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Farah: If Obama Re-Elected, ‘We Will Be Hunted Down Like Dogs’

By Leah Nelson on July 9, 2012 - 2:54 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Propaganda

Certain things should not be mixed together. Bleach and ammonia. White wine and red meat. Alex Jones and Joseph Farah.

Proof of the latter mixture’s toxicity came last week, when Jones, the gravelly voiced Internet personality best known for his obsession with “truther” theories about the government’s supposed complicity in 9/11, interviewed Farah, the mustachioed overlord of all things “birther,” on his radio show.

For the most part, the two conspiracists’ conversation went pretty much as you would expect: chitchat about a supposed plan to disarm all Americans; furious denunciations of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act; speculation that the government would soon declare that “mom and apple pie and George Washington are terrorists.”

Then Farah dropped a bomb.

“By the way Alex, remember when you were in my office in Virginia, one of my crew asked if you’d ever seen a drone, and you answered no you hadn’t,” he said. “I get home and within a week or two of that conversation, I’m taking my dog for a walk, and guess what I see right over the tree line?  Right above my head is a drone.”

The “confirmation,” Farah said, came from online images of drones that “resemble what I saw.”

Farah, who lives in a Virginia suburb about 20 miles outside of the nation’s capital, could think of only one reason why a drone (if that is really what he saw) would be monitoring the area.

“There could only be one thing that this drone was spying on, and that would be me,” he said. “That would be my property.”

Jones lapped it up. “It was obviously looking for something on your property, probably harassment,” he fumed. “You have to ask the police, I mean, if that scenario happened, and like a Simpsons episode, and a giant green lizard was at the podium, would you submit to them? This is an outside globalist takeover.”

Jones and Farah seem to be reacting to recent reports that the government has permitted limited use of unmanned drones in civilian airspace. Last June, an antigovernment “sovereign citizen,” whose family had chased police off its North Dakota farm with high-powered rifles, became the first American citizen to be arrested with the aid of such a device. The government reportedly plans to expand the use of drones within the next few years, an idea that unsettles civil liberties watchdogs on both the left and right – and leaves antigovernment activists like Farah and Jones giddily unhinged.

“This is a game of control for them,” Farah told Jones. “We have to resist all attempts to control us, whether they’re telling us our kids have to have these mandatory vaccines, or they tell us in order to get on an airplane you’ve got to be groped. This is where the resistance starts, because this is part of conditioning for what is really the endgame for them, which is, you know, we’re all going to be global citizens, we don’t have any say in our government and so forth. It’s everything our Founding Fathers fought against, and we’ve got to be like our Founding Fathers all over again, and the only question in my mind is whether we have the fearlessness, and the courage and the conviction that they had to do that.”

He continued, “If [Obama is] re-elected, it’s gonna be war. We will be at war. We will be hunted down like dogs, Alex Jones, just keep that in mind. That’s what the stakes are.”

  • Reynardine

    Erika, that would be no fun for anyone with grandiosity and delusions of reference. This way, he can trumpet his importance whenever some kid’s RC flies over his lot.

  • Erika

    Incidentially, doesn’t Farah realize that they don’t need to use drones to spy on him? They have spy satellites which can do that sort of thing without detection

  • Erika

    Colton, I’m pretty sure that the Bushies were out searching for what books people were checking out at the library – yet Farah had no problem with the Bushies. Why is that?

  • Reynardine

    The other combinations are pretty deadly, but a full-skin labrusca white wine can be a dandy accompaniment to lamb, pork, or (when you can find it) baby beef. So are certain scuppernongs.

  • Reynardine

    Colton, you don’t even rank a Hammerhead lapel pin.

  • Reynardine

    RC airplanes. They’re going to get you.

  • colton

    Barracks Hussein ALABAMA

  • colton

    What’s all this dribble about librarians being terrorists? Drone on you dummies.

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    I think that individuals like Joseph Farah is only finding fault with President Obama because he is black. I think Obama is doing a terrific job. See this simple example. Obama went after and got rid of the major terrorists in Alquida. Those who would destroy this country, if they could get it, with atom bombs. If he got the economy going, but left the terrorists till later, where would we be. DESTOYED! That’s where.

  • Finn

    Oh, please, HR658 doesn’t authorize massive domestic surveillance, it authorizes studies to determine what kinds of regs FAA needs to develop to maintain airspace safety given that all current regulations were designed for aircraft with pilots aboard. Any evidence of criminal activity detected via drone is inadmissible in court unless authorized by warrant.

  • Supersonic250

    …Take your medicine, bud. Those paranoid delusions aren’t gonna get any better without that lithium or valium or whatever.

  • SayItAgainSam

    You should ABSOLUTELY be concerned about the passage of HR 658 and the AUTHORIZED USE OF 30,000 DRONES OVER AMERICA!

    Don’t trivialize their concerns about this law; it is a violation of our freedoms.

  • Reyn

    I do not agree with birther nonsense. I am in fact Left of most of those who post here I suspect. On the other hand, I have a real problem with the use of drones on American territory. It should not be happening.

