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Leading Race ‘Scientist’ Dies in Canada

By Don Terry on October 5, 2012 - 11:35 am, Posted in Academic Racism

Jean Philippe Rushton, a psychology professor and probably the most important race scientist in North America, died of cancer Tuesday night in Canada. The man who sparked a firestorm of controversy and protest in the late 1980s with his theories about the correlation between genital size and intelligence, and in later years was the head of a right-wing fund that has long supported the research projects of academic racists from around the world, was 68.

“He’s the end of an era of academic racists of his style and notoriety,” Barry Mehler, professor of history and director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism at Ferris State University in Michigan, said today. “I don’t think we’ll see that again.’’

That’s not to say that academic racism has died, only its most prominent elder.

Rushton taught psychology at the University of Western Ontario for 25 years and began his academic career investigating the basis of altruism – why one person sometimes aids another, even at personal risk. But it was in the fields of biology and genetics, academic disciplines unrelated to his training, that Rushton made his biggest mark — and left his largest stain.

Rushton’s infamous theory about race and intelligence can be summed up in two words: size matters.

He postulated that brain and genital size are inversely related, implying that whites are more intelligent than blacks and that Asians are the smartest of all.

Saying that Rushton’s ideas were “monstrous” and “simply do not qualify as science,” David Suzuki, an actual geneticist, debated Rushton on the Western Ontario campus in 1989 before 2,000 students and more than 100 reporters and television crews. Security was tight inside and out of the auditorium.

“I did not want to be here,” Suzuki told the audience. “I do not believe that we should dignify this man and his ideas in public debate.” A few minutes later, he added, “There will always be Rushtons in the world. We must be prepared to root them out.”

Brian Timney, dean of social science, which includes the psychology department where Rushton actually worked, said Rushton’s legacy “was not a great one.” “His research was not highly thought of,” Timney said. “I work in neuroscience and I expect some academic vigor. He was not vigorous.”

The dean said while the university refused to fire Rushton, he was removed from the classroom for at least a semester during the height of the uproar in 1989.  “There were so many protesters gathered outside his door, he couldn’t get in or out,” Timney said. Rushton delivered his lectures via videotape.

While Rushton may still be a big name in race science circles, at Western University “he sort of disappeared off the radar a long time ago,” the dean said.

Mehler also debated Rushton that year. The men appeared together on “The Geraldo Rivera Show.” “Is There a Master Race?” was the title of the segment.

Mehler remembers telling Rivera and his audience, “I have a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in institutional racism. I am an expert at recognizing racism when I see it. Rushton is a racist.”

Rushton kept his cool and soon he was red hot in the world of academic racists.
“He was very photogenic,” Mahler said today. “He never got flustered. He became the focus and the spokesman for the academic racists.”

But no matter how calm and cool Rushton was on the talk-show circuit, Rushton was pushing old-fashioned racism. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Mehler said.

While simultaneously defending his academic freedom, University of Western Ontario officials twice reprimanded Rushton for conducting research on human subjects in 1988 without required prior approval, according to a Southern Poverty Law Center profile of Rushton. In the first incident, Rushton surveyed first-year psychology students, asking questions about penis length, distance of ejaculation and number of sex partners. In the second, he surveyed customers at a Toronto shopping mall, paying 50 white people, 50 black people and 50 Asians five dollars apiece to answer questions about their sexual habits.

Rushton took his ideas on the road in 1989. He presented his views to a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

It did not go well.

Association officials called a news conference the same day to attack what the association’s president called Rushton’s “highly suspect” research. A spokesman for the AAAS, Earl Lane, said Thursday: “For now, I think we’ll have to just say that the quick actions of the association officials, in holding a press conference to refute Rushton’s research and his ‘highly suspect’ views, speak for themselves.”

Not everyone saw Rushton that way.

