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Hutaree Militia Member is First to Plead in Cop-Killing Plot

By Bill Morlin on December 6, 2011 - 5:18 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Militias, Patriot Groups

A man whose nickname is “Mouse” is the first member of the Hutaree Militia to strike a plea deal with the Justice Department to avoid the possibility of a lengthy federal prison sentence.

Joshua John Clough, 29, of Blissfield Township, Mich., pleaded guilty Monday in U.S. District Court in Detroit to use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence – a federal crime that carries a five-year minimum sentence.

Clough was one of nine members of the Hutaree Militia arrested in March 2010 and charged in a plot to make homemade bombs as part of a conspiracy to murder scores of law enforcement officers. Charging documents allege “Mouse” and his co-conspirators hoped the killing of cops would spark a large uprising against the federal government. A superseding indictment returned in June 2010 accuses the defendants of seditious conspiracy and a host of other serious federal crimes.

The Hutaree website claimed its name means “Christian warrior” and described its mission as preparing “for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.”

But according to court documents recently filed in the case, the name “Hutaree” was made up by one of the militia leader’s sons as a joke.

It’s not clear from Clough’s plea if he will have to testify against his former militia friends if they take their cases to trial, now set for early next year.

In pleading guilty, Clough admitted he was a member of the Hutaree Militia on Feb. 20, 2010, as the antigovernment group “advocated and prepared for violence against local, state and federal law enforcement.”

The militia group’s goals included bomb-building and using those improvised explosive devices [IEDs] against law enforcement officers and their vehicles as part of a “conspiracy to unlawfully use weapons of mass destruction,” the plea agreement says.

As part of their preparation for the execution of this conspiracy, the Hutaree conducted military-style training in Lenawee County, Mich. The court documents say the training included “weapon proficiency drills, patrolling and reconnaissance exercises and demonstrations of the assembly and use of explosives.”

During those training session, Clough “knowingly used and carried a firearm,” which is the basis for the crime he confessed to in court.

The other defendants in the case are David Brian Stone Sr.; David Brian Stone Jr.; Joshua Matthew Stone; Tina Mae Stone; Michael David Meeks; Thomas William Piatek, Kristopher T. Sickles and Jacob J. Ward.

When authorities searched the rural southeast Michigan home of the group’s reputed leader, David Stone Sr., they found bomb-making materials and instructions. They also found gas masks, knives, machetes, swords and body armor.

At Sickles’ home in Sandusky, Ohio, federal agents seized what was believed to be crack cocaine and steroids. Sickles is alleged to have said that he had killed his cat with a handgun to see if he “could kill something I had a feeling for.”

At Michael Meeks’ home in Norvell, Mich., agents confiscated liquid tear gas, night vision binoculars, guns, ammunition and knives. The government says that Meeks pledged to acquire metal pieces to be used in making IEDs.

At Piatek’s home in Whiting, Ind., agents found a copy of The Turner Diaries, the race war novel written by the late neo-Nazi leader William Pierce. The book is a favorite with white supremacists and antigovernment extremists.

  •, Aron


    Are you claiming that just because Atari and Huttaree sound VAGUELY similar, video games are the culprit?

    Perhaps you’re unaware, but Atari has nowhere near the same power or cachet it enjoyed prior to 1983.

    Now why don’t you go rebury your head in the sand, hmm?

  • Lucifer

    Hutaree / Atari ,
    Coincidence , I think not .

  • Ted

    That poor cat! what he’d ever do to anybody?

    “the name “Hutaree” was made up by one of the militia leader’s sons as a joke.” I wonder if this fact coming to light will weaken the hutaree militia any. Google Chrome doesn’t recognize it so there is some hope.

  • MST

    @Ruslan — South Park was right. An army of “Jewbots” is coming to get us!

  • CM

    Just makes me wonder why so many extremists seem to suffer from the Charles Manson syndrome: the delusory belief that killing someone will inspire others to “rise up” against the (fill in the blank). Mostly, I think, they just want to kill someone and are looking for an excuse.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Well it’s basically about a gurrilla insurgency against the US government, told in a really awful, unreaslitic, banal manner.

    How bad is it? It’s full of references to sex between black males and white females, which is a personal obsession of many white nationalists besides William Pierce. The Jews in the book are cartoon villains. In one part the White Nationalist terrorists blow up the Israeli embassy, and this wounded embassy guard stumbles out into the street and empties his uzi into a crowd of people for no reason. In one part this Jewish journalist is reporting on the nuclear attack they carry out in New York or Baltimore, and he suddenly goes into this rant and then starts speaking in Hebrew. I can understand the emotional breakdown but WHY IS HE SPEAKING IN HEBREW? Oh right, because in Pierce’s fantasy land all Jews are members of a secret brotherhood centered in Israel.

    Let’s see, what else? Oh, right. The white insurgents launch a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, and then it says that the the “white brothers” in Russia overthrew their “Jewish masters”(this book was written in the 1970s, when very few Jews were in any position of power in the USSR), and are oh so happy to join the revolution which was kicked off by the “white brethren” who just nuked a few million Russians. This mirrors the idiotic post-Soviet attitude of Western white nationalists, who insist that Hitler HAD to invade the USSR and kill 30 million mostly-Slavic Soviet citizens to save them from the Jews. You know, from Kaganovich and Ehrenburg.

    And for the banal part. When Earl Turner joins the super secret “Order” that is behind the “revolution”, he recounts how they show him a book written by “the Great one”(IIRC). The references to this book make it obvious that the book is Mein Kampf; in fact earlier in the book Pierce just steals a quote from Mein Kampf(David “Pedoviking” Lane did the same thing to make his “14 Words”). But what his hilarious is the way the book is presented as holding some great esoteric secret that causes Turner to have some kind of philosophical, indeed spiritual epiphany. This is particularly funny because while Mein Kampf does have some philosophical rants, many large parts of the book consist of whining about the Hapsburg empire, mistaken naval strategy in WWI, and trivial accounts of party dealings during its early days.

    So if you ever read the book and get to that part, you can imagine Earl Turner sitting alone with “the book” and suddenly snapping up as he comes to a great realization of esoteric truth contained within the pages, “My GOD! The Habsburgs WERE jerks!!! I have crossed the Rubicon!”

    The Turner Diaries is bad, but also very revealing as to the way Pierce’s mind worked(and by extension those of people he inspired). In this sense it is instructive, but to be honest I find it to be hilariously, laughably bad. It makes you wish there was an equivalent to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 for literature.

  • CIA Jon

    i’m curious in reading the turner diaries, makes me wonder how could that book inspire the killing of police.