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Racist Skinhead Flattened by Man He Attacked Goes to Prison

By Bill Morlin on June 15, 2012 - 4:03 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi

An Idaho judge today sentenced a racist skinhead to up to five years in prison for maliciously harassing a black man who, it turned out, was a former boxer who defended himself last summer with a one-punch knockout.

Daren C. Abbey, who has been free on bond, appeared surprised as he was led from a courtroom in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in handcuffs after 1st District Judge Benjamin Simpson imposed a three-year “fixed sentence” to be followed by a two-year indeterminate sentence.

Abbey’s defense attorney had argued that the 29-year-old, who has a lengthy criminal record, should be placed on unsupervised probation and allowed to return to Ferndale, Mont., near Kalispell, where he was working in construction.

The judge retained jurisdiction of the case for one year, which means Abbey could be brought back to court for a reduction of his sentence after he completes alcohol and drug counseling while in the custody of the Idaho Department of Corrections. The state offers three levels of counseling, which can last from 3½ to 9 months.

“This is a troubling case,” the judge said in sentencing Abbey.

Abbey, who body is covered in racist tattoos, was arrested last July outside a bar in Bayview, Idaho, on Lake Pend Oreille, after yelling racial epithets, following and then assaulting Marion L. Baker, a 46-year-old African-American man. Abbey attacked Baker without bothering to read the back of Baker’s T-shirt, which said, “Spokane Boxing Club champion.”

Two months later, while being held in the Kootenai County Jail, Abbey engaged in similar conduct with a jail security guard who is Latino, court documents show.

When guard F. Gayton entered a set of cells called O-Pod, Abbey yelled out, claiming his sleep was being disrupted. When the guard ordered the inmate out of his bunk, “Abbey came walking toward me swinging both arms and shoulders in an aggressive manner with a stern look on his face as if he wanted to fight,” the documents quote the guard saying. As the guard ordered Abbey to face the wall and put his hands behind his back, “Abbey said, ‘Fuck you, you spick!’” the documents say.

For that incident, Abbey was charged with an additional count of malicious harassment and assault on jail staff – both felonies. Those charges were both dismissed as part of a “no-contest” plea bargain that saw Abbey plead guilty last December to malicious harassment of Baker. He was released on bond on Dec. 8 and has been out of jail since that time.

Baker didn’t exercise his right as a victim to show up and address the court at the sentencing hearing. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Robert Green said Baker “had a work conflict” and couldn’t appear. Members of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, who have tracked the case, also didn’t appear or address the court.

Baker was first confronted by Abbey inside JD’s Bar on the scenic North Idaho waterfront on the July 4th weekend. Abbey told Baker he didn’t belong in the bar because of the color of his skin, then ordered him to “leave before something happened,” according to a sheriff’s report.

When Baker did leave – apparently taking note of Abbey’s extensive racist tattoos – Abbey followed him outside for 300 yards, yelling racial taunts as witnesses watched, the sheriff’s report said. Finally, after Baker was poked in the chest, he threw one punch that felled Abbey, who fell unconscious to the ground.

The deputy prosecutor said Abbey has a “lengthy history of this type of behavior” and credited Baker with showing “an incredible display of self-control” by walking away after behind initially harassed.

Defense attorney Brad Chapman said his client now has three metal plates in his head, faces $30,000 in medical bills and “does not pose a current or imminent danger to the public at large.” “There may have been some inappropriate language,” Chapman said of what witnesses described as his client’s racist tirade.

The defense attorney told the court that Abbey’s white supremacist views – “certain ideologies” — come from time he has served in prison. “Sometimes it’s a matter of survival,” Chapman told the court.

The defense attorney said Abbey “is not the person depicted” in sheriff’s reports and “has suffered from this incident, and will continue [to suffer], perhaps for the rest of his life.”

Addressing the court before sentencing, Abbey didn’t offer an apology to Baker and claimed he had never been given an opportunity “to give my side of the story.” “I probably did make the wrong decision, and the result of that is I got beat up pretty bad,” he told the judge. “If anything, this was a huge learning lesson,” Abbey added.