In a 1,219-word tribute to Rushton upon his death, Greg Johnson on the North American New Right website said what he admired about “good old Phil’’ was his “manner of stating the most radical claims in a calm and unapologetic way.” “Because of his scientific and political convictions,” Johnson added: “Rushton endured decades of social ostracism, professional discrimination, grotesque smears, mentally unhinged stalkers, attempts to have him fired from his job, and even physical assaults at the hands of Canada’s egalitarian peace-and-love-mongers.’’

Born in Bournemouth, England, Rushton earned his Ph.D. in social psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Author of a handful of academic tomes, numerous articles, and a one-time fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Rushton’s major published work is Race, Evolution and Behavior. His findings: black people have larger genitals, breasts and buttocks — characteristics that Rushton alleged have an inverse relationship to brain size and, thus, intelligence.

In recent years, Rushton spoke on the alleged IQ deficiencies of minorities at conferences of the racist American Renaissance magazine and website, and published a number of articles in that magazine. His work also is often published on racist websites, including the anti-immigrant hate site In 2002, after renting several academic mailing lists, Rushton mailed an abridged version of Race, Evolution and Behavior to 40,000 people — a mailing paid for by the Pioneer Fund, the race science outfit that he led for several years.

Reacting to complaints from scientists who had received the mailing, the book’s original publisher, Transaction, disavowed the smaller booklet and said that the abridged version had been “purged” of any “evidentiary basis.”

In 2002, Rushton became president of the Pioneer Fund, which has for decades funded dubious studies linking race to characteristics like criminality, sexuality and intelligence. Pioneer has long promoted eugenics, or the “science” of creating “better” humans through selective breeding. Set up in 1937 and headed by Nazi sympathizers, the group strove to “improve the character of the American people” through eugenics and procreation by people of white colonial stock. Pioneer has financed a number of leading race scientists, lavishing large sums each year on those who work to “prove” inherent racial differences that the vast majority of scientists regard as nonsense.

As a teacher, Rushton was given several positive reviews on the website, like the student who wrote, “Cutting edge research into race differences. One of the few professors not afraid to undertake ground breaking research.’’

But a majority of the reviewers rated him “poor quality.’’

“He epitomizes the overall capacity of the human species to rationalize superficial ignorance towards others,” one student wrote. “Not a good prof,” another wrote. “His work on race and ethnicity makes me wonder if I’m in the 19th century. Don’t take him if you want to keep your sanity.”

  • CoralSea

    Folks — I have been off-line, juggling writing assignments and have now come up for air — to this…. (sigh)

    Ezra —

    In regard to your comment: 5.) Blacks have prognathous jaws.

    Golly gee — I didn’t know that the Habsburg Dynasty — you know, the ones with the protruding lower jaw and lip (the Habsburg lip) were black. Is THAT why so many of the Royals relied on white lead makeup? Why Marie-Antoinette wore a powdered wig?

    Also, in regard to the tooth thing — I have less teeth than the normal person. Does that mean I am “Superwhite?” Even though I have some black blood from way-back-when?

    In regard to IQ tests, all I can do is groan. Back when I was in high school I got interested in the topic, and, after a conversation with a psychologist friend-of-the-family, he administered 11 different types of IQ tests to me, all of which were tests that were accepted by Mensa. This was a fun exercise for both of us, in part because I had only just begun reading at the age of 14 (I am seriously dyslexic) but have always been a knowledge sponge with a good memory. Also, I had been reading for three years at that point, so I had pretty much caught up to my peers.

    First, let’s say, some of the tests were horrendously biased in terms of culture and class — but since I was an upper class white girl, they were biased in MY favor. Second, some of the tests involved certain problem solving that I simply could not do (I have since learned techniques for laying out certain types of problems in such a manner that I don’t lose track of up and down, right and left — you know, the little things). But other tests didn’t have problems that butted up against my own peculiar perceptual problems, and of course, I did swimmingly on those.

    So, what did we find after wading through all of these tests? On the two that included many of the types of problems I simply couldn’t do, my IQ was judged to be 116. Not bad, actually.

