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‘Race Realist’ Speaks at Towson University Without Incident

By Arthur Goldwag on October 3, 2012 - 3:04 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

In the end, despite a lot of anticipatory huffing and puffing by backers and their far more numerous opponents, the event was a low-key one. The controversial “race realist” Jared Taylor — a man who has argued that black people are incapable of sustaining civilization — spoke without incident in the Baltimore suburbs Tuesday evening at the request of far-right student activist Matthew Heimbach.

For all the media attention that Towson University student Heimbach and his proposed White Student Union have received in the past several weeks—from Matt Drudge, the Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, local television, this blog and of course the websites of such sympathetic racist groups as Taylor’s American Renaissance, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and Occidental Dissent—there were no TV cameras or news photographers to be seen in the lobby of the University Union building in Towson, Md., last night. The dozen or so policemen that Heimbach and Taylor were required to pay for were very much in evidence, however. Attendees’ bags were checked at the entrance, and when the meeting began, a representative of the student government warned that officers would be standing by to escort any disruptive people from the premises.

Interestingly enough for a meeting of a White Student Union, there were far more black than white students in the packed room.

In his very brief introduction to the main speaker, Heimbach defined “race realism” as the idea that it isn’t “hate” to acknowledge the differences between the races. Then Jared Taylor, who originally came up with the “race realism” phrase, took the podium. He spoke for a half hour or so and took questions for close to an hour. Though he was occasionally interrupted by jeers and laughter and the tone of the questions was generally unfriendly, he was elaborately courteous — if occasionally patronizing — and for the most part unflappable.

Taylor began by ticking off the many existing student organizations at Towson that are premised on the ethnic, religious, gender, and, yes, racial identities of their members (“the Minority Science/Technology Club excludes whites by its definition, I presume”). Then he posed a rhetorical question: why do whites comprise the only demographic group that isn’t encouraged to organize and advocate for its own interests? It’s not because they’re a majority, he said, because women are a majority at Towson, and yet they organize. It’s because of their race, he argued. Whites are systematically victimized by affirmative action and racial preferences, which by definition put the interests of unqualified minorities above their own; in a larger sense, they have been the victims of the myth of diversity, which falsely proposes that America derives its strength from its diversity, he said.

If diversity is so good, Taylor asked, then how come the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has so many lawsuits to deal with—39,000 complaints in 2007 alone? Blacks filed 21,000 of them, so there must be at least 21,000 whites who are worse off because of the ideal of diversity. If diversity is so good, then why is there a thriving industry of diversity consultants? Endemic, structural racism has nothing to do with it. The answer, Taylor said, is simple: because the unfair demands of diversity stress people out. People naturally prefer to be with their own kind. Look at anything from backyard barbecues to churches and what you will see is racial homogeneity. Racial mixing only happens when it is compelled.

Ninety percent of the U.S. population was white in 1960; by 2050, whites will be a minority. No one ever asked whites if they wanted to be a minority, Taylor declared, as the room erupted in derisive laughter.

Then Taylor attempted to pound in some wedges, reminding the roomful of mostly black students that Hispanics and immigrants are as much their enemies as white people. He told the story of the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang in Los Angeles County, a Latino gang that targeted African Americans for murder in an attempt to ethnically cleanse its town. If whites were driven out of neighborhoods by blacks, blacks are being driven out of their homes and losing opportunities to immigrants. He cited an L.A. Times story that quoted an Asian-American politician who said that Asian-American politicians are “taking charge of the conversation about what it is to be an American.” He quoted an anchorman at Univision who said that “Hispanics own the century.” Where does that leave whites? he asked. Where does that leave blacks?

When a questioner noted that Taylor had spent the bulk of his speech defending white majority status and denigrating other races and ethnicities, he was indignant—he insisted that neither he nor Matt Heimbach wish to dominate anyone; they merely wish to be left alone to pursue their own interests.

To a questioner who asked if race wasn’t a social construction, Taylor amusedly replied that “the idea that race is an optical illusion is so stupid that only an intelligent person could believe it,” adding that if race didn’t exist then the black student union had no legitimacy either.

To a questioner who stated that America had been stolen from the Indians, Taylor replied that if it was wrong for whites to take the country from its indigenous people back then, then surely it’s wrong for dark-skinned immigrants to seize it from whites today.

To a questioner who asked Taylor about the melting pot, he blandly replied that the U.S. was founded by Englishmen, who created all of its institutions. Only free whites could be naturalized citizens according to the law in 1790. Until 1965, he added (correctly), our immigration laws were specifically designed to preserve the white majority.

