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Campus Group Weighs in on South African Violence Targeting Whites

By Ryan Lenz on January 13, 2012 - 3:57 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, White Nationalism

Youth for Western Civilization, an ultraconservative student group sworn to protect the West from the perils of multiculturalism, has issued a report claiming the South African government is responsible for “orchestrat[ing] the systematic slaughter of the white community.”

“The worst fears of the so called ‘radicals’ of the white minority that were discounted in the early 1990s now have come true,” YWC member Matthew Heimbach wrote Monday. “What resulted in South Africa under the communist backed African National Congress instead of a multicultural paradise has become a land in which white citizens have been placed under animalistic attacks.”

What Heimbach is referring to, in no uncertain terms, is the end of apartheid – an event celebrated around the world. But his analysis of history goes on to describe the African National Congress, a political party whose members have included Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela, as nothing shy of a “terrorist group” intent on a scorched earth policy of white genocide.

Indeed, there is violence. Genocide Watch, an international organization that studies global genocide, has reported heavily on South Africa in recent years. In 2010, the website reported on a petition asking for the United Nations to intervene in the country.

“No doubt that the perpetrators of the crime against humanity of apartheid has [sic] become the victims of those people whom they oppressed during the years of apartheid,” the petition read.

But YWC takes that one step further. Instead of seeing the violence as an unfortunate byproduct of a complicated struggle for national unity after years of brutal division in South Africa, these Young Turks of the far right argue that multiculturalism doesn’t work –– and the violence is proof enough.

Unsurprisingly, Heimbach is no stranger to white nationalism. A member of the neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS) and a student at Towson State University in Maryland, he has compared YWC’s mission as a stand against “rampant multiculturalism.” Last summer, he wrote that there was an organized network of radical Islamists “pushing for Islamic domination over Christianity and the entire Western world.” He went on to call on “Westerners” to “resist the destruction of our entire way of life.”

This article, it’s worth noting, is no different in its tone. And it comes as YWC prepares to share a platform next month with other conservative leaders at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. At last year’s CPAC, YWC held a panel discussion on the marginalization of white Americans, during which the group’s honorary chairman, former congressman Tom Tancredo, described immigration as “a dagger aimed at the heart of Western civilization.”

  • anon dude

    Diversity is a euphemism for White Genocide.

  • Aron


    You musn’t forget the Congolese who lost THEIR OWN hands at the hands of the Belgians….

  • A.D.M.

    This Dan guy is a real piece of work. You said Congo was better off as a Belgian colony. Well, I guess it worked out for the millions who died at the hands the Belgians who worked them to death. Are there problems in the region? Yes. But for you to say there haven’t been any bustling cities, roads, etc. is absolutely disingenious and false.

    I guess you want to blame blacks for the supposed minority status of whites in the U.S., right? It’s actually Latinos that are growing in extraordinary numbers, but I guess you don’t like them either.

  • Dan

    about 1/3 of the male black population in America gets thrown in prison at one time or another. It’s not a “vast majority” but it’s a tremendously large minority and at a very high rate. 1 in 10 white men in America will expect to serve time. You could chalk that up to income, access to lawyers and socioeconomic distress if you like but you ought to keep in mind that 1 in 3 black men you meet probably served hard time or will do so. Even if you roll in the trivial marijuana possession stuff that’s a disturbing reality to wrap your head around.

    Today, criminal convictions require a solid foundation of evidence, even if you buy into ideas of structural racism. So most of the inmates and former inmates and future inmates have cross the line into repeated cases of serious criminal behavior. Often violent.

    Aron is obviously salivating over the impending minority status of white people in the US and the ultimate destruction of the existing white population in SA (those bad bad WN in South Africa, how dare they exist). Even if black people seize proportionately more assets in a society, like that in South Africa the crime rate for that population does not decrease. Congo used to have a very robust economy and infrastructure, until the Belgian’s were chased out. Now it is decayed and impossible to conduct business there. They don’t fix roads they don’t build anything. They just have tribal fights over mines. It’s become more like that in SA everyday, crime has exploded since Mandela became president. Aron’s a real piece of work. He can see all these things happening and he’s gleefully clapping it on. Lovely.

    Here’s the Theroux link:

  • Kanwilsal

    A.D.M. said : “the Afrikaners are Dutch descendants. Like Aron said, they’ve been there since the 1600s, but the real indigenous people have been there hundreds of thousands of years.” – Wrong, only 50% of Afrikaners are actually of Dutch descent; the rest is of German, French Huguenot and Danish, Portuguese. The point is they are intermixed and constitute a nation of their own, most won’t even understand Dutch if not spoken very slowly. The Blacks were not there for hundreds of thousands of years, they trekked south exterminating the Bushman, Koi and San peoples as they moved south.

  • Janeen

    @ Dan – Could you please let me have the missing letters. I would so like to add to your comments but would like to do a bit of research first.

    This is what appears in your comment and ofcourse with the missing letters I am unable to gain access.…..graphy.svg

    Thank you –
    White South African female born in Durban.

  • Deep Ecology

    Most comments reflect a profound misunderstanding of the consequences of significant social, economic and political change, especially as it relates to sub-sahara Africa.

    Academics who study cultural geography and mass migration and its effects look at data that reflects meta-analysis of the societal changes. However, every participant in the change has a perspective that reflects their unique place within a cultural context. Meta-analysis takes in the broad sweep of change, and includes cultural, historical, anthropological, and linguistic analysis, the end of which is to produce research and recommendations for fellow researchers or government policy makers.

    Most comments here seem to run through ideological, practical and personal opinion that in the end sheds little light on what the YWC said in the context of the current crisis in SA as to fundamental cause-effect analysis.

