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Kentucky Church Reverses Policy, Accepts Interracial Couples

By Marilyn Elias on December 5, 2011 - 4:19 pm, Posted in Christian Right

A small Kentucky church that just a week earlier banned interracial couples from joining or participating in worship services reversed its policy Sunday in the wake of an avalanche of publicity that spread throughout the U.S. and to locales as far away as Canada, Europe, India and Africa.

The original bigoted policy was introduced by Melvin Thompson, former pastor of the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church. Thompson, who is still a member of the church, refused to speak with Hatewatch.

Current pastor Stacy Stepp opposed the original policy, calling it anti-Christian. He appealed to a regional conference of church leaders Saturday in Pikeville, Ky., asking them to overturn it. The regional group nullified the rule excluding interracial couples because it would have required a change in church bylaws, which has to be voted on by a quorum, but a quorum was not present for the vote.

Then Stepp introduced a substitute policy Sunday welcoming believers of all races to membership in the church. It passed unanimously, with a quorum. Most who supported the earlier policy, including Thompson, did not attend, and others either voted in favor of the non-discriminatory policy or abstained, according to members present for the vote.

The Kentucky church is affiliated with the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc., based in Antioch, Tenn. Although the national group is not a governing body, Executive Secretary Keith Burden said he spoke with Stepp and members of the local conference, urging them to revoke the policy. “It was the wrong thing to do, it showed very, very bad judgment,” Burden told Hatewatch.  “We don’t want to just push it under the rug or put a good face on it for PR. What happened there was wrong.” He said the national group hopes to have more educational materials up on its website soon to help educate members about racism and Christian behavior.

“It’s mind-blowing that a prejudiced act in such a tiny community sparked so much fire around the world,” 24-year-old Stella Harville told Hatewatch. Harville’s family has attended the church for decades. But her engagement to an African man, and their attendance at the church together, prompted Thompson to introduce the proposal banning interracial married couples from membership.

Sharon Taylor of Gulnare expressed relief at the new policy. She has two biracial grandchildren who attend the Free Will Baptist Sunday school, and she feared for their well-being. “We told them last week that they may not be going back, we may have to go to another church, and the kids cried for over an hour. It’s the only church they’ve ever gone to, and the only one they wanted to go to,” Taylor told Hatewatch. “Now we know they’re welcome.”

Harville, a graduate student in Indiana, said she was elated at the reversal, “but we won’t be going back there soon. They say we’re welcome, yet it’s hard to go back when the people who voted for it originally are still there. Yes, we’re going to have to forgive them, but why put yourself in an atmosphere with people whose hearts are hardened to interracial love? The damage is done.”

Her parents, Cathy and Dean Harville, will continue to attend the church, she said. Her dad has been a deacon and is the church secretary. “I respect their decision. They want to stand by Pastor Stepp as he tries to get the church healed from this. He supported our family so much during this terrible time. My family also got phone calls from people all over the nation offering sympathy and prayers. It was quite an outpouring of love that sustained us during the week.”

  • Chris J.

    Moses actually had two wives and one of those was black woman of Ethiopian origin. Moses sister was punished not only because of her jeolousy of Moses but also her ridicule of Moses for being married to a black woman. Her punishment was leprousy for a week. God told Miriam and Aaron (and I paraphrase of course) to mind their own business that He spoke directly to Moses unlike anyone else.

  • en lord

    Racism is a pigment of the imagination

  • Anna

    This Kentucky “reversal” seems merely a posture adopted to get the press of the backs of a new Kentyucky upsurge in “Chirstian Identity” extremists – the most virulent, vehement and vicious racists anywhere. These are “people” who think that lack of melanin is the most important attribute a human being can have. At the same time, they have some quizzically peculiar ideas about the “Aryan” race, as at the same time they apparently do not know it is actually an anthropological fact the Aryans are a very brown skinned people somehwere in the Himalayas… yes every year trekloads of Germans goto visit this area. (I have the pictures.) Go figure the paradox of that. Has anyone told them?

  • Sam Molloy

    Our Pastor, whose vestments commonly include the rainbow flag, recently pointed out that “politically correct” can include doing anything to get ahead, and we should use the term “Biblically correct” instead. BTW, at the Creation Museum, about nine counties Northwest of Pikeville but still in Kentucky, a large display explains the Tower of Babel splitting up the original one race of man. Now if we can get them to remove the two snide remarks about GLBT issues, they might be “Biblically correct”.