Taylor countered a questioner who brought up the U.S.’s 400-year history of racial injustices with a question of his own. Why are Saudi Arabian students allowed to have a student union? They persecute Christians and women in their country today. Neither he nor Matt Heimbach have ever owned a slave and Jim Crow was ended in the 1950s. Why punish whites for their past while giving dark-skinned oppressors a pass?

The questioner who bore in the hardest on Taylor wasn’t a student; he was Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People’s Project, who noted Taylor and American Renaissance’s long-standing associations with white supremacists and other racists.  (The 21-year-old Heimbach hasn’t left as long or as extensive a paper trail as Taylor, but his debacle with Towson’s Youth for Western Civilization’s chapter — see my post yesterday on Heimbach for details — is a recent memory and his activities with the League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens are in the public record). For all their disingenuous talk of “equity” and “fairness,” Jenkins said, it’s hard to imagine how the student union they propose would not be a tool to lash out at other groups. If that were the case, it’s fair to wonder how it could be a net asset for the Towson community at large.

Whether or not the university should allow an official White Student Union is a different and still unresolved question, and one that Towson University will have to deal with if a faculty advisor comes forward to offer to sponsor Heimbach’s proposed group. Even if the school were to allow Heimbach to register his group as an official student organization, last night’s discussion suggests that he might have an even harder time getting people to actually join it.

  • aadila

    Ezra darling, we’ve already had those conversations. It resulted in Abolition.

    Or should we also go back to discussing whether bubonic plague, cholera, and chlamydia are caused by “miasma” and discard germ theory?

  • Aron

    Ezra, we should register for the next AmRen conference?

    And give money to an organization we vehemently dislike?

    What are you, kookoobananas?

  • Ezra_Mead

    If so many of you people have a “problem” with Jared Taylor, why don’t you register for the next American Renaissance conference, sit in the audience, and participate? You can debate, listen, take notes … whatever. Then there will be a free exchange of ideas.

    Eric Holder says he wants a “conversation on race”. You all want a “conversation” on race, don’t you? Or do you want a one-sided conversation where you do all the talking?

    Let’s have a REAL conversation on race where all sides are allowed to speak, including pro-white activists like Jared Taylor.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Hey, Ezra/Jason/Annie: I came, I saw, I watched your video, and couldn’t stop laughing at its fatuity.

    Anyway, you’re getting snotty little comments back at you, because YOU STARTED THEM!

    For example, Ezra/Jason/Annie, do you remember, a few blog entries ago, demanding all kinds of information from us for those “profiles” you were building? You asked for our sexual preferences, our arrest history, our debt levels, and our resume for the past 10 years.

    Now, you never made those profiles, didn’t tell us what it was all for, heck, you didn’t even give us an e-mail address or a mailing address where we were supposed to send our resumes for the past 10 years to! Where was I supposed to send that, Goofy? Fascists-Are-Us? Care of the Obseralzberg?

    And how about some of the other idiotic statements you’ve made? Take a look below. Remember spouting them? Do you expect us to give you even the slightest droplets of respect when you come out with such clangers? When you don’t answer our requests for proof and to back up your idiocies?

    We treat people who give childish and puerile outbursts around here with exactly what they deserve: snappy answers to stupid questions. No more, no less.

    That’s all you get, because that’s all you’re worth. As Corinthians says, it’s time you put away childish things. Don’t like the world? Tough. Live in it. The world didn’t turn out the way you wanted? Tougher. Get a helmet.Not happy that “minorities” are outnumbering whites? Go marry a girl who looks like Linda Evans, complete with shoulder pads, and raise a baseball team of kids on a compound somewhere, with like-minded looney tunes, totally separated from the real world, and see how long that lasts before it starts falling down from incompetence and paranoia.

    Until you get a clue, and get some help, and start asking real questions, seeking real answers, all you will get around here will be derision and re-runs. That’s all you’re worth. To us, you’re just entertainment.

    So in that vein, here comes my standard re-run for you.

    Annie/Jason/Ezra lives in a nice little house, right next to reality.

    I gotta tell you, though, this is a lot funnier than Bungalow Boob…he hasn’t shown up lately. I miss him.

    So Annie/Jason/Ezra, what happened with those profiles you were building of all the members of this forum? When are you going to create that web page with your worldview and your biting, incisive, well-researched analysis?

    Anyway, here’s my stock response to Annie/Jason/Ezra, just so that I can be “as constant as the Northern Star:”

    Annie/Jason Smith/Ezra Mead is back again!

    Complete with revolving sex changes…here strictly to derail the discussion!

    So, Annie/Jason/Ezra Mead…do tell us how the Holocaust never happened!

    Then tell us how the Russian people greeted their Nazi invaders with flowers!

