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Radical Right Theories Flourish in Aftermath of Sikh Killings

By Ryan Lenz on August 9, 2012 - 4:56 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Conspiracies, Domestic Terrorism, New World Order, Patriot

With last weekend’s mass killing at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin fresh in the public’s memory, the usual players on the conspiracy scene have begun crafting wild, alternative narratives of what really happened.

The theory has started to spread that the attack was orchestrated by some dark sector of the federal government in order to justify rolling back gun rights. This idea, of course, has long been used by the antigovernment right to explain acts of domestic terrorism: Oklahoma City, for example, and even the jihadist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. The Wisconsin version has appeared on dozens of right-wing blogs and appears to be gaining traction.

Infowars, the conspiracist website maintained by Alex Jones, seems to have led the charge. In an article published earlier this week after neo-Nazi Wade Michael Page killed six people in Oak Creek, Wis., writer Kurt Nimmo accused the federal government – and, ludicrously, the Southern Poverty Law Center – of somehow being tied to the shootings. The proof? Only dubious claims pulled from Page’s life story. The alleged skinhead gunman was in a psychological operations unit in the Army during the 1990s.

As Nimmo wrote, “It now appears the government has taken its psyop to the next level. … Instead of merely concentrating on small time busts and demonizing ‘rightwing extremists’ for propaganda purposes in a compliant corporate media, they have decided to add the racist ‘white power’ angle to the domestic terrorism narrative.”

Never mind that the “white power” angle is absolutely correct. White supremacists have a long history of violence and domestic terrorism.

In 2009, Richard Andrew Poplawski, who had posted racist and anti-Semitic screeds on white supremacist websites, killed three police officers responding to a domestic dispute at his home in Pittsburgh. Six months later, James von Brunn, a longtime neo-Nazi, shot a security guard to death at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. That same month, longtime white supremacist Dennis Mahon and his brother were indicted in Arizona in connection with a mail bomb sent years earlier to a diversity officer in Scottsdale that injured three people. Then, just last year, police arrested neo-Nazi Kevin William Harpham for placing a bomb packed with nails dipped in rat poison along the route of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Spokane, Wash.

It’s no surprise that Nimmo got it wrong. The idea that the federal government would orchestrate such events to implement martial law, install a “New World Order” and role back the liberties of Americans has been a staple of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement’s mythology for years.

Weeks before the Wisconsin attack, some on the radical right also looked suspiciously at the mass murder at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater.

Writing about that shooting, Ted Cronin on, a blog run by the Liberty Alliance, wrote: “The dark thought so many people are having is that the Aurora shootings were staged by our fine government as a way to stir up support for passing the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, which would result in the confiscation of personal firearms in the United States.”

His well-considered conclusion? “The timing is exquisite,” he wrote.

  • Concerned Citizen

    ellenandron asked where is all the funding coming from to support the hate groups. As I understand it they make money from hate products that are sold on the retail market but I strongly suspect they are making a great deal of money from organized crime, drug running, stuff like that…

  • Concerned Citizen

    Ruslan wrote: Nobody ever claimed Terry Nichols was a white supremacist. And to answer your second question, REAL white supremacists get caught with non-white partners ALL THE TIME. These are men who have problems getting laid.

    This made me laugh. Thank you for sharing this Ruslan.

  • Concerned Citizen

    In response to what is written in the article about the Army Psy Op training. What I believe has happened as I have seen acted out in some Wisconsin communities is that there is or are factions who have the knowledge of psy op operations and CIA basic sabotage techniques all of which can be learned through books for purchase and of course those who have been trained in the operation of psy ops, the group or groups use these methods to promote their racial hate agenda. It is not clear if anyone else knows about it other than the people who are subscribing to the faction or factions but it is a culture that employs these techniques that push and promote the white race at the expense of the advancement of minorities. It’s a disgrace because I would like to believe that the Army nor the CIA meant for their training to be used in such a disgraceful way in this country against her own citizens.

  • Kiwiwriter

    It astounds me that every time there is a horrific tragedy, some motormouths find it necessary to grind their personal penknives on the stone of that tragedy.