    On the rest of the tests, my IQ ranged from 145 to 184 — several sigmas off of 116.

    Personally, I think the 184 is ridiculous, and the 145-150 range is more in line with reality (which still qualified me for Mensa. I joined, and then quit after a few years when I realized that in the case of many of the members, their IQ was the ONLY thing they had going for them, and that they pissed and moaned constantly about how pay should be determined by your IQ, and you shouldn’t be relegated to the stockroom for intractably bad social skills and body odor).

    I honestly don’t know why anyone relies on IQ tests — even those administered one-on-one. The cultural bias is one thing that can easily tank someone’s score, but perceptual problems, such as the types I have (although I have come of with tricks for getting around most of them) can also shave points off so that someone who is, in fact, very bright, is simply passed by. I suppose their ownly real utility is when the demonstrate that someone who isn’t particularly talkative has, in fact, been absorbing far more knowledge than anyone knew — so maybe the adults should help him or her do more.

    The ways in which people learn a varied. My school district knew I still couldn’t read when I was 12, but this was in the 60s, I was a girl, and I came from a rich family, so everyone shrugged. This still makes me angry, but because I lived in a knowledge-rich environment (and my grandfather screamed until my parents packed me off to one of the first schools that worked with dyslexics in the country), I made it through.

    The real tragedy is how many people of any race or gender may be written off because of dumbass IQ tests, and fail to live lives that could have been far more fulfilling if they had been given a bit more help learning what they needed to do to learn HOW they needed to learn.

    Have to return to my writing-for-pay now.

  • aadila

    It occurs to me, Kiwi, I would even go so far as to suggest that the very notion of individuality is to blame, since the idea of a separate self, that is a fixed, unitary identity separate from the universe, is rooted in ignorance.

    The more we attempt to live according to any idea whose sole purpose is to protect individuality, the greater the despair one feels that the mad bolus of social forces has completely gone beyond anyone’s control. Therefore our comprehension of the universe is one where we feel compelled to act out violence in an effort to regain control of our own lives. Neo-nazis are but one manifestation of this deeper social disorder of violence.

    Similarly, to assuage the deep angst of powerlessness, we seek pleasure, again as an individual, in many forms that leave society bereft of the benefit of true cooperation and selflessness. After gorging on hate, the remaining pleasure is the orgasm.

    This would explain the nexus between Nazi hate and the sexually debauched. Although the menace of the Hun has been safely contained after WWII, there is still a shadow of this bugaboo present within our own American Empire. My explanation is as follows:

    The cult of human individuality, as practiced in the United States in particular, and the West in general, and to some degree on every part of the planet, has led to a threat to the very continuance of our species. Whereas the Nazis walked in lockstep with the state, the American people walk in lockstep with themselves.

    Individual violence is but one manifestation of this tremendous existential disorder.

  • Ezra_Mead


    It appears you agree with me. These differences breed true generation after generation. Another words, a mating pair of Black Sub Saharan Africans, transported to northern Europe, will not suddenly produce offspring that are exact duplicates of northern Europeans in a single generation.

    You mention skulls, ears, necks, limbs, and bodies, trunks, bones, body type, coats (hair). These are biological differences between the races, that are not due to nutrition, but are genetic. For example, the hair of blacks is kinky and dark. That of the European is blonde/red/or brown and straight. This surely is not due to nutrition. A Black mating pair with a different nutrition, will not suddenly develop the straight blonde hair of the northern European within a single generation.