    Then tell us how Norman Rockwell sided with Hitler!

    Then show us your proof that the white man is superior to the black man!

    And tell us again how you’ll prove it to us, only if we pay you vast sums of money, showing that you’re into neo-Nazism and junior Fascism for that noblest of purposes…the money!

    Then you can give us citations and evidence for all these wacky ideas!

    Until then, the tumbrels await for you!

    See? I don’t even have to think in dealing with him/her/it…I just cut-and-paste my own stuff!

    I still miss Bungalow Boob, though.

    The Thurm be with you, Jason/Annie/Ezra.

    And when are you going to do that profile of us?

  • Chris brown

    This is the kind of issues we deal with in Baltimore.Acting as if we don’t see the problem of hatred.It here it’s everywhere.The more we excuse the behavior,the more we are saying it’s ok. Who are we to act as if we are better then anyone.We all live and die the same.It goes to show the lack of confidence within to tear each other down cause of how an individual feels about themselves.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Actually Ezra, we post evidence and sources all the time, whereas you just come back with the same cut and paste crap half of the time.

  • adamhill


    How do you know none of us has viewed the video?

  • Reynardine

    Ezra, we are not insulting either you or your guru: we are merely describing you both. As for your cretinous propaganda, all cretinous propaganda soon looks alike.

  • aadila

    Ezra given the extradordinary amount of time you spend of your life thinking about reasons to hate, it is very likely you will reborn as that.

  • Ezra_Mead

    My Observation:

    Most posters on this blog post only angry, snotty little invectives and pejoratives. Never evidence, facts, or original source material. I posted the link above to view the speech, unedited. Why have none of you viewed it? Don’t spend time posting snotty little comments to me. Go watch the video objectively. Listen to Taylor’s arguments. Taylor answers each and every one of your objections you have posted here to me in a cool, calm, reasoned fashion. are you mad that someone has a worldview different than you? Why? That is the reality of life.

  • adamhill


    Their love for their own “kind” is purely Platonic.

  • aadila

    Yes Wayne, intelligent and open minded people can discuss things intelligently…

    But what about Lew and Ezra?

  • Wayne

    See, intelligent open minded people can have an open, intelligent discussion about any topic no matter how much they disagree.

  • Erika

    Ezra, my adorable Dum Dum Lollypop, there are numerous women’s groups because there are specific gender related issues. Insurance coverage for birth control pills is a specific gender issue, for example.

    Women have also been historically – and contemporously discriminated against in many professions and while a majority overall among college students and in the population remain a minority in most professions. If current trends continue there may well be male professional societies since girls are crushing boys in academic achievement now (part of the reason why the male supremacist groups have popped up recently because those insecure little men know that male domination of culture, society, and the economy is dying)

    Women also have followed the lead of men in setting up social clubs – in the college setting, fratnerities existed long before sororities and don’t blame us girls for following your male example in knowing the importance of networking and professional development.

    Outside of the college campus there was also the elitist and exclusionary clubs and if you weren’t a WASP male don’t bother to apply. And guess what, while most (but not all) elite clubs no longer exclude based upon religion and race, there are still many elite clubs where women are not allowed. While golf is about the stupidest activity which humans have ever devised there are many private golf clubs where you are only allowed on the course if female if you are going to put on a peach bikini and serve drinks.

    There is no such thing as a specific issue for white people. There are specific issues for gender. Once you understand that you understand why there are women’s groups and men’s groups.

    Plus, this White Student Union has nothing to do with real concerns – other than a temper tantrum that white men no longer control everything they don’t have any – and everything to do with agitprop theater – they would be more honest – and possibly get even more of the attention they desire – if they simply started wearing Klan robes and hoods to class. He could even call himself the Grand Imperial Wizard of the Maryland Realm of the Invisible Emprire of the Ludicrous Knights of the Ku Klux Klan or some other riduculously grandious title for a group which probably only has 2 or 3 actual members.

  • Reynardine

    Adamhill, I thought that, by and large, these “White Nationalists” also frowned on people who “love their own kind”.

  • Sam Molloy

    Thanks , Adilia, i’ll take that kind of closet anytime. Coralsea, I think the disadvantaged white kids may be more susceptible to a WN group than the BMW driving frat boys. I don’t have a solution but further division would seem to me to make everything worse.

  • Ezra_Mead

    You can watch the entire speech, including question and answer period, and including ‘incident’ at end you’ve read about, at the following link, unedited and unfiltered:

    You will be free to listen to Taylor’s arguments and then judge for yourself.

