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Men Arrested in Tulsa Shooting Spree Posted Racist Material to Facebook

By Heidi Beirich on April 8, 2012 - 9:52 am, Posted in Anti-Black

Law enforcement officials arrested two people early Sunday in connection with a deadly spate of random shootings in Tulsa that had residents on edge. The men taken into custody were identified as Jake England, 19 (left), and Alvin Watts, 32. The pair were charged with three counts of murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.

England and Watts

The attacks began in the early morning hours Friday and resulted in the deaths of three people. Two others were injured. All of the victims were black and the shootings, which took place in a predominantly black neighborhood and were seemingly random, prompted speculation that race was a motivating factor. At this point, police have not provided a motive.

According to his Facebook page, Jake England’s father Carl was shot and killed two years ago. Oklahoma press are reporting that his death was the result of a domestic dispute. On Thursday, England posted this racist message about his father’s death, “Today is two years that my dad has been gone shot by a fucking nigger.” Another grim posting from Thursday reads, “I hate to say it like that but I’m done if something does happen tonite be ready for another funeral later.”

Carl England

England and Watts were friends on Facebook and Watts posted a sympathetic reply to England’s message about his father’s death. “I kno i miss them 2. My last memories were great ones of them. Its nt goodbye its c u later,” read his post. Watts, who hasn’t put anything on his Facebook page since April 3, refers to some of his friends as “haterz.” Another post read, “O.b.a.m.a. Let me define. One big ass mistake america!”

The shootings come at a time when hate groups are surging—rising to 1,018 in 2011—amid a climate fueled by rapidly changing racial demographics, a sour economy and the election of the first black president. Since President Obama’s election, the country has seen an increase in domestic terrorism by racist and antigovernment extremists. Just in the past few months, members of a Georgia militia that had anti-Semitic and racist propaganda on its website were arrested for a plot to spread a deadly poison in four American cities and two white supremacists went on a murder spree on the West coast targeting Jews and minorities.

  • Jonas Rand

    Jason Smith,

    The Anarchist Cookbook is neither an anarchist nor a left-wing book. It is a book which details different ways to manufacture explosives, in other words, a set of- bomb-making recipes. The Turner Diaries, on the other hand, is a White nationalist fiction text.

  • Reynardine

    I still find it hard to believe anyone is really named Tyrone Woodfork.

  • Reynardine

    I see there really is a Tyrone Woodfork. He is clearly up for some type of Murder 1, but there is far more likelihood that he targeted his victims for being old than being white, and I’d say nil chance that he is a member of any type of racist organization.

    Old people are, unfortunately, targeted as victims by both street criminals and con artists, in the belief that (a) they’re defenseless; (b) they have something to steal, and (c) they won’t live long enough to be witnesses, or can anyhow be impeached for senility if they do. Most of their abusers are from within their own circles or even their own families. It’s an ugly phenomenon, but not one normally within the purview of SPLC.

  • Mitch Beales

    Rhawk Tyrone Woodfork may or may not be racist but you certainly are for assuming that the only reason he might attack white person is racism.

  • Reynardine

    Rhawk, who the Hell is Tyrone Woodfork? If he’s a cartoon character, I’m not going to pass judgement on him at all.

  • Rhawk

    So Tyrone Woodfork was racist as well, right? If you say one is racist and the other not you are surely a hypocrite.

  • Reynardine

    It doesn’t take being white to hate a nonwhite race. It’s pretty common for an outgroup to target an out-er group for hostility they dare not express towards the ingroup. Irish were despised. As they worked their way up, they dumped on the Italians. Italians were despised. As they worked their way up, they began dumping on Hispanics, who had enough cultural similarity, furthermore, to make them an ideal target for projection. Blacks make an ideal “other” for non-blacks, because of the position they have historically held in our society. At the same time, they may “other” immigrants when they see people whose roots in our country are much shallower than theirs being advantaged over them. The undocumented people, or just those who may be taken for them, are “othered” and even murdered as unpeople. Muslims have been “othered” as Jews were even less than a century back…and sometimes “othered” by Jews for the same reason Italians “other” Hispanics. A whole political party is engaged in “othering” the President as many of the above.

