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WorldNetDaily Now Peddling White Nationalism

By Leah Nelson on October 23, 2012 - 9:12 am, Posted in White Nationalism

WorldNetDaily (WND) says it opposes racism in any form. That’s why the online publication has added a series of articles on “black mob violence” to its usual fare of antigovernment conspiracy theories, gay-bashing, anti-Muslim propaganda, and End Times prophecy.

The series, which began in mid-2012, is penned exclusively for WND by one Colin Flaherty, who according to an editor’s note posted at the top of his pieces, “has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse.”

“WND,” the editor’s note says, “considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.”

Flaherty is a marginal media figure whose main contribution to American literature is a 2011 self-published memoir titled Redwood to Deadwood: A 53-year Old Dude Hitchhikes Around America Again. He caught WND’s attention with 2012’s White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It, also self-published, which argues that “black-on-white” attacks have gone through the roof and the only reason you don’t know about it is because the “liberal media” has colluded to keep the story under wraps.

Flaherty catalogues episodes of “black mob violence” with the obsessive care of a true connoisseur. Though he began by writing exclusively about black-on-white attacks, he has lately branched out into covering black-on-black violence, though he rarely bothers to note the race of the victim and always mentions that of the perpetrators.

His most recent article was about a “black mob” attack on University of Wisconsin football star Montee Ball, a young black man whose chances of winning the Heisman Trophy appear to have waned in the wake of head injuries inflicted by five youths who attacked him in August. (Actually, as Flaherty writes it, it’s not Ball who’s the victim, but the Heisman Trophy itself.)

As it happens, the “liberal media” has had much to say about the subject of violent “flash mobs” consisting of mostly black youths – particularly after several members of a such a group were arrested for attacking white people at 2011’s Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee.

The New York Times, which WND frequently holds up as a leading light of the “liberal media” conspiracy, has repeatedly covered (for instance, here and here) violent flash mobs consisting of black youths whose targets were primarily white people and their property.

So has The Root, a blog owned by the Washington Post­ that examines news “from an African-American perspective.” There, columnist Nsenga Burton wrote approvingly of a message delivered by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who is black and who said the mostly black teens who formed a series of mobs that wrought havoc on his city in 2010 and 2011 were “damaging the race.”

In June, We Are Respectable Negroes, a left-leaning blog that specializes in tackling sensitive racial issues, published two pieces on the issue of “black youth mob violence” (here and here) and the tricky politics of addressing it in writing. So, for that matter, did Hatewatch’s own Robert Steinback, in a blog post published a week after the attack in Milwaukee.

But unlike mainstream (and, yes, liberal) writers who have pondered the causes and consequences of mob violence among black youths, Flaherty has become popular in white nationalist circles. Several articles from his WND series have been picked up by American Renaissance, a white nationalist hate group that promotes pseudo-scientific studies and research that purport to show the inferiority of blacks to whites.

In July, Flaherty appeared as a guest on the Lowell, Mass.-based Malevolent Freedom Radio, a white nationalist show whose motto is “embrace white culture” and whose logo is the Schwartze Sonne, or black sun, a Nazi occult symbol. Telling Malevolent Freedom host Dean Anderson that he’s not part of “the [White Nationalist] movement,” Flaherty declared, “I’m just a guy that likes to write … I just have my eyes open. My attitude is, I’m going to tell you what’s happening now, and if you want to freak out about it, I really don’t care.”

Strange company for a news organization committed to opposing racism. Of course, as WND publisher Joseph Farah bragged (unverifiably but implausibly) in August, WND “showcases twice as many black columnists than any other news or commentary forum in the world.”

Who are they? Well, there’s black neo-secessionist Walter E. Williams, who in a 2002 column for WND wrote that Abraham Lincoln “acted unconstitutionally and with ruthless contempt for the founding principles” when he refused to let the Confederacy secede peaceably. And Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black radio personality who once thanked God for slavery and who in a 2005 column for WND wrote, “It was blacks’ moral poverty – not their material poverty – that cost them dearly in New Orleans” during and after Hurricane Katrina.

