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Leading Race ‘Scientist’ Dies in Canada

By Don Terry on October 5, 2012 - 11:35 am, Posted in Academic Racism

Jean Philippe Rushton, a psychology professor and probably the most important race scientist in North America, died of cancer Tuesday night in Canada. The man who sparked a firestorm of controversy and protest in the late 1980s with his theories about the correlation between genital size and intelligence, and in later years was the head of a right-wing fund that has long supported the research projects of academic racists from around the world, was 68.

“He’s the end of an era of academic racists of his style and notoriety,” Barry Mehler, professor of history and director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism at Ferris State University in Michigan, said today. “I don’t think we’ll see that again.’’

That’s not to say that academic racism has died, only its most prominent elder.

Rushton taught psychology at the University of Western Ontario for 25 years and began his academic career investigating the basis of altruism – why one person sometimes aids another, even at personal risk. But it was in the fields of biology and genetics, academic disciplines unrelated to his training, that Rushton made his biggest mark — and left his largest stain.

Rushton’s infamous theory about race and intelligence can be summed up in two words: size matters.

He postulated that brain and genital size are inversely related, implying that whites are more intelligent than blacks and that Asians are the smartest of all.

Saying that Rushton’s ideas were “monstrous” and “simply do not qualify as science,” David Suzuki, an actual geneticist, debated Rushton on the Western Ontario campus in 1989 before 2,000 students and more than 100 reporters and television crews. Security was tight inside and out of the auditorium.

“I did not want to be here,” Suzuki told the audience. “I do not believe that we should dignify this man and his ideas in public debate.” A few minutes later, he added, “There will always be Rushtons in the world. We must be prepared to root them out.”

Brian Timney, dean of social science, which includes the psychology department where Rushton actually worked, said Rushton’s legacy “was not a great one.” “His research was not highly thought of,” Timney said. “I work in neuroscience and I expect some academic vigor. He was not vigorous.”

The dean said while the university refused to fire Rushton, he was removed from the classroom for at least a semester during the height of the uproar in 1989.  “There were so many protesters gathered outside his door, he couldn’t get in or out,” Timney said. Rushton delivered his lectures via videotape.

While Rushton may still be a big name in race science circles, at Western University “he sort of disappeared off the radar a long time ago,” the dean said.

Mehler also debated Rushton that year. The men appeared together on “The Geraldo Rivera Show.” “Is There a Master Race?” was the title of the segment.

Mehler remembers telling Rivera and his audience, “I have a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in institutional racism. I am an expert at recognizing racism when I see it. Rushton is a racist.”

Rushton kept his cool and soon he was red hot in the world of academic racists.
“He was very photogenic,” Mahler said today. “He never got flustered. He became the focus and the spokesman for the academic racists.”

But no matter how calm and cool Rushton was on the talk-show circuit, Rushton was pushing old-fashioned racism. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Mehler said.

While simultaneously defending his academic freedom, University of Western Ontario officials twice reprimanded Rushton for conducting research on human subjects in 1988 without required prior approval, according to a Southern Poverty Law Center profile of Rushton. In the first incident, Rushton surveyed first-year psychology students, asking questions about penis length, distance of ejaculation and number of sex partners. In the second, he surveyed customers at a Toronto shopping mall, paying 50 white people, 50 black people and 50 Asians five dollars apiece to answer questions about their sexual habits.

Rushton took his ideas on the road in 1989. He presented his views to a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

It did not go well.

Association officials called a news conference the same day to attack what the association’s president called Rushton’s “highly suspect” research. A spokesman for the AAAS, Earl Lane, said Thursday: “For now, I think we’ll have to just say that the quick actions of the association officials, in holding a press conference to refute Rushton’s research and his ‘highly suspect’ views, speak for themselves.”

Not everyone saw Rushton that way.

In a 1,219-word tribute to Rushton upon his death, Greg Johnson on the North American New Right website said what he admired about “good old Phil’’ was his “manner of stating the most radical claims in a calm and unapologetic way.” “Because of his scientific and political convictions,” Johnson added: “Rushton endured decades of social ostracism, professional discrimination, grotesque smears, mentally unhinged stalkers, attempts to have him fired from his job, and even physical assaults at the hands of Canada’s egalitarian peace-and-love-mongers.’’

