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Lions and Tigers and Fonts, Oh My! Proving the President is a Commie

By Mark Potok on August 2, 2012 - 3:06 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

In the smoke-and-mirrors world of the deranged political right, there are plenty of reasons to conclude that President Obama is a “communist.” His father wrote about socialism. His mother was white and only Marxists slept with black men in her era — plus, she met Obama’s father in a Russian language class! The future president’s teenage mentor may have been a communist. Former members of the extreme-left Weather Underground held a fundraiser for his Illinois State Senate run.

And then, just revealed to the ignorant masses by the geniuses who run the BuzzFeed website, there is Obama’s new typeface: “Revolution Gothic.”

Yes, courtesy of Zeke Miller, identified as a staffer of BuzzFeed, we now know that the font adopted by the Obama campaign a few weeks ago is “a style inspired by retro Cuban propaganda posters.” Zeke did us the favor of posting a recent picture of the president with the socialist typeface, followed by a collection of images of some of the typeface’s other uses (“Viva la Revolucion,” slogans from Lenin, etc.).


From there, it went viral. The Blaze, the “news” site run by former Fox conspiracy-monger-in-chief Glenn Beck, adopted and expanded the scoop first brought to us by the enterprising Zeke Miller. This time, The Blaze’s Benny Johnson added in some really cool new information, such as the idea that “the typeface origin is seeded in Cuban Communist propaganda.” Benny continued: “Here is a collection of early Commie propaganda from Cuba and later pop-art, can you see the similarity?” Then comes a slew of images of Fidel Castro, Cuba, Nikita Khrushchev, propaganda posters and, for good measure, the cover of The Communist Manifesto.

And from there it went to another Obama-bashing website, American Conservative 2 Conservative, where it was posted by “national director” Laura J. Alcorn under the same scary headline used by The Blaze: “’Viva la Revolucion!’ Obama Campaign Rolls Out New Typeface Inspired By…” And once again, the pictures of Fidel and his collectivist typeface.


Is the Obama campaign’s new font proof of the president’s determination to help the workers of the world cast off their chains? Well, even many of Buzzfeed’s readers didn’t seem to think so. “How bored, obsessed, or gullible are you that you report this?” one asked. “No confirmation, just a similar typeface as a cheap way to somehow tie Obama to communism.” Several others pointed out that the type used by the campaign actually is different than that preferred by Red Typesetters.

But the sharpest reply may have come after Miller E-mailed the Obama campaign for comment on the tip he’d received from a reader. “Your GOP operative should have had the courtesy to stay sober until noon,” Miller says Obama press secretary Ben LaBolt replied, “and BuzzFeed should go back to labeling cat slideshows.”

Hatewatch isn’t so easily fooled, however. It’s perfectly obvious that the typeface used by the Obama campaign proves the president is a Marxist bent on destroying Western civilization and the white man to boot. Just like Zeke Miller, Glenn Beck, Benny Johnson and Laura J. Alcorn are brilliant investigative reporters.

  • aadila

    Good bye, good luck, and good riddance to you, DeepEcology. Please feel free not to pop in from time to time to check on us.

    As you have shown some sunlight penetrates the deep abyss of your mind, as a parting gift, I would like to leave you with a profound observation that, as my esteemed collague Joseph so richly expressed, “ghetto rips” your elitist worldview and sense of entitlement.

    It is from another German whose name you might recognize:

    “The ideal is nothing else than the material world reflected by the human mind, and translated into forms of thought.” —Karl Marx.

  • Deep Ecology

    Aron, yes, the feeling appears to be mutual.

    It was an interesting effort, but in the end the gap between our philosophies is simply too wide.

    I caution you though, the near constant animosity generated here in most responses will only further polarize the US, and in the end simply create the very conditions you would like to avoid, ie, a multi-cultural pluralistic society in which many exclusive communities compete with each other versus live in utopian harmony.

    The US is becoming a place where the insistence on “equal rights” (whatever that means ultimately) simply results in the least capable and least intelligent, the most marginalized behavior, are given equal consideration. It’s a ludicrous concept, not found anywhere in nature, and not successfully practiced by any nation or people that wish to survive. Everyone wins soccer is not the way the world works.

    So, I leave you with one of my favorite passages from the “Anti-Christ”.

    “The order of castes, the highest, the dominating law, is merely the ratification of an order of nature, of a natural law of the first rank, over which no arbitrary fiat, no “modern idea,” can exert any influence. In every healthy society there are three physiological types, gravitating toward differentiation but mutually conditioning one another, and each of these has its own hygiene, its own sphere of work, its own special mastery and feeling of perfection. It is not Manu but nature that sets off in one class those who are chiefly intellectual, in another those who are marked by muscular strength and temperament, and in a third those who are distinguished in neither one way or the other, but show only mediocrity — the last-named represents the great majority, and the first two the select. The superior caste — I call it the fewest — has, as the most perfect, the privileges of the few: it stands for happiness, for beauty, for everything good upon earth. Only the most intellectual of men have any right to beauty, to the beautiful; only in them can goodness escape being weakness.”