  • jenwren

    Moses’ wife was Egyptian, and God didn’t have a problem with her race.

  • IThink

    [Does Hatewatch propose that La Raza accept non-Hispanics?]
    Yes, yes it does; I know personally several members who are Asian, Black and White and otherwise who are members but who also support labor and immigration reform. The key difference is the belief and activism for those last two things, buddy with elementary reading comprehension! Let’s keep it trollin’…

    [Does Hatewatch propose that the Black Caucus take non-black members?]
    Given how they were originally 3/5’s a person in election times in this country’s beginning, enslaved for hundreds, and effectively disenfranchised by lynchings, segregation and privater sector racism in housing, employment and every other entity imaginable, one can UNDERSTAND, if not agree which is irrelevant in theis matter, why those African-Americans, who are still outnumbered 1 to 10 by their Caucasian counterparts nationwide and are STILL disproportionate in Congress relative to their own population, would want that kind of united representation. BTW, they still ahve to meet and make compromise w/ all the Presidents since its inception, who were I repeat, ALL white, rich and educated to the nine’s men who were mostly indifferent or incompetent to their needs or wants save for a few special exceptions in JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Clinton and of course the bi-racial guy that’s been the occupant since Jan. 20, 2009…

    [Does Hatewatch propose that Asian countries should be flooded with millions of non-Asians?]
    Yes, actually, Japan, South Korea, China are proposing any number of legislations and initiatives to lax their immigration and assimilation policies into the country now that their birth and infant mortality rates are among the world’s lowest and have rapidly ageing populations who won’t be able to sustain their phenomenally progressive economies if they don’t start changing soon. One (very good) reason why a sector of their respective populations might be so hostile to foreigners, especially from the good ‘ol U.S.A are historical atrocities like the Chinese Exclusion Act, The Japanese Internment Camps, The Korean War and of course, Japan being the only nation to have suffered nuclear weapon deployment in world history, all courtesy of red-blooded, Bible-bearing, ‘upstanding’ Americans! And we call this being pro-American Reich-Wingers and mini-Palinite teabaggers? For people who apparently find Nazis and Hitler’s Mein Kempf so appaling you guys have an INCREDIBLE similarity to him.

    Does Hatewatch propose that black African countries should be flooded with millions of non-blacks?
    [No, but it is against the genocidal, state-sanctioned terrorism that was Apartheid, where a few million Caucasian Europeans were the masters of destiny and government over many more millions of African blacks. Now where does this narrative run familiar, the ‘myth’ of the white man’s burden/nationalist supremacy? The history of the world and racial and ethnic minorities the world over, perhaps? Whoda thunk that…

    [Why is it that WHITE countries and ONLY WHITE countries should be flooded with millions of non-Whites and “assimilate” (intermarry) with Whites?]
    Please take this trash to your local Council of Conservative Citizens, KKK, National Vangaurd, American Nazi Party, or Teabaggers convention because its NOT welcome here. We wouldn’t be FLOODING ‘your’ America had you not brought millions of Africans enslaved here, commited social darwinism to the real natives, the American Indians, taken Texas FROM what wsa orginally Hispanic and Mexican territory and done the above mentioned to the several Asian populations over the last century or so. Anyone who really wonders WHY so many minorities are forming these organizations to promoto their interests probably hasn’t passed history and certainly has an I.Q. just at school zone speed limit…

    [You say you are anti-racist but you are really anti-White.]
    Yeah, I guess that’s why they still have all the best jobs, the most money, go to the most prestigious schools and have effectively written and framed history to be the hagiographic narrative of ethnic nationalism where ignoble racial minorities come and pillage all you have. They don’t hate white people but do hate the way they get treated and talked to by them a lot of times; Respect is a two way, street much?

    [Your end game is the GENOCIDE of the White race.
    Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.]
    OMG, you wingnut trollies don’t quit with these brainless red herrings and hippo-sized generalizations do you? When you have your own version of the Holocaust (whether it be in the form of the WW 2 concentraton camps, Trail of Tears of Slave plantations), we’ll let ypu have your 10 cents regarding what ‘racism’ is, clearly you don’t have the cognitive ability to see it yourself, so why don’t you jsut sit back and watch as the world becomes more multi-cultural and racially diverse, like it or not…

  • CM


    Your proposed analogies with La Raza and the Congressional Black Caucus and so on just serve to reveal how completely you’re missing the point: It’s not the Gulnare Lily White Church, it’s the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church. So as long as someone who wants to join is a Free Will Baptist (whatever that means), it shouldn’t matter what his or her race/ethnicity is. Mistaking this point and then escalating your error into accusations of “GENOCIDE of the white race” suggests you may be mentally locked down in your own dark fantasies.

