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Largest White Supremacist Site May Have Been Hacked

By Mark Potok on February 10, 2012 - 3:15 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, White Nationalism, the largest white nationalist web forum in the world with a claimed 240,000 registered members, may have been hacked earlier this week.

The website, run by former Alabama Klan leader Don Black out of his West Palm Beach, Fla., home, is up again today, but its look is much simplified. Starting this afternoon, a discussion thread began on Stormfront discussing what most of those posting agreed was very likely a serious attack.

“We won’t know that it was a hack until Don [Black] tells us what happened,” said one member of the neo-Nazi forum. “[B]ut judging by the fact that some previously deleted threads are back, along with latest rep being missing, it looks like something went seriously wrong and the site had to be restored from backups.”

Black, whose voicemail was full, could not be reached for comment.

Indeed, a previously unknown group, LulzFinancial, apparently posted a press release on Tuesday to a website called, a site that helps get press releases publicized. It’s a strangely written document that describes the group as having “mysteriously” appeared early this year and takes credits for hacking attacks on the Syrian government, the gay-bashing Westboro Baptist Church (which runs the Godhatesfags website), and Stormfront. The day of the release, dubbed “Tango Down Tuesday” in the document, was the day Stormfront apparently went down.

According to a story on another white supremacist website, White Reference, Stormfront began having some trouble over the weekend, posting a message saying that only registered members could post by signing in. Then, starting Wednesday, Stormfront reportedly posted a message saying that its discussion board was down for maintenance. Nevertheless, its “Donate” button continued to work.

White Reference criticized Black for doing a “piss-poor job” of keeping its readers informed. And indeed, even as open discussion of the possible hacking began on Stormfront this afternoon, there was no comment on the matter from Black. Instead, someone posted a short story from that referenced the purported LulzFinancial press release.

LulzFinancial apparently has not been heard of before, but LulzSec is a well known anonymous hacker group that invaded, among other systems, the computers run by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The group reportedly helped launch other secret hack attack groups as well.

In recent months, a series of white supremacist organizations, both in the United States and Britain, have been attacked by anonymous hackers, some of whom have expressed anti-fascist sentiments. In several cases, information about members and friends of those groups has been publicized, much to their embarrassment. That has apparently not occurred in the case of Stormfront, at least not yet.

Stormfront became the first major hate site on the Internet in March 1995, a month before the Oklahoma City bombing.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Stormfront is pretty funny. Nothing quite like a coffee klatch of dumbasses who are convinced that they are smarter than the rest of the world.

  • Linnea

    As entertaining as it is to see the stormfronters get nailed like this, I have to agree with tyrone and Mike. If their website isn’t working, how else will we keep tabs on them? I’m sure SPLC has other ways, but the internet makes it much easier. I can also definitely see at least some people on that website getting even more paranoid, and that’s the last thing we need.

  • Betsy

    Ah, the First Amendment, but with great rights come great responsibilities. Oh, how I hope this was “Anonymous.” I love that group. They are the string on the Internet’s kite.

  • tyrone mixon

    Please don’t let stormfront go by the wayside. We need these and others sites like it because how else will we keep up with WN’s infighting those people do. Stormfront is some of the best display of dysfunction in the world. Big up stormfront, keeping hillbillies stupid since, well…….

  • http://SPLC Jack Wolford

    Erika’s comment about Jason Smith being ready to discuss how good a dancer ” the fuherer ” was , is a riot . That’s funny . Krauts have a sense of humor , don’t they ?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    See the thing is, Dan, that Jason Smith is an idiot and incredibly ignorant. That’s why he said that he wanted America to look like a Norman Rockwell painting and didn’t know Rockwell was so progressive. That’s why he claimed China is ethnically homogeneous when it’s in fact very mixed and has an extremely multicultural worldview, along with special perks for minorities. That’s why he’s convinced that someone is “flooding” Europe with immigrants but never bothered to look into EU immigration laws.

