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Police: Intruders Carved Anti-Gay Slurs into Nebraska Lesbian

By Ryan Lenz on July 24, 2012 - 2:51 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Hate Crime

Editor’s Note: Police subsequently said they had not ruled out the possibility that the attack was staged.

Last weekend, three men in masks stormed into a woman’s home in Nebraska, bound her wrists and ankles with zip ties, and carved anti-gay slurs into the woman’s body. The men also painted anti-gay slurs on the walls and poured gasoline on the floor to light the house on fire before fleeing, police said.

The fires went out, but firemen and paramedics rushing to the scene in Lincoln, last Sunday discovered the woman, who was a lesbian, across the street, bloody and dazed.

“She had blood streaming down her body,” Raymond Strozier, a neighbor, told the Lincoln Journal Star. “She was crying. She was shaking. She was terrified.”

The fire did little damage, but the 33-year-old woman was hospitalized. News of the attack, which came in the midst of the Star City Pride Festival, spread quickly and prompted hundreds to flood the steps of the Capitol with rainbow flags and candles for an impromptu vigil.

Social media websites also erupted with anger, prompting Karen Bratton-Cranford, president of Star City Pride, a local gay rights advocacy group, to warn those at the vigil to refrain from acts of revenge, the Journal Star reported.

“Don’t go out and act on your own,” she said. “Don’t give them the power to control your actions.”

The Lincoln Police Department has said it is treating the attack as a hate crime. But despite the far-flung interest the story has generated, investigators have been tight-lipped about the details.

No suspects have been identified.

In Oklahoma on Saturday, a gay man was seriously burned when unknown assailants threw what appeared to be an explosive device into his car.

Jon Ferguson, who lives in Oklahoma City, said he was awakened early Saturday by his car alarm and then saw a couple of people vandalizing his car. As he approached, one threw something into his Camaro, causing an explosion.

Ferguson was treated at the hospital for first- and second-degree burns to his face, arms and torso. The experience made him question his decision to come out. “It’s almost not worth being proud of who you [are] and trying to show you’re gay because stuff like this really does happen,” he said. “I’ve always seen it on the news that kids are dying and stuff because they’re being bullied, and you’re 25 years old and something like this happens to you. It’s almost not worth it, and you understand why kids don’t come out of the closet.”

  • Erika

    My suspicion is that like the rest of the men’s rights bozos ificanthaveanyfunthannooneelsecanhaveanyfuneitherinsnow the primary issue for funformenonlyinsnow is simply that he is an insecure little man who is scared of women

  • Joseph

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  • Gregory

    I think that this is Funi’s first appearance since you’ve joined the group. As others have mentioned, this individual should not be considered a serious actor. He is unworthy of any response that requires more than five minutes effort. We can debate whether he is mentally ill or simply malicious, but I suspect that he is a walking textbook on Psychopathology.

    As a matter of fact, I have already wasted more time on this post that the sad sack of shite that we know as Funisnow is worth.

  • Aron

    Joseph, you’ve just taken the cake for the best disposal of Wouldnotknowwhatfunisifitbithimonthenose.

    I thought my insults were good. But your ‘undercover freak’ gag was HILARIOUS!

  • Reynardine

    Erika, as I said, not a Hammerhead, but surely latex will be an ingredient.

  • Joseph

    …benefit of the doubt that some poor woman has ended up with this –individual– and doesn’t have the self esteem required to find someone who will actually make her happy. She will however be rewarded in the afterlife for her efforts at improving the life of someone who would otherwise only be able to pay for the aforemetioned “head”. I’m surprised that term does not openly disgust him, while he just may very well have a tattoo of a phallus on his buttocks that only his wife can see.

  • Erika

    Joseph, what evidence have you seen that would possibly lead you to believe that funforhimbutnotifyouarefemaleinsnow has a wife?

    On another note, he does seem to have removed any doubt that he deserves the latex hammerhead award

  • Reynardine

    He’s not a contender for the Hammerheads, though. I have something just for him. Friday, folks…

    (P.S.: Ben Franklin, who knew his stuff, is said to have specially recommended older women)

  • Reynardine

    This is really dreary. If this corpse defiler weren’t so revolting, I’d feel sorry for his level of experience, which appears to be a dirty movie over in Onancock.

  • CM

    Oh, the freepers share your view. Well, that clinches it.

  • Joseph

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    I could have fun with this all day. But I got work to do.