  • Julia

    Mr. Baggett,

    You do indeed have the right to your point of view, however, I beg to differ on your point that no battle was won here. There was an uproar regarding the interracial marriage ban not only by members of this church, but by Americans in general. This surely sends a message to our young people that bigotry will not be tolerated.


  • ADB

    @mike (the racist above) – you need to develop your reading comprehension. What really happened was that the good hearted people in this church got together, kicked out the racist pastor, and ostracized the other racists who voted to put that horrible, stupid policy in place. You know, much like you’ve been ostracized your entire life. Enjoy your hatred in this life and your eternal burning hellfire in the next, you frakking Nazi racist pig.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Oh I’m so glad you came back to get humiliated yet again.

    “Does Hatewatch propose that La Raza accept non-Hispanics?”

    I’m pretty sure La Raza works with people of other races. “Hispanic” includes many white people.

    “Does Hatewatch propose that the Black Caucus take non-black members?”

    There already is a much larger White Caucus in congress. It’s called “ALL THE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS WHO ARE WHITE.”

    “Does Hatewatch propose that Asian countries should be flooded with millions of non-Asians?”

    What are “Asian” countries, exactly, aside from countries that are geographically in Asia? Who is “flooding” “white countries”(please define which countries are white), with “non-whites”, and how are they “flooding” the country.

    “Does Hatewatch propose that black African countries should be flooded with millions of non-blacks?”

    Again, please explain who is “flooding” “white countries” with blacks and how they are doing it.

    “Why is it that WHITE countries and ONLY WHITE countries should be flooded with millions of non-Whites and “assimilate” (intermarry) with Whites?”

    WHO is saying this? Names. I want names. Who is “flooding” the “white countries”? What are “white” countries? What about massive immigration from “white countries?” WHO is saying whites must “assimilate”, and who says this means intermarriage? If anything European countries at least openly expect any immigrants to assimilate into their culture, not vice versa.

    “You say you are anti-racist but you are really anti-White.”

    Can you not speak English? I have repeated the same questions here I have repeated before. On Stormfront or VNN you can live in your little fantasy world, but here in the real world you will be asked for evidence of your claims. I’m sorry if you think that’s not fair.

    “Your end game is the GENOCIDE of the White race.”

    We’ve been over this. Either you have no idea what is going on in the world, you have no idea what genocide means, or both. I’m thinking it’s the last option. Did you think that you could get away with this idiocy? Did you think that I left for good?

    Know this, foolish White Nationalist piggy- You will be smacked down every time you pop your little snout up.

    “Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.”

    “Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.” is just code for “I’m a drooling moron.”

    Please, bring it on again, we’ll smack you down just like last time. We’ll do it until you get on a plane, go to Europe, and learn something about “white culture”. And while you’re at it, learn something about immigration and visa laws.

  • Lucifer

    Lynn , I wouldn’t say that we are all children of Africa . The Garden of Eden is believed to be in Southern Iraq , so if thats true and I think it is , then we are all children of Iraq .

  • Lucifer

    Christ punished Moses’ mother and sister for making fun of Moses’ wife who was believed to be Ethiopian . So inter-racial marriages have been going on for quite a long time .
    If a person or group wants to oppose it thats their right , especially a church due to that separation of church and state thing . But those that oppose it shouldn’t get all butt hurt at those that do it . We all know the story on opinions .

    And yes, I’m a cracker thats been married to a brown lady for 26 years

  • Lynn

    Baggett’s comment that the races shouldn’t mix reveals how little he knows about his own ancestry.

    We all are children of Africa; it’s just that some of us have been away a little longer and have lost our suntans.

  • MST

    People have the right to their own opinions and beliefs, and Mr. Baggett, my faith teaches me not to hate others. I just wanted to mention that I am a black woman who was married to a white Jewish man. Although we are no longer together, we are still friends. We have a beautiful daughter who is kind, intelligent, and caring. She is by far the best thing that ever happened to me. In other words, I am very proud of my “hybrid!”

  • Karen, a tired old lesbian

    Moreofthesame, you said, “Your end game is the GENOCIDE of the White race. Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.”

