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Hate Group Leader to Serve as California State Judge

By Leah Nelson on June 20, 2012 - 3:41 pm, Posted in Antigovernment

Gary Kreep, a longtime antigovernment activist, “birther” and hate group leader who uses anti-Obama rhetoric as a proxy for anti-Muslim hate, has emerged victorious in a tight race for a seat on San Diego’s Superior Court, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Kreep, who received the San Diego County Bar Association’s lowest rating of “lacking qualifications,” beat opponent Garland Peed, a deputy district attorney of 27 years who received the county bar association’s highest rating and who was supported by local police unions and sitting judges.

The San Diego Superior Court is part of the state’s trial court system, which handles a wide variety of cases, including civil lawsuits and felony criminal cases. Kreep will serve a six-year term and earn an annual salary of $178,789.

Discussing his surprise victory with the Tribune, Kreep said, “I think the government’s increasingly being seen as the enemy. And the idea that we were going to have more government lawyers become judges is something that resonated with people.”

Kreep, who in recent years has received national attention for filing numerous “birther” lawsuits claiming baselessly that President Obama is constitutionally ineligible for office because he is supposedly not a U.S. citizen, is no government lawyer.

He is, however, founder and head the United States Justice Foundation (USJF), an anti-Muslim hate group that insists Muslim terrorists, with Obama’s help, are engaged in a campaign to destroy the U.S. Constitution and establish a government based on Islamic Shariah law.

In a 2011 fundraising letter for USJF, Kreep suggested that the president is a “stealth jihadist,” Marxist, and “strident enemy of America,” who “is working to destroy our sovereign republic.”

“When you put together the puzzle pieces, the picture becomes clear: Barack Obama hates America … and you!” he wrote.

He also bragged about the USJF’s efforts against “liberal groups that seek to steal YOUR basic freedoms,” especially “the gun-grabbing, border-erasing globalists at the United Nations.”

Kreep founded USJF in 1979 and has worked there full-time since 1992, involving himself with all manner of bigots and antigovernment activists.

In 2008, he worked with Rick Scarborough, head of the virulently anti-gay Vision America, to raise money to fund a lawsuit demanding that Obama produce his birth certificate. The same year, after a California Supreme Court decision legalized same-sex marriage in that state, he filed a lawsuit asking the state to stop issuing gender-neutral marriage licenses.

In 2009, Kreep successfully sued the Californian Department of Transportation for revoking an adopt-a-highway permit granted to the San Diego Minutemen, a nativist extremist group so extreme that other border-vigilante “Minuteman” groups have rejected it.

In 2011, he filed a brief asking a federal court to overturn several verdicts against antigovernment icon Bernard von Nothaus, creator of an alternative currency called the “Liberty Dollar” and head of his own marijuana-smoking church, who was convicted in March 2011 on charges of conspiracy and counterfeiting.

This spring, he signed on to represent Gary Stein, a Marine sergeant who was given an “other-than-honorable” discharge for Internet postings in which he described the president, among other things, as a “domestic, economic and religious enemy.”

As a Superior Court judge, Kreep will no longer be permitted to represent clients as an attorney. He will also be required to abide by California’s Code of Judicial Ethics, which, among other things, notes that “expressions of bias or prejudice by a judge, even outside the judge’s judicial activities, may cast reasonable doubt on the judge’s capacity to act impartially.”

Philip Carrizosa, a spokesperson for the California Administrative Office of the Courts, told Hatewatch that sitting judges may not engage in political activism, except as it pertains to the administration of justice. Asked if challenging the president of the United States’ citizenship would be considered unacceptable political activism, Carrizosa said, “He would have to cease doing that.”

  • Reynardine

    Mr. Blomberg, they are hammerheads.

  • WGBlomberg

    In response to Reynardine who said, on June 26th, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    ” Blomberg, “stupid” isn’t right, either, because it contemplates that the person is an organic oligophrenic who can’t learn better. These, however, are people whose assumed stupidity gives them cover for being willfully mean.”

    No, I disagree there, because I believe ignorant would be better used towards those that are unable to learn better/further/more. Humans do have the capacity to learn, as long as there is that desire. Unfortunately, in this day and age, we are seeing that there is little of that desire on the right (especially among those identifying as TPers).

    Also, I don’t thing being “willfully mean” is the same thing as stupid. There are plenty of smart people that are mean, as we often time see here at this very blog.

    ” “Pigheaded” and “bullheaded” give some idea of their intransigence, yet those are basically innocent animals who eat grass (and in the case of pigs, less esthetically pleasing matter). Phrases like “intransigent malice”, though accurate, are too elegant. We’ve got to come up with something else. Suggestions, anyone? ”

    Pigheaded and bullheaded is often insulting to those animals, but I agree that there has to be a different word or phrase to be used to describe people acting/speaking stupidly, as opposed to calling them ignorant.

    But, this is something that I see as being a widespread social issue, Reynardine, not just something here at the SPLC blog. Thus, it will be something that has to be recognized and then advocated on a broad front. However, such educational projects by the “commie liberal pinko elites” will not be accepted as necessary, right away, because most people in the media, have no problem with extending miscommunications, because they are just cut & paste types now, no longer serving as active and actual journalists (sorry, should of put a period in there some time ago)!

  • Reynardine

    Marta, I thought it was too quiet.

    Given that Dick Cheney said that what the American public needed to get it on board with the PNAC agenda was another Pearl Harbor, that was awfully convenient, but anything further would call for speculation on my part.

  • marta

    Since the previous president escalated the hate and discrimination against muslims, blaming 9/11 out of revenge on them, it was the begining of nazism in our country.911 was a fake flag just like Reichstag . an excuse to invade, one country after another . Say no to the previous president and to his father your in big trouble. Like hitler did in Germany starting the nazi power is now here. One section at a time as was done then and has started in Arizona, Alabana, Texas, California to name few until it will take over country wide and all will take office like Kreeps. Whom will we Heil to?

  • Reynardine

    Tell you what, Coral Sea, it sounds like an improvement to me.

  • Erika

    some would say that having no soul is essential in representing corporate clients.

  • CoralSea

    Aron —

    About that “no soul” thing. Yes — it’s true. As a Ginger (and not a Day-walking Ginger), I have no soul. This does, however, assist me in dealing with some of my corporate clients.

    Reynardine — Yes — I believe that many of the English, in particular, are still viscerally terrified of a bunch of freckled, red-headed, kilt-wearing Scots breaching Hadrian’s Wall and returning England to something less Norman and Saxon and much more Stone Henge in flavor!

  • Reynardine

    Actually, hammer-headed sounds pretty good. It suggests density and aggression in one. A chronic evincer of this quality is a Hammerhead.

  • Reynardine

    Actually, vegetable catalogues offer intriguing possibilities for attitude description. Heirloom cabbage sections alone contain such tantalizing offerings as Dutch Stonehead and Danish Ballhead. And then, among the fish of the sea, there is the Hammerhead. All of these hold out a certain promise.

  • Aron

    CoralSea, you genuinely amaze me. You continue to post these wonderful comments in spite of the well-known fact that as a ginger, you possess no soul! Astonishing!!!