    Thus you agree with me. There are genetic differences between the races. Race is not just a “social construct” or some sort of illusion. Race is real. It is biological. A genetic reality. Not due to just nutrition. The black kinky hair, the smallish, low-set ears, etc …

    Your fall-back position seems to be these genetic differences are “trivial, superficial, or merely cosmetic”. I will address these points in a future post. But for now, I merely want to make clear my position that race is NOT merely a social construct. It is real, and genetic in origin. And it appears you agree.

    and longer, slimmer

  • Reynardine

    In fact, if you look at canids, equids, bovids, or anything else, those from hot desert regions will have smaller, lighter skulls, longer ears, necks, limbs, and bodies, slimmer trunks, finer bnes, and longer, slimmer metapodials than those from arctic regions, and it does not signify any intellectual difference at all, but rather the ability to radiate or conserve heat, just like coat quantity and quality. Conversely, the small, deeply-rolled ears of a Saharan or Sahelian human are a protection against the sunburn that make owners of big, pink, weathervane ears miserable in hot climates. Likewise, denizens of hot climates carry less subcutaneous fat so that they will radiate heat more quickly, and to people used to seeing baby fat, this can make children look more mature. The only differences in gestation times among mothers the world over are those caused by differences in maternal health, nutrition, and general treatment.

  • CM

    Ezra/Jason/Annie/Zang et al.:

    This is what happens when you don’t check the references: you repeat other people’s specious nonsense even after it has been thoroughly debunked, which makes you look thoroughly stupid.

    Regarding your statement No. 1, if you had followed the link in my first comment, you would have learned that:

    “Although Rushton (1988, 1990a, 1991) implied that Blacks are consistently found to have smaller brains than Whites, some of the studies listed in his reviews actually show opposite trends: North American Blacks were superior to American Whites in brain weight (see Tobias, 1970, p. 6:1355 g vs. 1301 g) or were found to have cranial capacities favorably comparable to the average for various samples of Caucasians (see Herskovits, 1930) and number of excess neurons larger than many groups of Caucasoids, for example, the English and the French (see Tobias, 1970, p. 9). In general, skulls from people in countries with poverty and infant malnutrition are smaller regardless of race. This trend is apparent even in Rushton’s (1990b) tabular summary of Herskovits’ s review: Caucasoids from Cairo had far smaller crania than North American Negroes (see more details in Cernovsky, 1992). In this respect, Rushton (1990a, 1990b, 1990c) also repeatedly misrepresented findings by Beals, Smith, and Dodd (1984) on cranial capacity. Rushton implied that Beals et al. presented large-scale evidence for racial inferiority of the Blacks with respect to cranial size. De facto, extensive statistical analyses by Beals et al. showed that cranial size varies primarily with climatic zones (e.g., distance from the equator), not race. According to Beals et al., the correlations of brain size to race are spurious: smaller crania are found in warmer climates, irrespective of race.”

    In other words, even Rushton’s own research and sources contradict his claims. He wasn’t doing science, he was concocting propaganda. But I suspect you already know that.

  • Ezra_Mead

    These are some facts regarding racial differences:

    1.) Blacks have smaller brains and lower IQs. 80 cubic centimeters smaller than for whites. Which is an enormous difference. Scientists have known for a long, long time that Blacks have smaller brains on average
    2.) There is a structure in the lower mandible called the simian shelf which exists only in Black. Whites do not have a simian shelf. Yet it exists in the great apes such as gorillas.
    3.) The bones of the nose of Blacks are fused together, as with the gorilla.
    4.) The ears of blacks are low set and smallish, as with gorillas.
    5.) Blacks have prognathous jaws.
    6.) The races have different gestation periods. Black babies mature more rapidly. Black girls have their first menstruation at an earlier age. Black teens mature more rapidly than white teens.
    7.) The eruption of the 4th molar is more frequent in Blacks than in whites. Even the primitive 5th molar is not uncommon in Black adults. With whites, it almost never occurs.

    These are just a few that come to mind. I’ll post more if you like. But read Rushton’s book. You’ll see I’m right.

  • CM

    “So a person writing for the Journal of ‘Black’ Studies who previously presented his findings at the American Psychology Association concluded Rushton’s work is garbage.”

    “LOL. Can I roll my eyes now?”