    Dude, I’m white, which by definition means I’m not “anti-white.” I can sunburn in five minutes. I believe, however, that that all races can live together on this planet harmoniously. There is no “good” or “bad” race. There is room for all of us. What’s so threatening about that?

  •, Aron

    ‘Anti-racist is a code for anti-white’ is a code for ‘I’m a damned fool who never passed the first grade.’

    America is not a ‘white’ country, you idiot.

  • more of the same

    Does Hatewatch propose that La Raza accept non-Hispanics?

    Does Hatewatch propose that the Black Caucus take non-black members?

    Does Hatewatch propose that Asian countries should be flooded with millions of non-Asians?

    Does Hatewatch propose that black African countries should be flooded with millions of non-blacks?

    Why is it that WHITE countries and ONLY WHITE countries should be flooded with millions of non-Whites and “assimilate” (intermarry) with Whites?

    You say you are anti-racist but you are really anti-White.

    Your end game is the GENOCIDE of the White race.

    Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.

  • Chris

    Personally, if I were the interracial couple, I’d be getting the hell out of dodge anyway. Do they think that the church changing its mind in the face of intense criticism means jack? Because it doesn’t. Enough people in the church thought this was an issue (because apparently it’s 1890) that this was a thing. That would make ME feel unwelcome from a large portion of the church.

  •, Aron

    Oh, look! Concerned’s off his meds again.

    Why don’t you go troll somebody else?

  • Concerned Citizen

    It’s nice to know that this fchurch finally cavedin to the left wingers in America, So, Are the gospels for Sales? Anyone???

  • Richard L

    Mike Baggett,

    I agree that you have a right to your beliefs, however appalling I happen to find them. I also think that you’re correct that the people of this Church probably haven’t changed the way they think on the issue.

    But the first amendment that protects your right to express racist views also protects the right of liberals to condemn, challenge, ridicule or question those views. The people that “forced” that church to change its policies were the regional church leaders. Did the outrage put pressure on the regional leaders? Probably, but the comments by Stepp and Burden don’t sound like men who are taking action only out of fear of the scary liberals.


    The problem with the Bible, and for that matter with most holy books, is that it’s been translated numerous times, was written in an era much different from our own, and must be interpreted to some extent, if for no other reason than contradictions between different books and passages. Some of the passages you mention which forbid a believer from marrying a member of a different faith have often been interpreted to forbid interracial marriage, in particular, Deuteronomy 7:3. And all believers ignore passages which they personally disagree with, consider outdated, or interpret as symbolic.

    And of course, to non-believers like myself, the stance that it is horrible to forbid interracial marriages but ideal to forbid interfaith and same-sex ones paints a rather different problem with religious laws, and one that leaves this story feeling a little bit surreal. When same-sex marriage is debated, many rush to assure the religious that they are entitled to their beliefs, and that no one will ever force them to sanctify marriages between people of the same sex, but if it is on the grounds of race that a church discriminates, it is racism of the worst sort and almost universally condemned. If nothing else, it shows the progress that has been made in combating the acceptability of racism in the USA.

  • Linnea

    Wow, nicely said, Ithink! It always amazes me when trolls come on this page spewing ignorance and hatred and thinking they can get away with it. Hey, racist idiots, Stormfront is *that-a-way*… I’m also always very impressed with folks like Ithink and others who stand up to the trolls and show them up for the clowns they are.

    It is nice to see that even the seemingly Neanderthal types at this church can change, though the cynic in me wonders whether they would have changed had this story not gotten out. But, maybe now that they’ve changed their behavior, they will start changing their minds and their hearts, too.

  • Ithink

    [Mike Baggett said,
    on December 5th, 2011 at 9:03 pm
    Well, it’s a shame that they changed their position out of fear. They have a right to their belief.]
    ~Uh, no sir. They didn’t change their beliefs out of ‘fear’ as much as a reasoned and deserved backlash from people who didn’t deserve such oppression for a matter that was absolutely nobody’s business to comment or discriminate on. Your right that they have a ‘right’ to their belief, so much as it doesn’t involve infringing upon the civil rights and liberties of their fellow men. Remember, that ‘Bill of Rights’ is as much about protecting everyone else from individual ‘you’ as it is vice versa. Life’s all about adjusting practically to different worldviews and having preferences challenged, but you sound pretty used to it always going the opposite for special ol’ you, huh? And yes, in a public place or worship that is exempt from any sort of federal taxation under the 1st amendment, this is something that can and SHOULD be challenged…with that reactionary mindset, is it any wonder whether or not we’d still have segregated schools, buses and everything else win the 21st century? But of course, you’ll probably respond that Jim Crow codes wern’t all that bad for any people involved, or that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery…