    The raw cynicism being displayed by these conspiracy theorists is revolting. But they know that even if 99 of 100 listeners/readers are disgusted by the drivel, there is one person in that audience who might think, “Hey, that makes sense,” and join up, sending in their all-important check or money order to support the “Great Crusade” of fattening the motormouth’s bank account.

  • Mitzy

    Alex Jones and Kurt Nimmo are shameless hucksters of anti-Jewish hate, their central tenets being that Zionism is an international conspiracy and that Mossad is responsible for any number of terrorist attacks on innocent people, including the 9/11 attack. Their websites are nothing more than the Protocols of Zion on steroids.

  • Joseph

    Yes ma’am. They’re all around you. The Aryan Circle in Texas actually takes pride in hiding in plain sight. They’ll go so far as to drink a beer with a black man if it lets them blend in at a company happy hour. All the while, sending their “dues” into their circle. It’s what they do.

  • aadila

    Rey if you are thinking about that group in Coxsackie, NY I believe it is associated with the Men’s Rights Movement.

  • Reynardine

    Joseph, my godson, who is in the National Guard, has said as much. These days, however, I expect some of these groups are Kochsucking.

  • Joseph

    How they get their funding:

    The key to most of these groups is to blend in. Hide in plain sight. Get married, have a family, live in suburbia, got to work, don’t show your tattoos in public unless your one of their soldiers, in which case you would likley live in a compound or in a home with many other like room mates.

    In the lower income neighborhoods, you would be surprised to know that they operate in broad daylight in black and mexican neighborhoods. I can tell you, the last thing that black gangsters want is black on white crime, and they all agree that money is neither white nor black, so they actually deal together when it comes to making money.

    They even call each other racist names, all the while passing drugs and money.

    In short, they pay dues through their jobs, drug sales, robberies, and music sales. Don’t forget about their record labels.

    For example: The IKA (International Klans of America) make their people pay $40.00 dues, and more then they lose lawsuits due to the SPLC who successfully sued the hell out of them.

    The skinheads are notorious burglars and jackers. Other white supremecists could be working right next to you and you would not know. They’re everywhere, i.e., police force (with black partners), military, school system, politics (of course).

    They hide in plain sight, for the most part, pay taxes, and pay dues. Most of them really do work closely with other peoples, they just don’t want to live by them.

    We had guys in the military like that. The would fight right next to us, but we would not drink beer together.

  • Reynardine

    Ellenandron, that is my question, too, and I suspect the answer would satisfy the dirtiest minds here.

  • Joseph

    Annie, seriously, what are you smoking? Isn’t the use if illegal drugs against your creedo?

  • ellenandron

    Page was obviously a seriously disturbed person, probably indocrtinated by some people in the army and egged on by his white supremist hate groups.The hate groups are very vocal and are out there for anyone to find. The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented a staggering 1,018 hate groups operating in our country—a nearly 70% increase since 2000. My question is, where is all their funding coming from?

  • adamhill


    Could it be the color of his…tie?

  • aadila


    You might be onto something. Apparently there is SOMETHING about Obama that they don’t like. They proved he’s no cryptomuslim, proved he was born in Hawaii. He took campaign money from the big corporations, just like the Republicans. He’s been bombing away just like Bush, to even greater efficacy. That doesn’t leave very many options.

    As soon as he entered the race there was something they didn’t like. It’s like this race to find some reason not to like him. Any ideas what it is?

  • John Helsley

    If you Marxists want to see hate, at its worst, look in the mirror.

  • Gregory


    Inane Annie may have made one point, inadvertently. In every “Nazi” or “KKK” group (her choice of words) there is at least one or more informants working for one or more government agencies. The reasons vary but tend to fall into a predictable pattern, maybe it is because the informant is personally compromised, maybe it is to settle a grudge or, my favourite, maybe it is because they are simply as stupid as they appear. Whatever the reason, these proud White warriors just can’t wait to snitch on one another.