  • Kochise

    Zimriel gave a link to a known hate organization that specializes in racist hate. Whose claims that Jake England is a Cherokee. Likewise, he may claim Cherokee, but is he an *actual member* of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma? Is he enrolled? If not, then your claims are easily debunked. Espcially, if you are using CCC as your primary source of info. Sorry but your link is fallacious.

    Nice try at your puny attempts in labeling the white supremacist as a Cherokee.

  • Shadow Wolf


    Was the 20 year old black male who raped and brutalized an 85 year old white lady, a member of any known hate group that is documented by the SPLC? If not, then the SPLC has no interest in reporting such isolated incidents. It’s simply a matter of violent crime on a local scale. There was no evidence that this crime was racially motivated, since the old lady could not recall racist epithets being espouse during the ordeal. Robbery was the motive, so hate crimes is out of question.

  • Mitch Beales

    “Mongoloid?” They both look like idiots but mongoloid? Does the Hatewatch post claim anywhere that England and Watts are “white supremacists”? You don’t have to be “white” to be a racist Jason although I’m sure you believe that “white” people are superior racists. Why don’t you post a picture someplace so Hatewatch readers can decide for themselves if you’re “mongoloid” or just an idiot?

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Heidi Beirich,

    Jake England and Alvin Watts sound like two disgusting individuals.

    Its so upsetting to read about stuff like this. At least that plot to poison the water supply failed.

  • Jason Smith

    Milagros, and all:

    Let me explain. This is very important. The media did the same thing to Timothy McVeigh. They said he was a ‘white supremacist’. They did this to try to smear the pro-white movement. My argument is this: Timothy McVeigh’s co-conspirator was Terry Nichols who was in an inter-racial marriage. He married a Filipino woman. If Timothy McVeigh really was a white supremacist, he would never have picked a race mixer like Terry Nichols to be his accomplice. Do you see my logic? What drives people in the pro-white movement is their opposition to race mixing. someone who believes that would never trust a race mixer. Timothy McVeigh would have hated Terry Nichols if he really was a ‘white supremacist’. Thus I say it’s not true. Timothy McVeigh was not a white nationalist. True, they found the ‘Turner Diaries’ in his possession. But they found a lot of other books too including “The Anarchist Cookbook” which is a left-wing book. He was just collecting all underground books that he thought would contain useful information.

    I say the same thing is happening in this case. Alvin Watts is not a white supremacist. If he were, he would have NEVER lived with Jacob England as a roommate or picked him for this rampage as an accomplice. No white supremacist would EVER live with a racially mixed person as a roommate.

  • Reynardine

    Mr. Chomsky, presumably, since you appear to know exactly who killed the Strait family, the police launched an adequate investigation. The whole point of the Martin case is that they refused to.

    I note an earlier post got taken down as risqué again, so I can only say that if I posted a memorial picture of my dad, he’d be wearing clothes.

  • Shadow Wolf

    “anything about the Comanche”

    The first thing that comes to mind is how the fake self-described “Voice for the American Indian Patriots” David A. Yeagley can refer to himself as a Comanche. Him being a Comanche is laughable. He never once proved his enrollment, nor did he ever provided evidence that supported his claims as an authentic Comanche.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Leonard Peltier is an innocent man. He was wrongfully convicted, in what was a very biased and unfair Judicial system at the time. He had every right towards “self-defense”, in the same manner of circumstance as Jorge Zimmerman. The ironic difference was that a “Stand Your Ground Law” didn’t exist in South Dakota at the time. But the “self-defense” notion for Peltier is the same as Zimmerman’s. “Whiteboys” like you just don’t want acknowledge it.

  • Burt Chomsky

    Where was SPLC’s outrage when the Strait family was assaulted, raped and killed right there in Tulsa?

    If you’re a 20-year-old black male, you can beat and rape an 85-year-old white woman to death and pummel her 90-year-old white husband straight into ICU, and it won’t make the national news.

