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Sheriff Arpaio Gets the Media Attention He Deserves

By Leah Nelson on December 5, 2011 - 1:14 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

Be careful what you wish for.

Media-hungry Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who just last week complained about a supposed “black out” on news of his investigation into the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate, is finally getting the media coverage he deserves.

In a lengthy and widely circulated story, the Associated Press yesterday revealed that the 79-year-old Arizona sheriff’s office “inadequately investigated” more than 400 sex-crime cases that were reported to it between 2005 and 2007.

Investigators in the town of El Mirage, which paid Arpaio’s office $2.7 million for police protection during those years, say that an “overwhelming majority” of the cases they reviewed – including at least 32 involving child molestation – hadn’t been worked at all. Many of the victims, including a 3-year-old reportedly molested by her father, were children of undocumented immigrants.

Arpaio’s office declined to tell the AP why the cases were left to rot, but Bill Louis, a retired El Mirage police official who reviewed the files, believes they were deliberately ignored.

“I know the investigators,” said Louis, a former assistant police chief. “I just cannot believe they would wholesale discount these cases. The direction had to come [from] up the food chain” – probably, he said, from someone who knew that undocumented immigrants often avoid contacting the police out of fear of being deported. In other words, they’re unlikely to complain about their cases being ignored.

Arpaio, who describes himself as “America’s toughest sheriff,” has no love for undocumented immigrants. He is currently the subject of a federal civil rights investigation into possible racial profiling. In April, county budget officials reported that he improperly spent nearly $100 million in jail funds to pay for other law enforcement operations, including immigration patrols and raids. Conditions at his jails were found in 2008 to violate prisoners’ constitutional rights.

The AP’s devastating report on his failure to investigate sex crimes is not the only media attention the sheriff is getting. No less prestigious a publication than the Globe, a supermarket tabloid best known for publishing the autopsy photos of celebrity murder victims and revealing the names of female accusers in high-profile rape cases, this week features a “bombshell world exclusive” on the lawman’s probe into the president’s true identity. According to an unnamed source, the sheriff’s all-volunteer “Cold Case Posse” (which is tasked with getting to the bottom of the non-controversy over Obama’s provenance) has broadened the scope of its inquiry to include rumors that the president’s father was left-wing poet and activist Frank Marshall Davis.

The tabloid also says that the posse, unsatisfied with the “long-form” birth certificate the president released in April, is now requesting the document in its original “ink-and-paper” form. “It’s a serious investigation,” arch-birther Jerome Corsi told Globe reporter Jim Nelson. “They’re collecting hundreds of pages of documentation, they’re talking to multiple experts, they’re corroborating statements. It’s ongoing – and it’s widening!”

Arpaio reportedly thanked the Globe for its coverage. “I love you guys,” he said. “You guys are the only ones carrying this story on Obama. [Not true: Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily, an online publication, has covered it relentlessly.] Thank you for getting this story out.”

So far, the AP is reporting no such expressions of gratitude for its excellent coverage of Arpaio’s investigative priorities. Perhaps the lawman’s thank-you note got lost in the mail.

  • ruben

    sheriff joe is nothing but garbage….and anyone who supports this criminal bully behind a badge by voting for him is cut out of the same disgusting mold as he……one day the white right in arizona will wake up out of there primitive destructive hate but unfortunately it ain’t going to be anytime soon….in my opinion the only thing that separates arpaio from the likes of shawna forde and chris simcox is his badge….the white right in arizona has basically given this lowlife the freedom to terrorize people as he pleases and in my mind he has committed or enabled other people with his blessings to commit crimes against humanity…..i can only guess how many people of mexican decent this man has done away with discreetly.and in that hot bed of hate that is arizona who is going to call him on that?…..this man would be a great dictator in some brutal corrupt third world country…..but i guess arizona is a good second choice for this rat….i know that there is also a lot of good people in arizona and all can say to you is hang in there.

  • Mitch Beales

    Hey Dick, maybe sheriff Joe will come to “Marioncopa” Alabama and investigate those Episcopalians who are fronting for Muslim terrorists. Ha, Ha, Ha!