  • adamhill

    @aadila, I agree. Obama, or more precisely the Obama-will-take-away-all-our-guns-mythmaking, is the best thing that ever happened to the gun industry. It’s interesting that compared to other centrist Democratic presidents (or, as the Republicans call them, Marxist revolutionaries) like Carter and Clinton, only Obama has aroused such widespread paranoia about having gun rights stripped away. I wonder what is difference about Obama. His height? His age? The fact that his name doesn’t start with a C? Something else?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    First up on Whack-a-Scumbag, Annie

    “Every “Nazi” or “KKK” organization is an FBI Psy-Ops front: A Co-Intel program similar to ABSCAM in the 1970’s.”

    Really? Got some proof?

    “Consider the Oklahoma city bombing.”

    Why? It wasn’t blamed on the KKK or any White Nationalist group per se. It was a known fact that Timothy McVeigh associated with different white supremacists, and his idea of an anti-government resistance movement was inspired by the Turner Diaries, but he was known to make negative comments about the racist content of the book and he was never a member of any WN org as far as I know.

    ” Terry Nichols was in an inter-racial marriage to a Filipino woman. Would any real ‘white supremacist’ enter into an inter-racial marriage?”

    Nobody ever claimed Terry Nichols was a white supremacist. And to answer your second question, REAL white supremacists get caught with non-white partners ALL THE TIME. These are men who have problems getting laid.

    ” What was Terry Nichols doing in the Philippines? Did he make contact with Islamic terrorists in the South Philippines? Where did he get the money to travel there? ”

    He was most likely engaging in sex tourism. He met his wife via a mail-order bride catalog, and married her when she was still 17. That tells you all you need to know.

    “How convenient that Wade Michael Page is now dead. We will never know the truth.”

    Oh I’m sure you’ll make up the truth for all of us.

    Vanguard of the “White Race,” folks!!!

  • aadila


    Who profits from the gun ban fears?: the manufacturers of guns and ammunition.

    In the wake of Obama’s glorious victory over the NRA sponsored slam job on gun rights, Obama did diddly squat to stop gun sales.

    However, because of all the fear mongering from the NRA gun and ammo sales shot through the roof. Manufacture fear to create demand. The capitalist system at work.

    So if you follow the money it’s pretty clear what is the real agenda behind all this talk about gun restrictions.

  • Reynardine

    See? I told you so. Two of ’em already.

  • Erika

    If there were zero murders in the United States these people would be saying it was all part of a conspiracy to get people complacant so the government could take away guns.

    Of course, they themselves make the best argument against guns – guns and paranoia are a deadly mixture.

  • adamhill

    Somehow all these elaborate attempts by the government to roll back gun rights have done absolutely nothing to roll back gun rights. Maybe whatever sinister, supersecret agency that is overseeing this plot should hire some new people.

  • ABC

    Nut jobs like Alex Jones also say that the Oklahoma City Bombing was carried out by the government and not by two crazy people who believed in white supremacy and sovereign citizen ideology. These types of people are the true terrorists in this country.

  • James

    and even the jihadist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001.

    Excuse me? they were freaking TERRORIST ATTACKS dummy

  • Fred

    Why is that anyone who hypothesizes that there might be criminals operating inside the US government gains the ire of SPLC? Such a stance is typical of anti-populist 1%ers, who are essentially the most powerful hate group in America, as they demonstrably hate democracy and hate the 99%. I guess the same goes for SPLC.

  • Annie

    Every “Nazi” or “KKK” organization is an FBI Psy-Ops front: A Co-Intel program similar to ABSCAM in the 1970’s. Consider the Oklahoma city bombing. Terry Nichols was in an inter-racial marriage to a Filipino woman. Would any real ‘white supremacist’ enter into an inter-racial marriage? What was Terry Nichols doing in the Philippines? Did he make contact with Islamic terrorists in the South Philippines? Where did he get the money to travel there? How convenient that Wade Michael Page is now dead. We will never know the truth.

  • Mitch Beales

    I don’t want to start a new conspiracy theory or anything but there were NO Israelis at the Sikh temple that morning.

  • Reynardine

    The Dark Triad- malignant narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy- manifests itself, among other things, in a resolute belief in one’s own perfection and an apparently sincere conviction that some other guy did it. They know better, of course, but these Dark Triadists are masters of doublethink. Their characteristic maneuver is shorthanded as DARVO- Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender. Expect lots more of it.