Born in Bournemouth, England, Rushton earned his Ph.D. in social psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Author of a handful of academic tomes, numerous articles, and a one-time fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Rushton’s major published work is Race, Evolution and Behavior. His findings: black people have larger genitals, breasts and buttocks — characteristics that Rushton alleged have an inverse relationship to brain size and, thus, intelligence.

In recent years, Rushton spoke on the alleged IQ deficiencies of minorities at conferences of the racist American Renaissance magazine and website, and published a number of articles in that magazine. His work also is often published on racist websites, including the anti-immigrant hate site In 2002, after renting several academic mailing lists, Rushton mailed an abridged version of Race, Evolution and Behavior to 40,000 people — a mailing paid for by the Pioneer Fund, the race science outfit that he led for several years.

Reacting to complaints from scientists who had received the mailing, the book’s original publisher, Transaction, disavowed the smaller booklet and said that the abridged version had been “purged” of any “evidentiary basis.”

In 2002, Rushton became president of the Pioneer Fund, which has for decades funded dubious studies linking race to characteristics like criminality, sexuality and intelligence. Pioneer has long promoted eugenics, or the “science” of creating “better” humans through selective breeding. Set up in 1937 and headed by Nazi sympathizers, the group strove to “improve the character of the American people” through eugenics and procreation by people of white colonial stock. Pioneer has financed a number of leading race scientists, lavishing large sums each year on those who work to “prove” inherent racial differences that the vast majority of scientists regard as nonsense.

As a teacher, Rushton was given several positive reviews on the website, like the student who wrote, “Cutting edge research into race differences. One of the few professors not afraid to undertake ground breaking research.’’

But a majority of the reviewers rated him “poor quality.’’

“He epitomizes the overall capacity of the human species to rationalize superficial ignorance towards others,” one student wrote. “Not a good prof,” another wrote. “His work on race and ethnicity makes me wonder if I’m in the 19th century. Don’t take him if you want to keep your sanity.”

  • CM


    Linking to an opinion piece by Gottfredson really doesn’t help your case. As one of the leaders of the pro-testing community and author of the widely criticized “Mainstream Science on Intelligence” manifesto, naturally she can be relied on to advocate for the position that “intelligence” is meaningfully definable and measurable. But it’s the nature of the beast that the arguments are fundamentally circular.

    If you really don’t understand what “construct” means in the context in which I used it, you really aren’t ready to talk seriously about social science. Surely you’ve at least heard of “deconstruction”?

    So to deconstruct the notion of “intelligence”: Essentially, a test designer chooses a set of skills, abilities, talents, etc., and designates the combination as “intelligence.” Usually, the particular combination is chosen because the test designer considers them valuable or useful – and those terms are, in turn, defined in terms of value or utility in achieving “success” in the way the designer happens to define that term.

    As is easy to see, if a native of Omaha and an African bushman were asked to design tests of intelligence, the two tests would be very different, and the Nebraskan probably would not score very high on the bushman’s test, or vice versa.

    All of this is obvious, really, but because of the huge pile of money available from an educratic establishment that seems incapable of thinking outside the “standardization” box, there’s a major incentive to pretend otherwise.

    On the unrelated topic of personalities and debating styles, I’m compelled to point out that your screen name is an example of plurium interrogationum, the fallacy of many questions, also known as the “loaded question.” I’m also compelled to point out that clearly the SPLC doesn’t consider the topic we’re discussing “verboten,” as it is in fact providing the forum where we are discussing it. And whether one agrees with aadila or not, the fact that she writes a comment you don’t agree with certainly doesn’t constitute an attempt to forbid you to write comments of your own. This is just table-pounding on your part.

  • Why is left so intolerant?

    “there is widespread disagreement about whether “intelligence,” as used by you and people like Rushton and Lynn, is anything more than a construct created by designers of intelligence tests.”