  • Zimriel

    Allan, google “Leonard Peltier” or, for that matter, anything about the Comanche and then get back with us about how American Indians are incapable of getting frustrated with us whiteboys.

  • Allan

    One wonders what was exchanged in the domestic dispute to have caused a resort to a weapon. That his father got shot was no excuse, let alone reason, to kill three, innocent unrelated persons. I suppose if his father had been shot by a “white” person, he’d be on facebook slurring white people and then going on a shooting spree thereof. I don’t think so.

  • Sam Molloy

    Milagros:The BPP sent a rep to a class I took in 1972 and he said “We are agaist Gay Liberation because that means ‘All power to the fag'”. Some lesbians were lecturing him severely as I was leaving. He may not have been speaking their agreed position on the matter, but I was very put off by both his non-inclusive position, and the assumption that power was an “All or Nothing” concept, like winning a football game.

  • Zimriel

    Jake England is Cherokee, and not white:

    The problem here isn’t white supremacy or white racism; it’s general racism against blacks, shared across races.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I think Mr. Smith is referring to “Indians” from India or some other junctures of Asian decent. Because Native Americans are not “Indians”, which is a misnomer by the genocidal tyrant who supposedly discovered the Americas circa 1492. Which he woefully thought he was in India all over again.

    Given to the dramatic geological changes in our society by years of emigrations from the foreigners. The number of actual “Indians” from India has grown, therefore, they the sole title holders of the coined phrase–“Indians”.

  • Milagros

    What diff does race make? The two racist murdered 3 humans? However the following statement is not true> coming from jason smith

    Let me explain something, people in the pro-white movement look for facial features. It’s as though white people have a facial recognition software in their head. Anyone who really was in the movement wouldn’t pick a racially mixed individual to be their accomplice if they were bent on going on a racial shooting spree or bombing.

    Let me educ you Mr smith pro freedom ” movements, revolutions, transition, and all that come with that are done by committed people from all races.
    When the BBP was alive and well and after, before during the Cuban rev we sought comrades from all cultures even whites. However we were about transitions vs hate. This sucker is a travesty and a joke and he may not survive his destiny. He is a phony

  • Reynardine

    Well, Mr. Smith, then I refer you to Fritz Gerlich and the Trial of Hitler’s Nose. As a physical anthropologist, though, you flunk.

  • Reynardine

    P. S. None of the commenters signed themselves either “Jason Smith” or “Deep Ecology”.

  • Reynardine

    The surge in frank racism doesn’t stop at national boundaries, going or coming. There are two or three videos from the Sputnik era of the Red Army Chorus, which I open rather frequently. One of them is a truly masterly rendition of “The Volga Boatmen”, with Leonid Kharitonov as the soloist. As bass-baritones go, it is difficult to flaw him, and the chorus backed him perfectly. The rendition was authentic. Yet quite a few people complained it was all wrong because they “didn’t look Russian. Real Russians don’t look like Jews or Asiatics”. Therefore, their voices were wrong, too, because such people couldn’t possibly “sing like real Russians”. One time, inappropriate commentary like that would have had the commenter singing, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, by Fels Naptha. Now you’re a politically correct spoilsport if you object.

  • Jason Smith

    No, no, no. Jacob England has strong Indian or Mongoloid facial features. If Alvin Watts really were a ‘white supremacist’, it is illogical that he would choose a non-white or mixed person as his accomplice.

    Let me explain something, people in the pro-white movement look for facial features. It’s as though white people have a facial recognition software in their head. Anyone who really was in the movement wouldn’t pick a racially mixed individual to be their accomplice if they were bent on going on a racial shooting spree or bombing.

    As an example, it would have been illogical if Ben Smith (of the world church of the creator shootings in Chicago a few years ago) had picked a half-white/half-black, racially mixed accomplice to accompany him on his shooting spree. That would not have happened. Because by definition, Ben Smith was a white supremacist out to kill non-whites. so of course he’s not going to pick a non-white to be his accomplice.