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Oath Keeper Sentenced to 30 Years for Daughter’s Rape

By Ryan Lenz on June 5, 2012 - 4:00 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

Charles Dyer, a former Marine with ties to the antigovernment Oath Keepers, was sentenced to 30 years in prison Tuesday for raping his daughter when she was 6, the Stephens County District Attorney’s office in Oklahoma said.

The sentencing was the final chapter in a case that sparked national attention after Dyer failed to appear for trial last summer and soon afterward issued threatening, conspiracy-theorizing communiqués that left no room to doubt his intentions if police were to catch him.

“I have been pushed to the limits by law enforcement and the judicial system in an attempt to cause me to take violent actions against them,” Dyer wrote in an E-mail to his family after fleeing the reach of law enforcement. “Our judicial system is nothing more than a system of liars and crooks working under the color of the law, where the rich go free and the poor are made to suffer injustice. … Something must be done to expose it.”

The trial in April was Dyer’s third on a single charge of sexual assault of a minor following the allegations that he sodomized his daughter. The first ended with the jury unable to reach a verdict; the second ended in mistrial after the district attorney’s office violated protocol and mailed questionnaires to jurors before the trial had begun.

All the while, Dyer adamantly denied the charges. “I believe in my heart that my daughter is a victim of sexual abuse,” he testified in April. “[But] I’ve never hurt anyone in my life, especially not my daughter.”

  • I

    I saw this on TV so it must be true… I’m not a republican or a democrat. I’m a libertarian. What that means is that I think everyone should have the right to do just about anything that doesn’t infringe upon another person’s universal rights to life, reasonable liberties or personal property. I’m the guy who thinks you should be able to buy a gun AND marry someone of the same sex. Now that you understand that I am not a democrat or a republican, I’d like to say that I believe it’s just sick to think about how many people buy this. There was no actual evidence (child pornography in his closet or l his browser history to suggest that he was a pedophile, semen samples as evidence of rape, etc.) presented at all. However, there was a clear incentive for assassinating his image and shutting him up. It’s dangerous to be right when someone with more guns or political influence is wrong. Charles here learned that first hand.

  • treborozal


    Sorry if my pasting bothers you so much. I will refrain from doing so in the future to allow you to have a better day.

    As for your comment towards me I will also let that roll off. Funny how you attack me directly even though I have not offended you at all.

    You are forgiven for your ignorance.

  • Alex

    Still waiting on that answer folks. Has there been any direct connection between the SPLC operation and Hatewatch and James v Nix organization/website called Hatetrackers?

    Do you people at the SPLC consider Hatetrackers to have been a credible source of information or not?

  • Alex

    If I am not mistaken, Dyer made several youtube videos which were critical of Bush era policies and was prosecuted for sedition. One of the reasons a decision was made not to include him with Oathkeepers and why he did not continue his association with the Tea Party movement was that he was not sufficiently vetted among them as a Republican.

    Dyer had specifically been prosecuted for Sedition due to his opposition to several Patriot Act policies and his vehement objections to several issues surrounding the war in Iraq. If you look at most of the posts here from people claiming to represent the Oathkeeper organization, the vast majority appear to be making claims of disassociation with Dyer due to his political views being more independent. An examination of comments on several related Youtube channels indicates that although several of the people associated with Oathkeepers and Tea Party disagreed with Dyer’s political statements, they feel that he got railroaded on the child rape charges.

    He has maintained that the rape allegations were false, and the actions of a vindictive ex-wife in the midst of a hostile divorce proceeding. A site with a similar name as this one “Hatetrackers” instead of “Hatewatch” constantly ran articles against Dyer prior to that site being taken down when it turned out the publisher, James Vincent Nix, was actively engaged in a number of fraud related crimes while implying to have connections with this organization (SPLC) (as reported in local news out of Oklahoma).

    I would like to know if Hatewatch and Hatetrackers have had any history of collaboration in research, investigation, or referencing each other’s articles, or if the SPLC has an history of employing James Nix or financially rewarding his efforts.

    Part of the “conspiracy theories” in other forums include speculation on whether or not James Nix (Hatetrackers) was employed by Hatewatch (SPLC) to assist in coaching Dyer’s ex-wife in making her improved version of “he raped the child” allegations which had initially been dismissed as false upon the initial investigation, and then as Dyer’s situation became more politicized, the prosecution moved forward with the rape charges.

    This case has looked from the beginning like this guy was accused of having objectionable political views and then convicted of rape because of it, when the rape case alone had very little to stand on and previous sedition charges over his political views were determined by a court martial to narrowly fall within the confines of free speech.

    There was no prior history of any similar allegation from other people, no evidence of a fascination with child sex (like kiddie porn or related literature, fantasy stories, ect), DNA evidence was either negative or inconclusive, no history of sexual misconduct on his side of the family.

  • Joseph

    Figure of speech. :)

  • Reynardine

    Well, Joseph, I lived on the High Plains for 3 1/2 years, so for me it’s hard to imagine a windless Texas.

  • Joseph

    Wind don’t blow up here…it’s hot.

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    Joseph, I forgot that W moved to Big D, now that he doesn’t need his dude ranch to impress people with what a regular guy he is. ¡Pobre de ti! I hope you are upwind of him.

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    I meant, unjust wars. Not really in the approved learning manuals of the US Military. :)

  • Joseph

    I like it. You sound like a good lawyer I wouldn’t mind working for. I live in Carrollton, North Dallas. He has a place in North Dallas too.

    Veterans tend to forget, quite often, that we are not the only warriors. We fight because of orders. I am not aware of any unjust wards. I was not aware of the DHS obtaining the Coast Guard. I thought the Coast Guard was still the Department of Transportation. Enlisted men and women often find themselves only worried about what is in front of them. We don’t watch the news, cut into our beer drinking time.

    I am sure you and others fought and lost, same as we did. Thank you for that. There’s a reason why we fight, it would be far worse if we didn’t.

  • Erika

    Joseph, sweetie – I was wrong to imply that you are a liar please accept my apology :)

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    Sorry, that was Edgar Allen Poe.