceptable discourse.”

    And you neglected to point the myriad of moderate and more liberal websites, think tanks and blogs that pointed out that endorsement (which was a cover and clever opportunism btw); Critical thinking and reading comprehension skills are important when making your interpretation of any new source, but remember that there is an all-encompassing space called ‘reality’ beyond the ‘Twilight Zone’ corridors of Fox News. David Duke and the (virtually non-existent) American Nazi Party have also made some affectionate video, personal speeches and financial supporting campaigns to the Tea Parties and Ron Paul candidacy (both of which were backed by an encyclopedia’s list of fringe right ideologues like John Birchers, Oath Keepers, Sovereign Citizens, Patriot/Militia groups, etc.) but I’m curious as to anyone more to the right than say, Joe Lieberman, pundit, radio/t.v. host or otherwise in the Republican sphere complained or disowned these manifestly violent folks, which OWS supporters CLEARLY did (again, if you watch the UNedited videos and partisan editorials pandhandling conspiracies!). These trolling hacks (i.e. David Duke and the ANP) did it for no other reason other than to smear their obvious political opposition as being their and the Tea Partiers’ own true embodiment: gentile white supremacism, financial, institutional, revisionist historical,etc. Its all these clown were ever really about…

    B.B. said,
    on November 21st, 2011 at 10:35 am
    I should also note that the Occupy Wall Street campaign was started by Kalle Lasn, editor of Adbusters magazine. He wrote an article in 2004 pointing out the Jewish role in the neo-conservative movement and how it affected foreign policy. This was roundly denounced at the time as “anti-semitic” even by fellow leftists.

    Yes, yes it was! It was denounced by fellow leftists and promptly rebuked or taken down from the location: end of story there. Taking ANOTHER ENTIRELY UNRELATED idea about wealth re-distribution and the source of true economic depravation of America and turning it into a TRUE grassroots populist movement (which Teabaggers wouldn’t recognize if it drafted them or their fellow citizens into a deceptively declared ‘war on terrorism’ that involved sanctioning democracy in the most anti-democratic region of the world, The Middle East—oh wait, IT DID!) to tame a psychotically greedy free market and it crony special interests and lobbyists has about as much logical connection to anti-semitism as say Republican legislation against ‘voter fraud’ has to do with enhancing the democratic process and turnout (it of course, doesn’t, which they’re never able to coherently argue where others would be hearing). How about those good, pure of heart conservative Evangelicals who never point out the blatant anti-semitism and fear-mongering of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the assorted Religious Right know-it-all moralists? Is it because they don’t give a crap unless it involves delegitimizing their political opposition? Whoda thunk that…

    P.S.-Funny how the Republican Party and its fundamentalist “Christian” base is only vested in Israel and supposedly anti-semitic matters as their Bible explains it, but always deviate from those apparent parts explaining how the Son of God and his chosen people were Hebrew Jews and how the rest of them that DON’T accept him as messiah get a one-way ticket to the Lake of Fire. There’s no end to their own hypocrisy it seems…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    BB, I don’t see any evidence that Kale Lassn, a self-important, self-promoting jackass, is the founder of OWS. He has worked hard to promote himself as such, however.

    Next, I don’t see how OWS, a movement which prides itself on a lack of leaders and organization(the latter being a big minus), can prevent NSM or David Duke from “endorsing” them. Also, any logical person would conclude that leftists, radical or otherwise, would not expect this kind of support from Nazis and paleoconservatives, which is why many of them have had problems with Ron Paulites trying to co-opt the movement.

    On the NSM/Duke side, these groups will happily endorse anything which appears to go against the system.

    Now, as for Questionyourself’s nonsensical questions. Who is “the Jewish left” exactly? Are Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, and Tim Wise not part of the “Jewish left”? What about William Blum? The idea that Jews on the leftist movement hold conservative pro-Israel ideas is ludicrous, especially when one considers that there is a huge anti-apartheid Jewish movement among Israeli Jews as well.

    So your claim is basically a fantasy.

  •, Aron


    How do you know that no one on the SPLC staff speaks fluent Polski or is an expert on Polish affairs?

    I think your troll-face is showing…

  • QuestionYourself


    Your motivation is too transparent here. You’re trying to maintain the alliance between the gentile left and Jewish left. The only problem is, of course, Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

    The gentile left is increasingly considering such treatment to be apartheid-like (and for very good reason), but many (although certainly not all) on the Jewish left take a decidedly conservative approach on the issue.

    Which, of course, is why your organization chooses to not even talk about it, although you have run articles on European racism and even articles on rather detailed topics involving Polish history, despite the fact that no one in your organization, doubtlessly, speaks Polish or could be considered an expert in such an area. (But in those cases, gentiles got trashed–so that’s not the problem criticizing Israel would be with most of your big donors, right?)

  • Ian

    Adding to what B. B. said, they also compared Israeli security policies to the Holocaust.

    Mohammad, Saeed David (June 9, 2009). “Never Again: A Ghettoized Gaza Bears Striking Resemblance to the Warsaw Ghetto”. Adbusters.

    Of course just because the idea for the movement came from an antisemitic rag does not make the movement itself racist. That being said, for “Hatewatch” to not mention either the Lasn article or the Mohammad photo montage is either lazy reporting or deliberate omission from a site with normally much higher standards.

    However, B.B., we should also note that antisemites also latched into the Tea Party movement.

  • Linnea

    B.B.: Just because Duke et. al. “endorsed” the protests does not mean that those endorsements were welcome. It also does nothing to make the protests’ points less valid.

  •, Aron


    It is widely known that there was, and still is, a very large Jewish component to neo-conservatism. (Hell, I used to be a Jewish NeoCon myself.)

    But then again, correlation proves causation.

    Oh, wait. No it doesn’t.

    And who cares if Duke and the American Nazi Party (which doesn’t exist anymore, by the way) have endorsed OWS? They were quickly told their endorsements were unwelcome.

    But you seem to have forgotten that one, haven’t you…

  • B.B.

    I should also note that the Occupy Wall Street campaign was started by Kalle Lasn, editor of Adbusters magazine. He wrote an article in 2004 pointing out the Jewish role in the neo-conservative movement and how it affected foreign policy. This was roundly denounced at the time as “anti-semitic” even by fellow leftists.

  • Reynardine

    Most interesting, this right-wing logic. The syllogism goes: a. All banks are controlled by Jews; b. OWS is anti-bank; c. Therefore, OWS is anti-Jew. It certainly tells us about how the accusers think about Jews. The rest makes as much sense as “liberal Fascists” (and let us not forget the tightly-organized anarchists).

  • B.B.

    You neglected to mention that OWS was endorsed by David Duke and the American Nazi Party. Either one of those endorsements alone would of been considered a damning indictment of the movement by the likes SPLC and other assorted leftists if they weren’t sympathetic to their goals. I am sure most protesters aren’t particularly sympathetic to Duke or the Nazi Party, but what is notable about his is how selective the SPLC is in using the “links and ties” type reasoning when declaring right-wing groups beyond the pale of acceptable discourse.

  •, Aron

    Considering that Rushbo’s net worth isGetestimated to be well over a billion dollars, he likely has nothing to fear.

    Which is a shame.