  • adamhill

    White student unions shouldn’t be accepted by universities because their organizers and members are promoting racism, plain and simple. Other campus organizations don’t do that. Racism is easily demonstrated as a destructive force in our country and the rest of the world, and institutions of higher learning should have no part in its promotion.

  • CoralSea

    Sam — I don’t think that most (or any) of the minority or women’s groups spend much if any time on the “us versus them” thing. There is enough to deal with, trying to find one’s way through the “mouse maze.” (Wonderful imagery, by the way!)

    Do people bitch and complain about roadblocks they face (even when some may be of their own making, whether they realize that or not)? Well, yeah — of course. We ALL do. White men complain about the people they deal with, sometimes idly (or deliberately) generalizing to those darn women and the way they do this, or those darn Asians and the way they do that, etc. It’s called “venting” your frustration, it’s often idle, stupid talk (similar to the way you complain about relatives or friends who bug you), and it is also part of making one’s way through the “mouse maze.”

    There is certainly a problem when people are doing more than idle venting–when they actually are blaming others and meaning it, or plotting to thwart others in some negative way (other than simply out-performing them). I think most of us have been in situations where we’ve seen the day-to-day idle grumbling tip over into honest-to-goodness nastiness and serious anger and spite. And I’m sure there are people–and maybe even a few groups out there that have headed off into “dangerland.”

    But this could also be said of white men. I earned my MBA at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Kellogg is considered one of the toughest and most prestigious B-schools out there, and it attracts a lot of sharks. At the time, (1980s) it was predominantly white and predominantly male. Some of my white classmates, both male and female, actively tried to sabotage other students (including me) so they could get higher grades and brighter job prospects. It was awful, and very different than my undergraduate studies, where we all tried to help each other out.

    I remember the day when, at the mid-way break, the guy who was sitting next to me deliberately told a classmate, who had arrived late, the WRONG information about what the professor said at the beginning of the class would be on the mid-term. I corrected him, and told the late arrival that, yes indeed, we were going to be tested on chapters 6 – 10 as well as 1-5. The misinformer called me a stupid bitch and ranted at me all the way into the hallway.
    (I told him to get bent.)

    I think most people who get involved in student or professional organizations of any description are simply trying to find friendship, support, and assistance as they try to find their way through the mouse maze.

    Having said that, perhaps there SHOULD be groups for lower-income or otherwise disadvantaged white males. The divisions among the classes in terms of educational opportunities, and ultimately, career opportunities, are becoming very serious, and I don’t think that rich, privileged white guys have all that much interest in helping out poor guys — even if they are white. So yes — I could see providing additional assistance to those of any race or gender (though if they want to do it as “white guys,” it personally doesn’t bother me) — who haven’t, because of our stupid educational system in this country, had access to the same resources as wealthier areas. It’s an idea. Of course, because of the possibility of associations with the KKK and other such unsavory groups, thought would have to be put in to making sure that others understood that a “poor white guys” assistance group wasn’t a beard for a hate group.

    I spend a lot of time looking at demographic data, and we do have a population of young men, many of whom are, in fact, white, who are disadvantaged. White Nationalism isn’t the way to go, though.

  • Reynardine

    See here, Sawdusthead, only people who have an interest in common need to organize. I am white, and that does not give me an interest in common with you. Erika, Coral Sea, Aron, and Ruslan all have identified as white, and none have an interest in common with you. Very few white people I ever knew would have had an interest in common with you, and those I couldn’t help knowing who did, I wouldn’t touch with a twelve-foot fruithook. So you’re not trying to form a White Student Union. You’re trying to form a Bigot’s Student Union. At least use truth in labelling.

  • Arthur Goldwag

    Following Erika’s lead, Forbes Top Colleges breaks down the demographics of Towson’s student body as follows:

    Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander4.0%
    Black or African American13.0%
    Two or More Races2.0%
    Race/Ethnicity Unknown5.0%
    Non-Resident Alien2.0%

    Heimbach is already onto his next ginned-up controversy. According to a story in Towson’s school newspaper, he plans to hold an “affirmative action bake sale” within the next two weeks, in which different racial groups will be charged different prices for the same goods: “Whites will be charged $2, Asians will be charged $1.75, Hispanics will be charged $1, Native Americans will be charged 75 cents and black people will be charged 50 cents. Heimbach said he is charging whites the most to illustrate the racial discrimination against whites.”