    Fine, let’s discuss and argue. If people like addila and the splc had their way, the entire conversation would be verboten.

    If intelligence is a “construct,” whatever that means, it certainly seems to be a useful one — highly predictive of success in life.

  • aadila


    Your belief in racial bell curves notwithstanding, I regret to inform you that you rank near the lowest percentile of human intelligence.

    No amount of hope that eugenics will help you win the human race should be entertained.

  • CM


    Your firmly worded comment would suggest that there is widespread agreement among researchers that “intelligence” is something well-understood and precisely measurable. In fact, there is widespread disagreement about whether “intelligence,” as used by you and people like Rushton and Lynn, is anything more than a construct created by designers of intelligence tests.

    Attaching this dubious criterion to racial constructs that are at least equally dubious results in the creation of fictitious entities like “the average black” or “average black/white intelligence” – artifacts of the statisticalizing process.

    All of which would be bad enough, but I’ll say it one more time, Rushton deliberately misrepresented other people’s research. Inexcusable.

  • why is the left so intolerant?

    I’m interested in reasoned and respectful debate on this issue. I’ve tried to look at this issue without prejudice, and I’ve found strong arguments on the hereditarian side as well as strong reputtals on the anti-hereditarian side. A model inquirer is Ron Unz, publisher of the American Conservative, who has looked at Rushton and Richard Lynn’s research respectfully and closely, and mostly ended up disagreeing with their conclusions.

    I have nothing but contempt for the self-righteous, stone-throwing dim-bulbs who think that ridicule is sufficient response to people like Rushton and to his defenders here like Ezra.

    What I would say to people who are persuaded by Rushton is this… Showing that blacks on AVERAGE are lower in intelligence than whites, and that nature rather than nurture is a significant determinant of intelligence, should not be used to determine public policy or civil rights for CITIZENS of a multi-racial democracy like the US. Citizens need to be treated like individuals, not like members of a group with certain average traits. There are in fact millions of black Americans on the “right” side of the black intelligence bell curve, who have higher intelligence than perhaps 1/2 of the white people in the United States who are on the “left” side of the white intelligence bell curve. That means 4 or so million black Americans are more intelligent than 100 million white Americans. It is immoral and irrational to treat those 4 million individuals differently from whites based on the fact that they are “outliers” of a group that they happen to belong to.

  • Erika

    Anyone who chooses the name Joe McCarty to spout the White Nationalist line either has an overdeveloped or underdeveloped sense of humor. of course, to the right wing which white natiionalists would qualify as Joe McCarthy is actually a hero and of course was 100% right about everything so they might actually think its appropriate without realizing just how appropriate it really is.

    And am i the only one who keeps reading the headline to this post as “leading racist scientist dies in Canada”?

  • CM


    I thought of Lysenko, too, but he was such a specialist in biology that he didn’t seem to fit well with Tailgunner Joe’s generalized “what ever he said was ‘science’ was science.”

    Re Lamarck and scientific integrity in general: Arthur Koestler wrote an interesting book, The Case of the Midwife Toad, about Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer, who committed suicide after some other biologists accused him of faking some experiments in an attempt to find evidence supporting lamarckianism. Koestler’s theory is that Nazis at Kammerer’s university messed with his stuff (to use the technical term) because they preferred Lamarck to Darwin – no apes in the family tree.


    No, that’s the way the world ends – as some British wit said, not with a banger, but a Wimpy.

  • aadila

    I’m fairly certain that the consensus now is that the Big Bang is better described as the Big Whimper.

  • Aron


    I’m fairly certain Joe McCarthy was referring to Lysenkoism (, which was an outgrown of Lamarckianism (and they were both completely kookoobananas theories of evolution.)

    As you seem to have better access to scholarly sources than I do, I’m sure you can find better articles out there. I didn’t want to link the Wikipedia or RationalWiki articles. As I’m sure you understand.

  • CM

    Joe McCarthy said,

    on October 21st, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    “Remember in the Soviet Union when they had this scientist who would literally just make things up, and as long as the state officially approved of it, what ever he said was ‘science’ was science.
    “The only thing that science demands is the truth, not a consensus.”

