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Arizona Neo-Nazi, Known for Ties to Nativist Legislator, is Apparent Mass Murderer

By Bill Morlin on May 2, 2012 - 8:09 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Extremist Crime

Jason Todd Ready, one of the nation’s leading neo-Nazi and anti-immigrant activists, apparently was the gunman who carried out a deadly shooting this afternoon that left five people dead, including himself, in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert.

The gunman, identified as the notorious J.T. Ready by the Arizona Republic and others, was dressed in body armor and equipped with several firearms during the shooting, at an upscale residential area where he lived with his girlfriend. That woman, her 19-year-old daughter, the daughter’s boyfriend and an 18-month-old baby girl initially were identified as the shooting victims.

At the time, Ready was a candidate for sheriff, saying on his website: “The citizens of Pinal County are under constant threat of encountering the horrific reality of terrible violence associated with illegal immigration.”

Ready said he was  “more than qualified to serve” as Pinal County sheriff and was the “unquestionable, the common sense choice for sheriff when the public needs safety and security now more than ever.”

Gilbert Police Sgt. Bill Balafas said that at 6 p.m. local time that he couldn’t confirm the identities of any of the victims because investigators had just gotten a search warrant to enter the home at 500 West Tumbleweed.

Three victims – two adult females and an adult male – were found in the home and a second man was found outside the home, Balafas told Hatewatch. Various media accounts reported that the man outside the home was Ready, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and may have been wearing bulletproof armor. Balafas said he couldn’t confirm that information until the victims had been positively identified.

“We found two handguns and a shotgun in the home,” Balafas told Hatewatch. He said he didn’t know what type of weapon, if any, was found near the victim found outside the home.

“We had to get a search warrant from a judge to enter the home, and that has just occurred,” he said.

The infant showed signs of life when police arrived, but she was pronounced dead after being rushed to a local hospital, Balafas said. Gilbert Police Chief Tim Dorn wasn’t immediately available for comment.

JT Ready

Ready is a former member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in America, and an ex-Marine who was court-martialed twice for bad conduct.

In June 2010, after claiming he had left NSM, Ready assembled a group of a dozen or so heavily armed civilians he called the U.S. Border Guard. The militia-style group goal was to locate and arrest immigrants illegally crossing in from Mexico.  Ready described the action as “the Minutemen Project on steroids,” a reference to a vigilante anti-immigrant organization that took off in 2005.

Ready also talked about placing landmines on the border and frequently would launch into tirades against Jews and non-whites.

JT Ready poses with Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce

Ready was well known as a friend of Russell Pearce, the legislator responsible for the punishing Arizona anti-immigrant law known as S.B. 1070. Pearce, who rose to state Senate president after promulgating that law, was recalled by voter referendum last year because of his role as the author of the law.

  • Gregory

    If you do not read the response to your drivel, Jason, then how do you know that anyone is asking you to back up your idiotic claims?

  • Aron

    Jaso Smith: Ignorant and Proud!

  • Erika

    Jason, as entertaining as your special brand of comedy is when available for free, you’d have to pay me $100,000 to listen to a speech of yours

  • Jason Smith

    A.D.M., Ruslan, Erica, Reynadine, Aron, etc …

    You will have to start doing your own work. Read some books. If you want to hire me as a consultant , I might do it, for a consulting fee of say $500 dollars per hour. I might be willing to give a speech at one of your events but I would charge a fee. Minimum $10K plus travel expenses. But no, I’m not going to do anything for you for free. FYI: I do not read any of your responses. I never click on your links. I am not going to do any work for you or answer your questions for free. I don’t do that.

  • A.D.M.

    Show us the photos you speak of, Jason.

  • Reynardine

    Jason does entertain us all with his oligophrenic chenoviposition*

    Laying goose eggs

  • Erika

    You know I just thought of something – Jason Smith just called the U.S. evil here – yet, he is worried about “non-Whites” taking over the U.S. – if the U.S. was so evil, what does he care? Come on Jason, entertain me, try to explain that!

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan, all Jason Smith’s statements are goose eggs, so however overlarge and addled they are, they are rounded. I regretfully inform you he can probably go on laying them indefinitely without experiencing the discomfort he deserves.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hey Jason, here’s a photograph I found. So why are you always claiming that bad things happened under Stalin?

    I guess by your logic you have to stop writing about the 40 million killed by Stalin, and the 60 million killed by Mao. But on the other hand, this might be a relief for you since pulling figures like those out of your ass must get painful over time.


    I actually hope he IS serious because I love the fact how WNs are so respected in their echo chambers like Stormfront, but can’t defend their moronic ideas outside of forums they control.

  • Aron


    I happen to strongly agree with your sentiment regarding ‘Moronia for the Morons.’ As such, I will do my best to further our cause during the second day of ROFLCon (, the most important annual conference regarding the growing field of Internet Phenomenology. Tron Guy is sure to jump on board.

  • Gregory

    It is official now. Jason Smith is very clearly a parody.

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan, I suspect Jason, if he is not a committee (or even if they are) demonstrates the corollary of Poe’s Law: you can’t invent a parody so ridiculous that someone won’t exceed that position in all seriousness.