There’s Thomas Sowell, an economist at Stanford’s Hoover Institute and sometime contributor to the white nationalist Social Contract magazine, whose praise for White Girl Bleed a Lot is featured prominently on that book’s web site. And Erik Rush, author of Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession, which argues that “the undue and inordinate affinity for blacks (as opposed to antipathy toward them) that has been promoted by activists, politicians and the establishment press for the past 40 years … has fostered an erroneous perception of blacks, particularly in America,” leading to a state of affairs in which “racism on the part of blacks is [considered] acceptable, or even proper.”

Yes, WND has binders full of black writers. And now, in keeping perhaps with publisher Farah’s declaration that his website boasts “the broadest spectrum of political opinion to be found anywhere in the world,” it has a white nationalist propagandist too.

  • Allan Sanford

    I have a few questions.

    1. Colin Flaherty’s book and articles are heavily footnoted and referenced. When he describes an example of Black on White mob violence, is anyone saying he is lying or simply making up these events?

    2. Flaherty’s main complaint is that the mainstream media rarely reports these events, considering the frequency they occur. Has anyone here counted the number of instances of Black on White mob violence that Flaherty lists, with the number of news stories that appear in the liberal press?

    3. None of the people making comments here mention that the half Black Half White president of the United States has not uttered one peep about this racial war that is happening. Remember that it was he who, in 2008, promised to “bring us together,” meaning the Black and White races.

    This barbaric “Knockout Game” being practiced by young Black people is NOT a White problem, as one of the comment’s stated. It is a problem that can only be solved by Black leaders in America taking up the challenge of saving their young people from a life of crime which can only end badly.

  • George

    Yes, Sam Malloy, Lanza and Holmes are both win!

  • jon prish

    There were a alot of black on white crimes here in durham nc on joggers one lady was almosrt raped one man was hit in the face and face mobed by young black males might of been gang related Durham police have increased undercover patrols

  • Peter Hockley

    ” WND is very definitely an inflamed zit in serious need of popping!”
    I’m sure that Anonymous have their eye on that particular cesspool!
    Sam, the farthing is a pre-decimal quarter of the old penny in The UK. The guys on here are right, you’ve got the entire internet to do your research on, not just the your favourite wingnut sites.
    Back on to the subject at hand, most violence is white on white and conversely black on black. It is very unusual for violence to cross the racial divide. I stick out like a sore thumb in a black neighbourhood, a black guy would definitely stick out like a sore thumb in mine. I live in a small village on The South Coast of England, I can count the people of colour who live here on the fingers of one hand. Statistically you are more likely to be hurt by a member of your family circle than a stranger.

  • Gregory

    The unit of currency in Kenya is the Shilling, which is divided into 100 cents, not the Farthing. Deduct ten points for lazy trollage.

    More importantly, why the exchange rate of Kenyan currency is relevant to the topic of this thread? I can hardly wait for the explanation.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ” Nine per cent income tax, nine percent corporate tax and a nine per cent Federal sales, or, Value Added, tax, would be a good place to start discussing the various elephants in our living room like inequitable taxation and the national debt. As for Dog Whistles, here’s one for you: A Kenyan unit of currency, the Farthing, is worth one tenth of a cent. Is that what you want for America?”

    Hmm….Tell me, is the Kenyen farthing the world’s reserve currency? Do countries keep large Kenyan farthing reserves? If not, you might have made a really bad analogy.

  • aadila


    United States taxpayers pay for 58% of the world’s military spending. You talk of Liberal Kool Aid (and by the way it was Flavor-Aid, not Kool-Aid if you bother to look into the facts behind your allusion) but what could be greater opium than the right wing idea that squandering our taxes on death and destruction is going to provide us with economic security?

    America is not loved for its military, Sam. It is hated. Every American drone scars the world, and the world remembers. The more we go down that road, the clearer it should be that it is the wrong path to security. It’s not just the bloated military budget. It’s the failure to recognize that we, with our vicious habits of waste and consumption and our indifference to global poverty, we are our own worst enemy.

