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Neo-Nazi Killer Wade Page was Member of Hammerskin Nation

By Ryan Lenz on August 8, 2012 - 3:11 pm, Posted in Domestic Terrorism, Extremist Crime, Hate Crime, Hate Groups, Neo-Nazi, Racist Music, Racist Skinheads

Wade Michael Page, the racist skinhead who killed six people last weekend at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin before turning the gun on himself, was a “patched” member of the Northern Hammerskins, a regional chapter of the larger Hammerskin Nation, the Southern Poverty Law Center has learned.

Page became a full, or patched, member of the Hammerskin chapter last October and appeared to be rising quickly in the organization, according to postings on Crew 38, the online forum for Hammerskin Nation (HSN). This year, in fact, his girlfriend, using the name “LuluRoman” on the forum, directed all regional inquiries regarding Northern Hammerskin events to Page.

It seems that Page, who was a mainstay with several hate rock bands, gained  prominence in the organization in less than a year. Last October, the Crew 38 forum buzzed with excited commentary about Hammerfest, an annual skinhead rock festival. One commenter named “38Florida” offered congratulations to “Harley, Larry, Jason and Wade –– the newest members of the HSN.”

In the early hours of the following morning, Page responded under the name “End Apathy.” “Had an awesome time and I am honored to have earned the Crossed Hammers. HFFH!” he wrote. (HFFH stands for the group’s mantra, “Hammerskins Forever, Forever Hammerskins,” and “Crossed Hammers” is a reference to the patch worn by members.)

The Hammerskins is one of the oldest, most violent and most dominant skinhead groups in the United States. Unlike other groups, the Hammerskins managed to organize quickly nationally under decentralized leadership.

The Hammerskin Nation is now seeking to distance itself from Page, however. It has locked its online forum to all but a select few and stopped accepting applications for new users. The sudden attention to security comes as the FBI treats the shooting as an act of domestic terrorism.

Late last night, Page’s girlfriend, Misty Cook, a 31-year-old nursing student and waitress with whom he once lived, was arrested on gun charges, the Journal Sentinel in Milwaukee reported. Cook was barred under federal law from owning guns due to a 2005 felony conviction for eluding a police officer.

Like Page, Cook has long history on the racist right. She reportedly had deep association with Volksfront, a competing skinhead organization with far-flung international ties.

On Wednesday, Volksfront told a newspaper in Africa that it had not been in contact with Cook since 2008. “In fact it would be accurate to describe our relationship with her as openly hostile since 2008,” the group said in an E-mail. “She is not a Volksfront member, associate or supporter in any way.”

Like the Hammerskins, Volksfront has also worked to distance itself from Page. On Monday, the organization announced it had consulted an attorney to file a lawsuit against ABC News for falsely tying Page to the group.

“After consultation with legal counsel, we intend to seek $10,000,000 in civil remedy,” the organization wrote in a news release. “We have never met Wade Page, and we can easily prove it.”

  • Scott

    I quite honestly do not think the SPLC knows what the difference between a left winger and a right winger. The right has no fundamentally racist principles – quite the opposite in fact.

  • Aron

    While we cannot be reasonably sure that Romney is either a vampire, a zombie, or a vampire-zombie (vambie), we can be absolutely sure that Mitt Romney did in fact murder JonBenet Ramsey.

    And enjoyed the act as he was committing it.,29114/

  • Erika

    Here is the law review article I mentioned – its entitled Death and Taxes and Zombies.

  • Reynardine

    Vampires, by defintion, were once alive. Rethink calling Romney one.

  • aadila

    Good question, Erika.

    Has anyone ever seen if Mitt Romney actually has a mirror image? Of course he does….he is the exact opposite of himself, as shown in this you tube video, “Mitt in the Mirror”.

    It might just answer your question.

  • Erika

    That raises an interesting question – was Romney still among the living when he supported the almost identical Massachusetts healthcare reform and ran for President in 2008 supporting a similar national system?

  • aadila

    Another incriminating thing about Romney’s vampire past is his opposition to the Affordable Health Care act. Who needs affordable medical care when you are undead? As long as you stay out of sunlight use garlic sparingly, you can pretty much get by with just an annual physical and occasional eye exam.