    Mm, yeah, and maybe some facts rather than a vague quasi-anecdote about “this scientist.”

    Overall, your argument is somewhat puzzling. What you were responding to was Mitch’s statement that “there is no scientific consensus on what race is or who belongs to what racial group.” But you’re responding as if he’d said there IS a scientific consensus about those things. As a result, you’re attacking a phantom, the nonexistent consensus.

    This isn’t too surprising, because attacking the notion of scientific consensus is a favorite tactic for pseudoscientists and their supporters; it’s almost the default first move. And yes, Galileo is a favorite example of the bold thinker persecuted by the narrow-minded guardians of dogmatic belief, no matter how inappropriate a comparison it may be – for example, the idea that J.P. Rushton is in any way comparable with Galileo is, to borrow your phrase, “absolutely laughable.”

    Having said all that, I do not dispute the idea that a consensus is not proof; to say it is would be to advance an argumentum ad verecundiam, a classic logical fallacy. However, in the modern era, in which science is largely a matter of methodology, there certainly is a consensus, and a necessary one, about what constitutes valid methodology. And as I noted repeatedly in my earlier comments, with a link to the details, Rushton’s methodology was deeply flawed, to the point (in my opinion) of being deliberate falsification.

    More generally, real scientists do challenge the consensus – an example that springs to mind is the recent proliferation of theories questioning the Big Bang – but they do so with the understanding that the integrity of their research and reasoning must be flawless. Contrast this sort of thing with, say, the writings of Graham Hancock or Zechariah Sitchin. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

  • Joe McCarthy

    “Since there is no scientific consensus on what race is or who belongs to what racial group Race, Evolution, and Behavior is nonsense as is everything that Ezra_mead posts here.”

    Remember in the Soviet Union when they had this scientist who would literally just make things up, and as long as the state officially approved of it, what ever he said was “science” was science.

    The only thing that science demands is the truth, not a consensus.

    There was no consensus in Galileo’s day. But Galileo still was the one who had the truth.

    The entire system of science was designed for that. A consensus is an absolutely laughable excuse for why something is true or isn’t.

    That is exactly the way they thought in the Dark Ages.

    In the Dark Ages the priests had control over truth.

    Not anymore.

    Please go back to the Dark Ages and leave us curious humans alone.

  • John

    That’s one flushed from society, Good riddance. I can’t wait for the other two miscreants to follow suit: Richard Lynn and Arthur Jensen.

  • aadila

    Is no one going to take the bait about communism? I was hoping Sam Molloy would stand up for good old Libertarian anarchy at least…

  • Jose

    SPLC, you guys know that the Pioneer Fund has been tied to almost every single race issue in the United Sates for the last 80 years?

    The Pionner Fund has been tied to almost every single racsist white supremist group alive today. Founded by Wickliffe Preston Draper, a racsist from Tennesse, who credited his pure family lineage as being ” The true Americans.”,

    They were heavily involved in giving grants to the authors of The Bell Curve, who said that they had through science, proven the blacks were, “genetically inferior to whites.”

    They have convened with prominant racist groups such as The John Birch Society, The Council for National Policy, The Council of Conservative Citizens, The Ku- Klux- Klan, etc…

    I think that minorities all over the U.S can rest a little easier know that they don’t have to worry about being attacked from race scientists such as Rushton.

  • aadila

    Good communism is better than bad capitalism.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I think we can safely add Lew to the number of false personalities created by committee. That is unless Jason/Annie/Ezra/Lew are all just multiple personalities in one person with a mental illness. In that case the person also has some gender identity issues going on as well. At the moment I am more inclined to believe that they are most likely sock puppets that get traded around the likes of 4chan or stormfront to whichever bored, socially challenged 18-24 yr old desires to use them on a particular thread.”