    FYI – If the anal sex is consensual, and not violent, meaning done right, it ain’t that bad. But you only do missionary with your “young pre-menopause women” right?

    Yeah….couple condoms short of a full box are we?

  • Joseph

    Whoa. I’m changing your name to funninshyte because you gotta be kidding me.

    Whoa. You’re serious??? Oh-Em-Effin-Gee.

    Ok – Sorry dude, but you opened the door for this…

    You’re weird. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to judge, I don’t want to judge, but we’re not the brightest crayon in the box are we??? A bit in denial are we??? Yes.

    If you feel that the missionary position is the only way to go – then why pay admission to go to an X-Rated theatre to see sex “other than the missionary position”??? Yeah, it’s called undercover freak.

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    “I did go to the Pussycat Theater in Buena Park California to wach (sic) X Rated movies and sometimes they showed lesbian sexual scenes in movies” but you just sat there and watched them didn’t you? LOL – big smile.

    Who goes to x rated theaters??? Really??? Even in the late eighties. You shake your bosses hand after your lunch break?

    You got issues bro, and you need to deal with them before someone gets hurt, and you end up in the media saying it was a hoax.

    Talk about tendancies… You don’t really realize what your admitting to do you?

    As someone who makes a really good professional living at reading between the lines, you need to make an appointment bro and start a savings account for your co-pays.

    Now when you get home, call a shrink, make that appointment, and then slap your wife on the butt and tell her how sexy she really is. Because you know you want to do that, you undercover freak you.

  • CoralSea

    Funinsnow —

    A gunshot wound gives you an erection? Hmmm.

    Also, you obviously have no real understanding or regard for women. I think I am beginning to understand….

    Yes — I can see it: you assume that lesbians (e.g., women who aren’t interested in sex with you unless you pay them, which equals, well, just about any woman on the planet) will injure themselves to get attention because during the few times when you’ve actually been able to lure one into your bed, she has chewed her own arm off to escape without waking you up and having to deal with you in a conscious state.

    Also, Peter LaBarbera is a flaming loonie hate-monger who spread lies. I guess birds of a feather all roll around in the same sh*t.

    In regard to the transgendered, I happen to know a few such people who, from knowing them, appear to have made excellent decisions because they seem a lot more comfortable in the gender role that they always perceived as right for them. I think, also, that you will find, as the use of genetic testing advances, that a lot of people are, in fact, intersex — meaning that they have the equipment and/or chromosomes of both sexes. Surprisingly enough, intersex conditions often go undiscovered until the person having it has surgery or something. The latest statistics I’ve heard is that something like one in one-thousand (1/1000) people have an intersex condition. So — what are they supposed to do? Are jerks like YOU going to tell them what the HAVE to be?

    You sir, have some really serious issues.

  • Erika

    if a man were to say “no just the missionary way” my response would be to say “then go fuck yourself”

  • funinsnow

    Yes, Erika, I’ve repeatedly said that but I never have said that a man has a right to force or use criminal threats to get a woman including his wife to have sex with him. Also it’s possible for a woman to rape a man because man can get erection in situations such as gunshot wounds, etc. I believe sex must be limited to penis-vaginal sex between man and woman usually the missionary way. Yes, it’s my view that sex is mainly supposed to be about the woman pleasuring the man with viceversa incidental. If a woman were to ask a man if he can do cunninlingus to her, the man should say ‘no, just the missionary way’ or if oral were to happen it must be woman giving man head only with ‘no but woman can give man head.’ But that is not pro-marital rape so you’re making false accusation on that 1.

    Yes, Erika in 1988-89, I did go to the Pussycat Theater in Buena Park California to wach X Rated movies and sometimes they showed lesbian sexual scenes in movies, but have not understood why in porn movies they show 2 women doing it. I also have not understood why a woman does anal because most people only do straight activity penis-vaginal sex. Gay and lesbian sexual behaviors are useless and inferior-comparable to drug junkyism. & Transexuals are the worst, as I’ve repeatedly said that they should make it a crime to do sex changes.

    But that’s getting away from this topic. This Nebraska lesbian alleges that 3 men committed a hate crime against her by carving into her skin and doing $200 burning of her house. There are many who share my view that it’s possible this lesbian staged this possibly with the help of friends and is now trying to get sympathy by saying that she was a victim of a hate crime. Mrs. Linda P. Harvey and Peter J. LaBarbera of Americans for Truth has said that many hoaxes have happened and that mainstream media isn’t to be trusted. On the Free Republic, finding that many share view that it’s possible that this lesbian made up story of hate crime. I don’t always agree with the Free Republic as I differ with them on abortion and the 2003-11 Iraq War. It’s my opinion that those who deny possiblity that this lesbian staged this attack are dishonest and you get offended by me writing this possibility because you can’t rebut the idea that not every1 automatically trusts what they read in the press. Finally, hello Aron again.