  • Reynardine

    I am back to the theory that Jason Smith is a committee of frat boys, struggling to be as outlandish as possible. Otherwise, I can only conclude that, in the interest of eugenics, Adolf Hitler would have had him put down as a cretin and a pipsqueak.

  • Erika

    Aron, you have to like totally be more kind to Jason – he’s just confusing the Three Stooges short where Moe was appointed dictator of Moronia for the actual World War II – as a Moron, he very much supports “Hitler”/Moe’s “Moronia for the Morons” platform.

  • Aron

    Also Jason, I know you were being serious. That’s what’s so incredibly entertaining to me.

  • Aron


    I sincerely doubt you’d even be able to identify Latvia and Ukraine on a map. Or France, for that matter.

  • Erika

    Something makes me think that Jason thinks that Donald Duck really was a Nazi and that “Der Fueher’s Face” is a real German military march.

  • Jason Smith

    I’m not joking. I am serious. There are photos and film footage of when the Nazis entered Riga and there were tens of thousands of people filling the streets cheering jubilantly, smiling and laughing. These photos are not staged. You see, they were happy to be free from Communism. Similar scenes occurred in Kiev, Vilnus, and cities all over former Soviet rule. I’ve also seen photos of street scenes in Paris. Pictures of people sitting at outside cafes, sporting events, etc … . Large crowds. Nazis are in the scenes and the French civilians are happy, smiling. Everything looks normal. I have similar pictures of German soldiers posing with civilians in Kiev. The list is endless. You’ve been told a bunch of lies.

  • Aron

    Jason, that was easily the funniest comment I’ve ever read on the SPLC. Thank you for providing the laughs.

    Keep on smiling in Prague and Kiev!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ok Jason, now you’re in Poe’s Law territory. See, when I see you struggling to make an argument, I slap it down. When I think you’re just trying to troll, I ignore it.

  • Jason Smith

    Oh no, it’s very simple. Let me explain. WWII was a battle between good and evil. The side of evil won that war. The side of good lost. After evil won the war, the gained control over the media and publishing. Everything you’ve been told about Nazism is lies. In truth it was a really good system. Everybody was happy under Nazism. There are pictures of smiling people in cafes and street scenes in Paris and Kiev. They were all so happy the Nazis came to protect them. The Nazis never did anything wrong and always treated the civilian populations well. You’ve all been told a bunch of lies. The buildings at Auschwitz are fake. They were built after the war in the 1950’s by the Communists like a Hollywood movie prop.

  • Reynardine

    Justina, the warrant for the part of the house that was not a part of th immediate crime scene was gotten after the murder and after the police had been on the scene of the killing itself.

    Jason, neo-Nazism is the last refuge of pipsqueaks who are also moral cretins.

  • Aron

    What’s wrong with being a neo-Nazi? I’m not even touching that one.

  • April Scheller

    As a mentally ill civil rights activist I ask again that SPLC moderators examine the harm in attributing Neo-Nazism to mental illness. Neo-Nazi group politics and the militants that they send out to kill do not deserve such accommodations from sanist society. You need our help to stop hate.
    “The media legitimizes profiling and the government enforces a segregate affirmative action for our people against our will even when it kills our own and other ethnic minorities by diverting justice, calling us ‘incompetent’ to object to the insane defenses imposed upon us as a people. This system of oppression in law is the same that applied a segregate excuse of guilt in the 2009 crime of slaying of a Wesleyan student worker and made general excuse for violent anti-Semitism by alleged science. This is the ideology globally forcing apartheid on innocent people en masse for theory of physiologies, fears of legal cultural differences, and theories of fate. En masse the Mad are legislated against as a people regardless of crime, our civil rights are blocked leaving less rights to never accused Mad people than to normal violent criminal offenders who retain normal constitutional rights. April Scheller, treated Mad since age of ten, now presents the Madpride movement locally, a global movement in which persons diagnosed different treat themselves as a people and champion equality, diversity, self-expression, community involvement, and the arts.”

    Wesleyan’s Announcement:


    My sources are also web-linked here: I’m not sure by whom it was posted: but thank you. I’ve no web site of my own.

  • Jason Smith

    What’s wrong with being a neo-Nazi?

  • Justina

    why did they need a search warrant to enter a place where there was shooting and so forth? that infant might have lived if there had not been a delay.

  • deborah parks

    Were there any witnesses to this event? Is it being reported honestly? They usually say something about the neighbors, neighborhood… did anyone see or hear anything? I do not support the types of activities he was involved with, and if he was a true criminal, he should not have been allowed to run loose as long as he did, but, I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SEE/HEAR some PROOF as to what happened…


  • Aron


    I would much rather Mr Dees stay right where he is right now. His work is too important to run for political office.

  • ponomo

    Morris Dees for Sheriff and ultimately PREZ
    of the USA

  • Reynardine

    Shadow Wolf, the connection between violent racism and violence towards women is well enough known among therapists and social workers in the domestic abuse field that it is actually one of the checklist items. Any woman who attaches herself to such a man is placing herself at risk. Women who habitually seek mates of this kind are called hybristophiles. Some are passive sorts who think their highest calling is to be a kind of spaniel to “a real man”. Others are vicious souls themselves who regard the open expression of vicious propensities as unladylike, so they find a man who’ll ddo it for them. The latter sort, especially, puts everyone around her at risk. One of those set me up for murder a few times before I got wise.

