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Alleged Swedish Immigrant-Killer Bought Goods from U.S. Neo-Nazis

By Mark Potok on May 18, 2012 - 3:14 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi

Peter Mangs, who went on trial in Sweden this week for allegedly killing three people and attempting to kill 12 others because he hated immigrants, apparently did business with America’s leading neo-Nazi organization at least once.

Mangs is believed to have shot his victims, who included many Muslims and other immigrants in his home city of Malmo, during a seven-year spree that stretched from 2003 to 2010. In October 2010, police asked the public for help in locating a gunman who they feared was targeting immigrants in the city, where some 40% of residents or their parents were born outside Sweden, and a tip led to Mangs. Police found a pistol, a silencer and a vest for carrying a spare gun barrel in his home.

Two years before the shooting spree began, Mangs, who is now 40, made a purchase from the National Alliance, which was then the most important neo-Nazi group in America, and one that was well known to European radicals. Records obtained by Hatewatch do not show what Mangs bought, but the group’s National Vanguard Books at the time had only a few items matching the total Mangs spent, $11.95, on May 10, 2001. One of them was Hunter, a novel written by the late Alliance chief William Pierce that depicted the nighttime murders of mixed-race couples using a silenced pistol.

Some details of Mangs’ alleged actions match the book closely. The novel describes how its lead character removed the barrel of his pistol and modified it in order to attach a silencer. In addition to using a silencer in the same way, Mangs is accused of using different barrels on his pistol in an attempt to defeat ballistic tracing of the bullets he used. In at least one case, the killings were similar to those carried out in Hunter. In October 2009, a young couple was shot while sitting in a parked car in Malmo, according to The New York Times. Hunter depicts a mixed-race couple being murdered with a pistol as they sat in a parked vehicle.

Mangs could have learned of the National Alliance while in this country. Using the same E-mail address employed to send in his National Alliance order,, Mangs wrote a medical advocacy website several times, and he mentioned in one of those E-mails being in the United States between 1996 and 1999.

Mangs, who also mentioned talking to a psychiatrist in Sweden, said in one of the E-mails that he had undergone a trepanning operation for hydrocephalus (excess brain water). Trepanning is an operation that involves boring a hole into the skull, usually to relieve dangerous pressure from a swollen brain. It has also been advocated by certain modern hucksters who suggest that trepanning will increase “brain blood volume” and therefore enhance a person’s consciousness.

The Mangs case is one of three major recent terror campaigns allegedly carried out by radical-right Europeans enraged at non-white or non-Christian immigration into their countries. Last July, Anders Breivik murdered 77 of his countrymen in Norway because, he said, they were enabling Muslim immigration. And in Germany, police are still investigating a neo-Nazi cell of three people who allegedly murdered 10 people, mostly Turkish immigrants, between 2000 and 2007.

  • eph

    Aron we need more people like this, our governments will sell there own country out from under the feat of there next generation, to be able to collect more immigrant fees have more tax payers voters, theres enough muslims in the world to completely overrun half the countries in europe. Now im not saying they all need to be killed but they need to have fear put in them so they will stop comming hear, so ya many deathes will need to happen to protect my country my family,jobs,cultur,beliefs im willing to do it myself and if enough people stand up and say this maybe these sick left wing currupted governments will close the immigration gates

  • Reynardine

    Retardo and his ilk have a lot of weird fantasies like that.

    Some weird survey said Arab men have bigger ones. Given all the ethnic groups subsumed under “Arab”, and the extreme reluctance, to say nothing of resentment, felt by Muslims of both sexes when subjected to invasive questions, I don’t know how they arrived at such a conclusion, unless it was through autopsies. Nonetheless, if I think about it, that’s when a lot of this obsessiveness about Ay-rab and Mooslin sexuality got started. I daresay there are a number of pipsqueaks out there fantasizing about how they would use such a weapon if only God or Fate had given them one.

    Meanwhile, Neil, if you do not want to give people the impression that you are a tiresome antisemite, quit stalking Aron.

  • Jerry

    Ricardo, what is your solution to your FOX News-filtered claims about Malmo? Is it to take every man, woman, child – Swedish and non-Swedish – and stuff them into the concentration camps, to have them all gassed to death? I know you’ve been taking cues from Michael Savage, who have called for terrorist attacks against Malmo – including expressing his approval of Peter Mangs – so I just wonder: How many people in Malmo have to be murdered in cold blood at the hands of the Mangs and Breiviks and McVeighs before you feel satisfied with yourself and the world in general?

    What is your solution, other than a final solution?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ricardo, Sweden’s rape rate is distorted because of Sweden’s much broader legal definition of rape, plus the fact that it is based on reported rapes, meaning that there is a good chance that more rapes are reported in Sweden, and taken seriously enough by the police to file. Police in say, Albania, might not be the most most progressive when it comes to reporting rapes.

    Legal rape occurs all over Europe today, under the name “prostitution” or sex work.

  • Aron


    You’ve tried to troll me in the past. So you consider yourself more liberal than myself? Big deal.

    I’ve already made my beliefs clear. You can go and find them yourself. And I stand by them.

    We’re done here.

  • Neil

    Hey Aron,

    Why don’t you drop the sanctimony and attempt to answer the question?

    Or can you?

    I have more right to be here than you; I’m at least consistent in my beliefs. And when you take into account how you feel about Israel, I’m arguably more liberal.

  • Aron

    Hey Neil,

    Would you mind pointing out what Israel has ANYTHING to do with this article? And where I mentioned it in my commentary on this post?

    That was a really nice attempt to get my goat, but as usually the case in similar situations, your trolling had no effect. Why don’t you come back when you have something productive to add to the conversation, hmm?

    Shoo, fly. Your attempts at bothering me are distracting.

  • Neil


    Just so that you’re willing to apply the same standards to Israel, land that you love, what do you think about the calls to expel African migrant workers. Mondoweiss has run an article on an Interior Minister, Eli Yishai, who called for their expulsion and is “painting all of them (both refugees and migrant workers) as a criminal element in Israeli society.”

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, don’t you agree?

    You strike me as the type of person who honestly believes it’s okay for Israel to be dominated by Jews while at the same time advocating for the speed-up of multiculturalism everywhere else in the world, that is, everywhere else where Jews are a minority.

    That position doesn’t fly. Don’t you get it?

    If you’re conservative, be conservative here and in Israel. If you’re liberal, be liberal here and in Israel. But none of this double standard stuff. That’s all I’m asking.

  • Aron

    Of course, Ricardo. And that’s why they all deserve to be murdered, right?

    Go away, troll.

  • Ricardo

    What the one sided SPLC will NOT tell you is that Malmo, Sweden is overrun with Muslim immigrants who, living on the public dole, have turned it into the rape capital of
    Europe, where any native Swedes that enter Muslim neighborhoods are likely to be robbed, raped, or murdered.

  • Reynardine

    Out of curiosity, has anyone bothered to put garlic on Mr. Pierce’s grave?