    Reynolds Jones

  • Ed


    If every Oath Keeper was as reasonable, responsible and cogent as you then there would be solid ground on which real dialog could occur. Assuming, of course, I could get some of my friends on the left to give up spiking trees and holding useless protests.

    Yes, there would still be sharp differences of opinions but at least they could occur without the hateful rhetoric currently being spewed by both sides.

  • Concerned Citizen

    What a bunch of nonsensical hogwash! Unfortunately. There are those who get suck into this crap. My prediction: Obama wins Re-election in November.

  • Reynardine

    Aadlia, twisted coat hangers are very useful when people lock their keys in a car, or at least, they used to be. When I was in law school, I was so good at opening my fellow students’ car doors with them, I was called the Parking Lot Abortionist (nope- never did real ones)

  • aadila

    Nobody going to straighten them out. They are more trouble than a twisted coathanger.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, I hope Ruslan, for the nonce, has something more interesting and gratifying to do than try to straighten out Hammerheads, though it appears he rather enjoys doing that, sometimes.

  • aadila

    For crying out loud, nobody’s going to hunt them like dogs when Obama wins because they’ll slip back into the same grumbling irrelevance they have now. Some nice liberal might offer them some herbal tea and say simmer down son, your face is beet red. But that is only because we have kindess in our hearts for these poor dears. Has anyone properly determined the genesis of right wing paranoia? Where’s Ruslan when you need him?

  • Supersonic250

    CFargo: Proof or GTFO.

  • Joseph

    CORRECTION: Then the SPLC would not have a reason to classify Libertarians as terrorists.

  • Joseph

    C. Fargo: I run into the same issue as your question, the SPLC has labeled libertarians as potential terrorists.

    That would be because individuals who share those ideals have resorted to violence in the past. In the military, we call that domestic terrorism.

    Bottom line: You don’t hurt people. When you do, it’s called terrorism. (Do I need to name names?)

    I’m having the same problem as a Veteran, Oath Keeper and Freemason. They say all kinds of things about people who carry the cards that I do. But I can’t argue with them. I can only affect the circle that is around me, and I hope that I affect those people positively.

    Freedom loving people – need to ADMIT that true freedom extends to ALL PEOPLE. The FRONT PEOPLE of the Tea Party, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Oath Keepers for that matter needs to PUBLICLY DECRY Racisim, Hate, Violence, and anything else that would influence the SPLC to label them as Terrorists.

    But do they do it? No. They let the violents people do what they do, but they don’t try to stop it.

    The leaders suck! And they hang out with the wrong people, and they give people like me a bad rap.

    My mom used to tell me, “tell me who you hang with and I’ll tell you who you are.” Guilty by association right?

    They need to learn how to properly use the polls.

    They need to stand up and say Hate is not apart of the fight against Socialism, and quit associating themselves with members of Hate / extremist groups, and if this is what you’re about then you need to stay your butt home.

    They need to stop carrying guns in public, not because it’s their right, but because it’s stupid. What if a kid gets a hold of it??? I have guns but you won’t catch me humping them around in public, when you have unstable people in public groups.

    Hell, people can’t operate a car property – you want to carry a loaded gun in the middle of a group of them?

    And they need to stop, stop, stop – shooting at Cops and blowing up buildlings.

    Then the SPLCLibertarians would not be classified with terrorists.

  • Reynardine

    In fact, Fargo, it is more like certain terrorists have turned out to be libertarians, which is quite another thing. Certain terrorists have turned out to be Lutherans, redheads, hobby fishermen, or Koreans, also. If you became a terrorist, you would still remain whatever the Hell else you are.

  • Reynardine

    Actually, when I had three hunting dogs who liked to escape, I had to go on doghunts quite often. The dogs always won.

  • Reynardine

    Supersonic: There are, of course, Silver and Bronze Hammerhead awards. I hope we don’t see the Platinum Hammerhead any time soon.

  • Aron

    C Fargo, perhaps you have some evidence? Otherwise, kindly go away.

  • Supersonic250

    Reynardine: Ah, yeah… You’re right. Looks like Joe is a close runner up, too.

  • C Fargo

    Supersonic250: Gunnar has not responded yet but I would be interested to here your rebuttal to the truthful accusation that the SPLC has labeled libertarians as potential terrorists.

  • CoralSea

    Joe — Where do you say that you saw this video? Were you on drugs or drunk at the time, because I really, really doubt that anyone involved in FEMA would have said anything LIKE that — unless they were discussing what some extremist group believes.

    I have been involved in emergency preparedness planning and have worked with both public and private sector emergency planners at both the federal and state level, and I have never encountered anything like that. As a rule, emergency responders don’t express a lot of ideology — other than to say they don’t want situations in which people are hurt. For example, the emergency responders I know may be pro-choice or anti-choice — I don’t know — but I do know that ALL of them condemn the bombings or attempted bombings at reproductive health clinics that may or may not actually provide abortion services. They are against crimes like this is because they actually deal with the carnage such extremists cause.

    So if you have something to share, please do so, but I highly doubt that trainers associated with FEMA are making the types of statements that you suggest.

