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Mental Exam Ordered for Arizona ‘Sovereign’ Double Murder Suspect

By Leah Nelson on February 28, 2012 - 2:23 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Sovereign Citizens

Arizona officials say a murder suspect who used language reminiscent of that employed by antigovernment “sovereign” citizens during court appearances must undergo a mental competency exam before returning to court, the Arizona Republic reported yesterday.

Michael Lee Crane, 31, of Mesa, Ariz., pleaded not guilty yesterday to three counts of first-degree murder, two counts of kidnapping, two count of armed robbery, and several counts of arson and theft. He is accused of killing Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro in their home in Paradise Valley, Ariz., home on Jan. 30, then setting fire to the couple’s home in an attempt to conceal the crime.

Crane, who previously served time in prison in Arizona, also has been identified as a suspect in the gunshot murder of Phoenix cigar salesman Bruce Gaudet. Gaudet was found shot to death in his home, which was burned down just a few days before the Shapiros were killed.

An alleged accomplice whose name has not yet been released is also being held in connection with Gaudet’s murder.

Addressing Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Brian Rees yesterday, Crane spelled out his name in upper- and lower-case letters. He also spelled out his name at his initial court appearance on Feb. 15 and said he didn’t want court-appointed counsel. Sovereign citizens often wish to act as their own lawyers and frequently punctuate their names in unusual ways, occasionally using all capital letters or hyphens and colons in the mistaken notion that the practice somehow sets them free from government regulation and control.

In a statement to the judge during his Feb. 15 appearance, Crane delivered a rather garbled version of typical sovereign rhetoric: “I would like to reserve my right to Uniform Commercial Code 1-207 and Uniform Commercial Code 1-103,” he said. Sovereigns frequently cite the commercial code in the belief that there’s a contract of some sort between the government and its citizens.

“The Uniform Commercial Code does not apply to criminal proceedings, sir,” the judge told Crane.

“It is a commercial affair, that correct?” he responded.

“This is a criminal proceeding, sir,” the judge said again, before Crane was heard muttering, “Mmm, okay, that’s what you say.”

Officials say there is no indication that Crane was previously involved in the sovereign citizens movement.

“He spent time in prison and there is the feeling on our end that this is one of the tricks he’s learned in prison,” Jerry Cobb, spokesman for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office told Hatewatch. “He’s not somebody that has targeted law enforcement or gone after government. There has been nothing in the previous cases that he’s been involved in that indicate he has any formal association with the sovereign citizen movement.”

The case against Crane is based, at least part, on statements provided to police by one of five co-defendants arrested on related, non-murder charges, the Arizona Republic reported.

  • becc

    uhhhh…. really

  • Reynardine

    By the way, who was spouting nonsense about “Mexican” gangs in Calí? Even Medellin doesn’t dare send its gangs to Calí. I knew one of those kingpins personally. However bad the Mexican cartels may be (and they are criminal enterprises, not hate groups), with some things they know better than to screw.

  • ruben

    i think michael lee crane is not the only person on here that needs there head examined.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Poor little ruben still crying about me. If the enforcement of federal immigration laws is a “nativist rhetoric”, then you might as well call President Obama a nativist. He’s far from being an open borders advocate.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, something tells me that the abolition of the insanity defense will not pass Constitutional muster, any more than some of the other whackwing laws Arizona has come up with. An ancient principle of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence (and likely of Code jurisdictions as well, since this principle originated in canon law) is that of mens rea- the guilty mind. Someone insane under the McNaughton standard cannot, by definition, have it.

    The standard, I note, is not one of subjective guilt, which sociopaths and psychopaths do not feel and fanatics tend to misplace, but the knowledge that society has outlawed this act as “bad”- especially the traditional malum in se crimes, like murder, mayhem, rape, robbery, kidnapping, the burglary or arson of a dwelling house. If someone is so deranged or retarded as not to understand this, a “guilty” verdict is constitutionally unsustainable. I don’t know if the current SCOTUS will uphold this principle, but since they have found it unlawful to execute a juvenile or profoundly retarded offender, it’s clear mens rea must still mean something to them.

  • Erika

    Reynardine, having looked it up, Arizona has abolished the not guilty by reason of insanity plea and verdict. The Arizona law is ARS 13-502 – it limits the guilty except insane plea to cases where “the person did not know the criminal act was wrong” – an extremely strict test.