    Well, “Lew,” if all you’ve got in response to Cernovsky’s presentation of verifiable facts is this combination of ad hominem attack and reductio ad ridiculum, you’ve got nothing. There is none so blind as he who will not see.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “There has to be some link between neo-Nazis and distorted sexuality…I’m sure it’s been studied.”

    Indeed there is a link but it has more to do with not getting desired sexual contact rather than the opposite. As the commentator “Vili” proved in another thread, many of these white males believe that white women are “their women” and they get really upset at the idea that black guys, and specifically black guys, are somehow stealing their women away. I’m sure if you look at the statistics white-black relationships are probably not very significant at all. Most dating is still pretty intra-racial(as is most crime, incidentally).

    What these losers need to understand is that the reason they are alone is not because the media makes white girls chase after black guys. If they lived in an all white country, assuming they don’t change their behavior, they would still be alone. Every once in a while you hear stories about some of these morons moving to Eastern Europe or Russia hoping to find a woman who can stand them. Many end up getting severely depressed and butthurt when they find out that rising living standards mean that ordinary women have no problem saying ‘no’ to them. Typically they resort to prostitution until they conclude that even Eastern Europe has been “ruined by the Jew media” and heading back home with their tail between their legs.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    In addition much of the crime that happens in the inner city is drug crime. Drug trade in the inner city is easier to spot, and often takes place on the street where it can be observed by police. In the suburbs, drug dealing is done in private homes or apartments away from prying eyes.

  • aadila

    “There has to be some link between neo-Nazis and distorted sexuality…I’m sure it’s been studied.”

    A few thousand years ago it was observed hate and lust arise from ignorance. From what I am seeing not much has changed…

  • Kelly

    So what about the white men with big ones and black men with average ones? Did they have to take a proficiency exam?

  • Erika

    Lew, in addition to the flaws in your “reasoning” that other people have mentioned, you make the mistake of believing that conviction rates have any relationship at all with rates of committing crimes.

    You also fail to comprehend the impact of the significant difference in cost of living between urban and rural areas as it relates to crime. Urban areas tend to have a very high cost of living which leads to crimes of survival being the dominant form of crime. Rural areas tend to have a very low cost of living but nothing to do which tends to lead to crimes of boredom being the dominant form of crime.

    And of course, urban, suburban, and exurban areas also have many crmes of greed but its pretty clear that Lew doesn’t care about them because the people committing those crimes tend to be rich white people.

  • Lew


    So a person writing for the Journal of “Black” Studies who previously presented his findings at the American Psychology Association concluded Rushton’s work is garbage.

    LOL. Can I roll my eyes now?

    Get back to me when you find a credible source.

    ***I’m putting “Black” in quotes since race does not exist according to the writers at this site.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Rushton’s evidence came from an article in the Penthouse Forum…

    There’s an accurate description of human sexuality.

    However, I am reminded of how neo-Nazis and their ilk keep tripping over sexual misbehavior…Gliebe, Collin, April Gaede, and of course, David Duke, whose great opus was a treatise on the proper way to “do it,” and he set out to put it into action by chasing the wives of his fellow Fascists.

    There has to be some link between neo-Nazis and distorted sexuality…I’m sure it’s been studied.

    Now that would have been a good use of that Presidential Commission on Pornography 20 years ago!

  • CM


    Rushton’s evidence is bunk. You’d know that if you had clicked the link I provided earlier:

    “Contrary to Rushton’s speculations on race and crime, skin color would be a poor predictor of crime rate due to low base rates and very large intragroup variance. His own data (summaries of Interpol statistics, Rushton, 1990c, 1995) can be reinterpreted as showing that relying on race as an indicator of crime leads to 99.8% of false positives (Cernovsky & Litman, 1993a). The average correlations between race and crime are too low and inconsistent to support genetic racial speculations and, in fact, might point to the opposite direction than Rushton postulated (see higher crime rates in Whites than in Blacks in Interpol data analyses, Cernovsky & Litman, 1993b).”

