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Anti-Gay Bigot Tackled by Lesbian, Charged with Hate Crime

By Ryan Lenz on December 14, 2011 - 3:31 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

A 22-year-old man who shouted slurs at a lesbian couple before breaking the windshield of their car soon found himself in a vulnerable position – pinned to the ground by one of the targets of his vitriol.

According to police, William Adam Lane confronted two women after seeing them embracing romantically outside a bar early Sunday, yelling “Fucking faggots. You fucking lesbians.” He then smashed the rear window of their car, according to the arrest report.

That’s when one of the women jumped into action. She went after Lane and held him down, while a bouncer from a nearby bar came to help until police arrived. But Mark Young, a spokesman for the Bellingham Police Department, said it wasn’t quite as simple as keeping the man from running.

Lane “wasn’t detained,” Young told Hatewatch, “he was thrown to the ground.”

Neither of the women, ages 23 and 30, was identified and neither was hurt, police said. Lane, on the other hand, was arrested and charged with malicious harassment, a hate crime, and disorderly conduct.

The story calls to mind another incident last summer when things didn’t turn out so well for someone shouting bigoted epithets. In July, a neo-Nazi skinhead in Washington state, with a body covered in racist tattoos, made the mistake of picking a fight with a black man wearing a T-shirt that read, “Spokane Boxing Champion.”

The skinhead, it just so happens, was knocked out with one punch.

  • xopher

    Just another set of special rights for homosexuals. If that had been two straight people. They both would be charged. But since one of the perpetrators was gay. No punishment.
    I have seen hundreds of altercations like this where the vandal and assaulter were arrested. I guess it’s not enough to redefine the meaning of words and rituals. Let’s make them above the law. B.S. wake up.

  • funinsnow

    The case maybe different from what we’ve read in the press. Did the lesbians harass the man before he smashed the windshield? We don’t know. It still wouldn’t justify vandalism but it’s possible the circumstances maybe different from what the press has read.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Here’s another guy who goes “fire…ready…aim.” Chris, read through the entirety of this blog, and the SPLC’s magazine, and you will find plenty of stories about black racists and Muslim jihadists. Fail.

  • A.D.M.

    No, Chris Schultz, you’re a damn fool. The SPLC have talked about crimes committed by non-whites. And if what you say is true, post it here.

  • chris schultz

    I happen to live in Bellingham, and find it interesting or I suppose I say I find it not surprising that the SPLC would publish this incident as their first regarding Bellingham, when we have had numerous shootings and crimes perpetrated by an increase in BROWN PRIDE surenos. Look it up on the bellingham herald website. Of course if these crimes were by a gang called the white pride nordics the SPLC would be the first to jump on it. Damn Hypocrites.

  • Joel

    So others aren’t misled by Frank: Hate crime laws (which do NOT punish thought, but rather violent acts – you can’t be convicted of hate crime enhancements without an act to enhance) are no different in judging motive than many other laws, such as attempted murder (which relies on intent!). Juries ever day look at motive, as it’s a key element in proving guilt of just about all crimes. In otherwords, juries look at thought.

    In addition, victims of hate crimes are not just those attacked. It includes all members of a community that share a trait in common with the victim. “Die ” sprawled on a church is not just a simple case of vandelism, but rather a threat made against an entire group of people – something someone’s meaningless scribble on the same church wall is not. They are different crimes, hense the need for different sentences. One is a simple property crime. The other is a threat intended to deprive others of freedom.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ok define irony.

    1. Frank comes out swinging, talking about how “hate crimes” are “surreal” to him. (Probably just another conservative who gets incredibly upset and obsessed about things he doesn’t bother to actually READ.)

    2. Wraps up the post by referencing Hindu mythology(Kali Yuga), most likely gleaned from Savitri Devi Mukherji, a rather disturbed individual who not only saw Hitler as a possible avatar of Vishnu, but who also ended up writing a novel wherein her many cats served as the cast of characters. One has little reason to whine about the “Kali Yuga” in this context without having been influenced by Savitri Devi’s writings. For the normal folks at home- Savitri Devi’s work is primarily appreciated in the West by Neo-Nazis.

    Yeah, hate crimes sentence enhancements are SURREAL!!

  • Sam Molloy

    Frank M., if you have a point it is that sentences in any violent assault need to be increased to the levels of those in a hate crime. However, I believe the hate crimes sentences should then be ratcheted up even further, until we stop dumb beasts from trying to enforce their ignorant ideas of race and gender on a society that is generally trying to progress to a higher level.

  • DreddPyrateRoberts

    Poor frank’s feeling oppressed…awwwww. I think someone needs a cookie and a nap.

  • Frank M.

    The very concept of a hate crime, i.e. a thought crime, being codified in American law is so surreal to me, like a page out of 1984 having come to life. It is also a clear indication that the free American Republic born of the Revolution is dead, and the rising tide of leftist tyranny has finally scuttled liberty in the West.

    With mind-computer interface technology advancing rapidly, and thought-reading by computers on the near horizon, it is only a matter of time before the cultural marxists and their SLPC cheerleaders are advocating imprisonment of people for merely having “racist thoughts”.

    We truly are living in the Kali Yuga. The only comfort I can take is that this oppressive culture of totalitarian leftism is going to collapse soon: economically, politically, and culturally. Then the time of rebirth for the West will give us a chance to sweep away all the detritus and begin anew.

  • Snorlax

    We need more heroes like this.

  • MST

    Good for them!

  • Norm

    This reminds me of a similar incident I witnessed in Norfolk Virginia in the early 70s while stationed there in the Navy. A couple of drunk sailors were harrassing a lesbian couple at the bar of a Chesapeake establishment. One of the regular’s kept telling the sailor to leave them alone but he wouldn’t. Eventually they left and one of the loud mouths followed them out side. He soon came back in bleeding all over the place. He screamed out that the crazy lesbian had cut him up with a straight razor! The bar tender called the cops and then proceeded to throw the guy out of the bar after telling him, I told you to leave them alone. Just goes to show…

  • Kochise

    This is rarely unheard of. A lesbian who literally tackles a hatemonger of an opposite gender. I think that’s what makes this particular story awesome. Can we say she is a modern day “Xena”?

    Good job ladies.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    This is a perfect example of why hate crimes legislation is needed. This jackass couldn’t help himself when he saw two lesbians and just HAD to start something. Now hopefully he’ll have time to ponder the wisdom of that move in prison.

  • Jonas Rand

    Despite describing him as an “anti-gay bigot”, the headline makes it sound as if they simply arrested a poor victim of an assault. She was defending herself.

  • Shadow Wolf

    This is what people need to do more often than not. Is to remain vigilant and by taking a stand against our violent racist enemies and rabid bigots.
    It means that the people will not tolerate their hate.