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For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear

By Mark Potok on November 7, 2012 - 10:52 am, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Extremist Propaganda, White Nationalism

When the word came in last night that Barack Obama and the Democrats had won national elections in a decisive victory, millions of Americans went to bed, satisfied that even if their candidate didn’t win, democracy had survived. The results made it clear that this election had in no way been stolen.

But not so at Ole Miss, which last month marked the 50th anniversary of deadly segregationist riots. Shortly after midnight, several hundred mostly white students protested furiously, reportedly yelling anti-black racial slurs and throwing rocks at passing cars. An Obama/Biden campaign sign was burned before campus police broke up the crowd in Oxford. There were apparently no arrests or injuries.

The reaction to the re-election of our first black president from the radical right — and that seemed clearly to include some University of Mississippi students — ranged from sputtering rage and name-calling to calls for a new Southern secession, mass emigration to Europe, or even the break-up of the United States. There was one thing large numbers seemed clearly to agree on: The changing racial demographics of our country, expected to lose its white majority by 2050, was key to the result.

“Welcome to a truly white minority world,” wrote one commenter on Stormfront, the world’s largest white supremacist Web forum, which is run by a former Alabama Klan leader. “The future is now. There is no denying this. The sun has set on humanity’s greatest era: 1500-2000. … [T]he only way to survive this war of annihilation is separatism. … [W]e have to choose regions or states.”

“We have truly fallen under God’s judgment,” wrote another. “You will never see another white man occupy the White House again.” Responded a third: “If you can immigrate to Europe you start making plans. … America will become largely a non-white population that is poverty stricken and all those government programs will soon disappear. It will happen. No more Medicare and no more social security.”

font (Photo: WMC-TV via Twitter)

The loss of a white majority in the United States has helped drive a truly explosive growth of the radical right in the last three years, and that now seems likely to accelerate. Hate groups in recent years have risen to more than 1,000, and the number of antigovernment “Patriot” groups has shot up from just 149 in 2008 to 1,274, according to research by the Southern Poverty Law Center. For months now, groups on the radical right have increasingly fretted about a possible Obama victory. Now that that has occurred, the radical right may grow more dangerous still.

On Stormfront, given this reality, it wasn’t surprising to find talk of violence in the wake of the election. “I live in a liberal area so many of my ‘friends’ are shouting for joy,” lamented one poster at the racist site. “I don’t actually have many real friends and the ones I do have are scared and talking about arming themselves.”

Over at the conspiracist website Infowars, some reactions weren’t that different. “Now is the time to leave this country,” wrote a commenter using the name munglejonkeys. “[T]hey have brought about a communist takeover without firing a single shot. America will resemble Zimbabwe (economically) in a few years and there will be a huge shift in the welfare-dependent knob-slobs who thought that selling their souls for an Obama-phone was such a great deal. … All because white people didn’t oppose political correctness 35 years ago.”

Remarkably, similar sentiments seemed to crop up in what is taken as the political “mainstream.” Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, fearing an Obama victory, said last night: “The white establishment is now the minority. And the voters, many of them, feel that the economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff.” He added: “The demographics are changing. It’s not a traditional America any more.”

Donald Trump, the billionaire unrepentant “birther,” didn’t mention race. But he tweeted last night that the election was “a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” He went on to characterize the Electoral College, which gave the race to Republican George W. Bush in 2000, as a “disaster for democracy.”

The anti-gay right reacted with fury, as well. In a long thread on the passage of same-sex marriage referenda at the antigovernment site Free Republic, commenters were apoplectic — and frightened. “Get ready for God’s wrath,” wrote one. “The people are choosing Satan’s finest.” “Fudgies win again,” wrote another. “Incidents of HIV [to] rise again.” And a third: “America is going to pay for its unbelief and its love of abortion and homosexuals. … And IT DESERVES IT.”

“SICK SICK SICK,” wrote still another. “What a filthy night this election is.”