  • adamhill

    When compared to other seemingly related groups that organize people possessing specific traits (gender, sexuality, national origin, skin color), a distinguishing characteristic of a “white student union” would be its anti-democratic goals. Members of such a union would almost certainly seek to separate themselves, probably in ways that are illegal now, from other members of society who they perceive as “non-white”. Racists know they can’t receive formal recognition as a student group by explicitly promoting an agenda of segregration from or deporting of non-whites, so they invent or exaggerate qualities that make them appear like other campus groups and hope no one notices their actual intentions. So much of it is in the language: they are not promoting hate but “racial realism”; they don’t “hate others” but “love their own kind”; they’re not “supremicists” but “nationalists”. Give them a few beers away from the cameras, though, and out come the holocaust jokes.

  • Erika

    Lew, sweetcake, its highly doubtful that anyone who has actually been to college or even had someone explain the birds and the bees to them will find your argument at all persuasive.

    See, honey, i have never ever heard of a college having a Female Students Union. Yes, there are specific female groups on colleges – they are called sororities. There are also specific male groups called fratnerities. Neither are devoted to gender causes being social groups (note that sororities are much more likely to be involved in gender related causes).

    There are also groups which are devoted to women’s issues such as reproductive rights and preventing sexual assault. There are even groups devoted to male causes. Those groups are issue groups and as such open to all students who support their cause.

    But there is no general Female Student Union because women are extraordinarily diverse in opinions and interests. The larger a group is the less likely that one organization can speak to it.

    Hence, the idea of a White Student Union is riduculous. Now i’d actually have more respect for Heimbach if he said i want to start a campus chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Maybe they could march around in those silly pointed hoods and robes and hold cross burnings outside of the football stadium or something. It would be more honest – and substnatially less ridiculous than what Heimbach is trying to do.

  • Ezra_mead


    Why do you say the idea of a White Student Union is riduculous? There are more women than men in our society. They are the majority. Yet women form all sorts of groups and organizations and no one tries to stop them. NOW, the National Organization of Women, for example. So just because whites are the majority, does not mean they are not allowed to form organizations. And do not say that because whites are ‘oppressors’ they should not have a group. Muslims oppress women in their lands, yet Muslim students are allowed to form groups at US colleges.

  • aadila

    The White Student Union is passive-agressive and highly cynical reaction to the Black Student Union.

    The sole purpose is to be a theatrical farce, and therefore to convince people that the Black Student Union is also a farce…and that even looking into racism is a farce.

    So, let’s apply Marx to this: who stands to benefit from ridiculing the Black Student Union by setting up a farcical organization for white people?

    Well, obviously, white people who fear being treated the same way they’ve treated blacks for centuries.

    In this entire spectacle, there was no actual attempt to address the real issue, which is that whites are the de facto beneficiaries of racism in America. So really, the only farce is the White Students Union.

    Cucumber sandwish anyone?

  • aadila

    Sam, I am starting to think you a closet boodist. Have you been reading the Heart Sutra on the sly?

  • Sam Molloy

    Coralsea, I don’t know what goes on in those ethnic clubs on that campus. Perhaps Faculty advisors keep everything positive and they study good role models, such as inventors and entepreneuers as well as courageous activists from their history. They could offer specific advice on ways to succeed in a society that constantly advertises equality of opportunity but in hundreds of subtle ways, fails to deliver. There are however groups that use “us versus them” to hold the group more tightly together, and blaming others a convenient replacement for finding their own path through the mouse maze.

  • Lew

    Arthur Goldwag queries:

    “1) Is a White Student Union really analogous to, say, a black student union or a gay student union–”A safe space,” as Heimbach put it, “a support network for a campus that is hostile toward white students”?”

    Yes, Arthur, but if you doubt it, why not wait and see what he does?

    “2) Do whites NEED to organize?”

    Irrelevant. The members of the Porcellian club don’t *need* to organize, but they do it anyway.

    Arthur Goldwag and SPLC don’t decide need. It’s a free association and free speech matter.

    Anyone who doesn’t care to participate is free to move on.

    “3) SHOULD whites organize?”

    Yes. For the reasons Taylor listed, among many others.

    “4) Do whites have a RIGHT to organize?”

    LOL. Of course they do. Why wouldn’t they?

    Free speech, free association, and the law protect everyone, including Whites.

    Arthur Goldwag apparently wants to change this. Perhaps Arthur wants a caste society, with Whites at the bottom.

    Going back to number 2, the premise underlying this question shows exactly why Whites *need* to organize. People like Arthur are entertaining the possibility that Whites should not be treated equally under the law.

    “5) Is hostility a natural and expected response to a group that advocates for its own superiority to others?”

    Dumb misrepresentation. Really, this one is getting tiresome.

    Taylor has said over and over again that his reading of the evidence is that East Asians have “superior” IQs to White folks.

  • Lew

    Taylor is right. There is no credible reason for objecting to a White union when Black, Latino and other analogous unions exists. Taylor lines up the retarded arguments, and he knocks them down.