As he was being taken into custody in the courtroom, Abbey’s mother suddenly stood up and asked if she could address the court – something the defense attorney had not requested. “No, not now, this matter is closed,” the judge told her as she wept softly.

  • Sassha Ling

    Daren Christopher Abbey got just what he deserved. I was being stalked by this asshole for over 5 years and now I have a real name to go with a face of my horror..

    Thank You Mister Marlon L Baker for giving me a name to my horror and giving me a reason to return to my life and allow me to live again (hank You again I just wish I could Met my hero and savor.

  • Benjy

    It is sad that the convicted felon has had no reason, prior to his most recent sentencing, to become more aware of the consequences of his choices and of his racist behavior. Everything he seems to have been esxposed to has resulted in his being “knocked out” of commission and not viewed as normal. I do believe that thjose of us who believe in human nature, at its best & equality of all, will look forward to our being better towards one another, in the long run and hope more will follow the same path!!!

  • Joseph

    Hence my theory that psychosis breeds hate. I know a Utopian society only exists in books. But we can teach our children better than that individual was taught. Change begins in the mirror, that’s fact.

    You’re always going to have predators. Which is why sheepdogs exist. I know, a bit cliche’, you don’t have to tell me, but I really, really am a real boy.

    Fact of the matter is not everyone takes their medication. And if you let it go on long enough, you end up with the 3rd Reich with dreams of a big, tall, strong, blue eyed, blonde haired, master race, begun by a short man with little dark beedy eyes, and black hair, suggestive of a long line of colorful ancestors that are not from Scandinavia.

    Reminds me of that Dave Chappell skit with the blind, black, white supremicist. It’s not the crazy ones we have to worry about, it’s the ones they make sense to. Which is why I have to teach my children to be leaders, and not followers, among other things.

    Now, if we are ALL leaders, who’s gonna follow us?

  • Ramp Strike

    Sure prisons work, because when the convicts are serving their sentence after receiving all the due process they are entitled to in a Constitutional democracy, they have only each other to prey on, instead of usually hapless, though not in this case, law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, they eventually get out, usually the worse for the wear, but that’s the price we pay for living in largely chaotic societies with some of the most reliably unreliable organisms around, other humans.

    I’m a little more concerned about the mindset that claims we can raise a utopian, well-behaved society by starting indoctrination in a particular mindset as early as possible. That’s far more insidious and Orwellian than an open justice system. It also fails to address that some people just ain’t wired right, for whatever reason.

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    This and every country in the world has prisons. Do they work? NO! the proof is that in all of the history of mankind, prisons have not worked. In fact Criminals more than ever, come out worse than ever. Thought is the main thing to change. In back of every crime committed in this and every other country, the thought comes first, then the action. Hatefull thoughts that Daren C. Abbey has, had to be learned before he had committed his racial acts. We must have a system that corrects those thoughts. Encarceration will never solve the problem. But teaching of the Love that God has for his creation, that God does not punish, but lifts man’s thinking above the sod, will. I have witnessed it more than a dozen times. I am a Chistian Scientist. All I am asking, is to look into it.

  • Joseph

    Grumbler – that was a nice, well articulated statement. I think it is harder to “unlearn” something than to teach it in the first place. Which is why I’m so stuck on how we raise our children. As much as I would like to say this man can be saved, that’s not my job, my job is to make sure my children do not become like him.

    I like your ideas, but I think it starts in our homes, not us in his home. His home is already full of hate. We can talke him out of it at the bar, but he still has to go home. But we can however change our homes, and keep them in due bounds with all mankind.

    Again, I like your idea, I was there when I was an 18 year old revolutionary, but then I became a 19 yeard old Sailor, a subsequent 29 year old unemployed ex-Sailor, and then…a 30 year old mortgage banking paralegal.

    I don’t think that we can fix him, I think our society will always be intertwined with haters – because we will always have a problem with Psychotics – and I’m not an M.D. But we can fix our own homes.

  • Peter Hockley

    We’ve got one word for guys like this in The UK, TWAT!

  • Linnea

    Payback’s a real female dog, isn’t it?