    I think Jason/Annie/Ezra is the same person, and he’s less than age 20…his writing style never changes, and he’s indecisive, shrill, and whiny. I get the sense that he’s genuinely astonished and upset that people smarter than him are so effectively smacking down the bill of goods he bought from his neo-Nazi gurus. He bought into that stuff because it enabled him to figure out, in his own head, why he’s such a failure in the world. It’s not because he’s dumber than a bag of hammers, it’s because of the “Communists.” Never mind that Stalin has been discredited even among Communists since 1956 and that the only places that support Communism are Cuba, North Korea, and the History Department at City College.

    I think he’s lost and immature…maybe even about his sexuality…but he provides me with good laughs. Almost as good as Bungalow Boob. He’s back on his old thread, by the way, but I’m letting him rant to an empty room.

  • MRJ

    Reynardine: Thank You. Receiving a gift Honors the giver.
    Really… I’m serious… a photo can be provided.:)
    Shipping required though (andaglassfronted,blackvelvetlinedWalnutandbirds-eyeMaplewalldisplaycasewithcopperorbrasshighlightsorcornersinbasreliefArtNouveauuponrequest…).:)
    Frankly: I have loved the idea of these awards of yours, and have thought about them seriously to the point of collecting line drawings of anvils.
    Frustrated metal worker/stone goddess carver.

    Coral Sea: Cheddar Man.
    Parts of us are of old souls: first people.
    Fun… aside from the Dalhmer-esq joke in (of) poor taste… MY neighbors I wouldn’t feed to anything, and just my thought of it made my cat gag in the other room.
    I better go look.
    Another aside:
    “Me Yello like cheeese!, and you can rock me any way that you pleeeze… Don’t cha know?”
    YellowMan. Circa 1980’s. One of my favorites.

    Yeah, I have some of that Nordic also although none of the berserker.
    Norwegian, Dutch, and Koniag/Yup’ik (Alutiiq, if you prefer)… and yeah, my teeth are crooked and Yello Like Cheese!… and a moderate epicanthic fold.
    Swiss or string cheese, depends on the amount of coffee…
    I’m way off topic.
    Thank You for the Friday smiles.

  • Cheryl Williams

    I think we can safely add Lew to the number of false personalities created by committee. That is unless Jason/Annie/Ezra/Lew are all just multiple personalities in one person with a mental illness. In that case the person also has some gender identity issues going on as well. At the moment I am more inclined to believe that they are most likely sock puppets that get traded around the likes of 4chan or stormfront to whichever bored, socially challenged 18-24 yr old desires to use them on a particular thread.

  • CoralSea

    Reynardine —

    Maybe “tasty” is over-stating it. Okay for famine purposes is probably the best way to describe my neighbors.

  • Reynardine

    Oh, God, Coral Sea, you’re lucky. I don’t think mine are fit for dog food.

  • CoralSea

    Erika — You will have to excuse my venture into Mensa — I was but a stupid young thing at the time. And it didn’t take me very long to realize that some of the members were, ah, ah, lacking in regard to interpersonal skills is probably the best way to put it.

    Still, I quite enjoyed the Witchcraft/Paganism special interest group, which allowed people who weren’t Mensa members to belong as well. (I never asked at the time — but I rather believe that one of the reasons why they did this was because the members of the group JOINED when they were in Mensa, but then didn’t really want to stay in Mensa, but did like the Witchcraft/Pagan SIG. I also continued with that group for well over a decade after I let my Mensa membership lapse.

    Still, I do know some cool people who belonged, and I met them through Mensa, so I don’t want to bash the organization. Not everyone is a male convenience store clerk who believes that his sperm should be used to impregnate supermodels.

    Of course, when you resign, they repossess your IQ, but since I took so many tests, I still had plenty. (That was a joke.)

    As for teeth–it is my understanding that prenatal vitamins and nutrition have something to do with the proper “arch” of the upper and lower jaw that influences tooth alignment (I read that somewhere, but it was long ago, so it may be wrong). I personally don’t care for the Laser white, Chicklet teeth that some people have (bright white, like a well-scrubbed toilet). My teeth are great on top (except for “the Cumberland Gap” — the first molar on the left side, which I had removed because it was all icky and simply haven’t had “bridged” or implanted, because with the way I smile, you don’t really see it.) On the bottom, I have a hint of a snaggle up front, but I don’t care — it’s just the way I am.