In fact, as pointed out on CNN’s religion blog, the whole election was a “nightmare scenario” for conservative Christian leaders. Noting the approval of two same-sex marriage referenda, the re-election of a president who supported such marriages, and the rejection of hard-line anti-abortion candidates, CNN said the election results “seemed to mark a dramatic rejection of the Christian right’s agenda.”

“The historic nature of these results are hard to overstate,” Robert P. Jones, a pollster who specializes in politics and religion, told CNN regarding the referenda in Maine and Maryland. “Given the strong support of younger Americans for same-sex marriage, it’s unlikely this issue will reappear as a major national wedge issue.”

Non-Islamic domestic terrorism in the United States shot up in the wake of President Obama’s first election in 2008, spurred by fury over the “socialist” president and the racial change that he represents in the American population. Now, given the reaction from the radical right to last night’s election results, that seems likely to continue — or to get even worse, as racists and right-wing radicals seethe.

Joseph Farah, who runs the conspiracist “news” site WorldNetDaily, sounded typical. “I think things are going to get very tough in America over the next four years,” he said. “I expect more division, more stratification, maybe even the disintegration of the constitutional republic that was the envy of the world for so long. It’s time to hunker down. It’s time to prepare for the worst — economically, militarily, socially, culturally. The revolutionaries have won a major political victory. The America haters are running the country for another four years.

“That is not a pretty prospect.”

“OK, now we have all seen the writing on the wall, AGAIN!” wrote one person in a Stormfront post that seemed to capture the general feeling of helpless rage. “The question is, What are we going to do about it? What is our plan?”

  • Aron

    300th comment GET!

    (Isn’t that how they do it on 4chan?)

  • aadila


    There were fact checkers from both wings during the debates and time after time, the Republicans were proved wrong in their comments, whereas the Democrats were substantiated.

    In other words: YOU LIE!!!

  • Aron

    Hey Guardian and Common Sense,

    Please explain this existential threat to me. I’m white, and I don’t see anyone trying to snuff me and my family out.

    Also Guardian, would you mind trying that comment again? Perhaps in English this time?

    Oh, and hatred is NEVER a healthy reaction. Except to Brussels sprouts. They possess an evil that will never be matched by man.

  • rick

    Gotta love these hate groups since the GOP will really be in THEIR corner as most of these guys are illiterate, below the poverty level, hate their miserable sad lives, wife beaters oh I could go on and on. Let’s see they hate Jews,Blacks, Homosexuals, what else. These fro the most part are the fringes of American society no diffrent than terrorists, and anti-government radicals. You cannot reason with these folks since their hatred blinds them to the truth. Give them their own state with their own president(white of course) their guns and their chewing tobacco. Really they want to secede from the US let em. Let’s give em a one way ticket to Iran, Pakistan, any other 3rd world country where white men rule. Go I’ll buy the first one way tik!

  • Common Sense

    Hatred is a healthy human reaction to an existential threat. The growing non-white population in American is an existential threat to the continued existence of whites. Therefore it is healthy for whites to hate it.

  • Guardian

    The whole of the libs strategy is if they call blue, green and green, blue long enough eventually people will buy it. And even though a lot of people did buy it, it still doesn’t make it the truth.

  • CM

    What, is everyone going to go away just when we’re approaching the 300 mark?

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    Actually, Aadila, I cannot give myself awards, but I covet the Epigrammy.

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    Rey should get the Bon Bon Mot for a sweet play on words.

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    Well, Ruslan, as an aid to a high protein diet, it appears Aadila and I have just given you a generous serving of…ribs.

  • aadila

    The propaganda posters have always stated that Ruslan can subsist for weeks on end merely by absorbing the moisture from the air.

    The truth is that if he chooses to eat at all, it is through compassion for the common people, who cherish his humanity and even preserve the samovar in which his sugarless tea was boiled as a relic.