  • Aron

    Hey Joe, by some of their tactics, the Founding Fathers COULD be considered terroristic. If that offends you, I offer no apologies.

  • Joe

    In this FEMA class……The founding fathers are labelled as terrorist. The men who brought us freedom, are now the devil. But for some reason……the idea that we are teaching federal workers, that founding fathers were terrorists is laughed at?? Its 2012…..kinda hard to call it “conspiracy” when you have video of the class.

  • Alex

    No, that is actually true. While it isn’t true that the EPA was involved in anyway, what happened was that there were a group of cattle rustlers being sought after by local law enforcement about 100 miles away from the air force base where Customs and Border Patrol keep their border-roving Reaper. The drone spotted the group from over two miles in the air.

  • Reynardine

    Supersonic: the award is the Golden Hammerhead.

  • Supersonic250

    Gunnar said: “Well…considering the SPLC made recommendations to the police to be wary of libertarians as that they might be potential terrorists, and that this fact was leaked onto, you will forgive me if I find Alex Jones a little more credible than the SPLC.”

    You, sir, have won today’s idiot prize. Your reward is a lifetime supply of slaps upside the head. Do I really NEED to say how many different ways this post is not only wrong, but downright dumb?

  • Joseph

    “We will be hunted down like dogs.” I never understood that phrase when hunters use dogs to help with their hunting. You think he really meant “like hogs’? No pun intended – well almost, just a little bit.

    Maybe he meant to say “If Obama is re-elected, we will be fished like – fish”. Being that our president really doesn’t care too much for guns, maybe he’ll go fishing for them.

    Oh better yet, “If Obama is re-elected, we will be bounced, like a – basketball”. Yeah, there you go. Hunted with drones, and bounced like a basketball. Just trying to help them out here.

  • WGBlomberg

    “We will be hunted down like dogs!”

    Ummmm… where exactly does THAT happen? Such a tired old cliche’. And, if it is anything like what happens in my county/city, with the very limited numbers of animal control officers, you probably have nothing to worry about then in that case.

    “We will be hunted down like dogs… on a work day… only Monday through Thursday… from 9am to 5om… with lunch taken… maybe… after they hunt down the other hundred or so dogs that have been turned in.”

  • Michael G Sullivan

    Tin foil hats are in order for these two cats. . .

  • Kroltan

    No Mr. Farah, you will not be hunted down. You will suffer a fate you fear the most. You will be marginalized.

  • Gunnar

    Well…considering the SPLC made recommendations to the police to be wary of libertarians as that they might be potential terrorists, and that this fact was leaked onto, you will forgive me if I find Alex Jones a little more credible than the SPLC.

  • stormkite

    C’mon, guys…. you maroons aren’t anywhere NEAR as significant or important as you think you are. Nobody’s spying on you or surveilling your property, because, frankly, nobody gives a fat rat’s rectum what you do, say, or think you saw.

    If the people you’re wetting your pants over were one percent of what you claim they are, you’d have been in the ground for a couple of years now. Be glad you’re wrong, take it and go away quietly.

  • ModerateMike

    I just have this overwhelming urge to fly an RC plane over Farah’s home, and have it drop a leaflet that says, “You are surrounded by troops from the U.N. Agenda 21 Task Force. Your land, weapons, and apples are now U.N. property. Report to the nearest FEMA concentration camp for processing.”

  • Erika

    I just want to laugh at the fact that apparently Farah thinks that there would be no reason other than him why a military plane would be flying around the Washington, DC area – perhaps someone should get him a map shwoing the large number of military bases in teh area.

  • CoralSea

    Are these people self-important much?

    When narcissism and paranoia meet (as is so often inevitable on the Right nowadays), it ain’t pretty — but it can be hilarious!

  • mercurialrust

    john orange, the two incidents are not related in any way. The story you linked to was about the EPA utilizing drones, which is false, the incident in North Dakota did indeed involve drones.

  • Shannon

    The lack of critical thinking and reading skills in this country is why productive political debate is so difficult today. John – you attempted to refute a report about the use of a drone in the arrest of a violent man in North Dakota with an article proving that the EPA is not using drones to look for violations of environmental law on farms. One has nothing to do with another, The EPA is not using drones to enforce agricultural laws, but police in ND did use a drone to help protect law enforcement officers in executing an arrest warrant against an armed criminal.

  • Erika

    What an ego Mr. Farah must have.

  • Reynardine

    It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s an RC plane, for God’s sake. Dog-hunts are damned rare in this country, and if President Obama were going to hunt these guys down, I’m guessing he’s had three and a half years to do it in.

  • Aron

    No, Alex and Joseph. You won’t be like te founding fathers. The founding fathers were INFINITELY more intelligent than either of you clowns.

  • Joseph

    What are they gonna do when there is no war?

  • john orange

    “Last June, an antigovernment “sovereign citizen,” whose family had chased police off their North Dakota farm with high-powered rifles, became the first American citizen to be arrested with the aid of such a device.”

    this is not true, it is a debunked false report. see for example: