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A Burning Question: Is Heterosexuality Illegal in California?

By Don Terry on October 3, 2012 - 2:04 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Extremist Propaganda

The headline is sensational and does what headlines are supposed to do – it grabs your attention:

“California Bans Heterosexuality.”

After my initial shock, I settled down and read the story under the headline and quickly learned, to my great relief, that the Golden State hasn’t really banned heterosexuality – at least not yet.

The story turns out to be the latest anti-gay rant from Linda Harvey’s Columbus, Ohio-based website, Mission: America, whose subtitle is “Christian Commentary on the Culture.” Her outfit is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes this blog.

In this case, the commentary is about California Gov. Jerry Brown signing a bill on Saturday that made his state the first in the country to prohibit mental health providers from subjecting LGBT children and teens to therapy intended to change their sexual orientation.

“This bill bans nonscientific ‘therapies’ that have driven young people to depression and suicide,” The New York Times quoted the governor as saying in a statement after he signed the bill into law. “These practices have no basis in science or medicine, and they will be relegated to the dustbin of quackery.”

Needless to say, Mission: America sees the bill in a much different light.

“California Governor Jerry Brown just signed a law that essentially removes choice for most teens with homosexual attractions, except to enter that sinful and high risk lifestyle,” the commentary says. “Counselors cannot warn them or steer them away from these desires.

“What’s next, ‘LGBT’ loyalty oaths?”

On her website, Harvey calls what she does a “media ministry’’ and an outgrowth of her “Christian faith and a successful career in journalism, marketing and public relations.” Her on-line bio goes on to say she founded Mission: America in 1995 as “a non-profit organization whose objective is to equip Christians with current, accurate information” – like California’s ban on heterosexuality? – “about cultural issues such as feminism, homosexuality, education and New Age influences.’’

Gathered together on the site, under the heading “The ‘Gay’ Agenda Targeting Youth,” are some of the many articles she has written about her fears of a gay planet. They include: “How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids,” “Protecting Youth Against Homosexuality: A Plan for Churches,” and “Grooming Kids in a ‘Gay’ Identity is Like Penn State Abuse.’’

Here’s another headline for you: “California Bans Heterosexual Bigots.” Come on, governor, the dustbin has plenty of room.

  • Wentra

    Of course anything Christian is on the SPLC hatewatch. They hate Christians for speaking about biblical truths.

  • aadila

    It seems to me the most plausible model for human sexuality is a graduated scale, not two distinct poles like a railroad switch.

    But of course when we talk about sexuality do we mean sentiment, propensity, opportunity, or behavior? and if behavior is going to be our guide, as seems reasonable enough, do we define this as what we do with our genitals, or any part of our bodies, even our eyes? Is it physiological response we mean or psychological response to a given stimulus?

    I think women understand better than men that it is possible to have sexual contact without the slightest interest or pleasure at all, so even the behavior test raises a number of questions which remain, to my understanding at least, virtually unanswerable. Surely many people who had very restrictive upbringing or are otherwise sexually repressed will instantly disagree, but the vehemence of the response by many such people indicates more than a little cognitive dissonance.

    For these reasons (and out of basic respect for each person’s sense of self), although I tend to think most humans are probably to one degree or another bisexual, I also believe we need to accept each person’s self-designation of sexuality as valid.

    Perhaps the very best definition is we just are what we are. Any other opinions?

  • Reynardine

    Well, Chris, then we’d just call ourselves bisexual -1.

  • Christopher Hobe Morrison

    Oh, I guess heterosexuals will just have to reclassify themselves as bisexuals.

  • R

    Beverly, you said it best. People are born homosexual, it is NOT a choice.

  • aadila

    Erika, you’ll cause a hurricane. Or at least some whiplash.

  • Erika

    aadila, you should at least be able to make it to third gear in a moving car.

    *red faced* um, so i’ve been told ;)

  • Linnea

    Beverly, you said it beautifully. Thank you.

  • aadila

    Sam doesn’t need those, Erika. He uses mirrored aviators instead.