  • Reynardine

    Sugarless tea is an abomination, but I’ve learned to drink it. And long ago, I used to like my coffee the way I liked my men: strong, dark, and sweet, but the brew, at least, works just as well without the sugar.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Ruslan, I’d offer you a fresh egg instead, but since my only chicken is a rooster…

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Sorry, I’m on a no sugar/low carb diet. But thanks anyway.

  • Reynardine

    You’ve surely earned your donuts for breakfast, Ruslan. What kind do you like?

  • What

    When we kill others in their country it is called patriotic…

    When our people are beaten down by corporate welfare it is called freedom…

    When war money is spent improving the lives of the average American, it is called socialism…

    “We need to do some nation building here at home.”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “We are being fed, and over half of all Americans have eagerly swallowed the lie that redistribution, i.e. Socialism will all of a sudden cause America to prosper.”

    Oh yeah I remember growing up during the Cold War and all my teachers from K-12 used to tell us how great socialism is. And didn’t you get sick of all those Soviet propaganda films on TV? I sure did. Hell I don’t even know why we had a Cold War!!!

    “For the few of you liberals who actually read things before making a decision… Socialism definition: ‘any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods’”

    Incorrect. Socialism is a mode of production(not an ideology) wherein the means of production are owned in common by the workers(i.e. producers). “Various economic and political theories” is a dishonest attempt to make the definition more wide.

    Nobody among American liberals is advocating socialism. If they claim otherwise, they most likely have an equally poor understanding of socialism as you.

    Thomas Jefferson said, “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” — April 6, 1816

    Here’s the problem with this concept. Your average banker, investor, whatever did not “exercise more industry or skill.” They appropriate the value produced by workers. This is exploitation.

    And I’ll see your slave owner and raise you…THOMAS PAINE

    “In advocating the case of the persons thus dispossessed, it is a right, and not a charity … [Government must] create a national fund, out of which there shall be paid to every person, when arrived at the age of twenty-one years, the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, as a compensation in part, for the loss of his or her natural inheritance, by the introduction of the system of landed property. And also, the sum of ten pounds per annum, during life, to every person now living, of the age of fifty years, and to all others as they shall arrive at that age.”

    Your Obama quote is also false. The FULL quote is:

    “I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody’s got a shot. How do we pool resources at the same time as we decentralize delivery systems in ways that both foster competition, can work in the marketplace, and can foster innovation at the local level and can be tailored to particular communities.”

    Doesn’t sound too much like “All power to the Soviets” to me. In any case, someone who is actually a socialist, Marxist, or whatever would leave behind a body of work similar to oh I don’t know…EVERY MARXIST intellectual who ever lived.

    “It’s obvious to me that looking out over the past 200 years that Thomas Jefferson knew what he was talking about.”

    Jefferson probably knew what he was talking about. You clearly don’t though.

  • marvin holbrook

    and so it goes, on and on…

  • Reynardine

    One for you, too, What?.

  • Reynardine

    Gregory, you’re right! Have a powdered sugar donut!

  • What?

    … and the 30 to 60 billion dollars that were taxen from the American tax payer for waste and fraud during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…

    What, exactly, would you call that? Profit that the corporations earned by holding a bake sale?

    None of the tea baggers or the Republicans were concerned when we spent and spent and spent to make Halliburton and KBR filthy rich.

  • Gregory

    Nothing starts the morning like a good laugh. In this case, it is Guardian accusing others of having no clue. Physician, heal thyself.

  • Reynardine

    Guardian, quit making stuff up.

  • Guardian

    I am at a loss as to why the liberals harbor so much hatred for America’s founding principle. Are they too ignorant or arrogant to see that it’s because of these principles America is the greatest Nation on the planet.

    We are being fed, and over half of all Americans have eagerly swallowed the lie that redistribution, i.e. Socialism will all of a sudden cause America to prosper.