  • Joseph

    Oh that was you???

    Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with having sex with a woman after menopause?

  • Aron

    Erika, I particularly liked that response back in February. That told me everything I needed to know — and more! — about our favorite little untermensch.

  • Erika

    actually you’ve repeatedly said that the only purpose of sex is to provide pleasure for the male and its the woman’s job to do so – at least until she reaches the age where you no longer find her attractive then its her job to let the man use the services of much younger prostitutes. You have also made it clear that the man is the head of the household and its the woman’s job to cater to whatever the man wants. Of course, you deny that you are pro-rape, but the implication is very clear – its the woman’s job to cater to whatever the husband wants – as long as it is only boring missionary position man on top caring only about his own pleasure sex since apparently that is all funforhimbuttheprostituteheiswithisfakinginsnow wants.

    of course, just for fun check out when funinsnow admitted his level of sexual experience:

    “funinsnow said,

    on February 9th, 2012 at 5:29 am

    Aron, I know about lesbian sex by my younger days of going to the Pussycat Theater & seeing porn in 1988 & 1989. Don’t understand why they showed lesbian scenes in porn films or why a man would have an interest to see 2 women do it. That’s how I know alot about lesbian porn.”

  • Aron

    That’s funny. The pederastic corpse defiler claims he’ll admit he’s wrong should he be proven so.

    Methinks he’s full of night soil.

  • funinsnow

    Answering all. 1st Erika, you’ve repeated said that I condone marital rape when I have never done so. In fact to repeat, I’ve said on SPLC that once a woman hits menopause, it’s best for a man to stop having sex with her and either become celibate or find younger woman to have sex with, same way that Silvio Berlusconi did with young women. You know I’ve said that but repeatedly say the same thing on other topics. Also with domestic violence, if a man hits his wife or viceversa, unless it’s self-defense, they should go to jail for assault&battery.

    But yes, I believe it’s a good possibility this lesbian staged the incident, asking friends to help and is now making up story that she got beaten up by 3 men for sympathy. & I’m not alone in thinking this. Seen comments about this case over the Internet, and many think the possiblity the lesbian staged this incident for sympathy. If we’re wrong, then we’ll admit it.

    Honestly, there are some lesbians who hate straight men, and straight White Christian men get the most hatred. Lesbians have sometimes falsely accused straight men of rape. But gay/lesbian groups know that these hate crime cases make national news.

  • Erika

    CoralSea, perhaps with the tweezers they will accidentially pull the root cause of their problems out ;)

    and I do suspect that funinsnow believes that homosexuality is a “choice” because 100% of women in his informal survey would rather be with another woman than him.

  • Reynardine

    Coral Sea, surely tweezers would hurt anything so soft.

  • CoralSea

    Reynardine —

    I think they will need tweezers — which is perhaps a large part of the problem (cough).

  • Joseph

    …it’s preemptive…

  • Reynardine

    Didn’t see Evan, but it looks like this week he’s not even in the running for a significant award.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, that occurred to me also. He tried his hand, but never succeeded in locating Assawoman, so he can only fantasize about Dead Man’s Dike.

  • Erika

    CM, now we don’t want to make the reverse mistake of funinsnow – following the link to find the latest article on this subject we see

    we can condemn funinsnow for being a mysognistic homophobic jerk without rushing to judgment before all of the information is in.

  • Erika

    Reynardine, I suspect that Funinsnow is a permanent resident of Onancock

  • Joseph

    Now I know the name.

    When I was stationed in Corpus Christi, we had room mates. One of our room mates was a manager (not a very good one) but a manager nevertheless at a Lesbian bar in Corpus Christi.

    During the summer of 1998 my wife took a job as a bartender at said bar at the request of said manager.

    And I would frequent it during the evenings when I got off of work for the free drinks, and we didn’t have any kids at that time. Can I say: That was fun!

    I did not receive any grief – complaints – wrongful accusations – my wife didn’t get any “passes” – well not in front of me anyways – NOTHING. There was respect. Good conversations. And I almost learned the cumbias dance.

    Fun – You are a disgusting person and since this is the internet and this is the best I can do. I hope you step on a rusty nail.