    I’m pretty sure the evaluation is for competency to stand trial based upon his spouting of sovereign language in court and desire to represent himself – unlike an insanity plea, a motion for evaluation of compency to stand trial can be made by the prosecutor or the judge can order it on her own motion. There is a good chance, the court ordered this on its own – no judge in her right mind would sign off on anyone representing themselves in a murder case without a mental evaluation – especially following legal arguments based upon the Uniform Commercial Code in a criminal case. Even if the case was for unpaid parking tickets, if I was the judge I would order a compency evaluation on my own motion following the defendant making those sort of motions.

    That is in the unlikely event that the prosecutor doesn’t make the motion herself – because compency to stand trial can never be waived and can be used to overturn a conviction years after the fact, the prosecutor doesn’t want to try a murder case unless she knows the defendant is compentent to stand trial.

  • kate

    CriticalDragon1177: White folks have committed the majority of the terrorism, destruction, mayhem and general looniness in this country, almost all of it directed at groups the elites goad minions like you into fighting (against your better benefit) or directed directly at you and the people you purport to hate. Ignorance is not a virtue, so lose that trait, you are an embarrassment to all who love humanity.

    As for the nut cases raising Cain about “racist” comments. Rich white folks have the brand on that you idiots. La Raza is no more your enemy than the man on the moon.

  • ruben

    aron….do not for one minute believe that shadow wolf is who this person claims to be…..he is an impostor who continually exposes himself as such with his contradicting posts.this person is as much native american as you and i are from venus.

  • Aron


    I went to a Polish Club in Cambridge, England and had some of the tastiest (ok, some of the ONLY) Polish food I’ve ever had in my life.

    I’m a big-time Polophile, so it was a really cool time. Met some very interesting people.

    And Mark, what on Earth are you talking about? I don’t think there was a single racist comment coming from any known leftists on this post. They all came from rightists.

    Not that you likely care…

  • Mark

    Geese Louise, look at all the racist comments the left throws out. Sickos

  • Aron


    Oh, I know. I’m hardly coming to Mr Shadow’s defense. I’ve kind of had enough of his nativist rhetoric myself. He seems to have forgotten the crucial truth that illegal aliens are still human beings, regardless of their immigration status. And as such, they deserve basic human dignity. And I’m well aware of how radical that idea is.

  • Reynardine

    Addressing an earlier point, which I completely forgot, I have known many, and been in some: Polish clubs, Czech clubs, Lithuanian clubs, Ukrainian clubs, Russian clubs, and German clubs, all of which were North European. With the exception of the Ukrainians, who had it in for the Russians, no one was out to trash anyone else. I myself belonged to a Russian club and a French club. Well?

  • Reynardine

    Wolf, you ask all the law-abiding Italian-Americans I knew in my life how they liked all the Mafia jokes. And then remind yourself how you liked all the drunk half-breed allusions and scalping jokes.

  • ruben

    aron….wolf was asked to please present evidence as to why he says that the national coalition of la raza is a hate group and all he does is come back and talk about criminal gangs like ms13and the mexican mafia… would be like comparing the crips and bloods to the naacp…..but desperste people resort to any means to cover up there brain farts.

  • Shadow Wolf

    The Mexican Mafia may not be “new”. But yes, they are “criminal” in every aspect in a street gang/hate group. So what precisely is your point?

  • ruben

    shadow wolf…. you are a desperate person and all you have done is exposed yourself as a fake and a phoney….for you to associate what criminal latino street gangs have done to some black people and somehow say that they are endorsed by the national council of la raza or all people of mexican decent just shows your ignorance…it would be like me saying that the latino immigrants in new york that were killed out in the street by some black youths were somehow endorsed by the naacp or all the black community there.on one of your posts on this topic you agree that i was talking about the enemy on the white right here in az but now you are saying that i am hating on all white people?well what is it…do you even keep track of what you say so you don’t contradict your self!….you are right at home in az in that culture of hate and i can see that it has rubbed off on you very well….now you even attack obama as a liberal just like me and if you are comparing him to me it sure ain’t a compliment…but were you not defending him on the mulatto thread….man it sure is hard to keep up with you on your delusional hypocritical flip flopping….but this is sure to give you heart burn for the rest of the day ….as much as you despise us people of mexican decent… the mestizo people of this land… we ain’t going nowhere!….and do i for one instant believe that you are who you say you are not a chance!