    For the few of you liberals who actually read things before making a decision… Socialism definition: ‘any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods’

    Thomas Jefferson said, “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” — April 6, 1816

    Barak Obama said, we need to “pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution.” – October 19, 1998

    It’s obvious to me that looking out over the past 200 years that Thomas Jefferson knew what he was talking about. It’s just as glaring looking at the past 4 years that Barak Obama has no clue.

  • Brette Pruitt

    It’s ironic that those threatening to move to Europe and elsewhere would be moving to the very things they don’t want in America: universal health care, more foreigners, and a higher tax rate on the wealthy. In Europe and in Canada, there are more restrictions on hate speech, severely more restrictions on guns, and, in some countries, there are more liberal drug laws.

  • Whatwhat?

    Hurry up, you racist nut baggers… there is still time to sign the petitions to suceed on the White House website.

    Just stay put until the men in the black suits driving black cars come to your house to interview you and ask you how you really feel.

    Man, the right wingers are such a bunch of drama queens!

    I have to say many of you regulars on here are really good at creatively expressing your insults. It gives me a good chuckle. If you want another one, just google “KKK vs. Clowns in Charlotte NC”.

  • HW

    Honestly, I was just wondering if Mark had noticed the recent uptick in “rightwing extremism” around here.

  • Kiwiwriter

    And we hear from “Guardian,” who sees socialism under every bush…the exact same rubbish was spouted in 1932 and 1936 when FDR ran for election and re-election, and the socialism and “unGodlyness” that Guardian so fears didn’t happen…

    And Hunter Wallace comes here to do an advertisement for his “Occidental Quarterly” web page and its hatred of blacks, then run away again…

    And “NWOSlave” grinds his penknife about his paranoia about the federal reserve…

    And “Never Give Up” thinks he’s being clever and standing on Horatius’s bridge by saying he won’t celebrate Obama’s win and quotes Alexis De Toqueville. If he’d read my entire essay, which he obviously did not, he would have seen that I have considerable respect for conservative positions and views, while still being a liberal. He should do his homework, instead of just cherry-picking.

    The outpatients are out in force, I see. Well, they should stop wasting their time here, and join the various secession movements, and start building their little utopias, free of Jews, blacks, gays, Latinos, and women.

    My advice to them: the election is over. Quit whining and grinding penknives, and see what you can do to improve conditions in your corner of the world. I’d tell you to hug your kids, but I suspect most of these folks don’t have any.

  • Edward

    You know…it never ceases to amaze me when these extremist nuts spout their segregation nonsense. Though I’d like to see all of them leave this country…unfortunately…like winning the lottery, such joy would be next to impossible to achieve. Indeed, many have low paying jobs, uneducated, and are cowards of the first order.

    To this end, what on earth makes them think any european country would even consider them for immigration. Perhaps…in lieu of their simple minded rhetoric, their time would be better spent revisiting the history of the civil war and its outcome. Like the southern slave owner, they are morally bankrupt and are being used by the rich.

    Oh, and one last thing segregationist, when you get up in the morning and put on your Taco Bell, KFC, or other such uniform, ask yourself, is it minorities or your lack of education that is responsible for your lot in life.

    You see, it is your ignorance that makes you believe that you are somehow the choosen of God. Well…let me put it to you in terms you can understand. General Robert E. Lee prayed everyday to the Lord to grant him victory and knew his prayers would be answered in the affirmative until Appomatox. In the end, he told his general’s, God was against us. Like you, he diluted himself into believing that the cause was God approved.

    Hatred, then or now, is eternally unacceptable in the eyes of God. I hope you learn this before going to hell….

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “I refuse to celebrate “the electorate’s surrender of their own will; this by rendering themselves so dependent upon the central government” Alexis de Tocqueville in the early 1800’s”

    So because they didn’t vote the way you say they should have, they surrendered their own will? In other words to not surrender their own will they have to surrender their own will and vote for the candidate you prefer.

    And yes, the early 1800’s are so relevant for today’s America. When you talk about people dependent on the federal government, who is that actually? Defense contractors? Farmers? They sure as hell get a lot of federal money.