    Evan – You make no sense dude.

  • Reynardine

    Coral sea, I think these *gentlemen* should simply try their hands.

  • CoralSea

    Sam — Yes! Definitely why I use a sword for home defense! I can’t imagine a group of people (the three guys who allegedly perpetrated this crime) more deserving of a sword slash or stab — or simply the humiliation of realizing that they had “soiled their drawers” (wet their pants) when they were confronted by a woman with a big-ass sword!

  • CM

    “… there’s a good possibility that this lesbian staged this incident, self-inflicting the wounds and then made up story of being attacked by 3 men for sympathy.”

    No, there is not “a good possibility” of this, but there is a very strong likelihood that you’re proposing this ludicrous scenario – which of course would imply that the police in this case are either co-conspirators or complete fools – purely out of your own hatefulness.

  • CoralSea

    Funinsnow — You are disgusting. Yes — people sometimes “stage” attacks (Towanda Brawley comes to mind), but I don’t think it’s exactly common.

    The fact that your thoughts apparently immediately “went there” suggests that you yourself are a violent homophobe, who may not have personally taken part in such an attack, but who doesn’t see a real problem with it. (That’s why I opened this post with “You are disgusting.”) And how does any abuse of drugs by Matthew Shepard (and I have never heard that this is true) possibly justify his murder? If someone perceives YOU as gay for some reason (oh, I don’t know — stupidity, like yours) and murders YOU in some horrific way, should we give them a pass?

    Philip — you are also disgusting. So — gay people should simply sit there and say nothing if they believe that they are being singled out for abuse? Why? Because YOU don’t like them? Should African-Americans not complain and/or demonstrate if other blacks are singled out for assaults or intimidation simply because they are black?

    I have never understood this business whereby some people seem to believe that groups who believe that they have been wronged shouldn’t be allowed to speak up. Does it occur to them–or you–that the whole issue behind hate crimes and discrimination are also tied to the ability or the efforts of other groups to silence or marginalize them? How do the actions of gay people demanding NOT to be attacked damage YOU? (Other than in your own mind?)

    I should add that the work SPLC does to bring attention to haters and gay bashers, such as AFA and the Family Research Council and the lies and venom they spew, is obviously necessary, since people like you and Funinsnow and others of your ilk are emboldened in justifying your intolerance.

    Gentlemen — please find hobbies, go back to school, try your hands at fiction writing — do something that will enrich your lives rather than spending them being angry at gays and lesbians. Doing something fun and productive is not only, well, fun and productive, but it often opens the mind.

  • Reynardine

    Joseph, don’t try to deal with this person as though he remotely resembled an honest broker, he’s a corpse-defiler, who takes pleasure in heaping scorn on the murdered, the wounded, and the bereaved. But if you want some amusement, ask him for advice on sexual matters. He will give you plenty, and the more he gives you, the clearer it will become he is not speaking from experience.

  • funinsnow

    Reynardine, calling me a corpse defiler because I told the truth in June about MW SHepard’s drug junkyism of Meth and him being described even by friends as moody, obnoxious and selfish. Yes, I’m a corpse defiler because I defiled him with the truth.

    If this lesbian made up story of being attacked by 3 men, then it’s possible she got help. She may have asked 3 gays into the house and asked them to carve this into her body and then spray pain. Gay/lesbian groups have an interest to make up hate crime stories for sympathy so it’s possible this Nebraska woman is lying for sympathy. Gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are useless and comparable to drug junkyism and people who do gay/lesbian sexual behaviors more likely to be antisocial.

  • funinsnow

    Again, people are assuming this Nebraska lesbian is telling the truth when there’s a good possibility that this lesbian staged this incident, self-inflicting the wounds and then made up story of being attacked by 3 men for sympathy.

    Many gays and lesbians have made false accusations of hate crimes and many lesbians have falsey accused straight men of rape. No, not all lesbians hate straight men but there are lesbians who hate straight men and would falsely accuse a straight man of rape to get sympahy. Not concluding that this lesbian made up story of being attacked by 3 men to get sympathy but it’s best not to make conclusions that a hate crime happened.

  • Joseph

    Fun – I see your point, and I have taken the position as Devil’s Advocate in the past myself. While there is a need for it, to get a “whole picture” perspective, I don’t see it here. I’ve never ran into a faker who carved things into his/her body. Usually, when someone marks themselves, they want it to be something that they hold dear and want people to see. I do not believe this is that.