  • Erika

    Sam, that is why dark tinted windows are also illegal here ;)

  • Antonio Perales Hierro

    Aw durn, Linda, can see right through us…as soon as we get the right conjunction of cops, courts and attorney general it’s Sexual Mores Education and Adjustment Retreats (SMEAAR) for the whole lot of Californians, where one learns to walk with a decided lisp, in drag, on heels no less, wrists flipping like Dutch wind-mills, or no gold stars. And, you went hook-line-and-sinker for “queer friends who influence the innocent…” overlooking all of the mommies, daddies, aunts, uncles, paper-boys, cousins, gas-attendents, grandparents, café baristas, small and large shopkeepers, police chieves, ribbon girls, boys-next-door, bird-watchers, admirals, scullery persons, roofers, hoofers, aerialists, actuarialists, visiting conventioneers, cowgirls, cowboys, plowboys, film critics, pool-cleaners, gleaners, leather-necks, doughboys, tars and grunts, book-sellers, reg’lar fellers, zoo-keepers, bee-keepers, geologists, biologists–did I forget anyone…? Fast asleep all her life, Linda (probably not a good Spanish language descriptive of her) never noticed she’s surounded, was cut off at the pass, and lost the battle–to coin a phrase. Never mind “Grooming kids for a Gay Identity”, we’re going to teach you Grooming!

  • aadila

    Rey is that how it’s done? No wonder I hardly ever get past first gear….

  • Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D.

    Being “gay” is not a “feeling” nor is it something someone “wants.” Gay people are GAY in the same way that heterosexuals are heterosexual. Why people refuse to understand that is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    The radical Christian groups are no different IMHO than the Taliban. They want EVERYONE to be like they are and if you’re not…

    Radicals, sadly, are not restricted to any given religion. Bigots exist in all religions, they ought to be put out of their respective religions and be called what they are: BIGOTS.

  • Beverly Kurtin, Ph.D.

    First, Christians are not being called hate groups. Christians who HATE ARE hate groups. There is a big difference. So keep that in mind, please.

    Second. Let me ask you all a question. It is a simple question that I’d appreciate y’all answering honestly. When did you DECIDE to be heterosexual (if you are)?

    As I look to the past, I had no choice in the matter and if you are honest, neither did any of you. It just HAPPENED. One day boys were covered, head to toe, with “cooties.” The next day, BANG! Some of them were cute as bugs in a rug. How did THAT happen?

    Boys! Oh yes! Where had I BEEN for the past 12 years or so? The light went on and has stayed on for lo these many years later. I like men, I am attracted to men. I married two of them and divorced both. But I haven’t stopped LIKING ’em.

    Inside each person’s head is a grey mass we call a brain. Depending on how the trillions of circuits are wired DURING GESTATION, pre-determines many facets of who we will be and how our sexuality will be affected.

    There is not a single homosexual or transgendered person on this planet that did not made the decisions they make. They were BORN THE WAY THEY ARE! It is no more a moral decider than whether someone’s eyes are brown or blue or grey or (as in my youngest granddaughter’s eyes) an incredible silver color.

    I do chose friends, however, based on many factors, the least one being their sexuality. It is totally NONE OF MY FREAKING BUSINESS WHAT THEIR SEXUALITY IS.


  • Tobias A. Weissman

    What is this ruckus and fear of Gay in the USA? No one can catch Gay from their parents, or any one else, so says Ellen Digenerous in one of her interviews. It’s all on U-TUBE, in case any one wants to view it. One has to feel, desire, want to be Gay in order to be Gay. Tell all these hypocritical religionists to back off already and let these guys to live the way they want. Europe and Asia are waking up to accept those awful, horrible Gay persons into society which is only the right thing to do. GOD BLESS THEM!!

  • Roger

    I may be wrong because I certainly have been wrong before but it appears to me that these extreme Christian organizations are getting more extreme, larger and dangerous all the time. It reflects poorly on the majority of Christianity as a whole. There seems to be no mistaking the fact that these far right Cristian groups are getting to be just as radical and hateful as any other religious group, no matter what their beliefs are. Do they not see that they are just as dangerous as other groups that tout judgement and hatered toward other people as a justification to beat down any one that doesn’t agree with their views? Fear produces some very ugly results and that is exactly the emotion these groups arrise from.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, we know Erika is a peach. Damn, I wish we could really hold that Allantide party.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, dear, as everyone knows, first you are supposed to park and then you are supposed to get in the back seat.