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan: nope. I was once linked by my classmates with the duelist in “The Shot”, however, for uttering zliye epigrammi.

  • Identity-H

    Somehow, I always thought JT Ready would do something like this. I never had any encounters with him, but all the data posted on him pointed toward him having a more gung-ho violent attitude (and several inner demons).

    It is a serious shame that his hatred consumed innocent lives. One could argue that the girlfriend knew that she was taking a risk when she decided to pursue a relationship with such a hateful person, but her grown daughter and infant had no say in the matter. That said, none of them should have died. It was an act of true hatred (or perhaps craziness) that Ready would decide to turn his weapons on them.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I think I know your real identity, Rey. You’re Don King, right?

  • Reynardine

    Or the speciosity of mendacity, either.

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan, never underestimate the prolixity of stupidity.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Given to the violent history of the WN and the “sovereign citizens” among other extremism on the right. White women may want to pay heed to it’s rather disturbing history. Because it seems that when you(as a White woman) marry or are in relationship with a mentally perturbed white supremacist with racist and antigovernment ideals. The end result is always tragic, where the Woman, her children and/or siblings are murdered before the gunman takes his own life, or the “suicide by cop”.
    It is a pattern we are anecdotally aware of. White women who marry/date these types are placing themselves and their children in a grave and dire threat.
    So it’s probably a good idea to stay away from the rabidly dangerous and violent WN at any cost.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Don’t worry about him becoming a martyr; neo-Nazis are like cannibals. They’ll stab each other in the back at the drop of a hat.

    But I have a more important purpose here. I’m going to pre-empt Jason Smith with an argument typical of his/her stupidity.

    “J.T. Ready killed 5 people. But Stalin killed 40, no wait, 60 million people and he had these things called GULAGs which were reeducation camps for white people(I read Solzehnitsyn! Well, excerpts from Solzhenitsyn in articles I found on Stormfront). Mao killed 60-70 million people. That equals at a minimum 120 million people killed by Communism. This means that Communism was 20,000,000 times worse than J.T. Ready.”

    Done. Jason has been beaten to the punch.

  • Reynardine

    What kind of woman would eff that man on a drunken barroom bet? It’s too damned bad she dragged her daughter and those others, especially the baby, into her suicidal romantic coprophilia. And as miserable as this deed is, at least he didn’t make it out to a Safeway and butcher a bunch of people who had nothing to do with him at all.

  • h.a. gallucio

    we have similar organizations and legislation here in va.know of any links or where i might look?the nazi party from i think herndon,not far from dc,was at an anti-immigrant rally when that stuff started.see there was a neo-nazi in germany who joined hezbollah or one of the other terrorist organizations?

  • Ruth Shevlin

    How sad he had to kill others before he killed himself.
    What that baby did to deserve to die at his hands I can’t
    imagine. Only a coward would kill an infant…the only reason he should be alive is to suffer the consequences of his heartless actions. We won’t miss you slimebucket

  • Ed

    This was a very tragic end for those people, may their deaths be a wake up call for others that live a life of hate and unreasonable stupidity. The mediocre thing about these Racists Lunatics is that they so call themselves Neo Nazis and live or have ties with non-whites or the race they so hate on. Like this Fool Magoo JT Ready his girlfriend and her family all of Hispanic race. Also why would you wanna live with a Lunatic racist that hates your race or origin???? I rather live on a cage with lions…

  • The Prisoner

    Sad day, and we won’t learn from this because his followers will make him a martyr. This was one sick man, and ….

  • S Frei

    At least he is dead, and can do no more harm.

  • Shadow Wolf

    I can’t imagine or even fathom the thought of J.T. Ready as the next Pinal County Shurf, if he were still alive(and successful but lucky he was not). Who knows what he would do as a Shurf. There is no doubt he would fallow the lead of arpaio(not that I care if they are here illegally).

  • Sean Nugent

    I once got into an argument with Ready a few months back on an LA Times blog comment section.Though I was somewhat surprised this is what is expected when you live a life of rampant paranoia and hate. It’s unfortunate though that he also felt the need to end other peoples lives as well.

  • Robert

    If these right wing lunatics were Muslim, they’d be called terrorists. But you can bet the gun nuts in Arizona will call them “patriots.”

  • DrMJG

    I fear more of this last ditch desperation in the future when President Obama is re-elected. The real nut cases will emerge. I suspect the next battle ground will be here and not “over there”. My optimism says I should be wrong; but, incidents such as this make it hard to remain optimistic.

  • sheila stark

    He won’t be missed-

  • Aron

    Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.

    Wow. You think you know someone as a crazy person.

    And then they go on a shooting rampage…

  • Curtis Rivers

    This was bound to happen. When you live on hate, at some point the hate consumes you. Sadly, it consumed others, too. God Bless to all, and may mercy flow.