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Feds Charge Ex-Con in Wisconsin Abortion Clinic Bombing

By Leah Nelson on April 4, 2012 - 11:23 am, Posted in Anti-Abortion

An ex-convict being held in connection with the Sunday night bombing of a Grand Chute, Wis., Planned Parenthood clinic has been charged with two federal crimes, the FBI says.

Francis G. Grady, 50, was arrested Monday evening after investigators identified him based on eyewitness information and video footage from the crime scene. He was charged yesterday with arson of a building used in interstate commerce, and intentionally damaging the property of a facility that provides reproductive health services. He is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon at 1:30.

Authorities say the homemade bomb, which damaged both the clinic’s examination room and Grady’s car when it exploded Sunday evening around 7:30, was fashioned from a plastic bottle filled with incendiary chemicals. No one was injured.

Francis Grady Grady reportedly has a long history of run-ins with the law. He was charged on March 30 with resisting or obstructing a police officer, and in August 2011 was sentenced to two months in jail and a year on probation after committing an apparently similar offense, Talking Points Memo reports. Last decade, he was repeatedly accused of skipping out on his bail, and in 2004, he was sentenced to a year and a half in prison and 3 1/2 years of supervised release for manufacturing or distributing cocaine.

His alleged attack on the Wisconsin Planned Parenthood is the second abortion clinic bombing this year. On Jan. 1, a Pensacola, Fla., clinic that has been a target of anti-abortion violence for nearly 30 years was leveled by a bomb for the second time in its history.

This week’s attack came amid a heated national debate over women’s health care issues, revolving around insurance coverage for birth control and a spate of proposals pushed by state lawmakers to make obtaining an abortion more onerous.

In a statement regarding the Wisconsin bombing, U.S. Attorney James Sentelle of Wisconsin said: “When the Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in 1994, it specifically empowered law enforcement to respond to those who engage in violent and other obstructive behaviors that interfere with access to reproductive services. The complaint that we filed today in federal court not only responds to the particular conduct of Francis Grady in committing arson at and causing damage to the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Grand Chute, but it also signals the continuing, strong commitment of federal, state, and local authorities to ensure access to clinics—and to seek criminal penalties against anyone who would compromise that right.”

  • Reynardine

    In speaking of misogyny, I took a mercifully brief stroll around the “manosphere” this morning. We are mammals, which means these posters hated, without exception, a whole class of people to whom they were, without exception, closely related. Most of these were likely blowhards who wear out their hands, but I don’t doubt that this kind of rhetoric, coupled with the epistemic closure of the community engaging in it, is going to incite more gynocidal violence.

  • Reynardine

    Kelly, she has shown some talent at finding things to plagiarize, even if she didn’t do it well. “Anthem” was a rather sorry rip-off of Zamyatin’s “We”, but at least she knew there was. Zamyatin to rip off.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Nay, that’s a good point. I think I communicated what I wrote poorly. What I meant was that a man who sells cocaine to people for a living has no business condemning an abortion clinic. You’re absolutely right.

  • Nay

    @Kiwiwriter Um, dealing illegal stimulants is not the same as providing safe, legal abortions to people who want and need them. This is not a kettle/pot situation.

  • geoear

    It’s not exactly correct to call Planned Parenthood an abortion clinic. That is only a small portion of the work they do. Without Planned Parenthood, many women (and men) would not receive vital medical screening for various cancers and other disease, as well as advice on birth control methods and birth control to prevent unwanted or unanticipated pregnancies, thereby reducing the number of abortions performed. By destroying these clinics, these hate-filled domestic terrorists are likely unwittingly increasing the number of abortions performed, in addition to increasing the number of deaths for people who can’t obtain healthcare screenings anywhere else. There goes any claim of being pro-life.

  • KellyRed

    Reynardine, I believe you are giving Ms. Rand too much credit. Nothing she wrote could ever be misconstrued as “talented.”

  • Sharon

    He even LOOKS the part. UGH!!!! Hopefully, HE hasn’t reproduced!!!! Undoubtedly a Republican!!!!

  • Kiwiwriter

    A convicted cocaine dealer being angry about abortion. Pot, meet kettle, Kettle, meet pot.

  • Aron

    I found it quite interesting, entirely predictable, and most pathetic that not a single GOP candidate made even the slightest reference to the bombing during their campaign in Wisconsin. Though I of course know otherwise (except perhaps for Sick Rick), this silence might be construed as implied support for the bomber’s actions.

    The fact that the bomber was such a bumbler also speaks volumes. At least to me.

    I can just imagine it now: ‘Romney condones clinic bombers! Romney condones clinic bombers!’ As if Williard needed anything else to alienate himself with middle America…

  • Reynardine

    I also wondered if he was hired, because he appears to be a sociopath with no clear ideological orientation. However, many male sociopaths, and some females, hate women on priciple as “weak”. When the latter have literary talent, they grow up to be Ayn Rand.

  • Ned Hamson

    A bombing for hire perhaps? Considering past criminal record?