  • Aron


    Here’s the problem with your ‘logic:’ there is no controversy regarding the President’s birth certificate.

    It’s completely invented. Arpaio’s failure as a sheriff, now those aren’t quite so fictional.

    Why don’t you slink back to Free Republic now, y’hear?

  • Guardian

    Well there they go again. How did we get from Obama’s birth certificate controversy to the investigation of sex crimes? Librals can’t win an arguement based on it’s own merits so they have to deflect from the real issue and deamonize the opposition. You want to talk about failure? Obama beats the Sheriff hands down!

  • Paul

    Apparently The Bubba needs lessons in reading comprehension.
    Notice the part of the story that said the “overwhelming majority” of 400 cases reviewed by investigators “hadn’t been worked at all.” Much less 3 visits to the complainants.
    Sheriff Joe has injected himself into national politics, so you can hardly complain when folks who don’t live in “his” county ask questions about whether he is actually doing the job he was supposedly elected to do.

  • ruben

    do you actually believe that arizona will do anything to this nazi hater masquerading as sheriff….if anything this will only enhance his re-election campaign resume….arizona is filled with dick lancaster type bigots the more you hate(especially anyone who looks mexican) the more we like you….don’t hate enough and you are finished as a public servant…..and according to some people illegal immigrants are the only ones molesting and raping kids?….i guess jerry sandusky is probably an illegal. what is this monster still doing in the country?

  •, Aron


    Are you claiming that illegal immigrants do not deserve the full protection of the law? I think you’ve reached a new low.

    Way to live up to your name.

    I will refrain from saying what I really think, as I wish this comment to pass moderation. But just know there are some pretty unpleasant thoughts headed your way from my neck of the woods…


  • Lourdes R Bardina

    America…Do not listen to Bias-Hateful-Ignorant people… Lets concentrate what America does best: JUSTICE, FREEDOM, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS AND HUMAN RIGHTS… We can not be associated with those who makes America look bad..

    ” For the Sheriff which does not deserve his name be MENTIONED.. I have this ::



  • The Bubba

    “inadequately investigated” when it comes to crimes involving illegals they attempt to contact the people filing the complaint 3 times and if they cannot by the 3rd time it gets filed away, not really a lot more that can be done. IMO anyone who does not live in Maracopa county really has no right to involve themselves in that counties citizen’s business, they elect who they feel will do the job as they want it to be done which is their right. Not much anyone from outside the county is going to get done, the people there already know who they keep voting in time and again.

  • Dick Lancaster

    What is “inadiquately investigated?” If most of the cases involved illegal aliens then it stands to reason they would be inadiquately investigated. No law enforcement agency solves any crime without the cooperation of the public. If a significant portion of the population is illegal then an inadequate investigation is the best you can expect. What? Do you walk into someone’s home uninvited then call the cops when the owner beats you up?

  • EarleyDaysYet

    Imagine (NB: this is an empathy exercise – conservatives are exempt on grounds of congenital disability) being, say, the father of a girl who’s been sexually assaulted. You are illegal, but your kids have lived their whole lives in the US. Imagine being in a position where you have to choose between (a) cooperating with police and then getting deported, or (b) letting your daughter’s assault go uninvestigated. For that matter, imagine being the daughter and being the one who has to decide the fate of your entire family. What a horrible choice. No wonder so many of these cases go cold.

  • Ted

    Don’t feed the trolls, besides this sheriff for letting case like that slip is gonna burn in a special circle of hell

  • Miguel

    Why are conservatives so mean-spirited?

    And full of straw men? Sheesh.

  •, Aron


    Yes, I fully agree. Every single one of those sexual-assault cases was committed by some illegal immigrant bastard.

    How thick can you possibly be? And you call US morons…

  • mike

    Yeah go ahead and investigate the sex crimes, you will probably find they were commited by the illeagal aliens that you damn liberals drool over all the time. Joe is a good man doing his job. I know it would be easy for you all to do the job because you would just sit back and let everybody have their own way. Morons!!!