    “Whites don’t need a union. They’re the majority!” …and so are women but that doesn’t stop them.

    The specious claims that Heimbach’s group isn’t about celebrating heritage, free inquiry and voluntary association, that Heimbach’s motives are suspect, and that Heimbach’s “real” agenda is “hate” is just that: a set of specious claims.

    Whatever they may insist to the contrary, Heimbach’s opposition, including his critics here, aren’t concerned that he will peddle “hate” or “racism.” It’s the exact opposite. They’re concerned that he won’t peddle “hate” and will thereby show the world that people have no more reason to fear White groups than Black or Asian groups, and that all the expressed objections to White groups are themselves rooted in hate, fear and paranoia.

  • Sam Molloy

    Aadila, everything but the way we have treated people will, as you say, go away.

  • aadila

    Sam’s statement was a truism.

    We divide people into categories all the time and to suggest that’s inherently destructive is a fallacy. We have first graders and we have PhD candidates. We have orthopedists and we have oculists. We have sherrifs and we have ATF agents. We have those in the bike lane and those on the sidewalk. So really any society not only needs division, but depends on it.

    What reasonable person is going to disagree that dividing is wrong, and uniting is good (WNs aside). I know damn well what he means. Yes, of course, anyone with half a brain will agree with that, and like any truism, such an argument is nonsense. It avoids altogether the problem of racial inequality, and implies that merely looking at racial inequality is somehow racist. That argument is often expressed as “playing the race card”, which again deflects from the core of the problem and seeks to undermine the credibility of anyone who speaks of race as a factor in American society.

    And yet, oddly, we still have racism.

    I think a lot of people are failing to see what this White Student’s Union is about. Since it is virtually impossible to make a reasoned argument why minorities who suffer oppression in our country should not mobilize to defend themselves, there has been for decades this annoying mosquito whine of let’s have white groups too. And when opposition arises the WN’s go passive aggressive: “see, you hate white people and won’t let us meet.” The only problem in that reasoning is that whites aren’t suffering from racism in America.

    Where is this magical level playing field where blacks have the same wealth, land ownership, credit availability, educational opportunities, basic health care, quality of education, criminal penalties, legal representation, upward mobility, etc? At what moment exactly in our nation’s history did racism end? With Abolition? With the sequence of Civil Rights Acts? With Obama’s presidency? We still have the racial divide. We still have racism. And we still have huge differences in opportunity in American depending broadly on whether you are born man or woman, black or white, to an immigrant family or to a family that governs Massachussetts.

    So whether one argues against minority identity groups, either from symbolic gestures like the White Student thing, or from the seemingly more reasonable — but dangerously insidious — idea that any kind of racial organization is going to be divisive, the effect is the same: to prevent minorities from consolidating enough power to topple the majority. Who’s afraid of that? The minorities or the majority?

    So I disagree strongly that I was talking across Sam’s comment. I struck at the core of it like a lightning bolt and he never recovered his footing, the poor dear. I don’t have to let Sam get away with painting all racial identity groups as the same thing, with arguments like “dividing is bad, uniting is good” that sound good and mean nothing. Nor do I think Sam needs anyone to speak for him.

    Sam is pretty good at speaking for himself, don’t you think? I think he’s sweet.

  • Erika

    Being a naturally curious sort, i looked up Towson University’s student information – out of the 21,000 plus students there 13% are minorities.

    That really illustrates how riduculous the idea of a White Student Union is.

  • Erika

    The flaw in Heimbach’s reasoning is quite apparent – other than “race” there is no binding factor among white people. There is no unifying factor which says this is what it is like to be white in America. A person from the suburbs may have little in common from a person from a rural area.

    By contrast, most clubs at a college would have a unifying factor – the factor is generally a common interest. That interest might be a hobby, it might be a religion, it might be a career goal, common experience whatever – there will be some reason for it to exist. There are hundreds of clubs available for white students to join with others who they have similar interests.

    Then it is simply absurb to say that white people are oppressed on college campuses – white people are a majority at most schools. In fact, Heimbach’s complaints ultimately are not based upon race – they are based upon politics.

    Thus the only possible unifying factor that Heimbach’s white student union would have therefore is politics – and those politics are white supremacist. Now, i believe that a bunch of idiots should be able to start a white supremacist group on a college campus if they want – whether the school has to recognize it is another matter. Even a public school campus is perfectly free to bar an organization which discriminates in membership based upon race (gender is a different matter because fratnerities and sororities can afford lawyers (oopsie, i meant qualify as private clubs because they choose their membership) and obviously religious groups can limit to only adherents of their belief based upon the First Amendment).