  • Erika

    Sam, you are the one who is drinking the Kool Aid.

    See, this is how 9-9-9 would work in the real world:

    the nine percent income tax would result in a slight tax cut for the lower middle class.

    It would result in a small tax cut for the middle middle class.

    It would result in a significant tax cut for the upper middle class.

    It would represent a massive tax cut for the rich and wealthy.

    It likely would result in a tax increase for the working poor.

    The 9% corporate tax rate would be a massive tax cut for businesses and corporations.

    The 9% sales tax would make everything you buy cost at least 9% more (and likely 18% or even 27% or even higher because the businesses you buy goods from will also be forced to pay the sales tax and its doubtful that they will decide to cut into their profits (especially since they are getting a big tax cut) to cover this. With goods going through many hands before reaching the consumers, the price increases could be huge. Even if the buyer buys directly from the manufacturing overseas, you are likely talking about at least a 9% increase – but going through a wholeseller (or domestically manufactured) you easily have at least an 18% increase.

    Added onto state sales taxes, some people would be paying as much as 30-40% in taxes on every purchase they make. Because everything costs more people will buy less – likely much less. That will eliminate jobs.

    It would dramatically decrease the amount of revenue taking in and dramatically increase the national debt.

    It would destroy jobs as people have to consume less brining in even less revenue.

    It would destroy jobs as corporations will hire fewer people and pay them less because money paid in salaries is tax deductable by corporations – or alternatively because with a flat tax there would be no deductions at all.

    It would destroy jobs as capital spending disappears for the same reason.

    It would destroy jobs as corporations eliminate all American manufacturing to avoid paying sales tax (additional costs) on the raw materials. Alternatively it will add to the inflationary pressures causing prices to further skyrocket and further destroy the U.S. economy.

    And again, the only way to keep this plan from sending the entire United States economy into a death spiral would be massive governmental job spending which because revenue figures would crater could only be accomplished by borrowing more money.

    The entire plan was designed to appeal to people who lack basic understanding of economics and the current tax structure.

    And you want to talk about tax “equity” why aren’t you complaining about the fact that Mitt Romney on millions of dollars of income is paying a much lower tax rate than someone making $50,000 a year? Or are you one of those fools who is stupid enough to believe that there are people who aren’t paying any taxes?

    Quite simply Sam, try learning some basics and then once you replace ignorance with knowlege you will learn how wrong you are. Even most Republicans thought that Cain’s 9-9-9 plan to destroy America was stupid.

    And what does Kenya have to do with anything unless youare coming out of the closet as a birther? Ignorant fool.

  • Sam Molloy

    Herman Cain is still very much around and is usually included in any list of well educated Black Conservatives that, whether you like it or not, refuse to drink the Liberal Kool Aid. Nine per cent income tax, nine percent corporate tax and a nine per cent Federal sales, or, Value Added, tax, would be a good place to start discussing the various elephants in our living room like inequitable taxation and the national debt. As for Dog Whistles, here’s one for you: A Kenyan unit of currency, the Farthing, is worth one tenth of a cent. Is that what you want for America?

  • Erika

    Sam, my adorable banana creme pie, Herman Cain when asked some of the most basic fundamental questions about the Constitution answered them incorrectly. The guy was completely clueless about basics – maybe he knew some stuff that he learned from David Barton, but it was basically a case of garbage in and garbage out. Which is to say that the few things he knew were simply not true.

    He was a bad joke like his “Nein Nein Nein” domestic policy or Godfather’s Pizza.

  • Greg Thrasher

    This is no news flash for decades MSM outlets have demonized Black youth with all kinds of contempt. The liberal papers like the NYT to Washington Post have been as lethal as these white nationalism outlets.

  • hunglikejesus

    WorldNutDaily has always been doing this under the guise of news reporting. Also, have a look at Lew Rockwell and that pain in the hind parts Alex Jones who says–and how him and others know this is beyond me–Black people are gonna riot if the president is not reelected. This is what is called taking advantage of a situation. Bad economy, Black president let’s blame him.