  • aadila

    These 20 states may indeed secede from the Union, but they will never secede from the Onion.

  • Never Give Up

    “vast majority of them are joining in the applause for President Obama’s re-election”
    Dear Kiwiwriter – I refuse to celebrate “the electorate’s surrender of their own will; this by rendering themselves so dependent upon the central government” Alexis de Tocqueville in the early 1800’s

  • Jose

    People, have you guys heard this!

    As of this morning a total of 20 states are gathering signatures on petitions that would force the Obama administration’s response to requests to “peacefully grant” states withdrawal from the U.S. and allow the creation of new state-governed bodies.

    Now they want to secede from the UNION!

    Can someone give me a history lesson and tell me what the hell happened the last time some southern nuts, wanted to secede from the union?

    Response to: why is the left so intolerant?

    Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them – Karl Popper

  • Reynardine

    My, this Tea Party is getting bigger than I thought. Folks, let’s all help Ruslan toss those cookies.

  • why is the left so intolerant?

    this article is another dishonest attempt to link the anti-racial mainstream right with the racist ‘radical right.’ The racist radical right was anti-romney and pro-obama, believing the President will push the day forward when their proposal for a “white ethnostate” will be considered by more people. For that to happen Republican Party also needs to be discredited as the party that seeks to protect “white interests.”

  • Stan Lore

    RC. You actually Believe comparing backgrounds of Obama and Romney reveal Obama to have struggled for everything and Romney never did? Romney paid his way through college to an advanced degree, and built businesses that have made him millions of dollars. He ran corporations, ran the Olympics, was Governor of Mass. How much of Obama’s lengthy education did Obama pay for? This argument you make is typical of liberals who show (to me) their hatred of people who succeed in business? Has Obama ever had a regular type job or produced anything tangible? Not that he should have, because many honorable people live a lifetime doing other kinds of work. People like me just do not have a business aptitude. It is kinda scare to think there are many more people like you whose prejudice blinds them to the truth. Yes, only a blind person could compare Obama’s and Romney’s educational and work histories and think Obama is superior in either area.

  • Reynardine

    My, three Hammerheads have appeared in a row! Welcome back, Hunter’s Phallus. Are your pituitary shots working? NWOSlave, did they kick you off Manboobz again? Guardian, your face looks familiar. I know I’ve seen you and your rather truncated view of history before. Are the three of you having a Tea Party together? How spritely! Are the cookies good, or do you have to toss them? (Ruslan, please throw them a pack off that Russian cargo plane while you’re at it.)

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    If some people have been wondering why I haven’t been posting so much, it’s just that ever since Obama got reelected I’ve been busy prepping Russian cargo planes for the United Nations invasion he ordered last weekend. We still really don’t know why he is doing this but we follow orders.

  • aadila

    It should be pointed out that food stamps are also a subsidy to the greater economy. Grocery stores, suppliers, transport, even energy utilities providing power. The cash is being spent. If foodstamp “entitlements” were cut from the budget a lot of jobs would be lost, crime would go up, and the People would not be better off.

  • Erika

    Aron, thank you, you are very creative *blows kiss* :)

    Speaking of creativity, i’m pretty sure that even Mississippi would reject the new Confederacy.

    And southern Georgia would create too many issues with logistics, transportation, and the obvious danger a bunch of white supremacists who are no longer allowed to freeload off the federal government would pose to nearby peach plantations.

  • NWOslave

    The good old SPLC inciting racial hatred where none exists.There’s no racial hatred. It’s all state media propaganda bullshit. When will you people learn the state makes a fortune off of you, the serfs, by playing up non events into some big deal. Hell, the SPLC has got like 300 million in funds from you saps. They make money from lies. Just read this crap from the SPLC.

