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Kevin DeAnna, All Grown Up, Steps Down as YWC President

By Leah Nelson on February 21, 2012 - 11:15 am, Posted in White Supremacist

Kevin DeAnna has stepped down as president of Youth for Western Civilization, the ultraconservative student group he founded in 2006 and has run ever since.

“Comrades, I’m extremely proud of everything YWC has accomplished over the last few years,” the 28-year-old wrote in a letter posted on the group’s website Feb. 17. But, “for various personal (namely, I’m old) and professional reasons, I will no longer be in charge of YWC. For those of you who know me, I’ll still be working in the conservative movement but I’ll be doing different things and won’t be associated with what YWC will be doing after this.”

Those “different things” appear to already be happening. Recently, DeAnna changed his Twitter profile to describe himself as “marketing coordinator” for WorldNetDaily (WND), a far-right online publication best known for its anti-Obama “birther” propaganda. Apparently, he’ll also be serving as a reporter: His first item, a fawning interview with white nationalist pundit Pat Buchanan, appeared Sunday on WND.

He is also still employed as a regional field director for the Leadership Institute, a well-funded organization that claims to have trained close to 100,000 “future conservative leaders” – including Karl Rove and Ralph Reed.

DeAnna in his letter outlined plans to change YWC, splitting the blog and “institutional elements” of the organization, redesigning the webpage, and creating new “resources, information, and opportunities for YWC members and other patriotic activists.” Noting that the group has been “somewhat coy” about the number of chapters it has, he explained that some students have had trouble starting official chapters and claimed to “have active groups and members at a far larger number of campuses than we’ve said.”

“We want every single person who believes in our mission to have a way to be involved at whatever level they choose,” he wrote.

The letter contains little indication of who will oversee the planned changes. The group’s vice president, Taylor Rose, is currently living in Romania, and, according to DeAnna, unnamed “others” will be running the website and group administration in his absence.

“We ask the patience of our members and donors as we facilitate this transition,” DeAnna wrote. “YWC 2.0 will be able to build on our foundation to recruit more members, create more activism, and launch more careers in the conservative movement under this new direction. … With your support, YWC and the West can win this thing.”

  • Eschaton

    In the interest of, y’know, publishing facts, it’s worth noting that Kevin DeAnna hasn’t been employed by the Leadership Institute since the end of 2011.

  • Aron


    That was one of the best posts I’ve read on Hatewatch in quite some time. Very well written.

  • Deep Ecology

    Moderate Mike, thank you for the kind words.

    In participating in these online debates, my goal is to try to civilize the discourse so that a real exchange of ideas and concepts can be heard, considered and debated without rancor and a minimum of ideological or personal mud slinging. We are evolving into a society that minimizes civility and tolerance of difference of opinions and ways of life. The willingness to analyze a complex problem or predicament and resist simplistic explanations that are driven by opinion or ideology versus facts/effect are rampant, even among the so called “educated” population. Much easier it seems to demean and denigrate an opponent versus honest consideration of their point of view and a willingness to meet/debate them at the idea/concept level.

  • ModerateMike

    It is easy to assume that those of us with compassionate stances on immigration are indifferent to concerns about wage depression and unfair competition for jobs, and that favoring amnesty for undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S. implies support for a long-term open borders policy. But aside from the fact that my own opinions are more nuanced than that, here is a concrete example of why I believe that immigration reform can be a win-win endeavor:

    Some friends of mine, a hard-working couple who happened to be undocumented immigrants, had saved enough money to purchase a home in 2006. What they did not realize was that their mortgage was one of the infamous “subprime” loans that started off with a low interest rate, but increased dramatically after the first year; their rate jumped from 4 to 10 percent if I remember correctly. Despite this new financial hardship, however, both parents took on additional jobs, and they were able to avoid foreclosure. Then came a much harder blow: the federal crack-down on illegal immigration that began around the same time seemed to have emboldened the police department in my town, and it was not long before the police stopped the husband while he was riding his bicycle. The officer didn’t mince words, telling him that he had been ordered to stop and question Hispanics about their immigration status, and to arrest anyone who could not provide proof of legal residency. The police booked him into the county jail (I don’t even know what they charged him with), and released him 3 days later after his wife posted bail, but not before notifying ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Ultimately, he wound up in immigration court, but his attorney convinced the court that the consequences of deporting him would be too devastating for his family. The court instead granted him a temporary visa that requires annual review; his immigration case is still open, and he could still be deported when his kids grow up, but he remains in the country for the time being, and he and his family are still in their house.

    So what did “we” win as a result of not ejecting this man? Here’s what:

    1) The lender is still receiving mortgage payments.Defaults on this type of loan were at least one of the catalysts of the economic crisis, and I suspect that the detentions and deportations of homeowners didn’t help things.
    2) The county is still collecting property tax from the couple, which is escrowed into the monthly house payment.
    3) The couple keep their home and their lawn immaculate, so it is a visual asset to the community.
    4) I still see the family at the store, handing money to the cashier like everyone else and keeping the business running and the staff employed. And yes, they get charged sales tax.
    5) The husband is working strictly “on the grid”. I don’t know if he was dodging income taxes before, but he definitely isn’t now.
    6) The kids are getting guidance and discipline from their parents so that they can grow into responsible members of the community.
    Folks, it’s time to put whatever resentment you feel toward immigrants for sneaking into the country behind you, and consider what you are throwing away.

    Deep Ecology, your points are refreshingly thoughtful and eloquent, and I wish that people like you and Ruslan had been at the forefront of the immigration debate before it became so mindlessly cruel. But keep in mind that the U.S. waited until after so many people had put down firm roots here before it started to throw the book at them. If you are at all unsure that this is a wise policy, then please join me in urging our leaders to declare a moratorium on deportations and discuss immigration reform once again.

  • Reynardine

    Ithink: I hope you mean they were interned, not interred. If the latter, we have a real problem…and don’t give the committee of little white mouse brains that is probably Jason Smith any more criminal ideas than they have already.

  • Deep Ecology

    Ruslan, I was a little hard on you and under no circumstances wish to demean or offend. I enjoy your historical renderings and (as I have said before) am impressed with your intelligence.

    I would only ask that you be wary of absolutes and framing every opinion through an ideological looking glass. In my research, travels, and personal correspondence with many around the world, I have yet to find a one size fits all, reductionist universal theory that one could apply to all people, all nations, all the time.

    The US is a propositional nation-state, materialist-capitalist, and built on layers of immigrants from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Unique really, from the perspective of the majority of nation-states around the world. The Japanese, mono-cultural and more than a little xenophobic, would not benefit from immigration and in light of their cultural conservatism, reject any large influx of anybody other than expat Japanese from returning. Just wouldn’t work with their strong identarian groupthink.

  • Ithink

    “Jason Smith said,
    on February 21st, 2012 at 6:29 pm
    Claim: Immigrants come to America to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do.
    Reality: This is one of the biggest lies the left-wing and media perpetrate. The majority of immigrants do not come to the US hoping to do hard work. The majority come to collect welfare. Not some, not many, not a lot, but the MAJORITY!”

    Oh boy, the day’s never quite completed until we have to repair a cognitive aneurysm on your part, is it? Ignoring your projection that makes an Imax theatre seem like a keychain flashlight, remember who purchases the supermajority of illegal drugs from Mexico that keeps those violent cartles and corrupt politicians ravaging generations of decent and hardworking citizens, who have nothing to do but immigrate from what is non-viable life there.
    ALSO OF NOTE: Illegal Immigrants (and most legalized, temporary immigrants) CANNOT collect any form of government welfare in the U.S. by law, not it’d be anything to make sustained use of if they could. And even if they are doing it, given that the Obama administration has almost interred and deported more illegals than his four predacessors combined already, it would seem that again, your assumption jumps straight off the cliff of logic into the sea of infallible dumbassery…

  • Deep Ecology

    Ruslan, the economic picture is mixed. Immigrants the world over, legal and illegal, provide transnational corporations with a high density, low wage labor pool. The picture is mixed due to what criteria you use to define economic good. Bottom line business criteria would define a reduction of labor costs and an easily replaced worker as a good. The ease with which they can move about the globe using this pool is a “good”.