  • CoralSea

    Sam and aadila — I think you are kind of talking across each other.

    Sam’s first comment included the statement, “The value here might be to show how counterproductive and destructive it is for any organization to be based on dividing people.”

    I happen to agree with that. Goddess knows that I find the White Nationalists/White Supremacists crowd to be extremely disturbed, and I believe that they are capable of causing a lot of damage through attracting others that share their diagnosis (and I do think these folks that persist in these beliefs have some actual mental illness) or upsetting folks who have been on the receiving end of hate, race-based and otherwise. But I also think that allowing these guys to expose their beliefs in the light of day shows an ever bigger audience just how lame and messed up their thoughts are.

    As for other commentors who have mused about whether other campus organizations are trying to subjugate others in a racist way, I have the following comment:

    Groups like the Black Student Union have never stated that they wanted to take over the country (okay — a few nuts might have said something like that, but really?). Interest groups like Black Geologists, Asian Business Achievement, and the like are seeking to support students and professionals who are still often in the minority — or who lack a lot of high-level mentors. They are trying to further their educations and careers.

    As a woman who has worked in management and in the sciences, beginning in the early 1980s, I can tell you that when next to nobody who is in a “boss” or “big boss” capacity is a female, it can be difficult to fit into an organization or make any real headway. You probably won’t get mentored — at least after the most basic level — and you often aren’t supported by the organization grapevine or taught all of the little things you really need to know.

    Discrimination is often unintentional, but its subtlety is what makes it so insidious. You don’t have to be more than a few degrees out of the loop in order to be enough out of the loop to seriously undermine your studies or your career. In most disciplines and industries, it’s still very much a white male world, and diversity programs or not, women and minority students or professionals often need that extra attention, encouragement, and mentoring that student and professional organizations provide if they are to compete successfully against middle and upper-class white guys. (Actually, since class is a big issue, especially in regard to advancement within organizations, it would probably make sense to have a “low-income white guys” club — that doesn’t involve race bashing — too.)

  • aadila

    Sam Molloy, perhaps you are right. But you know, don’t you, that all of this just … goes away?

  • CM

    Just one example among many:

    “If diversity is so good, Taylor asked, then how come the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has so many lawsuits to deal with – 39,000 complaints in 2007 alone? Blacks filed 21,000 of them, so there must be at least 21,000 whites who are worse off because of the ideal of diversity.”

    This is how a demagogue like Taylor misrepresents statistics to mislead an audience.

    For starters, a complaint filed with the EEOC is not a “lawsuit.” In fact, very few of those complaints lead to litigation by the EEOC. In 2007 (and I’m not sure why Taylor chose that year, since more recent figures are available), the EEOC filed a grand total of 362 lawsuits. That was during a year when the agency received a total of 82,792 complaints. Of those, 30,510 alleged racial discrimination (and may also have alleged sexual or other types of discrimination as well).

    In the second place, these complaints have nothing whatsoever to do with “the ideal of diversity,” they have to do with violations of the civil rights of workers. In general, about 35 percent of the complaints the EEOC receives allege racial discrimination, about 30 percent claim sexual discrimination, about 24 percent allege age discrimination and about 25 percent claim discrimination based on disability. Smaller numbers of complaints are filed each year alleging discrimination based on national origin, religion, equal pay and other causes. (The numbers add up to more than 100 percent because one complaint can allege more than one type of discrimination.) So unless Taylor wants to claim that no “white” workers file sexual, age, disability, religion or other discrimination complaints, “diversity” doesn’t enter into it.

    I don’t know where Taylor got his “blacks filed 21,000” of the 2007 complaints; no statistics on the EEOC website confirm that number. But in any case, it’s ridiculous to assert that for each racial discrimination complaint filed by an African American, a “white” person is somehow made “worse off.” If that were the case, then it would also be true that a “white” is somehow made “better off” by every incident of racial discrimination that goes unreported.

    Of course, it’s clear that Taylor and Heimbach must believe that. How else could they achieve their goals of “white” domination except by reimposing all the apparatus of racial or ethnic discrimination, such as Jim Crow laws, anti-miscegenation statutes, and unjust and inhumane immigration and naturalization rules? Heimbach’s affiliation with the CCC – a relic of Old South bigotry – surely confirms this.

    No “class” here, and no truth, just more slander and incitement to hatred.

  • Sam Molloy

    I’m not sure what a White Student Group would sit around talking about, but it probably would mostly be how awful the other groups are. It is only a small exaggeration to say that the only purely external force on your life is the weather. Most of anyone’s life voyage is guided by their own attitude. On a lateral scale of positive and negative, these groups fall on the negative side.