    [I am against interracial marriage and don’t care if the whole world hates me for it! In their hearts I’m sure they still believe the same thing as before.]
    ~Okay, wonderful!; The Confederate South slave owners and Founding Fathers were also opposed to equality and miscegenation for what it’s worth as federal legislation. Sure as hell didn’t stop them from raping and conceiving children with them (while they had their other white wives and kids simultaneously, mind you) which technically would’ve, SHOULD HAVE put them in someone’s prison with maximum penalty pre-Loving Vs. Virginia. Who says white male privilege was and isn’t still above the rule of law? Or the named recipients’ basic cognitive function for that matter?…

    [Every race should stick to their own and not produce hybrid races.]
    ~Yeah, tell that to that jacksass and lowlife Strom Thurmond, the southern segregationist and Southern Dixiecrat who gave the longest filibuster in U.S. Senate HISTORY (28+ hrs.) against miscegenation or civil rights in any form but was after death discovered to have a black mistress and illegitimate daughter out of wedlock during his tenure as Senator. Straight, Protestant Christian, European Rich White Male Privilege: great for a few, an unmitigated disaster for history and the billions of others lacking two or more of the above traits… P.S.-This ‘politically-correct’ taboo we’re waging a war of words about was actually common enough during Reconstruction era and previous times that a full 3/4’s of African-Americans in the current U.S. have some sort of Caucasian ancestry and 1/4 of Anglo Americans having some sort of black lineage, believe it or not, Sir David Duke…

    [I am an American, aren’t I? Or does being politically correct about race take away our rights?]
    ~Can you please remember that in a country that gaurantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness under the Supreme Law of the Land that you have no right to tell anyone who they can and cannot marry based on something a biologically benign and manifestly meaningless as skin color? God it fascinatinghow your hypcrisy and doouble standard reasoning hasn’t caught to the fallacy of your convictions. How about we never let balck people or any racial minorities for that matter, EVER serve under any sort of subservient position to white people (i.e. maids, nannies, or menial, miniumum wage positions) and call it a historical even, or can’t they find someone within their OWN kind to do all the ‘dirty and impossible’ work so beneath their noble selves…

    [Lots of people feel like me but for fear of job loss or be frowned on they coward out.]
    ~Wow, this statement blows so much BS straight out the back end I think I heard the flatulence of it throught the computer screen. You mind telling me, or rather us all, what job you possibly lost because of your opposition to interracial marriage, or was it something else much more conductive of racial hatred than you care to mention. Once again, Straight Protestant Christian, Caucasian European Male Privilege: heaven for a few, an unmitigated disaster for …Just read the above posts knuckle-dragging trolls, for Chrissake! Only in the fevered and alternative reality of said privilege would such an event have take place (BTW, 40% of Mississippi whites would outlaw or even execute mixed race couples in an exit poll post-Obama’s election, so apparently, you ‘respect’ other people’s rights to associate and love whom they want as much as we do your (admittedly abhorrent) politics…

    [Shame on the media for picking on this small church. Of course, they had to change their position.]
    ~Let’s try shame on the media for NOT MENTIONING THIS STORY EVEN PARTIALLY or AT ALL IN ITS ENTIRETY. I watch all the three major new networks (CNN, MSNBC and spells of Faux Shnooze and have yet to hear it mentioned on any of them or any major newspaper or circulated magazine for that matter; WHAT LIBERAL MEDIA (quoting Eric Alterman), again Reich-Wingers? It’s remarkable how you fume fire at the mouth at the mere prospect of it reporting from a ‘liberal’ (read: FACTUAL) slant but are all well and good when it reports such charmingly insubstantial non-stories like the imaginary ‘War on Christmas’, ‘Abortion Holocaust’ or the American Radical Right’s new Whammy for CrackPot Conspiracy of the Millennium, the ever-elusive yet present Obama Birth Certificate! Who cares if they changed their minds out of fear or whatever else, they WERE wrong and don’t even have the balls to stick to their guns, so it mustn’t have been that much of the ‘right’ position after all…