    Sam, the car had also better have sufficiently strong shocks.

  • aadila


    I think one is likely to lose the car by fornicating in it merely by swerving off the road.

  • Sam Molloy

    Tint your windows and do it anyway.

  • aadila

    ‘i sometimes fall for judicial red herrings myself so i’m sorry.”

    See that Bob? Not only is Erika smart…she’s a peach. Now, you just go on home and study on that. When you recognize the value of your free education here today, it might prompt you to donate to the SPLC.

  • aadila

    “It’s always so easy to murder 10s or even 100s of millions of people once the prevailing power has declared them to be worthy of being hated.”

    Yes I believe that is what George W Bush was getting at in his “Axis of Evil” speech…but easy does not equate to politically correct.

  • Erika

    Reynardine, under state law in Virginia you can lose you car if you commit an act of fornication or adultry in it.

    And yes, some may say that the status of being a heterosexual in Virginia is legal but it is only heterosexual activity that is banned :)

  • Kelly

    Sounds like another garden variety “closet pussy lover” to me.

  • Sam Molloy

    Just wait till we take over. We’ll put your straight a**es in camps. Camps, I say.

  • David Cary Hart

    Parents suffer as a result of this “therapy” as well. They march their little gay kids into these crackpots with instructions to fix the child.

    When the kid doesn’t change, the parents blame him or her. Either they did not try hard enough or weren’t sufficiently motivated to change. Eventually the kid learns to lie

    When good faith is gone, little else remains. This alienates children from their parents – sometimes for life.

  • Erika

    Bob, i was probably too mean to you in pointing out why you were wrong since its very easy to fall for judicial red herrings. i sometimes fall for judicial red herrings myself so i’m sorry.

  • Gregory

    Teh stoopid, it burrrrnzz.

  • NWOslave

    If I recall my history, the Bolsheviks also named every christain group a hate group as well. They had a field day slaughtering some 30 or 40 million peasants. It’s always so easy to murder 10s or even 100s of millions of people once the prevailing power has declared them to be worthy of being hated.

    In fact, history is riddled with this exact same scenario. Of course the real culprit of the hatred is the propaganda ministers. They inform the state who to hate and why it’s OK to hate those people. The propaganda ministers are naturally above reproach. They’re always well funded by the same people who fund the state.

    You can always tell who holds the power by who you can’t criticize and who you’re told to hate.

  • Erika

    Bob, sweetie, reading without comprehension makes you look foolish. That case had absolutely nothing to do with child endangerment and the court mentioning the children whose testimony was disputed and ultimately rejected by the trial court as not being creditible was a total judicial red herring and you fell for it hon.

    If you were actually experienced at reading court opinions you know that courts mention disputed and rejected evidence which makes the party they are ruling against look bad all of the time especially if they are going to do something which is highly questionable. Like convict a married couple for what they did with each other in their private bedroom.

    As the en banc majority opinion actually points out the trial court convicted and the majority based the rejection of the habeas case based solely upon the activity being a threesome involving adults in private.

    The dissenting judges knew what was really happening here: As Judge Craven points out in his dissent: “I begin by stating what it is not about. It is not about group sex. It is not about sexual activity, deviant or otherwise, in public. The Lovisis attack their charges and convictions under a statute making their conduct with each other while married criminal whether or not in public and without regard to the presence or participation of a third person.”

  • Reynardine

    Not so fast, Bob. Unmarried sexuality of any kind is a criminal offense in Florida. Also, for committing it in an automobile, you can lose your license. Guess what? The road is crawling with cars.

  • Aron

    Bob, you’re obviously new here. And so you are completely unfamiliar with our darling Erika.

    She appears to possess something you lack: a sense of humor.

  • Bob

    I have no idea what confuses “Erika” so. Perhaps if she actually read the case against the Lovisis, she would realize that it was a child endangerment case, and a pretty sordid one at that:

  • Erika

    Don’t tell Ms. Harvey that heterosexuality actually does appear to be illegal in Virginia. See, VA Code 18.2-344, 18.2-345, 18.2-361, 18.2-365, Lovisi v. Slayton, 539 F.2d 349 (4th Cir. 1976).