    Yes — it is weird how some people think everything has to be perfect. Although perfection is a useful guide, it is often simply a waste of time and gets in the way of actually getting anything done or living your life.

    MRJ — On my mother’s side, (the mitochondrial DNA), we go back to some guy called Cheddar Man, who was some stone aged Britain. They were also cannibals, but we haven’t kept up the tradition! (Although some of my neighbors look tasty — if we ever run into a famine or something.)

  • Reynardine

    MRJ, I accept with honor. And yes, it’s Friday.

  • MRJ

    I hereby nominate an award of my own to Reynardine for that decisive, staggering account of the effects of light to dispel the blue eyed myth of exclusivity: The Order Of The Falcon.
    Complete with wreath, faceted crystal, and bones.

  • MRJ

    Thank You Reynardine for putting that in an expressive, demonstrably documented, and unassailable logic.
    That one has wings: great, streamlined raptor’s wings.

  • Peter Hockley

    “Born in Bournemouth, England,”

    Explains a great deal! Bournemouth is renowned in The UK as a town that is, Both small and large “c” conservative.

  • aadila

    “Straight teeth in your mouth are more important than the words that come out of it.”
    –Michael Franti

  • Erika

    CoralSea, the American obsession with comestic dentistry is such that the many people who comment on what a beautiful smile i have immediately ask if i have ever had braces. They always seem a bit disappointed when i tell them that i have never had braces and my teeth are naturally straight which indicates that no doubt the next question would have been where did you get them. How obsessed is our country where people’s reaction to natural beauty is to ask what artificial source you used to obtain it?

    On another note, ever since i have first heard about Mensa as a child i always wondered how insecure a person has to be to join a “genius” group which does not require any sort of academic or professional achievement to join. That is an obvious receipe to attract insecure losers who have underachieved in everything

  • Reynardine

    Blue eyes, factually, have the same pigments as dark eyes, but these pigments, either black or brown eumelanin, are confined to the back of the iris. Depending on the structure of the iris itself, the light that enters it then either undergoes Rayleigh scattering, which selectively reflects blue and sometimes indigo and violet rays, or Mie scattering, which is not selective and produces various shades of gray. Light-eyed Americans and central Europeans usually show a mix of both, sometimes with a bit of brown eumelanin or phaeomelanin in the mid layers of the iris, adding a greenish cast. This mix, technically a “merle” (pronounced “marl”) eye, is often miscalled hazel, but it’s not. True hazel, also a mix, contains enough brown eumelanin or phaeomelanin near the front of the eye to produce a tawny sort of tweed, and it is also common among Americans, including those not actually white. Our eyes, you see, are mixed, because we are. You don’t like it? Too late.

  • R. Weber

    Thanks Ezra!

    After reading your long list of falsehoods, I was naueseous and didn’t feel like eating lunch. Therefore, I am still at my desk, and the donation request email I just got from the SPLC a couple of minutes ago came at the PERFECT time. I just made a donation in your honor. Cheers!

  • MRJ

    What a fun thread!

    This whole theory of brain size vs. intellect or IQ being related to races/melanin content again reminds me that it really took far, far more time for these physical diversities to manifest than touted by some of the blond haired, blue eyed types and certain books severely edited/annotated by eras of unwashed men, living in dark, cold cells in hair shirts, who might have engaged in self flagellations or mortification, were woken up at all hours of the night to engage in rituals, on restrictive diets….

    B.I.T.E methodology for cult practices and determination comes of age.

    An aside: having once heard tell of how a false eye is/was hand painted, enameled, what have you, I am reminded that there is/are absolutely no blue pigments in the human body: and that blue eyes are recessive.
    Every blue eye you see is compiled of grays, browns, greens, yellows, etc. and the interaction or reflection of light from the iris: and to the eye of the beholder as the beholder might actually not be able to see certain colors of the spectrum, or any at all for that matter.
    Blind people cannot see shapes, skin, hair, or eye color.
    Let’s ask them.
    It might be an interesting study on acceptance due to perceived differences in regards to “race” relations if it has not already been done.
    There is somebody’s first million/Nobel.:)

    Shy of the Cain/Able/Garden of Eden/Tower of Babel stuff it should be obvious to even the most devout that there is something amiss about the so called superiority of any due to body shape, size, color, geographic location, societal, educational, language… the list goes on and on.