    I was stationed with plenty of people from the “fly over” states. Nebraska, Iowa, Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Montana, the Dakotas, etc. They love their guns and bibles more than we do in Texas. And even in the middle of them accepting Black folks as equals, which many of them still don’t do, it is widely accepted as wrong to commit random acts of violence against people for their color.

    However, when you talk about religious fanatics, I can see this happening. My own father basically told me it was okay to judge gay people, due to the evil nature of their sexual preferences. I told him it was not okay, and even if I didn’t like it, it was not okay to judge them for it. He disagreed, and he died a devout traditional Catholic.

    In these Christian lands, it is common to judge gay people, and to hurt them upon occasion. Especially when you have nothing to do except go to work and go to the bar. We all know how much braver we are on alcohol.

    This is unacceptable. I have always been a proponent of people who are like, living around other like people, for safety’s sake. With that being said, we should all be able to live wherever in the hell we want to in this country. And people rarely venture away from what they know. So I have to think, these individuals knew of each other, and perhaps even grew up around one another.

    You would think how Christians are persecuted in other countries they would not return the favor here, but that is just not the case. These people deserve to be locked under the jail. Unfortunately, they’re not going to learn how not to do this in jail.

  • Erika

    looks like our “favorite” male supremacist bozo is back. What a surprise that someone who thinks that men should control women and that if a woman does not give her husband sex the husband has the right to rape her to make sure she fulfills her “wifely duties” has the first reaction to the report of a horrible act of violence against a woman is that she must be lying.

    anyone surprised that he considers Glenn Beck to be a reliable source?

  • Reynardine

    Who let the corpse defiler in the room?

  • Supersonic250

    This is truly horrifying. My best wishes for this poor woman, and I hope that the monster who did this never sees the light of day again.

  • Sam Molloy

    Shoulda had a sword handy, like CoralSea

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska…I used to live in that area and they’re all pretty much the same.

  • Philip

    It takes a sick person to do something like this. Of course, the Left’s reaction to this – with their rainbow flags, candles and PC rhetoric – tuns off most people. It definitely turns me off. I don’t need the politics that come with the ‘hate crime’ label to be disgusted by this criminal act.

  • funinsnow

    Update on my last post, both lesbians plead guilty here

    If it turns out that the lesbian in this story lied about being beaten up by 3 men in a hate crime, then does Rebecca think this lesbian should be a victim of violence as karma for her false accusation? Not concluding that is what happened, but it’s possible.

  • funinsnow

    It’s possible that the lesbian made up the story of being attacked by 3 men for sympathy because there have been many cases of lesbians make false accusations for sympathy such as here

    Rebecca, if it turns out that this lesbian made a false accusation, then do you think it would be karma that she be victim of violence in prison or lose a body part? I know this offends you but I don’t think people who commit assault&battery should be victim of violence-they should go to prison. If this lesbian told truth, then perpetrators should be punished but if she is lying, then she should go to prison. Many gays and lesbians have made false accusations of ‘gay bashing’ to get sympathy.

  • finette

    Whoops, I should have refreshed before posting.

  • finette

    I hate to be THAT person on this very sad story, but Nebraska and Oklahoma are not neighbors.

  • Jamie Brown

    I pray that these low lifes are caught. The acts in Lincoln and Oklahoma City are very disturbing. These are all violent acts and the suspects shall be treated as others who engage in the same crime. I feel the fact that increasing public acceptance of the LGBT community may possibly a motive for these violent acts. However, as a criminal justice student. We do not care about why they do it. Except with hate crimes, the motive, or why they do it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. What bothers me in the Lincoln case is that if the offenders are caught. We have to remember this is a Nebraska jury and not a Iowa jury and/or other state where there are laws on the books to prevent these very acts. Lincoln police detectives need to put forth all resources to catch these criminals. I hope they are caught soon and if found guilty never see the light of day every again. Life in prison is a must in these cases. The death penalty doesn’t seem to deter people from committing these crimes. When locked up for life, they must wake up every morning with the constant reminder of their heinous and cowardly acts.

  • Laura

    Thanks for calling attention to this. One little thing: Nebraska and Oklahoma aren’t neighbor states.

  • Rebecca

    I hope these cowards are caught and put in prison where THEY may encounter some sexual predators too. Karma has a way of doing that. These abhorrant acts of hate will never change the fact that it IS worth coming out, because for every ONE act of hate there are THOUSANDS of protestors who will help put an end to it. I am one of them.