  • Aron

    Hey Shadow Wolf,

    Nice try, but the Mexican Mafia’s been around for at least seventy years. It’s exactly what I would call a ‘new’ criminal organization…

  • Shadow Wolf

    Ithink–“since when was it La Raza doing mass cross burnings, lynchings, dressing in idiotic white sheets, and preaching about the horrors of miscegenation and marginal communism?”

    Since you are ignorant about your own racist “La Raza” using racist campaigns of terror on another ethnic group. Here’s one for your pleasure reading, courtesy of SPLC:

    Since where did I mentioned that the racist “La Raza” are using the exact same methods as the KKK? They may not be dressing up as a Klan, burning crosses and preaching miscegenation. But your racist Mexican people in those streets gangs in Cali are waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against African-Americans. In case point, the analogy of using racist terrorism are the same at the KKK.

    “Being white is not a crime, but white supremacism should be since it manifest as hate speech and violence; if you can’t make the difrntiantion [sic] then you are obviously part of hte[sic] problem ignoring or flat out distorting actual solutions.”

    Once again, nice try at attempting to spin and distort my argument into something else. In fact, you went on and on to ramble about institutionalized racism and capitalism. Which doesn’t make any sense to the point I’m making with regards to Latinos, unlike white supremacists, having enacted groups or street gangs that are classified as “hate groups”. Simply put, do we see Native Americans waging a campaign of violence against another ethnic group? No we do not. And it’s not just the street level gangs that are expressing racial hate. There are also Latino backed political action groups that supported nativists hate groups such as the former–“You Don’t Speak For Me”.
    The point I’m trying to make, is that Latinos are just as more likely as whites to establish a hate group. Due in part of their growing population, they have that power to do so. And we are seeing that with the growing number of Latino street gangs such as the Mexican Mafia, MS-13, 18th Street and other “La Raza-like” criminal elements. They generally would establish segregation ideals in the communities in which they operate, cities and urban areas.
    Politically, Latinos are more likely to support pseudo-white supremacist hate groups, like the political group I noted. But do we see Native Americans doing this? No we don’t.

    So once again, how am I “a part of the problem”?

    The enforcement of *FEDERAL* immigration laws is not a problem, it is a part of that very “solution”, to the points I noted above. The majority of Hispanics have voted for Obama–A LIBERAL(just like you) and under his administration, border security has increased from Bush ere 10,000, to now over 21,000. Deportations increased according to ICE data, and illegal border crossings dropped according to Border Patrol stats. Immigration reform is option. But I am still against illegal immigration.

  • Reynardine

    Not guilty by reason of insanity and guilty but insane are two different concepts, though the Durham rule rather fudges them. McNaughton insanity requires that the perpetrator did not know the act was wrong, as defined by society; modified McNaughton adds that he was unable to conform his actions to society’s standards, though he knew what those were. “Guilty but insane” contemplates that, under McNaughton, the perpetrator was culpable, but was suffering from a psychiatric illness which should act as a mitigating factor (e.g., a clinical paranoid who knows his victim was human and wasn’t attacking him physically, but was convinced he was sending him “bad thoughts”, or someone like Andrea Yeats).

  • Erika

    Reynardine, the evaluation sounds like it is for competency to stand trial which is completely nowaivable and also would be essential to determine competency for one to be able to waive the right to attorney and represent themselves (see the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Indiana v. Edwards).

    I think that Arizona might be one of the states that has replaced not guilty by reason of insanity with guilty but mentally ill – there was a different Supreme Court decision in a death penalty case a few years ago out of Arizona which described their law regarding insanity but its been a couple of years since I’ve read it – but I know the defintion of mental illness in Arizona is very restrictive

  • Reynardine

    Some “Hispanics” regard themselves as white…if they are. Some “Hispanics” regard themselves as black…if they are. Some “Hispanics” regard themselves as indigenous…if they are, and in Spanish-speaking countries, there are indigenous people who don’t regard themselves as Hispanic, even if they use the language- Evo Morales, for example. They tend to regard themselves as, say, Cubans or Mexicans or Bolivians. Now, my “friend” (and that is *my* friend, not Ruben’s) is someone with mostly Galician and Andalusian ancestors who were citizens of Cuba, a nonHispanic surname, and an appearance, owing in part to the Andalusian ancestry and in part to some Tequestas who settled near Guantánamo, which is rather Native American. This has enabled this friend to work with Native American groups who would be rather hostile if they knew the truth.

  • ruben

    wolf i new that you were a tracker for the border patrol all along i knew what a shadow wolf is.which is why you have the animosity for people of mexican decent…..and i will tell you something else these indigenous peasants that you track have far more native american blood running through there veins than you will ever have…..and i believe that it is you that has a hard time comprehending what you read….on all my posts you will always see me putting WHITE RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS when referring to them….but you fit right in in arizona with the likes of arpaio,pearce and brewer.and there have always been indigenous people who would sell out for a few beads or whiskey you are nothing the way i am still waiting for your evidence about the national council of la raza being a racist organization…..ask the splc while you are on here if they are racist they will tell you… say you are northern plains indigenous then i guess you must be good friends with barbara coe since both of you seem to have so much in common.

  • Kochise

    “Ruben, I have been told by a Cuban-American friend who now lives in Colorado that a number of Native Americans from the west have a real attitude about people whose ancestors trace to Spain, because they think of the Conquistadors as exterminators of their people.”

    Yes, but are you also aware that the other smaller of half of Mexico’s population is made up of “Indians”? Your “friend” is entitled to his/her own opinion. But it’s also known that those exact same “attitudes” are still fresh in Mexico today. Those “attitudes” isn’t just confined to a small unknown number of Native population in the North. But they are widely shared for in Mexico alone. I can’t blame Shadow Wolf’s stance on illegal immigration, since the Native Americans and some tribes in AZ were divided on the subject of illegal immigration. However, many including myself were against the passage of S.B.1070. You should also know that Hispanic is not a race. The division between Native Americans of the U.S/Canada and Hispanics is based soley on cultural differences, it has nothing to do with “race”. Then once again, most Hispanics tend to perceive themselves as being “white”:


    Being that I’m a Native myself. I have personally witness and experience exact same hostile “attitudes” coming from those who are Hispanics. These “attitudes” have more to do with class. They see themselves as being “white”, which they feel entitles them special treatments and same rights as their Caucasian counterparts. While Native Americans from the North are more spiritually in tune with Mother Earth and culturally tied to their ancient roots. Hispanics on the other hand, are more concerned with class and modern privledges in the same manner as whites. This is the main gist of why there is cultural strife between Hispanics and Native Northern Americans.

  • Woland


    Are the socio-political cultures of South America outside the mainstream of Western Civilization?

    What is “de facto institutional and cultural European white supremacism” – the continued success of students and college graduates of northern European, northern Asian, and south Asian descent, despite significant advantages provided to other students and college graduates students from “disadvantaged groups” in the name of righting past wrongs?

    Lastly, you do know that the 3/5 clause was built into the US constitution with the intent to reduce the power of the slave states, right?


    Sometimes you are shockingly misinformed.
    “… the evidence is clear that the native peoples and their cultures both survived far better under the Spanish yoke, however harsh, than under the ethnocide practiced by white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.”

    Please read “War Before Civilization” by Lawrence H. Keeley, specifically pages 152-157 of the 1996 hardcover edition. A more valid comparison would be between the European western expansion in western Canada and south of the 48 parallel in western US and northern Mexico.

    To quote Prof. Keeley, “That peace may flourish in the face of mildly biased attitudes is heartening, since a condescending tolerance seems less difficult to inculcate than eliminating the universal feeling that one’s own ways are best or training people to cherish uncritically precisely those behaviors and beliefs most different from their own. Peace may require minding one’s own business and sustaining coolly correct manners, but not wholesale brainwashing.” (page 157, end of paragraph at start of page).

    Re: La Raza, if you can agree that it is an identitarian political organization, why is it okay for European of self proclaimed Hispanic descent to have such an organization, but not okay for Europeans of self proclaimed northern European descent?