  • Erika

    Perhaps there are no tax returns from Mitt Romney because he is in fact a member of the undead. A recent law review article believes that being a zombie or vampire could lead to substantial benefits at avoding the estate and income taxes.

  • aadila

    Not to mention that Mitt Romney looks like a vampire, Erika. Just to be on the safe side, should we demand to see his birth certificate to determine whether he is not in fact seven centuries old? Do you suppose there are some Transylvanian business interests on the tax returns he doesn’t want anyone to see?

  • Erika

    Steve, I know that you right wingers want to sweep away your attacks on the Batman movie as being leftist propaganda in the wake of the attacks but it won’t work. See, the internet actually saves things so you won’t be able to get away with that.

    While no ideology is known of the Batman shooter other than he was a nutcase who thought he was the Joker, it is not out of the realm of the possibility that a nutcase who subscribes to right wing beliefs would have been inspired to attack the movie by Rush Limbaugh et. al’s attacks.

    But given that the modern right is an ideology where people see no issue with having their spokespeople constantly change what they say and taking completely contradictory positions it is no wonder. That also explains why the the Republicans would nominate a tabla rasa like Mitt Romney whose only ideology seems to be that which will make him rich and powerful.

  • Reynardine

    Sorry, Steve, you got in too late for the Tinfoil Hammerhead Lapel Pin.

  • Aron


    Why should we correct you if WE are wrong? Please present evidence that the Aurora shooter is a leftist. Becasuse as far as I know, there is still very little known about him.

    And are you claiming Wade Page WASN’T a right-winger? If so, you must be one of those ‘Nazis were liberals!’ idiots.

  • Rosalie Piazza

    When I heard about the tragedy in Wisc I commented to a friend that I was sure that SPLC knew about this guy and
    there was Mark Potok on the evening news! Why did the U>S> Gov, namely the FBI not know??? Also, I am tired of
    the new media’s reports that there is no motive for these
    murders. The murderer belonged to a known hate group–
    Jews, blacks, muslims. Hello??? The motive was hatred,
    pretty simple. The fact that the Sikhs are not Muslim is
    purely incidental. It is hatred of anyone not like him. Like many white supremicists, this guyn was a loser.

  • steve

    I don’t know about all of your highly technical racial characterizations, but how is it that all these bfruit baskets get linked to the “right”? The shooter in Aurora was reported to be a “TEA Party” guy, when in fact he was one of your typical LEFTIST fruit baskets….correct me if you are wrong. I’m sick of the disinformation spread by either side, but generally, when dealing with the SPLC the accusations will surely point right. When 90% of the time, the fruit cake is a lefty

  • Joseph

    I know, too early, I’ll check it out tomorrow.

  • Tom Shelley

    As far as the SPLC trying to draw attention from Tinley Park, they’ve done three Hatewatch articles about it, at-;submit=


  • Reynardine

    Yeah, it actually took me a bit to place Tinley Park, though it is on the outskirts of my native city, a place no stranger to brawls, which this was.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “In the LA Times story it says, “In 2000, the Southern Poverty Law Center has found that Page also attempted to purchase goods from the neo-Nazi National Alliance, then America’s most important hate group”. How can Beirich and Potok possibly know this?—unless they have somehow “hacked” National Alliance’s records?”

    It’s simple, the police probably checked HIS computer, e-mails, etc., and found receipts, order forms, e-mail receipts, etc.

    If you’re the vanguard of the “white race” you might as well give up now. And yes, I’m sure reporting on the recent MASS SHOOTING by a known skinhead(you’ve seen his photographs, right?) is certainly a trick to get people to forget about the poor Tinley Park White Nationalists(including the one who was arrested for child pornography). People were talking so much about that so the Jooz mind-controlled a skinhead and made him shoot those people to demonize your poor, misunderstood movement.

  • Reynardine

    Joseph, it isn’t Friday yet, although I doubt a more qualified contender will come along by the deadline.

  • aadila

    Have some respect guys. It’s hard for annie to click her six inch heels and thigh-high tranny boots.

  • Joseph

    And the Award for the Most Apt to Seig Heil for Female Skinhead’s with Hair all across America is…..


  • Shep

    I have known some Hammer skins and know for a fact they are violent. Don’t be fooled, they are in backrooms planning things of this nature! Sick minds is what they have!

  • Snorlax

    Why doesn’t law enforcement start arresting these groups under the RICO laws? They’ve done it for gangs.