    Phrenology and “nasal indexes” have been debunked: yet it still keeps rearing its “ugly” head… :)
    “Infallible” genetic predisposition to any type of behavior can be dismissed shy of actual chemical differences only now being understood by scientists due to genome mapping, polymerase chain reaction and nucleotide tagging.

    Burn The Books! Well… not the ones from Texas… or the Bible…

    God Forbid(!)(?) we learn, through genome mapping, that there is Cro Magnon DNA in many of the “nordic” races, and that an average WASP male has more in common genetically with an indigenous African than his/her “superior” white neighbor.
    Did you also know that follicle per follicle a theoretically “white” female has as many hairs as a mountain gorilla whereas many of the supposed “inferior” races have less or are unable to grow beards/facial hair?
    Where then is this “genetic” superiority if they are known for their hirsute attributes more akin to the bovid, simian, etc. as pointed out above?
    Not to mention supra orbital ridges and “jutting, square jawed” stereotypes as seen primarily in posters around Germany in 1938.

    Sorry, shy of some here, I realize I’m preaching to the choir.

    This thread also brings to mind the concept of previously labeled “Idiots” Savants.
    This encompasses all races, creeds, religions, geographic locations… the power of the mind to overcome or to specialize, or to function at it’s highest (and often well beyond comprehension of us lesser, laden mortals) no matter what handicap or disability due to all of the above, and, or, including trauma is fantastic.
    Some cultures previously put those who would be now “labeled” as “slow” on pedestals for their seizures, fits, or seemingly (again: now “labeled”) “erratic” behaviors.
    Some of it was also societally adored/instigated: I’m not quite sure what the criteria for the selection of the Oracles at Delphi actually were (was it suggestibility, “seeing things”, hearing “voices”, how pretty, etc..), or whether it was induced by the poisonous volcanic gasses they were forced to inhale and drugged potions….
    Joan of Arc comes to mind as well.
    By today’s standards: Cross dresser/transvestite, possible lesbian or “gender identity” questions, magical thinking, aural hallucinations, visual hallucinations, tendency to violence….
    What would now be “labeled” as Schizotypal Personality Disorder and possibly forcibly medicated or “locked up” by what have been historically religious “mental” institutions.
    Then again, she was burned for wearing pants, using weapons, and heresy.
    Apparently: tactically brilliant.
    A Woman.
    Go figure.

  • aadila

    Rey, interesting.

    Well, darling, don’t discount cutting and pasting which would give the illusion of a second hand.

    Although I dare say that one’s arguments don’t even pass for second hand.

  • Reynardine

    In fact, Aadila, I used such techniques to make Jason as a committee some months ago. I never bothered with our present correspondents, but think Ezra was originally written by the same committee member as Sawdust Annie, and then the decided to give “him” a more “intellectual” personality.

  • Sam Molloy

    Oh dar n. I so wanted to see Jason dressed as Annie.

  • aadila

    Gregory, there are ways to analyze the text to determine if it comes from the same hand. However I have not bothered to do so because Sawdust Annie simply reguritates this pasty white termite food upon the blog from a deep neurotic need for attention. Frankly I think the best policy would be to ignore it and eventually it might shrivel up and blow away.

  • Reynardine

    Gregory, I myself think they are the product of the same committee. When they got made as a committee, they decided to call the scholarly-looking ones Ezra, and the really stupid-looking ones Annie, on the premise that all women are dumb tweets. I wrote something like that earlier, and some dumb little lowflying aircraft glitched the signal as I sent (wi-fi). But I am enormously grateful to you for bringing it up.