  • Reynardine

    Ruben, I have been told by a Cuban-American friend who now lives in Colorado that a number of Native Americans from the West have a real attitude about people whose ancestors trace to Spain, because they think of the Conquistadors as exterminators of their people. All but the most recently arrived European groups have indigenous blood on their hands, but the evidence is clear that the native peoples and their cultures both survived far better under the Spanish yoke, however harsh, than under the ethnocide practiced by white Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

  • ruben

    the national council of la raza was created to help people cope with discrimination… is a human rights organization that will help anybody regardless of skin color,religion etc who feel that there basic human rights have been violated…..if this makes them racist as shadow wolf says then they are guilty….the splc is a reputable entity in itself that monitors all hate groups if the national council of la raza was one they would be on there list…..reynardine….you stated it very well latinos come in a rainbow of colors…blue eyed blonds,mestizos,pure indio,blacks asians etc.

  • Shadow Wolf

    While I agree that you are referring to the enemy on the “RIGHT” here in AZ. I failed to point out that ruben’s somewhat pseudo-antiwhite rhetoric are known in previous SPLC threads. I’m not going to waste my time citing some examples. There is no point in wasting my time sorting through thread after thread to point this out.

    I don’t care about Mr. Smith, whether he’s “open” or not. Had you read my posts according to you ruben(note that I didn’t capitalize the “R” because you don’t capitalize your first name). I have noted on several posts regarding my position on illegal immigration. You claimed to have been reading my posts, yet you failed miserable to understand where I stand.

    That’s the difference between you and I.

    Since you are curious about my name. My name comes from the inspiration of the elite border patrol unit created in 1972 known as “Shadow Wolves”. The *FIRST* original members were of Northern Plains(such as myself). Using ancient tracking methods to follow drug smugglers in the southern deserts on the Tohono O’odham Nation:

    I praise our Native American brothers for helping in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. That even it’s pro-open borders counterparts and the racist “La Raza”, dissing them for helping protect our Indigenous peoples as well as our National Security interests.

  • CM

    Since it keeps coming up in these cases, I decided to take a closer look at the Uniform Commercial Code. The first thing I found out, courtesy of the Small Business Administration:

    “UCC is not a federal law, but a product of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the American Law Institute. Both of these organizations are private entities that recommend the adopting of UCC by state governments. … All 50 states and territories have enacted some version of UCC.”

    In the Arizona version, the two sections invoked by Crane read as follows, in their entirety:

    “A. A party who with explicit reservation of rights performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as ‘without prejudice,’ ‘under protest’ or the like are sufficient.
    “B. Subsection A does not apply to an accord and satisfaction.”

    “Unless displayed by the particular provisions of this title, the principles of law and equity, including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, bankruptcy, or other validating or invalidating cause shall supplement its provisions.”

    I was under the impression that English is the official language of Arizona, but these quotations cast considerable doubt on that claim.

    My guess is that Crane learned somewhere that citing these two clauses would magically immunize him from prosecution, and has no idea what they actually say.

  • Reynardine

    “Raza” is not on fours with the English word, “race”. It can mean breed, strain, species, or in this case, cultural group (specificly one that can trace to imperial Spain). You could be a near-albino Galician, a red-haired Castilian, a swarthy Andaluz, a copper-skinned Native American, a coal-black bracero, a Jew, an ethnic Chinese, a milkshake of some or all of the above, or other, so long as you or your ancestors were enculturated in the Spanish-speaking areas of (mostly) the New World and the dominant culture identifies you as Hispanic. I knew a Chilean named MacKenzie, a Salvadorean named Dalton, some Cubans named Chong, and numerous Argentines who defined an Argentine as an Italian who speaks Spanish and pretends he is English. No one would dream of calling them members of the same “race” and surely not the same “nationality”- except bigoted North Americans. Hence, “La Raza”.

    Let me clarify that my most recent traceable Spanish ancestor was in the fourteenth or fifteenth century, and seems to have borne the surname Osio. No one discussed him much, even though his occupation was quite respectable. Reportedly, he was the bishop of Cordoba.

  • ruben

    i would like shadow wolf to present his evidence of why he calls la raza organization racist…as ithink stated please let us know when this organization burned a cross,marched down the street goose stepping calling for racial segregation, state sanctioned discrimination or preaching hate.please let us know when they called other ethnic groups sub human or not as intelligent because of the color of your skin…i have read many of shadow wolfs posts on here and it is apparent that 1.he does not like people of mexican decent.2 he does not want to be discriminated but its o.k if you do it to someone else…if you are gonna call someone out please have facts to back it up….you sound more like jason smith but at least with him he is open about his beliefs but with wolf …i guess his name says it all he is a shadowy character that you better not turn your back to especially if you are mexican.