    [Come on, no one has won a battle here.]
    ~I’d say most of us here couldn’t agree more, but it appears that the mere reading of this story and your comprehension of it whilst debating it is akin to throwing a full bug spray container on an already volatile camp fire. What does these people’s FREE WILL to get married so disturb you anyway? Have you ever met them and ever will you? Does this sort of thing keep you up all night breathless and aching for meaning? Methinks someone needs to go down yo your local homeless shelter and learn about people who really struggle to be heard or get by day to day. This is a ‘battle’ opposers never were winning and WILL never have a monopoly over either side of the opinion. Not even God tampers or condemns man’s free will, though he’s the only perfect being to circumvent it at opportune time.

    [It’s like someone putting a gun to your head and and say, “say you love me.” Hello…helloooo liberals…]
    ~Or maybe it’s more like listening to you make these elementary school arguments and attempting to hold a child’s hand to cross the street during rugh hour traffic in a school zone in terms of making sense of it all. Thank you for continuing this sincere though futile assualt on otherwise healthy and fruitful brain matter fellow American. You and your elk will be the exact kind we’ll continue to warn and condemn to when explaining and defending American liberalism to thinking and rational people, however many of those there may be left…

    Boy, w/ comments like these by you Mr. Mike who needs the media proclamation about a ‘post-racial’ America in the age of Obama’s election! It’s was only a wishful fantasy, and propulsive ignorance and purposeful know-nothingism like this, its no wonder our country’s politics and stability is the absolute travesty it is for the time being. We’ll make sure to stay ‘politically-correct’ and point out the obscenely illogical rhetoric and opinions your kind continues to harbor. Next time you wonder exactly why we ahve things such as Civil Rights, affirmative action, and other social justice and progressive causes such as the SPLC, please take a long ponder in the mirror. Study the symptoms and not the virus, friend, of this ‘interracial marriage’ matter that is a ‘debate’ of nothing remotely noteworthy; The race, meaning the HUMAN race has been doing it since The Garden of Eden, the Babel Tower and as long as we had the physical means to do it, regardless of your apologetic KKK shout-out. Take your trash of a view over to if you want to relate to your fellow ‘Americans’ who believe in broken white gentile supremacy more than any Jesus or concept of a UNITED states or country.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Every race should stick to their own and not produce hybrid races. I am an American, aren’t I? ”

    Really? Ok, please name the “races” so we can figure out who shouldn’t mix. This will be fun.

    I guess I won’t point out the irony of complaining about race-mixing while expressing pride in being an American. Oh crap, I just did. In any case, it’s “I am an American, AM I not?”

  • A.D.M.

    Hey, Mike Baggett, if that’s the case, then there would be no light-skinned black people, if you know what I mean. You can be against it all you want, but you won’t stop it. Get over it and yourself.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never read anywhere in the bible where it says you should not marry out of your race..and I dont believe to many of us are purebreeds either. I’m Dutch, German, and Irish should I not marry someone with say Native American Indian, English, and Russian blood? I’ve read in the bible you should not be unequally yoked as in do not marry a non believer..or the same sex, but nothing about interracial marriage. I was shocked at this headline I am a christian and Jesus would not turn this couple away so who are we to do so? Its not the churches job to judge people and turn them away but to help and open thier arms to all people who want to know more about the mercy and grace and love of Jesus Christ!

  • Jennifer

    Mr Baggett are you a christian?

  • JCF

    Every race should stick to their own and not produce hybrid races.

    Is this for real?

    There’s only ONE race. The human race. And we’re ALL hybrids (varying DNA of our ancestors) within that one race.

  • daemonesslisa

    “I am an American, aren’t I?”


    And neither is anyone else that, like Mike there, refuses to evolve!

  • Mike Baggett

    Well, it’s a shame that they changed their position out of fear. They have a right to their belief. I am against interracial marriage and don’t care if the whole world hates me for it! In their hearts I’m sure they still believe the same thing as before. Every race should stick to their own and not produce hybrid races. I am an American, aren’t I? Or does being politically correct about race take away our rights? Lots of people feel like me but for fear of job loss or be frowned on they coward out. Shame on the media for picking on this small church. Of course, they had to change their position. Come on, no one has won a battle here. It’s like someone putting a gun to your head and and say, “say you love me.” Hello…helloooo liberals…

  •, Aron

    Good for them. And shame on the reprobates who originally proposed and voted for the discriminatory policy.