  • dustup

    Just wondering…….why is the SPLC always stirring the racial pot, furthering divisions between blacks and whites ? SPLC seems to be a tool of the left to keep the blacks firmly planted in their camp. But then again the Left Right Paradigm pretty much accomplishes that. The PTB don’t want us united and organized it could threaten their power grid. Think about it!

  • Red


    God forbid you come out and agree with the YWC at least as far as condemning racist violence against whites in SA goes. It says something that you won’t, doesn’t it?


    As far as you being a Social Democrat goes – that’s precisely my point – you’re not a communist yet you probably supported (or would have supported) the ANC back in the apartheid days.

    C’mon, keep up :)

  • funinsnow

    Any violence whether it’s Black on Black, White on Black, Black on White or White on White must be punished. The vast majority of Blacks aren’t committing crimes. Most victims are intra-ethnic-Black on Black or White on White. Won’t say the SPLC condones it, but the language seems to imply violent crime is less serious when it’s Black on White. Finally, it must be said that even during Apartheid, Blacks often seek work from White employers. There are Blacks who’ve told me that they’d rather deal with ‘White Trash’ than problems with other Blacks because @least the Whites give them jobs.

  • A.D.M.

    I would like to know how internal problems in South Africa have an affect on internal problems in the United States. You guys on here have no real connection with South Africans in any way. It’s like saying the Arab Spring has an affect on U.S. citizens. Speaking out against violence is one thing. But using as a tool of loathing is something else.

    As for living among different peoples, get over it. The U.S. is now multicultural than ever and the rising tide of so-called “Latinos” is present. There are two things you can do about it: kill the groups of people you don’t like or you can move. Whether you like it or not, the monolithic approach has left the building. You’re gonna have to deal with those that are different from you. As for not getting along, what makes you think all whites get along? There’s never been any “white unity” in Europe. Not in the past and not now. The Irish and the Italians were discriminated against in the U.S. and were not considered white (some still believe that).

    By the way, repealing a system that oppressed a group of people is not communism. You obviously need to stop getting your nonsensical talking points from WN sites and Fox News.

  •, Aron

    Well, since this post has been hijacked by WNs, I’m going to officially sign off.

    You boys play nice now, y’hear? Head on back to StormFront and FreeRepublic when you’re done.

    (Oh, and Red, I’m a Social Democrat. So your comment about the Communistic tendencies of the ANC probably didn’t have the effect you were hoping for.)

  • chris schultz

    So I suppose that horrendous violence against blacks post civil war is just a “byproduct” of the civil war. If this is the case then I guess there is no need for the hypocritical capitalists at the SPLC, because there is no thing as hate crimes, just a series of unfortunate byproducts.

  • Dan


    You will be waiting forever. Or until the last white down there is murdered. Then it won’t matter anyway.

    all the best!

  • Mitch Beales

    Yes Dan it looks like South Africa has really gone to hell since apartheid ended in 1992.

  • Red


    It seems to me Aron, since you seem to be opposed to racist violence committed by blacks against whites in South Africa that you might be a little more critical of this article – which many people here are – for downplaying the violence as “a byproduct” of something “complicated.”

    No one would accept that rationalization for, say, violence committed against blacks by whites during the
    Civil Rights struggle in the US. They would call it what it was – racist violence by one group against another – and then denounce it. No “oh this is a byproduct” stuff.

    This is what YWC is doing. Calling out, denouncing, and campaigning against racist violence in SA.

    Are there many other groups doing that? Any left-leaning groups?

    You might not agree with YWC’s larger ideology but it seems like based on what you’ve said that you could find common cause with them on the issue of racist violence against whites. Why not?

    Back in the apartheid days the ANC’s official ideology was actually very communistic, if not outrightly so, and yet millions of people who weren’t communists saw past that because they wanted to end apartheid.

    Perhaps you can see past the YWC’s ideology and join with them to denounce racist violence against whites in SA. How about it?

  • Dan


    the Afrikaaners were perhaps victims in that they lost their nerve. As self satisfied liberals safely cocooned in the west condemned them and then metered out sanctions/divestments to cripple their economy, they threw in the towel.

    The black South Africans running the ANC no more built that Nation than Crazy Horse founded the 13 colonies. Many are arriviste newcomers in comparison to the Boers.

  • Dan

    I read the beginning of the chart as 1965, so I read one block along the chart. No need to be patronizing.

    So at that time, SA had a population of 20,000,000 which has since exploded. This chart does not record the massive number of immigrants from the rest of Africa that now reside in SA.

    The demographic decline of whites there is the result of white farmers creating a system of commercial farming that could support such a population explosion. Plus modern plumbing, medicine and the other luxuries of western civIlization introduced by colonists. The 22% white
    population was enough to keep things running smoothly as life expectancy, health and wealth increased across the board. Gradually their demographic share dropped, precipitating the Rainbow Nation. Now SA is a Global rape, murder and poverty capital. It’s also one of the most corrupt governments on earth according to
    independent watchdogs. I’m not making incredible claims here. It’s a daily reality for white people in SA.

    I may have skipped a section on a graph, but you have a problem with seeing reality with your own eyes.

  • Mitch Beales

    Dan is it reading you have a problem with or is it numerical date? The link you provide shows a population of 19,814,000 in 1965 although the chart at suggests that may be an underestimate. The same website also shows a population 67.3% African in 1911 increasing to 79.3% in 2004. The population was never “nearly equal.” If Afrikaners are “victims” of anything it is their invasion, colonization, and exploitation of land that wasn’t theirs. I’m not really sure when the proportion of Africans in the population increased but my guess would be that it had something to do with the need for cheap labor to exploit in the mines.

  • Mitch Beales

    Pieter if it’s tru that multiculturalism never works perhaps your ancestors should have stayed in the Netherlands rather than colonizing an area dominated by another culture.