    “But not so at Ole Miss, which last month marked the 50th anniversary of deadly segregationist riots. Shortly after midnight, several hundred mostly white students protested furiously, reportedly yelling anti-black racial slurs and throwing rocks at passing cars. An Obama/Biden campaign sign was burned before campus police broke up the crowd in Oxford. There were apparently no arrests or injuries.”

    Just look at this, what does 50 years ago have to do with today? Several hundred mostly white??? Really? Reportedly yelling slurs? Any videos of that? Every person has got two cell phones video cameras at the ready but not in this case. They burned an Obama sign? Well just call out the national guard. I can stick a cross in a jar of piss and put it in a museum and call it art, but an Obama sign is sacred? No arrests? No injuries?

    The story should read, frat boys get drunk and make a nuciance of themselves. But the SPLC won’t make no money like that, neither will the government, nor the media. If they tell ya there’s loads of racism, well it’s gonna take a lot of money and a lot of agencies to fix the problem. You’re being played.

    There’s no left or right, There’s no dems or reps. It’s a one party system. Everybody in the government gets payed by the federal reserve. That’s how you know who the boss is. When you go to work, who pays you? The owner. Right? When Obama goes to work, who pays him? The federal reserve. The owner of the franchise.

  • HW


    What’s taking so long? There seems to be an explosion in “rightwing extremism” – even worse than the Tea Party – sprouting up all around you. Are you monitoring this in your bunker downtown?


  • Guardian

    Well the American people have spoken. They have elected a president whose values just over half of the country agrees with. So instead of being upset I’ve come to grips with just what happened here. America’s values have changed!

    So now we have come to a point in history where we see the America we once new, and the values that built this great country coming to an end. The people have spoken and have now ushered in a new era forged on the vision of socialism in its basic infant form. No longer are Americans content with taking on the challenge of building a life for themselves in a country free of government intrusion. But in fact, the people are now crying out for their government to take care of from cradle to grave. No longer will hard work and responsibility for an individual’s decision be the deciding factor in the quality of one’s livelihood.

    So I thought I would take some time to research just who it is that wants to change our country. Just who is it that voted for Obama?
    1) Those who don’t want to take responsibility for their lives and just want a hand out.
    2) The ignorant and deceived (mostly the very old and the very young) who watch too much liberal TV.
    3) The racists who voted for him because of his skin color.
    4) The purely evil, who live their lives without any form of Godly foundation.

    I find some comfort in the fact that there’s still about half of the American people who are willing to take responsibility for their lives. Unfortunately it’s these people who will end up paying for the rest.

  • Ithink

    Oh Ms. Leland Davis, your ‘imaginary leftist conspiracy’ mongering has just crossed the threshold from Idiot America to cold stone reality!

  • Jojo

    I have enjoyed reading most of these comments, especially the “liberal rants,” as I have been accused of such rantings myself.

    But I must say to James who stated: “There is no racism here and i have many black friends at work who saw the same threats as i did.”

    I am a Black American and I find your very statement, meant as an attempt of self-defense, to be racist in and of itself! “Many black friends AT WORK,” meaning that you don’t have “real friendships” with these black co-workers, and that you don’t actually “hang out” with them outside of your job. Have any of your “many black friends at work” been to your home? I don’t think so.

    Better yet, why don’t you show your “many black friends at work” your posting on this site, and I’m sure that you will have NO black friends at work. No….wait….you’d probably pee yourself from the sheer prospect!

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, this thread brought out 254 comments so far, and I’m happy to see that the vast majority of them are joining in the applause for President Obama’s re-election.

    Sorry I’ve missed all this back-chat, but this member of the FEMA conspiracy has been working 13 straight days and 13-hour days with that same evil agency and other evil elements of the Obama conspiracy to address response and recovery to Hurricane Sandy, helping hundreds of thousands of victims of that hurricane get vital information and resources to rebuild their homes and lives. We’ll worry about the re-education camps and UN military bases that the right-wing crackpots are so worried about later. In the meantime, I’d like to point out that we worked very hard to ensure that people could vote in the election…it would have been a lot easier for President Obama if we’d simply cancelled it.