  • Miguel

    Why hasn’t Sheriff Joe been arrested yet?

  • Shadow Wolf

    “Does he still has 40,000 outstanding warrants in his county? Or has the number grown since then?”

    You can add another 400 botched sex crime cases unto that growing list.

    Note that the old septaugenarian law man has had another presser yesterday blaming the “Democrats”, who btw, want him to “resign”. He then goes on to mumble and groan that he will conduct another one of his infamous illegal alien “round-ups” in the coming days.

  • Kochise

    The 40,000 felony warrants remains untouched, and the case files are possibly covered in dust on his office desk. He hasn’t really been doing anything in terms of “enforcing the laws”. All we hear is him catering and pandering to politicians, celebs and speaking at Teabagger gatherings. While his goons go after the low hanging fruit.

    Not much under the F.F. (flaccid fool)

  • Ramp strike

    In my opinion, the Sheriff is what Sheriffs are: first and foremost posturing politicians. He happens to be particularly skilled at playing the press and public. But the flip side is that sex crimes can be incredibly difficult to investigate, particularly with a population that’s historically loathe to work with the police. Any media outlet could walk into any law enforcement agency and make the same claim. But if an investigator has made three attempts to find a victim out in the mountains who has no real address and has nothing more than a sketchy report to begin with, that’s pretty much as adequate as it gets. It isn’t like they don’t have 20, 30, or 50 other cases to work.

    As to what his unpaid, untrained amateur “posse” does, essentially, who cares? It isn’t like they actually have any jurisdiction or authority, just more pointless FOIA requests that’ll keep sinking to the bottom of the pile.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Does he still have 40,000 outstanding warrants in his county? Or has the number grown since then?

  • Gregory

    With a bit of luck he will end up in one of his own jails. Sort of a goose/gander kind of thing.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I admit I’m against illegal immigration, like the vast majority of the American people. We call him the “Flaccid Fool” back here in our home town.(see the Feathered Bastard & Valley Fever in the Phoenix New Times).
    That old law dog was simply too busy chasing after corn vendors, janitors, dish washers, cooks, maids and landscapers. The less dangerous types. And not to forget, investigating political foes. While losing court cases after court cases.
    And sadly, the DOJ’s supposed “investigation” into the arpaio’s MCSO is still ongoing without any sign of letting up or moving towards legal measures.

    Damn. I could go on and on. Local observers of the Flaccid Fool know all well, how bad that old sucker is.

    But the irony of it all, he’s simply dumber than he really looks. Many will agree with me that he’s a mentally ill old man.

    My only hope is that the media will continue to portray him in a negative light, that he so badly deserves.

  • Erika

    Mitch, you are obviously right and I probably made a mistake by mixing my disgust over the fact that one of the largest counties in the U.S. by population has long been known to have a sheriff who is more interested in appearing in the media than you know, actually doing his job with my disgust over the fact that children and women are being sexually assaulted with no recourse from law enforcement.

    Especially since the disgust over the failure to investigate sexual assault allegations is a national problem – especially within the immigrant community.

    Its disgusting that many police departments are failing to adequately investigate sexual assault and rape cases.

    Its disgusting that immigrant women, especially illegal immigrant women, and their children are often victims of sexual assault because the anti-immigration fearmongering has resulted in laws which make them afraid to report their assaults.

  • Mitch Beales

    Erika it is unfortunate that it is the children who suffer for their parents votes.

  • Erika

    While Sheriff Joe is a nutcase who cares more about appearing in the media than engaging in engaging in any sort of actual law enforcement activities, unfortunately the failure to properly investigate sexual assault allegations involving children and women – especially sexual assault allegations involving law enforcement officers and prison/jail guards – is hardly limited to Maricopa County.

    It is bad that such a populous area has a total joke of a sheriff – but really, anyone who votes for a Sheriff who is more interested in media stunts than investigating actual crime – especialy serious crimes like rape and child molestation – gets exactly the law enforcement they deserve

  • scott erlandson

    so the battle begins, he was already at war with obama over border security, no love lost here. ap has become pretty scetchy over the years.