  • aadila

    It is amazing how those who claim to abide by, support, and defend the Constitution seek to nullify it the minute it conflicts with their opinions.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Herman Cain is smarter than you think. He has a very good grasp of the US Constitution and a lot of respect for it as written, as well as an understanding of the methods written into it to change it.”

    No I would say he doesn’t have a very good grasp of the constitution seeing as how in an interview he said that communities should have the right to stop the building of mosques and that Islam isn’t covered under the 1st Amendment’s freedom of religion.

  • Aron

    Greg T,

    Are you recommending that the SPLC read every. single. comment. on every. single. website. that they cite?

    While I am certainly sorry that you were banned from WARN, your own personal animus is certainly not enough to take issue with the SPLC’s excellent reportage.

    Also, your mention of ‘white liberal venues’ immediately raises suspicious about your being a simple concern troll.

    But nice try regardless.

  • Greg Thrasher

    The MSM aka white media has always published disinformation and propaganda about the Black community and in particular the nature of our Black youth.

    This is not a newsflash the posture of WND is what Black Americans have learn to expect from white media outlets including white liberal venues like the NYT, WAPO and others.

    BTW as a disclosure I was once a frequent poster on WARN ( We Are Respectable Negroes) I was banned for obecting to the host of the site who posts under alias for his consant and unwarranted attacks on black urban youth to observe him now being cast as some hero for debunking this myth and fiction about ‘black mob violence” is a joke.

    One hopes the next time SPLC inserts a Black web site to butress their narratives some at SPLC should take the time to read the totality of commentaries on this subject by the host of WARN.

  • Gregory

    Time to take the gloves off. Do you actually read the responses to your posts? If you do, from where I’m sitting, it would appear that you have a problem with reading comprehension.

    To begin with, your demand that the article and your comments be refuted is a classic argument from ignorance fallacy. Read here, I don’t have the time or interest to school you, (

    Now, to address the remainder of your idiotic post… It would appear that you think that our sources of information are limited to the NY Times or MSNBC. Nothing says “conservative troll” than that sort of accusation. You are running out of ideas with this silly trope, lazy boy. OMG, you are so well informed and we are so ignorant!

    You somehow seem entitled to determine who and who isn’t in your mythical “mainstream” of “black thought”. White privilege will do that, even though you probably don’t acknowledge the concept. The ignorance of youth probably goes a long way to explain this, but at this point I don’t discount the possibility that your are just a stupid conservative.

    I could go on, but honestly I don’t have the interest. Sam, you are now consigned to the same bin as JasonAnnieEzra. You have far more in common with them than you do with the rest of us. Enjoy the hostility to come.

  • Sam Molloy

    Herman Cain is smarter than you think. He has a very good grasp of the US Constitution and a lot of respect for it as written, as well as an understanding of the methods written into it to change it.
    This article focused on problems in the Black community, as reported by WND, and none of the posts refuted any statistics. Some posts repeated the excuses we have all heard. The only Black writers mentioned here were way out of mainstream thought. I wanted to point out three I could name immediately that have some very good ideas but rarely show up on MSNBC or in the New Yawk Times, so a lot of the people here may have never heard of them. I’m sure there are others I never heard of. I don’t agree with these three on every issue, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

  • CoralSea

    “Freedom of the Press” as a beautiful thing for the most part. In fact, I wish that journalists in general would do more digging to uncover what really underlies many of their stories rather than swallowing press statements and press releases uncritically.

    However, as we all know, beauty is invariably accompanied by the occasional blemish — and WND is very definitely an inflamed zit in serious need of popping!

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Leah Nelson,

    This is so unsurprising. World Net Daily endorsing another nonsensical conspiracy theory.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yup, black on black violence in the cities is because they don’t listen to white advice. Totally not racist at all!!!

  • Reynardine

    Sam, I believe you came here because it is a safe place, but you are perilously close to being a narcissistic little troll who derails threads to call attention to yourself. Is that what you want?