    However, in measuring economic factors, remember that growth and prosperity, while frequently said in the same sentence by politicians and corporate-capitalists in the same sentence, are two very different sides of the economic picture.

    There are winners and losers in the immigration debate, to describe any global issue in such simplistic terms seems a little below your demonstrated analytical skills.

  • ModerateMike

    “The 2000 and 2010 Census is a wealth of data to analyze as to impact and influence of the immigrant community. At 40 million strong, both legal and illegal immigrants have a profound impact on our economy, politics, and environment.”

    I don’t doubt it, but the people seem to have decided that it is better to act first and analyze later. Deportations and state-level anti-immigrant legislation were already ramping up before the 2010 Census was complete.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    DE, what the facts show is that whatever the country, immigrants, legal or illegal, are seeking higher wages. Secondly, immigrants in the US, including illegal immigrants, contribute more to the economy than they take.

  • ModerateMike

    Jason, your latest post seemed too much like an old-school conservative rant for me to think you were either trolling or mentally ill. Other people in this forum skewered my original theories about you, and you had to go and make them right by trotting out the old “minorities are lazy” chestnut. What am I gonna do now?

  • Deep Ecology

    The 2000 and 2010 Census is a wealth of data to analyze as to impact and influence of the immigrant community. At 40 million strong, both legal and illegal immigrants have a profound impact on our economy, politics, and environment. Opinion versus fact dominates this discussion no matter where you stand on this issue.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Claim: The majority come to collect welfare.

    Fact: Illegal immigrants(and some legal immigrants) are not eligible to collect already meager welfare benefits. Jason is an idiot.

    Again, obsess over immigration, don’t check the immigration laws. This is why we call these people ignorant morons.

  • ModerateMike

    Well, Jason, that means that the claims made by anti-immigrant groups that immigrants are stealing American jobs are lies as well. What would Kevin DeAnna have to say about your remarks, I wonder…

  • Phila


    Not some, not many, not a lot, but the MAJORITY!

    Citation needed. And no, “I read it on Stormfront” doesn’t count.

  • Reynardine

    I see one of the drunken fratboys woke up. Maybe even a couple of ’em.

  • Tyson_Spartan

    Sounds like his plan is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I’m sure those stealth groups are like having a girlfriend that goes to another school

    YWC’s precursor Young Americans for Freedom chapter at MSU collapsing after it’s leader Bristow left to be a hate novelist in Toledo.

    Hopefully with the graduation of this xenophobic Van Wilder YWC meets the same fate.

  • Jason Smith

    Claim: Immigrants come to America to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do.

    Reality: This is one of the biggest lies the left-wing and media perpetrate. The majority of immigrants do not come to the US hoping to do hard work. The majority come to collect welfare. Not some, not many, not a lot, but the MAJORITY!

  • RRoberts

    Can someone advise why there have been no blog posts related to the arrest of the terrorist who was wanting to blow up the US Capitol? Is there a reason that the terrorist in Topeka gets multiple posts, but this guy doesn’t?

  • Reynardine

    Taylor Rose is maybe having dinner with Drac?

  • chris schultz

    Pat Buchanan, A white nationalist? Man, the SPLC is more and more like a grocery checkout line tabloid by the day. You are a bunch of hyper capitalist, ecologically degrading modern lie peddlers.

  • Deep Ecology

    Again, in the interest of linquistic purity and consistent context, Pat Buchanon is a paleoconservative, not a white nationalist. Their wing in the Republican party is pretty much marginalized now and has been severly subordinated to the Neoconservatives. YWC is aligned with the paleo wing and identarian new right movements in Europe.

  • Concerned Citizen

    A fool is still a fool.

  • Aron

    Here’s hoping YWC 2.0 crashes and burns as spectacularly as v1.0 did.

    Although I may create another YWC, Youngsters Want Candy. It has a much more universal appeal.

    And it isn’t staffed entirely by asshats.