    Speaking of Obama’s threats to our liberty…if he was going to do all the horrible things that the extremist nutters say he’s going to do, why didn’t he do them back in 2009, when he had majorities in Congress and a wave of greater popular support? Why waste so much time, money, and energy on a re-election campaign? Just do what Hitler did back in 1933, take advantage of the chaos and slam an Enabling Act through Congress, and then whack all of his enemies and supporters.

    Conspiracy theorists only understand history if it’s a tortuous and twisted program that leads to the imminent demise of civilization, which can only be averted by paying the theorist $27.95 (in US money) for their book/DVD/survival kit.

    To the folks who are saying that the left wing is the violent one talking of secession…let’s have some names, dates, quotes, and sources, please. That’s the way it’s done in real life. You have a case, you build it and present it. You don’t make others do your work for you. That’s lazy. And both capitalism and Communism expect people to do their own work. One thing they have in common.

    To the folks who are terrified of Obama’s presidency bringing down the American house, I find myself cracking up…I read the same stuff in the Republican campaigns of 1932, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1964, 1976, 1992, 1996, and 2008. Interestingly enough, they didn’t make those complaints in 1940 and 1944…they couldn’t argue with the success of the New Deal in the former, and there was an unimaginably bloody world war with real enemies going on in the latter. But in those other elections, we were told that putting FDR, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama into office would bring our destruction by the end of that candidate’s term. Needless to say, none of that happened. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Does anybody remember John A. Stormer’s “None Dare Call It Treason,” of the early 1960s, which told us with a straight face that the Communists would take us over in 1968? Instead we got Nixon and Agnew. If you can’t find the book in your local stores, try Amazon. Or any flea market…it still pops up at a quarter a shot.

    Or J. Edgar Hoover’s “Masters of Deceit” and “On Communism,” neither of which he actually wrote, flailing the Red Menace. It turns out that the FBI was the main financing arm of the Red Menace in the United States, with all those informants and dues-paying party members on the federal payroll. And the only places left in the world that support Communism are Cuba, North Korea, and the History Department at City College of New York.

    Moving on…I have news for the people who say that the left wing is racist, and the right wing is not…is that why threats against the life of the president of the United States jumped 400 percent after Obama took office? How about the “birther phenomenon?” Is that a left-wing Communist conspiracy? How about all those Tweets after the election denouncing Obama’s re-election? Anybody want to tackle those? Well, the Secret Service will.

    About the left wing being the one that hurls bombs — the Weathermen are all in their 60s. The Chicago riots of 1968 are more than 40 years ago. The surviving Black Panthers became supporters of Ronald Reagan and have admitted that they were wrong. Jerry Rubin became a stockbroker and died in a car accident. Abbie Hoffmann’s main target of abuse was his father. After he died, Hoffmann killed himself. Meanwhile, the right wing dragged Jasper Byrd to his death, tied up Matthew Shepard on a fence, gunned down Alan Berg as he was unloading his groceries, threatened federal judges (Matthew Hale), terrorized tenants and threatened federal jurors (Bill White), blew away his entire family and himself (JT Ready), shot up the Holocaust Museum (James von Brunn), and blew up the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The best the extreme left-wing can do is shriek abuse at extreme right-wingers and each other in demonstrations that mostly show how out of touch they are. Where’s the violence coming from?

    I do want to say this, though. I have no hatred for people who voted for Romney. Many of them are, as William Manchester wrote, “America’s Yeomen.” They work at their jobs, take care of their homes, pay their bills, serve in the military and on juries, obey the laws, raise their kids to be good citizens and people, follow their faiths, and support their community and country. These are virtues that should not be snickered at. The tombstones in Arlington, Oise-Asine, and St. Laurent-sur-Mer do not differentiate by political leaning. And it often takes a conservative to achieve liberal deeds. Branch Rickey integrated baseball (which I think is the most important racial integration in America). Eisenhower sent the troops to Little Rock and warned against the “military-industrial complex.” Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Space Shuttle, and went to China. Ronald Reagan made the Soviet Union realize that Communism had no future. George H.W. Bush orchestrated a coalition to win the first Gulf War. When conservatives stress personal responsibility in life and firm punishment for convicted criminals, I agree with them.

