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Neo-Nazi Bill White, on the Lam, Arrested in Mexico

By Hatewatch Staff on June 11, 2012 - 11:55 am, Posted in Neo-Nazi

Well-known Virginia neo-Nazi and convicted felon Bill White was arrested in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, after nearly a month on the run. He missed a scheduled check-in with his probation officer and disappeared from his home in Lynchburg last month. White, who faces federal charges of violating the terms of his supervised release, is expected to be returned to Roanoke, Va.

White was once the leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party and had a reputation as a vicious and volatile Internet gossip. His was the second most popular racist website during its heyday.

In 2004, he was convicted of assaulting a woman who was handing out fliers that identified him as a neo-Nazi landlord. He was held in contempt of court when he cursed at the woman from the witness stand. In 2009, a federal jury found him guilty of threatening several people through intimidating phone calls and Internet postings. In January 2011, he was found guilty of using his website to encourage violence against a jury foreman in the trial of Matt Hale, another white supremacist.

White was released from prison in April 2011 after serving two years. A federal judge threw out his conviction with regard to the jury foreman on First Amendment grounds. One of the conditions of his release was a court-ordered restriction on Internet use that required that he refrain from participating in “any Internet related business or hobby involving a website, and the posting of any information on any website.” Nevertheless, White got around that by writing for the print version (which is also available online) of the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic weekly founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto.

Earlier in May, White allegedly wrote a Facebook post (in direct violation of the court restrictions about Internet use) in which he claimed that he had been tortured in prison and had “left the United States several weeks ago after accepting an offer of asylum from a foreign nation that shares my view that the United States government is not legitimate.” He claimed he would not be returning and requested that anyone with an interest in commissioning or licensing his work contact him. He also asked for donations to help him settle in his new land.

  • Howard1912

    Would seem strange to me that he would enter Mexico. Perhaps he thought he could rent a boat and sail up the west coast to Canada?

  • Reynardine

    The headline, by the way, suggests a cartoon which I am fortunately unable to post, because they wouldn’t print it.

  • adamhill


  • Shadow Wolf

    Hey Rey, I’m pretty sure white supremacist Mr. White had some help from our senile old law dawg Shurf arpaio. Or some his underlings. You know how much arpaio attracts racists from all stripes. arpaio is the epitome of racist hate in Arizona.

  • Reynardine

    Oh, it is, Erika.

  • Dan Zabetakis

    Let’s all remain calm. All this speculation isn’t doing any good. It isn’t known how he arrived in Mexico. Maybe he entered legally on an Iranian passport.

  • Erika

    Even if he did cross using phony documents at a check point rather than the more poetic way of swimming across the Rio Grande or climbing over a border fence, it is still pretty entertaining that the aptly named Mr. White entered Mexico illegally and thus was an illegal immigrant in that country.

  • Ithink

    Bitterly ironic and sweetly amusing how a a dog of political dogs, the American white supremacist, in this modern day and age thought he would stay hidden and protected by the country home to the population producing the most of arguably their most hated targets; the ‘illlegal’ immigrants co-habiting, performing and well at jobs that no other Yankee this side of the border will do short of starvation and homelessness, if than.

    Fascinating how he thought he’d be better off there in terms of employment or recruitment to his causes, but that I assume has to do with the fact he wasn’t doing anything of the sort in his haste to escape proper justice. At least lieing liar and womanizer Sir Duke took a brave last stand in former Aryan utopia Germany…

  • Supersonic250

    I wonder if he’ll be charged as an illegal immigrant now, in addition to everything else? X3

  • Aron


    I had an old friend who joined those (aptly-named) goons. He lasted about a month before he chickened out.

    He’s now a beloved YouTube conspiracy-monger, going by ‘Tom’ something or other. Very much not his real name.


  • Reynardine

    If he crossed from Arizona or California, you don’t have to. I bet he was with some “sovereign nation” of goony expats, which I’ve heard they have in Baja.

  • Erika

    I prefer to think that he swam across the Rio Grande

  • Aron

    Wait a moment. Mexico doesn’t recognize the US government as legitimate? This could put a severe strain on diplomatic relations.

    Ha ha ha! What a fool.

  • Tribeca Mike

    I’m amazed he could even find Mexico on a map.

  • Reynardine

    Trouble is, Mexico will honor extradition treaties with us, as long as the chair is off the table, so to speak. And it’s ironic he expected Mexicans to shelter him. Or was he hanging out with some goony expats that thought they were a sovereign nation?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Huh, I was pretty sure he never made it out of the country, so I guess I was wrong about that. It makes sense he would at least make it to Mexico because he could drive across the border instead of flying.