  • Ithink

    Shadow Wolf said,
    on February 29th, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Knowing that you are somewhat “La Raza” and anti-white.”
    ~Since when was it La Raza doing mass cross burnings, lynchings, dressing in idiotic white sheets and preaching about the so-called horrors of miscegenation and marginal communism? Being white is not a crime, but white supremacism should be when it manifests as hate speech and violence; if you can’t make the difrentiation than your obviously part of hte problem ignoring or flat out distorting actual solutions.

    “Being white is not in itself a crime or atrocity. It’s the ideology they subscribe to(white supremacisms, anti-American, anti-government), is the culprit of their crime. Not the color of their skin.”
    ~Yes exactly, nobody suggested otherwise, that’s why he said WHITE RIGHT and WHITE RIGHT EXTEREMISTS. THe majority of the American populace, white or otherwise, doesn’t fall into either of those categories generally but since they are typically Republicans, big-banking lobbyists and corporate big hats, they have outsized influence to their numbers because of sheer investment and indoctrination in a singular cause. If you don’t agree or are otherwise critical of these views and actions, than Ruben wasn’t talking to you. If you feel like he was, than that’s a matter of misinterpratation.

    “La Raza” is just as bad as white supremaicsts(or black supremacists).
    Agreeable per se of their ideology; but there wouldn’t be racial/ethnic minority nationalist or Civil Rights groups, left, right, moderate or otherwise, if not for the de facto institutional and cultural European white supremacism that has been the unfortunate birth defect of the U.S. from the get-go of the Great Compromise and that implosive 3/5s clause that we’re still paying a high price for. Two wrongs don’t make any right, and supremacist/nationalist movements for the most part do not reflect the feelings of most of their respective groups, but history repeatedly expresses how so much racial and ethnic strife continues to perpetuate; for whatever reason, it continues to be a group that’s in fact is no more than 1/10th of the world population but feels like their authority and worrldview should go ultimately unchallenged. Minorities being subversive or apologetic to that isn’t just a revisionist or historical rapist approach, but degrading of human decency.

  • ruben

    wolf if you notice or read my posts correctly you will notice that i say WHITE RIGHT!…and i am not anti white i am anti white right wing extremist….you sure do have alot of nerve accusing some one of being anti white just go back and read some of your posts you hypocrite or do you just type randomly with out even knowing what you are saying….and there you go again with your myopic accusations of la raza as an organization i would suggest that you go to there web site and read about what they are all about before you tag the racist accusation on them….it is a well known fact that you do not like people of mexican decent as your countless anti mexican posts will a mestizo person i would hate half of myself as you suggest….wolf you don’t know whether you are coming or going….and by the way i am not a member of la raza organization,but i am of mexican decent and if that lumps me into that group then i guess i am guilty.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Knowing that you are somewhat “La Raza” and anti-white.
    Being white is not in itself a crime or atrocity. It’s the ideology they subscribe to(white supremacisms, anti-American, anti-government), is the culprit of their crime. Not the color of their skin.

    “La Raza” is just as bad as white supremaicsts(or black supremacists).

  • ruben

    the culture and climate of hate that the leaders of the state (janet brewer,joe arpaio,russel pearce etc) have created is certainly not going to attract many mother teresa or ghandis there.negativity breeds negativity….the white right seems to be on the warpath in arizona and there extremists are answering the call….and criticaldragon1177 i know that alot of the whirte right does not commit murder but many of them are the ones beating the drums of war so to speak that whip the loony extremists into a frenzy which in turn they act out with violence.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    Well trust me, I won’t be surprised if we hear more about stuff like this very soon.

  • ruben

    criticaldragon1177….but can you be surprised with what this man did….with all the poisonous vile that has been preached by the white right wing extremists in arizona expect more of this to happen….the shawna fordes and michael lee cranes of our society have found a home in bigoted arizona.

  • Reynardine

    Nonetheless, if Arizona is even a modified McNaughton jurisdiction, this guy shouldn’t be able to cop to nut.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    In defense of the “normal white right winger,” or right wingers in general, most of them don’t commit murder. Its one thing to have stupid or even insane beliefs, its another things to take another person’s life.

  • ruben

    a mental exam?…..i would think that in arizona he is acting like any other normal white right winger….paranoid,delusional and with a hair trigger bad temper.