    On another topic of interest, Cernovsky notes:

    “In a similar vein, some of Rushton’s references to scientific literature with respect to racial differences in sexual characteristics turned out to be references to a nonscientific semipornographic book and to an article in the Penthouse Forum …”

    Yes, Rushton’s evidence is “suggestive” … of pathological dishonesty.

  • aadila

    Aron, if I were as pretentious as Jared Taylor I would pronounce “egg” with three syllables, to channel a bon mot from the past…and I thank you for the gleaming orbicular memento of the day I trapped a tigress. Such moments are rare indeed.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “And young, poor black men considerably more than young, poor White men. Rushton’s evidence is suggestive.”

    Because in modern times, poor white men typically live in rural areas. Poverty alone isn’t the only factor to consider; there is also population density. That is why, for example, when New York and Chicago were full of poor white immigrants, crime was even worse than it is in places like Harlem today.

  • Aron


    Rushton’s evidence is only suggestive to the suggestible.

  • Erika

    Reynardine, given that the entire sum of Rush Limbaugh’s knowledge of women appears to be based upon some old dog eared copies of third rate 1950s “men’s magazines” that he found in his father’s sock drawer it is very likely that is when his “theory” originated.

  • Erika

    Sam, its also a maxim that when crime is organized enough, its not even illegal.

  • Lew


    Men on average commit more violent crime than women. Young men more than old men. Poor men more than wealthy men. And young, poor black men considerably more than young, poor White men. Rushton’s evidence is suggestive.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Aron and Aadila, I daresay I should be flattered by the description.

  • Aron

    Aadila, for your gallant act of trapping Rey in your trap for tigers-tigers-burning-bright-like-some-flaming-tigers-in-the-night, I award you the very first Golden Poacher’d Egg.

    (Be sure to avoid showing it to conservationists. They’re a little sensitive about the subject.)


  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, I hate to sound like a left wing commie Liberal, but rich people commit crimes just as often as poor people, just different crimes. The old maxims, variations on, “steal a horse they hang you, steal a castle they make you king” are still valid today.

  • aadila

    I do believe I deserve an award for luring Rey into the tiger trap. This is a banner day for little gaadzila!

  • aadila

    Rey, surely you can tell satire when you see it? As our indomitable spirit guide Arthur Goldwag quoth, the best satire makes us squirm.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, you are venturing perilously close to Hammerhead territory. Furthermore, your theory of genetic diversity does not hold water.

  • aadila


    It’s been theorized that females alone can perpetuate the human race without actually requiring the anomalous and rather strange male offshoot of humanity.

    In fact gonochorism is a rather primitive form of biology, and the theory that males are needed to provide biological diversity has been shown to be a rather weak argument, given examples of many other forms of life. The female, as carrier of the ovum and solely responsible for gestation, is really the only human required for reproduction, and the male, well, can be reduced to an appendage.

    Parthenogenesis of the ovum, through the default gender, the female, would in every way be as vibrant and diverse genetically as life without the male. Perhaps with continued scientific research such as this, male participation in reproduction will become increasingly useless, especially with regard to brain degeneracy as evidenced by the squalid eugenic arguments of Lew and Ezra. Though, we might still keep around a few of the more _robust_ specimens for amusement.

    Isn’t science delicious?

  • Ian

    A good rule of thumb:

    If anyone compares themselves or others to Galileo, they are probably full of it.

    The thought process seems to be: “This one guy was correct about something centuries ago. Ergo, I and this other person are correct about this totally unrelated topic centuries later.”

    By the way, my toenails cure AIDS. You may laugh, but they laughed at Einstein too.

  • RMB

    And nothing of value was lost. I hope he at least has adequate nutrition for the worms, he might turn out to be useful for once.

  • Erika

    Lew and Ezra, you adorable little (oopsie a sensitive word around white supremacists and male supremacists) vanilla (obviously) Tootsie Rolls, this is for you:

    Its not the size that counts, sweetie, but the ability.