  • Gregory

    Some nuggets from Sophomore Sam,

    ” Any advice on living responsibly by any White person will be completely ignored by the people that would benefit the most from it. The Black people mentioned here are probably way out there, but there are some very smart Black people who speak with a voice of reason.”

    “…Herman Cain is a deep thinker with a good sense of humor.”

    In a previous thread you opined that job candidates who are black are disadvantaged by the conduct of previous black employees who were not punctual or had a poor work ethic. That was dog whistle racism. Today you may have jumped the shark.

    I’m sure the members of the community will be delighted to hear that you think there are some very smart “Black people” who speak with the voice of reason. What a relief that must be, to have their intelligence validated by you, even though you are sure that they will reject your advice on how to live responsibly. [face palm]

    Herman “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” Cain is a deep thinker? Since you have made the point of not being over educated, Sam, then I imagine he meets your criteria of deep intellect. I will grant you that Cain has a sense of humour, but in the end the joke was not that funny.

  • aadila

    Sam, if I may, just one question for clarification…

    …do you by chance consider Bill Cosby to be the ideal American black man?

  • A.D.M.

    So, Sam, are you saying only blacks commit acts of violence? I can dig up recent stories showing whites committing acts of violence. One’s ethnic/racial background doesn’t cause one to be violent.

  • Sam Molloy

    I am not a bit to blame for the turmoil in Black neighborhoods. Any advice on living responsibly by any White person will be completely ignored by the people that would benefit the most from it. The Black people mentioned here are probably way out there, but there are some very smart Black people who speak with a voice of reason. The Rev. C.L. Bryant is one, Herman Cain is a deep thinker with a good sense of humor. Even an old homophobe like Alan West can have a few good ideas here and there.

  • Gregory

    No surprises here. The WorldNutDaily is a hotbed of birtherism. Most of their readership still thinks Hawaii is called Kenya.

  • aadila

    Violence in all its forms should be condemned. When looking at the anatomy of violence though, there is a clear distinction in my mind at least, between violence that is motivated by racial animus, and violence that is associated with racial demographics, i.e., the direct result of a racist society that penalizes blacks for being born.

    There is nothing at all racist about saying that violence is a serious problem in the African American community. What is racist is saying that the violence exists as a consequence of mere racial status as a minority citizen. The real violence is economic, it is cultural, it is steeped in white privilege even to this day.

    When discussing violence in America we need to look at all forms of victimization and social exclusion, from poverty and outright racism that favors white people and excludes minorities, to the tendencies toward violence of the Anglo culture with its rage-filled cult of the individual and notions that violence is acceptable if you are angry enough and feel the need to exert your individual primacy over the group. This is not a racist comment to state that the Anglo Saxon mythology with its warlust is among the most violent and bloody of any on the planet.

    So let’s also look at the freewheeling trade in firearms that goes back to the same Anglophile roots, as sanctified by our precious Second Amendment, as if gun violence and the trade in weapons are somehow distinct phenomena. Guns do kill people.

    Let’s look at poverty in the inner cities, which is a direct consequence of slavery and failure to make reparations, with the generational transfer of wealth, education, family stability, and land ownership favoring white people over black people in general.

    Let’s look at how even today schools with predominately black and latino students receive 7% less funding than all other schools, and that students with predominately white students receive more funding on average, even within individual school districts that all receive the same tax revenues. This is because teachers are paid more to teach white kids in America. So when we see violence occur what we are seeing is the reflex of an institutionally racist educational system.

    Let’s look at how our police are racist in who they single out, what hoods they patrol, how our penal system is racist and segregated, and how our judicial system has grand juries who are middle aged, wealthy white men who decide who goes to court, and there again we see how money gets some people out of trouble and the lack of it sends others to jail.

    I believe there is far more to this issue of racism in America than can be described by mere collation of data along racial lines. We need to look at the whole picture, and it is not a flattering one for white people, who want to pretend they have no part in the violence tearing apart the black community.