    In all this, I repeat, there is nothing arbitrary, nothing “made up”; whatever is to the contrary is made up — by it nature is brought to shame. . . The order of castes, the order of rank, simply formulates the supreme law of life itself; the separation of the three types is necessary to the maintenance of society, and to the evolution of higher types, and the highest types — the inequality of rights is essential to the existence of any rights at all. A right is a privilege. Everyone enjoys the privileges that accord with his state of existence.

    Wrong never lies in unequal rights; it lies in the assertion of ‘equal’ rights.”

    Adieu, I graciously bow out before the Untermensch, for with their courts, laws and pitiful handwringing, they will soon rule this country. A tyranny of the weak and least capable.

  • Aron


    I think it goes without saying that very few of us will miss you when you repatriate to der Vaterland

  • Deep Ecology


    You are either deliberately being obtuse, or the written English word is a challenge.

    NEVER have advocated for Aryan (ie racial) supremacy, Imperialism, or Colonialism. Am a Pan-Nationalist, and advocate for a people and their culture, whatever it might be, to have the right of self-determination and autonomy.

    Biology (ie race/ethnicity) CANNOT be the construct upon which a society is based. Culture is however.

    My point, made pretty clearly and with telling silence by Mark Potok, is that conspiracy theorists, be they Right or Left, occupy the lunatic fringe of those ideologies. So Mark can mock the wingnuts on the right (and they deserve it, the American Right is veritable intellectual wasteland) but is loathe to call out his friends and supporters who advocate the same wingnut conspiracy theories from the Left in fear of alienating them. Never speak ill of a fellow (leftist or rightist, take your pick).

    It’s intellectually dishonest, and radical honesty is lacking in our PC ridden society.

    As for other ideologies, other than discussing them with Ruslan and a few others, I am an open advocate for Deep Ecology, favor the authoritarian versus democractic individualism, am a Radical Traditionalist and Orthodox Christian only. I am partial to Heidegger and Nietzsche as opposed to Hegel and Kant.

    Will be moving back to Europe and am a second generation German, family from Alsace on my mothers side and very Catholic and Prussia (Very Lutheran) from my father plus one English relative.

    I am not leaving the US because of multi-culturalism, and am not a nativist. Leaving because of the lack of High Culture and our pursuit of decultured materialism and individualism.

    The US is an experiment in whether or not propositional ideology can successfully sustain and create a society versus culture. I simply prefer culture and believe it builds a more coherent and united people.

  • aadila

    Ruslan he might be talking about the vegans. You know always pushing soymilk on the meat eaters.

  • CoralSea

    Ruslan —

    Surely, though, the sickle or scythe is more pleasing from the design perspective than the combine harvester.

    Yes — I realized after I made the comment that “E” in Cyrillic is “yeh.” It’s been a while since I did anything in Russian.

  • Aron

    Coral Sea,

    ‘Miracles’ by the Insane Clown Posse, while otherwise a surprisingly enjoyable song, does profess the ‘band'”s willful ignorance of — among other things — how even the simplest magnets function.

    As such, it was picked up by Bill O’Reilly during his ‘Tide goes in, tide goes out. No one knows why’ period of stronger-than-usual anti-intellectualism. ‘Violent J’ and ‘Shaggy 2 Dope’ were actually interviewed on his show, which I personally found highly entertaining.

    Definitely worth googling videos of either subject.

  • Erika

    Oopsie, should be everone to the left of “Newt Gingrich” :(

  • Erika

    I have a feeling that to Gerry everyone to the right to Newt Gingrich is an “extreme leftist” and by terrible things it means “criticizing me for holding bigoted views.”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yes Coral Sea, that is basically correct. Don’t forget ‘E’, usually pronounced ‘yeh’. Unfortunately contrary to the claims of many language books, Russian Cyrillic is not actually pronounced as it is written, unlike Serbian Cyrillic.

    And since the topic changed, I have been against the continued use of the sickle as a Communist symbol, if only because nobody harvests grain with a sickle anymore(if anyone still does I bet they use a scythe).

    @Gerry, Please, give us some examples of left wing extremists and the terrible things they’ve been doing lately.

  • Thinking Introvert

    Oh good grief. What is wrong with these people? Fonts are fonts, and there are thousands upon thousands of them.

    While a font design may contribute a certain ambience, the names really don’t have any particular significance, and the previous use of a particular font doesn’t taint it in some way.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Sam, you mean they never worked with hammers or sickles, though it would be a strange American of either sex who had never picked up a hammer. I also own a sickle, and have used it, though not for a living. No sorghum this year, though.