    Try working to actually pleasure a woman (not me, obviously, i only like smart people) and maybe you won’t be so obsessed with your shortcomings (oopsie, bad choice of words when i’m trying to encourage you, sorry).

  • Erika

    Lew, you adorable Dum Dum Lollypop, i’ve heard that scientific research has shown that while the average woman is more intelligent than the average man there is more spread in intelligence among men.

    Scientific research has also shown that men are more likely to engage in impulsive and risky behavior than women. That is why the vast majority of criminals are men.

    i have no idea if those above two items are true, but it seems that according to reputable scientists there may be legitimate gaps in intelligence and impulsiveness, degree of risk, etc. But they are really gender gaps and there are some legitimate biological reasons why women who are the only people able to give birth and perserve the species to evolve to not be stupid and to not engage in risky behaviors.

    Anyone with an IQ above a piece of toast with butter and strawberry perserves on it also knows that poor people are simply more likely to commit crimes. i have no idea who originally said this, but it has essentially become a legal maxim that “the law in its great magisty punishes a poor man and a rich man the same for stealing a loaf of bread.” That is one reason why white nationalists and white supremacists commit so many crimes.

  • Reynardine

    Erika, that clatfart about female intelligence being inversely proportional to cup size started in the Camelot era, when our being behind in the space race brought increasing pressure to encourage girls to enter the sciences. This frightened certain male “experts” to come up with the construct that female hormones limited brain growth, so all bright female students were flatchested, while the bountiful bosoms mainstream American men then panted over necessarily belonged to dumb tweets. As one of the former class, I was put through a deal of grief until the Cubans, God bless them, came to town, and made it clear that handspan waists and round bottoms were what they considered the apex of femininity. I actually caused a few accidents on Calle Ocho when my car broke down and I had to bend over the engine. In all events, I suspect that was the “expert” Rush was quoting.

  • Sam Molloy

    Of course there is still prejudice and discrimination. However I am used to working for responsible companies that realize how non productive it is to limit anyone. In those environs I have personally seen Black people that have not only talent but a good work ethic. That is why I often pooh pooh the typical excuses given by people that I feel are overly sympathetic to the point of being an enabler and perpetuating what is obviously ineffective behavior on their part. If Ezra sincerely believes they are limited by nature it would be logical for him to be in lock step with the excuse makers.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Annie/Jason/Ezra lives in a nice little house, right next to reality.

    I gotta tell you, though, this is a lot funnier than Bungalow Boob…he hasn’t shown up lately. I miss him.

    So Annie/Jason/Ezra, what happened with those profiles you were building of all the members of this forum? When are you going to create that web page with your worldview and your biting, incisive, well-researched analysis?

    And her/he read Rushton’s book…I seem to recall reading an essay from him/her much earlier, saying that he/her read “Mein Kampf,” cover to cover…that must be the first time anyone ever did…even the top dogs in the Reich admitted they’d never penetrated that whole incoherent mass.

    So Ezra/Annie/Jason…are you going to provide any verifiable proof for your wacky theories? Let’s regurgitate them again!

    Anyway, here’s my stock response to Annie/Jason/Ezra, just so that I can be “as constant as the Northern Star:”

    Annie/Jason Smith/Ezra Mead is back again!

    Complete with revolving sex changes…here strictly to derail the discussion!

    So, Annie/Jason/Ezra Mead…do tell us how the Holocaust never happened!

    Then tell us how the Russian people greeted their Nazi invaders with flowers!

    Then tell us how Norman Rockwell sided with Hitler!

    Then show us your proof that the white man is superior to the black man!

    And tell us again how you’ll prove it to us, only if we pay you vast sums of money, showing that you’re into neo-Nazism and junior Fascism for that noblest of purposes…the money!

    Then you can give us citations and evidence for all these wacky ideas!