  • Dan Zabetakis

    It seems Jason Smith is a just a troll, probably automated.

    A few posts ago he was saying how much he liked Norman Rockwell. Now he says the US fought on the wrong side during WWII. Considering how large a role Rockwell played in our propaganda effort during WWII, I consider these posts to be impossible for a human to make.

    Is there a policy against robo-posting on this blog?

  • ModerateMike

    I wish I could say that I liked this news, but whether the problems were caused by an accidental download of a rootkit or were the result of a deliberate attack, it seems likely that many Stormfront participants will be quick to attribute the trouble to some Obama-led/Jewish-led conspiracy. There is quite enough paranoia out there already; validating it via a website attack might be viscerally satisfying, but it won’t change any minds.

  • Erika

    Jason Smith is about one step away from discussing what a wonderful dancer Der Fuerher was.

  • Erika

    Reynardine, since the government has long been known to use “honeypot” sites to catch pedophiles, in that one sense (the government placing child porn honeypot links on Stomfront) the Stormfronters may be correct. Of course, opportunities to view child pron are only “temptations” to people who are pedophiles in the first place – so it kind of speaks volumes that the White Supremacists/NeoNazis are worried about them

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Time to smash two Nazi birds with one stone…


    Don’t give us the BS about “free speech”. You are the guys who scream and tear your hair out if you think a McDonalds commercial promotes race mixing. The amount of things WNs would censor is huge.

    @Jason “I wish I was German” Smith.

    First of all, you are not German. Second, those thugs fighting on the East INVADED the USSR. They defined the terms by which that war would be fought, and they died by those terms. Third- “No German soldiers” in German cities? Are you serious? Have you heard of the Battle of the Rhine? Aachen? Battle of Berlin? You have some serious historical/geographical issues to work out. So much for superior white intelligence.


  • Reynardine

    “Your” people, Jason? How many sewer rats have you got in your pocket?

  • Aron


    So now you’re saying that you’re German? I think you might want to ease back on the PCP…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    According to the Stormfronters, any time you see a “white” person doing something they don’t like, he or she is “probably a Jew.” Any surname becomes a Jewish surname. They live in a fantasy world, much of which exists within that forum.

  • Jason Smith

    America is an evil country. While our brave young men were fighting in the East to stop the Asiatic hoards, America bombed our civilians. There were no German soldiers left in the cities near the end of WWII. There were only babies, old people, young children, women. Yet the Americans bombed these civilians. During all this time our brave young men were fighting against Communism. America is an evil country. America fought on the side of evil during WWII. And evil won that war. If our people would have won that war Communism would have been defeated and Good would have triumphed over Evil.

  • Reynardine

    Another Stormfront blogger complained that the said hackers, described as governmental Jews, inserted constant temptations to view child porn onto their computer.

  • Aron


    It’s not as if people actually believe anything coming put of YOUR camp…

  • Tremley

    Someone is scared of free speech

  • Reynardine

    Over at FSTDT, a Stormfront member was quoted as saying he was sure “Jews” did it. Quite a few fine geeks have been Jewish, and three of the best I know aren’t. Of course, maybe at Stormfront think Finegeek is a Jewish name (and no, we didn’t).

  • Shadow Wolf

    The LulzSec crew apparently meant to attack Shurf arpaio and the MCSO. When they had mistakenly chosen Arizona DPS. Precisely, because according to their given report, was to stop the injustices on Latinos by the local LEA. And in the end, the Flaccid Fool and the MCSO remained unscathed.

    In other news, a petition is being started on, to get Google to withdraw it’s sponsorship of a known rabid hate group. Whose conference is schedule to take place sometime this week in Washington D.C. Comrades can join in the fight to stop the hate and Google’s sponsorship of evil by signing the petition here:

  • Aron

    Stormfront’s been DDoS’d? About bloody time.

  • BamaBelle

    Mark…just keep on thinking what ya want to think. All your articles are full of lies anyway, I can’t believe people even listen to a word you say.