  • Grumbler

    I don’t know. Of course he got what he deserved. Of course he must receive punishment for his violent criminal behavior. But I can’t gloat. He is a walking tragedy. If I were a gambling man, I’d bet dollars to doughnuts he is mentally ill, perhaps insane. The metal plates say brain injury, and that the violence took place while he was drinking tells me alcohol is one known poison aggravating his situation. Otherwise how to explain such evil! I don’t believe the devil made him do it.
    If I understand correctly, this man has been incarcerated at least several times. This says to me — reminds me — our prisons are breeding grounds for racial hatred and training grounds for criminal activities of several kinds, including violent crimes and drug abuse of every imaginable sort. Our prison systems need overhauling, as do our schools and educational standards.
    It is virtually impossible for functional illiterates to earn a living wage. The prospects are worse for illiterate ex-convicts, worse still for illiterate ex-felons, and virtually non-existent for illiterate ex-felons who have covered themselves with scary tattoos that denote gang membership, racism, and the threat of violence against anyone who looks upon them. How does one survive without food or money! Traditionally one turns (back) to crime.
    Does a man pull his ass out of a ditch on the Sabbath? The Law says no; but I say—-
    Mr. Abbey is definitely as ass. His actions and attitudes are odious. He has jumped into a ditch and bleats in agony and frustration for the utter mess he has made for himself, for the trap he has willingly but stupidly stepped into, and for the utter hopelessness of his life. He has not the grace — yet — to seek a better way, a way out. He is unapologetic.
    The question in my mind is, do we as a society seek to rehabilitate Mr. Abbey, show him how to clean up his act, how to get himself unstuck, to convince him his attitudes are his problem; or do we condemn him to a life stuck in a ditch and condemn ourselves and our loved ones to be victims of his hatred sometime in the future when he is released from prison. If nothing much changes in prisons, while serving his sentence Mr. Abbey’s hatred and violence as a way of life will be reinforced, redoubled, and exacerbated.
    I realize this is a hard case. I realize not everyone can be rehabilitated. But if we as a society don’t correct our course when it comes to prisons and schools, we are headed for a future of asses in ditches — for disaster forever stuck in disaster.
    Does our society pull our ass out of a ditch ever? The Law says no.
    But I say—-

  • Verne C

    Oh you gotta love that judge!!! Sweet, sweet, sweet! This makes my day.

  • Herbert E. Larson

    Where is a camera phone when you need one that had to be great, I do think he saw letters on the back of the jacket. He just could not read them it has not dented his white superiority only he goes after Latinos no more African Americans.

  • Miguel

    This is the definition of schadenfreude. And yeah, I’ll admit that I’m smiling.

  • Reynardine

    Yes, Sam, but they are clearly generating strange electromagnetic fields.

  • Sam Molloy

    Those metal plates in his head insulate him from all the diversity propaganda broadcast by the space invaders.

  • Reynardine

    I wish they had somebody to look in on us goldfish over the weekend.

  • PhilipGreene

    My heart skips a beat when these so-called “superior beings” find themselves on the receiving end of comeuppance. I had to laugh out loud at the defense attorney and his idiotic attempt at convincing the judge that the system was at fault and that Abbey truly had changed. The only thing Abbey is sorry about is that he chose the wrong person to try to bully and that he got put away for doing it. Any true change of heart and he would have tried to apologize to Baker and every other person of color he’s offended or attacked.


    About friggin’ time.

  • Bron

    Hahaha. What Erika said. White supremacists must be so proud.

  • Shadow Wolf

    It doesn’t make sense to impose a weak sentenced on a rabid racist hoodlum, who has a “lengthy criminal history”, whose behavior patterns shows excessive violent intent, and wanton instigation for violence time and time again. He also has a very hard time following basic orders of the commanding officers in the incarceration complex. The bonehead is clearly a habitual criminal and a threat to the general public.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Erika, if you restrict “superior” to its slang meaning of “stuck-up”, the claim isn’t far off.

  • Joseph

    LOL. He got knocked out. I wonder if that adversely affected his superiority complex.

  • Aron

    I wish there was some way to follow the ievitable hilarious hijinks in prison. What an ass.

  • Erika

    Dear Mr. Hill and The League of the South bozo – this is the type of person you are trying to claim is superior.