    Until then, the tumbrels await for you!

    See? I don’t even have to think in dealing with him/her/it…I just cut-and-paste my own stuff!

    And I still want to see that web page of “profiles” you were building. How come you didn’t ask for my profile? That is a grave insult to my honor! I should challenge you to a duel of wits! I’ll make it fair…I’ll only use half of mine.

    But then, you’d lose a battle of wits with a tackling dummy.

  • Sam Molloy

    It only matters which one you think with.

  • Ian

    “He postulated that brain and genital size are inversely related[…]”

    Speak for yourself, buddy.

  • Lew

    RIP, Jean Philippe Rushton. You were a giant among men, persecuted by your inferiors. It took the world a while to catch up with Galileo too. Average IQ, while important, gets too much attention in the race debate. Rushton proved important differences also exist in areas such as impulse control and sexual conduct.

  • Ezra_Mead

    You may purchase a copy of Rushton’s book here:

    I suggest you read the book, then we can debate it’s content. I look forward to it. If you cannot afford the book, ask your local librarian to find a copy for loan. I am sure they can help you.

  • Reynardine

    I reckon we now know which sex Sawdust is.

  • CM

    Data-fitting, data-faking, misrepresentation, misinterpretation – these are the standard tools of “scientific” racism, which is in fact pseudoscientific quackery. A nice summary of the evidence that Rushton was merely a fraudster can be found here:

  • Supersonic250

    Ezra, I have a VERY hard time believing you own a book more complex than “See Spot Run.” I want to see a report proving that RACISTS have smaller brains, lower IQs, and all. THAT is more believable than anything else!

  • Mitch Beales

    Since there is no scientific consensus on what race is or who belongs to what racial group Race, Evolution, and Behavior is nonsense as is everything that Ezra_mead posts here. Personally I believe Ezra is trying to make people think that his penis is large by demonstrating that his brain is tiny.

  • aadila

    Ezra, if white males have larger brains than others it surely represents the great amount of mental energy that goes in to worrying about the unreliable appendage.

  • Reynardine

    In that event, I think we know the actual gender of Sawdust, and what he’s actually worried about. Don’t worry, Sawdust, we’ll give you an extra little heap of sawdust to stuff your codpiece with. And meanwhile, your intellectual superiority to every black man is doubtless why it is you occupying the White House, and not a…

  • Erika

    Was this guy the source of Rush Limbaugh’s mysognstic claim that the larger cup size a woman has the less intelligent she is?

    His “research” sounded not only unscientific but extremely creepy.

  • Gregory

    Racists whites are insecure about the size of their genitalia? Say it ain’t so…. I guess that explains JasonAnnieEzra.

  • Ezra_mead

    I have a copy of the book, “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”, by Rushton. He presents many facts on topics ranging from brain size, IQ, and early childhood development. I urge you to get a copy, read it, and draw your own conclusions. I watched the debate between Rushton & Suzuki from, Suzuki was very emotional and presented no facts. Blacks do indeed have smaller brains and lower IQ’s than whites. If leftists and egalitarians disagree, they should perform their own experiments and publish in the reviewed scientific literature. Emotion cannot drive science. We must look at facts. A TV show, like the Geraldo Rivera, also has no credibility, and is not worthy of reference.

  • Reynardine

    Now, Schopenhauer wrote a ponderous tome to the effect that the functioning of the brain is inversely proportional to the functioning of the gonads, but he was merely stating that the more one follows the promptings of the wrong end, the less one heeds the admonitions of the right one. Aside from being unfounded, stupid, and vulgar, this man’s theory sounds as if he were excusing himself for something.

    However, he has now gone on. Let us hoping he is floating around in pure white clouds, being sustained on pure white sugar, pure white flour, and pure white leeks and cauliflower, smothered in piping hot pure white library paste. No beer, ale, porter, or stout- they’re *coloured*, dammit!

  • aadila

    It takes cojones to be that stupid.