    Arrest them BEFORE they shoot up a mosque or something.

  • Mitch Beales

    Yes Annie the shootings in Aurora, CO were also just an attempt to draw attention away from “the Tinley Park attack by a gang of Leftists”. Get a grip will you? While you’re at it why not pack the grip and go away?

  • ModerateMike

    “This is another SPLC disinformation campaign of phony racism claims designed to diffuse attention away from the Tinley Park attack by a gang of Leftists.”

    Evidence, Annie? Who came up with this plan? Can you give us a quote from someone at SPLC that suggests that this is the case?

  • Shadow Wolf

    Annie: “Aren’t we lucky to have a shadow police agency like the SPLC?”

    Allow me to answer that one for you. And it’s certainly a “Yes we are”. The SPLC is very beneficial in gathering and sharing Intelligence on our racist enemies. They inform the general public of who these neo-Nazis and white supremacists are. The American public has a right to know who you are, should you bexomw an ardent active member of a virulent hate group like the Hammerskins. While the FBI on the other hand, does not share info to the media or the public, especially in ongoing investigations.

  • aadila

    I suppose all the neighborhood watch organizations keeping an eye out for crime are somehow “shadow police agencies”, according to Annie.

    Perhaps annie recalls that for a long while the right wing was trying to attribute the Oklahoma bombing to Islamic terror groups, when in fact it was home grown right wing extremism at fault?

  • Reynardine

    Three and a half millenia, I meant.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, she’s a sawdust head, no matter what, and every time she wags her little felt tongue, more of the sawdust leaks out. Incidentally, Judaism is a religious/cultural entity, and although Jews can come in all colors, most of those in Europe and America are white.

    Racial constructs can change radically in a couplethree millenia (in cases of mass invasion, a lot less than that). I found a fascinating music video, “The Hurrian National Anthem”, purporting to reconstruct a music score some three and a half century old. Some highly stylized representations of Hurrian men show them with the heavily-lidded eyes we connect with ancient Assyrians and modern sub-Saharans, but the almond shape and oblique placement of those eyes would probably make laypeople think of Central or East Asia. This combination is quite rare now, and occurs only in certain groups shown to be linked to them linguistically. Most of these groups would now be unequivocally defined as Caucasian. So how now, “scientific racists”?

    P. S. Annie, get yourself scratched for MtDNA, I dare you.

  • Erika

    Is Ann Coulter posting here under the name “Annie”?

  • Sam Molloy

    I certainly join with Daniel in thanking you for your excellent coverage of this.

  • adamhill

    I stand corrected. When I wrote earlier about correcting the “turning the gun on himself” reference, I hadn’t yet seen the update report from the FBI that he had, in fact, turned the gun on himself (after being shot in the stomach).

  • Annie

    In the LA Times story it says, “In 2000, the Southern Poverty Law Center has found that Page also attempted to purchase goods from the neo-Nazi National Alliance, then America’s most important hate group”. How can Beirich and Potok possibly know this?—unless they have somehow “hacked” National Alliance’s records? Why is the SPLC acting as a shadow police organization, collecting information on people, while the FBI has all kinds of irritating civil-libertarian reasons for this wimpy restriction that restrained them? Aren’t we lucky to have a shadow police agency like the SPLC?

  • Annie

    This is another SPLC disinformation campaign of phony racism claims designed to diffuse attention away from the Tinley Park attack by a gang of Leftists. If you remember the Columbine shooting a decade ago; in the days after the shooting it was suggested on television by the mainstream media the attackers were ‘white supremacists’. That turned out to be a lie. Dylan Klebold was Jewish and had attended a Yeshiva school. Just like with Dylan Klebold, Wade Michael Page is Jewish on his mother’s side.

  • adamhill

    Thanks as usual for the thorough investigation and report. A small point: did Page “turn the gun on himself”? I thought he was shot by police officers.

  • aadila

    I support treating this as an incident of domestic terrorism. But I have one very great concern: what about habeus corpus? Any individual accused of terrorism effectively loses all rights in this country, thanks to George W Bush and the Patriot Act. But who cares about that, it’s only the Constitution, right George?

  • Daniel

    Thank you SPLC and Morris Dees for helping connect the dots between acts of violence like this and the domestic terrorist organizations that support them.