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Woman Long Sought in Largest ‘Eco-Terror’ Case Arrested

By Bill Morlin on November 29, 2012 - 4:07 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

Rebecca Jeanette Rubin, a 39-year-old Canadian who has been sought for a decade in the largest “eco-terrorism” case in United States history, was arrested today by FBI agents after she surrendered in Blaine, Wash.

Rubin, an alleged member of a group that called itself “The Family,” is to be taken to Oregon to face trial federal arson, destructive device and conspiracy charges, federal authorities said in announcing her arrest. She was one of three remaining fugitives in the group, another 10 members of which were sentenced to terms ranging from three to 13 years in 2007. Collectively, the group is accused of 20 acts of arson carried out between 1996 and 2001 in five Western states on behalf of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). ( continue to full post… )

New ‘Aryan’ Compound in Idaho to be Sold Off in January

By Bill Morlin on November 29, 2012 - 8:27 am, Posted in Klan, Neo-Nazi

The public foreclosure sale of property that was to be a new Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan compound in North Idaho is set for Jan. 14, court records show. The foreclosure will mean eviction for white supremacist Shaun P. Winkler, his wife and their small child, along with a small band of their racist associates who have been living on the site, unless they can come up with almost $70,000 by the scheduled sale date.

Winkler and his wife bought the land in Bonner County in early 201l, hoping to use the site to replicate the former Aryan Nations compound in adjoining Kootenai County. The buildings at the Kootenai County site were razed and the property turned into a cow pasture more than a decade ago, after it was sold in the wake of a court judgment against Aryan Nations, its late leader and several followers. Details of Winkler’s plans for his land are contained in an article in the most recent issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s  Intelligence Report, which was released on Tuesday. ( continue to full post… )

New Intelligence Report Focuses on Mass Murderer of Sikhs

By Mark Potok on November 27, 2012 - 8:45 am, Posted in Intelligence Report

When Wade Michael Page strode into a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and began to kill, it was the culmination of more than a decade in the neo-Nazi movement. The best evidence suggests that Page came to his racist beliefs while serving at a North Carolina Army base that was then a hotbed of white supremacist activity — beliefs that were further honed by years on the white power music scene.

The Southern Poverty Law Center today released the latest issue of its investigative magazine Intelligence Report, and its cover story analyzes the background and ideological development of Page, who murdered six people and wounded four others last August before putting a bullet in his own head. An accompanying sidebar details the modern history of right-wing extremism in the American military, and a related editorial traces the growth of political violence aimed at Muslims.

“Wade saw the military as a transformational time in his life,” one expert who was also a personal acquaintance of Wade told the Intelligence Report. “He always said, ‘If you don’t go in the military a racist, you’re sure to leave as one.’”

Other stories in the newly released Report: ( continue to full post… )

In New Novel, Glenn Beck Warns of Squirrel-Worshipping Socialists

By Leah Nelson on November 27, 2012 - 8:10 am, Posted in Conspiracies

America’s favorite far-right entertainer, Glenn Beck, has always got the scoop on the coming End of the World and how to protect yourself from it. When he’s not urging fans to buy guns and gold, he’s telling them to build bunkers and stock up on food.

Now, just in time for the holidays, the fear-mongering eschatologist is shilling for a new prophecy of doom – one that comes wrapped in a neat dust jacket, ready to stuff in your loved one’s stocking. ( continue to full post… )

Racist Accused of Shooting Idaho Deputies Faces Weapons Charge

By Bill Morlin on November 26, 2012 - 1:30 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Racist Skinheads

A man with white supremacist tattoos, accused of shooting and nearly killing two Idaho sheriff’s deputies last month, has been charged by federal authorities with being a felon in possession of a handgun. ( continue to full post… )

NYPD Investigating Hate as Possible Motive in Brooklyn Murders

By Bill Morlin on November 20, 2012 - 1:25 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Hate Crime

UPDATE: Police in New York City arrested Salvatore Perrone, 64, over the Thanksgiving weekend and charged him with using a sawed-off .22-caliber rifle he carried in a duffel bag to kill three Brooklyn shopkeepers in the last four months. People who saw surveillance footage of Perrone, who’s white, pointed police to Perrone, despite an artist’s drawing that depicted a balding black man as the suspect. Dubbed “Son of Sal” by his neighbors for his annoying conduct, Perrone may have had previous contact with his victims through his work as a fabric and garment salesman who wanted to start his own clothing line, according to media accounts. He was charged with three counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree murder, an additional count filed because he allegedly killed three people within two years.

Hate crime detectives in New York City are joining the investigation into three unsolved killings of Brooklyn business owners in the past four months – crimes believed to have been carried out by a serial killer. ( continue to full post… )

Eleventh Person Charged in Fort Stewart Militia Plot

By Don Terry on November 15, 2012 - 1:37 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Crime, Extremists in the Military, Militias

As the investigation continues into a murderous Georgia-based militia group led by American military personnel who were plotting to overthrow the federal government, a former Navy recruit has become the 11th person charged in the case that includes allegations of burglaries and car break-ins to support the group and at least two homicides to keep it secret.

It appears drug dealing should also be added to the list.

On Wednesday, according to the Associated Press, Georgia prosecutors said the former Navy recruit, Jeffrey Wayne Roberts Jr., 27, of Savannah, was being held in Bryan County after his arrest Tuesday on charges of illegal gang activity, including possession of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy with intent to distribute. ( continue to full post… )

Radical Right Joins in Secession Frenzy

By Mark Potok on November 14, 2012 - 2:09 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Propaganda, White Nationalism

Hundreds of thousands of disgruntled conservatives, still smarting from the re-election of President Obama last week, are signing petitions to allow more than 30 states to secede from the United States — and they are being joined by a motley collection of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Klan sympathizers. ( continue to full post… )

Racist Former SCV Leader Gets 19 Years in $57 Million Ponzi Scheme

By Bill Morlin on November 14, 2012 - 8:51 am, Posted in Anti-Black, Extremist Crime, Neo-Confederate

A man who was once seen as a genteel Southerner defending the “honor” of the Confederacy but who secretly lived lavishly on other people’s money now faces the next 19 years in a federal prison cell — possibly in solitary confinement.

The first jolt for 65-year-old Ron Wilson — former national leader of the southern heritage group Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) — may have come when he walked into a packed courtroom in Greenville, S.C., yesterday to be sentenced for the $57.4 million silver bullion Ponzi scheme he operated for more than a decade. There were so many victims who wanted to address the court that a lottery had to be held to determine who could speak, according to media accounts. Many of his 800 identified victims expect to get very little restitution, saying their lives are forever ruined by the swindle Wilson carried out. ( continue to full post… )

Indictment Deals ‘Devastating Blow’ to Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

By Bill Morlin on November 13, 2012 - 3:42 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Racist Prison Gangs

In one of the largest racketeering cases brought this year, the U.S. Department of Justice has just unsealed a 43-page indictment of 34 members of a “violent, whites-only prison-based gang with thousands of members operating” in and out of prisons throughout Texas and elsewhere.

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) is accused of carrying out murders, attempted murders, conspiracies, arsons, assaults, robberies and drug trafficking as part of an enterprise that goes back to at least 1993. Among those charged in the indictment are four senior leaders or “generals” — Terry Ross “Big Terry” Blake, 55; Larry Max “Slick” Bryan, 51; William David “Baby Huey” Maynard, 42, and Charles Lee “Jive” Roberts, 68. ( continue to full post… )