  • aadila

    I have another friend who is black who lost his job as a doorman at a highrise because he waved his arms expansively, and an elderly white woman who resided at the building considered this a threat.

    So we see while there is hope, there is still a long way to go in America.

  • Gregory

    I think you are mistaken regarding Ezra_Mead. He is very clearly the same individual or committee that have gone by the monikers Jason Smith and Annie. Who knows what they will be known by next time.

    This was a matter of discussion some time back, but it is entirely possible that JasonAnnieEzra are the product of a committee.

  • aadila

    Sam, the concept of equality of opportunity, as per the status quo, does not translate into praxis. We can look at various social indicators and historical factors to determine why this is. However, it is generally true that those who argue for the status quo have something to gain from it whether it be social prestige or economic advantage.

  • aadila

    Ezra, a good friend of mine graduated second in his class at an Ivy League undergraduate school, first in his class at an Ivy League business school, and now is making enough cash to buy your entire town. He is also black and had an extremely disadvantaged background economically.

    What does that say about your own abilities? Perhaps you are simply insecure and project this insecurity by finding fault with others. It has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with your mind.

  • A.D.M.

    Hey, Ezra, I’m black and my IQ is 201. Not that it matters, but your argument is full of shit just like Rushton was.

  • Reynardine

    I’d be bored to death if everyone looked alike. That’s why a flower garden is infinitely more interesting to look at than a hedge. It’s usually more ecologically balanced, too.

  • Sam Molloy

    While I think Jason and Annie are the same person, I think Ezra is older and more widely read. His list of physical racial differences may be accurate, as Forensic Detectives supposedly can identify race and sex from skeletons. I say, so what? Should we have a different curfews and police carrying color charts? Different laws and sentence recommendations? Our Constitution may have been written for White property owners, but the concept of equality of opportunity, not guaranteed equity of results, seems to work better than any other system in the world.

  • CoralSea

    Reynardine —

    And in terms of teeth, let us not forget (from The Simpson’s TV show), “The Big Book of British Smiles.” Coming from a family that is of primarily British Isle descent, we all laugh uproariously whenever we hear an allusion to this. (If you haven’t seen it, a dentist is trying to scare Lisa or Bart into better brushing by showing them “The Big Book of British Smiles” featuring all sorts of caricatures of awful, awful teeth.)

    Although I don’t like dingy, yellow teeth (lots of tea drinking and smoking, not to mention all the sugar that Brits tend to consume), I have always rather enjoyed the quaintly crooked teeth one often sees in the British Isles descendants smile and find it endearing, probably because that’s what I saw smiling down at me at the moment of my birth and through my childhood.

    Honestly — How anyone can make blanket statements about intelligence, though, just makes me think they must be stupid themselves or just very, very twisted up inside emotionally.

  • Reynardine

    Certainly, Ezra, some differences are genetic. You would always have been about as brilliant as George W. Bush, for example, but it took a special upbringing to make you as honest as Mitt Romney. Nonetheless, in your case, I cannot rule out fetal alcohol syndrome as being formative in both.

    I have blood relatives overseas who grew up in postwar Eastern Europe, and there is a definite difference in how we aged, the soundness of our teeth, and several other details. Similarly, the same stock, exposed to greater or lesser amounts of sunlight, differences in day length and temperature fluctuation, etc., produce different phenotypes. The lesser sunlight of northern lattitudes delays bone end closure and sexual maturity, producing greater height, longer faces and chins, and less pronounced secondary sex characteristics in the skeleton than in someone from the same family who grew up at a more southerly lattitude. The kind of face we think of as “English” – long, rectangular, widemouthed, and pinched through the cheekbones J is quite rare in English stock from the U.S. An African American who grew up in a Northern city is measurably more robust than his cousin from Haiti, as a rule. I grew up in Florida and am shorter, rounder, and physically stronger than my full sister, who grew up in Chicago.

    And then, we have self-assortation, to which Erika has referred. Rarely do intelligent people suffer fools gladly for long, and they are unlikely to breed with them. I hope your future is not too bleak because of this, but it doesn’t look promising. Well, toodle-oo…