  • aadila

    Sam Molloy,

    When a criminal case is tried to achieve social justice, is the process looking backwards or forwards? Or should we cancel the docket because looking backwards to what happened and what must be done about it would offend your sensibilities?

    You are dancing around the issue again, and oh, but you have the gift of gab. However, I challenged you to demonstrate how the Black Student Union is identical the the White Student Union except for the race of its constituents. You have not met the challenge. Do you concede defeat?

  • Sam Molloy

    Aadila, I don’t think it was good, or edifying, but neither are the other groups. This just shows their inherent lack of true value well. These groups look backward instead of forward.

  • Arthur Goldwag

    NJ is a typo; I’m sure it will be fixed momentarily.

    The organizers didn’t deliberately exclude the press, but there was a long line to get in and they closed the doors when the room reached capacity.

    One person shouted an obscenity through a fire door, just seconds after the event concluded. Taylor was visibly startled, as were many of us in the audience.

    An event like this one raises a number of discrete but interdependent issues:

    1) Is a White Student Union really analogous to, say, a black student union or a gay student union–“A safe space,” as Heimbach put it, “a support network for a campus that is hostile toward white students”?
    2) Do whites NEED to organize?
    3) SHOULD whites organize?
    4) Do whites have a RIGHT to organize?
    5) Is hostility a natural and expected response to a group that advocates for its own superiority to others?

    Taylor and Heimbach believe that white people must organize, either to “take their country back” or to withdraw and form their own exclusive communities. As Towson contemplates the costs and benefits and legalities of a White Student Union, it’s important that they understand what it stands for. In that sense, this event accomplished a great deal.

  • aadila

    Sam Molloy,

    Interesting to hear other paradigms, yes, but this doesn’t equate to the paradigm having value. And sometimes it is important, even necessary, to divide those who are riding the cross from those who are driving the nails. Into which category does Jared Taylor fit?

    If I understand your implied commentary, based on our previous and edifying mondos, you would like to suggest that such entities as the Black Student Union are destructive and divisive.

    If this is so, can you recall how blacks and whites originally were codified and divided by law and custom in this land, and see how this division did not originate with the Black Student Union? In fact to erase such an organization seeking to correct this historical social imbalance through collective effort would itself be a step back to a racist status quo, would it not?

    And an organization which defends white unity, when white unity and exclusion of others was the historical instrument of oppression, would also push back toward the racist status quo, would it not?

    Let’s go deeper into this question, Sam, to determine if all groups which organize around race have the same motives, purposes, and effects.

  • Bron

    Towson’s not in NJ, it’s in Maryland.

  • Sam Molloy

    It’s always interesting to hear a different paradigm as long as it does not include encouraging violence. The value here might be to show how counterproductive and destructive it is for any organization to be based on dividing people.

  • B.B.

    Arthur Goldwag said:
    For all the media attention that Towson University student Heimbach and his proposed White Student Union have received in the past several weeks—from Matt Drudge, the Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, local television, this blog and of course the websites of such sympathetic racist groups as Taylor’s American Renaissance, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and Occidental Dissent—there were no TV cameras or news photographers to be seen in the lobby of the University Union building in Towson, N.J., last night.

    From the North Baltimore Patch:

    Many people, including a Patch reporter and other media, were denied admission to the Tuesday night event by campus security after the venue, which holds about 200, filled to capacity. Still, about 50 individuals stood outside the doors as Taylor spoke.

  • czarinaalex

    Diversity of thought my foot-he just dredges up a lot of old stupid and bigoted trash. The less we validate idiots like this -the better off we will be. He adds nothing to the conversation . Which brings me to a Henry Rollins youtube video concerning Ann Coulter where he says he wants Ann Coulter “to shut the fuck up”-I am with him-After years of listening to the tripe that Coulter and these other clowns have put out-I want them all to shut up-they have offered nothing worthwhile to any viable debate on anything. and they waste of time for people who have better things to do then listen to another bunch of lies, distortion and smear.

  • Yes

    Thank god nothing violent happened, and there was no HATE involved in this speaking of racial realism. HATE is what is what is wrong, not whites.

  • Erika

    Towson, NJ??? Might want to fix that :)

  • aadila

    Without incident…yet.

    Karma can take time to bear fruit. And its results can pop up with alarming alacrity.

    My advice to all who had to bear this unctuous race baiter’s speech is to meditate.

    His words befoul the air we breathe.

  • Otto

    Glad to hear nothing violent happened. Jared Taylor has now brought some much needed diversity (of thought) to that particular campus, and cheers to him for doing it with class.

  • Bob

    Plus, not many people understood the speech in the original German.