    And I absolutely agree with them about teaching and understanding the many positive achievements of American history and heritage. Last night, David McCullough said in an interview that he met university students that did not know that the 13 original colonies were on the East Coast of the United States. That’s absolutely a disgrace. More Americans are familiar with Kim Kardashian’s clothing choices and dating habits than the Americans who died at Pearl Harbor or marched from Montgomery to Selma. Such ignorance is a breeding ground for extremism — as people will readily believe lies that scapegoat others and conspiracy theories rather than the truth of our past, and as George Orwell says, “Who controls the past, controls the present. Who controls the present, controls the future.”

    And for those who bewail the continuing collapse of the America that never really existed in the first place: the son of Nikita Khrushchev is an American citizen, who regularly speaks about how his father’s harsh rhetoric was merely bluster to cover up the Soviet Union’s incredible weakness. When Nikita pounded his shoe at the United Nations, he was actually terrified of us. Sergei particpates in American conferences on the Cold War, cheerily giving us the inside dope on what was really going on in the Kremlin. And Sergei is a capitalist.

    The grandson of Isoroku Yamamoto, the man who attacked Pearl Harbor, Donald Yamamoto, is US Deputy Secretary of State for African Affairs. Also an American citizen.

    Very few countries on Earth would accept the sons and grandsons of their fiercest enemies into their arms, making them citizens, letting them prosper, participate in historical discussions, and appoint them to positions of great importance in national policy. The United States does so, and benefits as a result. That is why I am confident that the United States and its core values will survive and succeed in the future.

    And to Sam, who asks why I don’t post my name and links: as the death of Alan Berg shows, the extreme right has a nasty tendency of expressing its dislike of those who disagree with it, by gunning people down. Perhaps when such folks drop their Klan masks and behave like civilized people, I’ll be less reluctant to dig a trench.

    To wrap up this soap box, I will address the eminent April Gaede…all the white nationalists you know voted for Obama? Doesn’t surprise me…they are probably hoping for the worst by doing so, fondly believing that the apocalypse will follow his inauguration, and hundreds of thousands of frightened white people will descend on your doorstep, begging you to lead the great revolution. Kind of narcissistic, that, don’t you think? And it never happens.

    In the meantime, how are your daughters doing? That’s a fine legacy you have…ruining their lives with great efficiency. It’s sad that doing so will be the only thing for which you will be remembered.

  • Matthew Bright

    There’s nothing wrong with these people that a good old fashioned injection of Thorazine wouldn’t fix.

  • Erika

    Jeb, you adorable peach cobbler a la mode, if what i said offends you, you really need to get out of your mother’s basement more and experience life.

    My grandfather was a farmer and one of the primary people running a county fair which included a dirt track (featuring some of the lowest levels of NASCAR sanctioned racing, tractor pulls, and demolition derbies). He was also one of the primary operators of the dirt track during the racing season (when my mother was young, she used to ride on the back of the water truck that he drove between races) and several of my relatives used to drive at that track. Naturally given that background, i’ve actually been to races and demolition derbies.

    Obviously you have never been, because if you have, you would have gotten my point: no one other than insecure white nationalist trying to pretend that whites are discriminated against think that “redneck” is an insult – more likely, it is viewed as a label of pride.

    So don’t act like i’m stereotyping, sweetie.

  • CM

    Leland D. Davis said,

    on November 9th, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    “A few points – race had very little to do with the reason most Romney voters voted for Romney.”

    Supporting evidence for this claim? Have you personally interviewed “most Romney voters” about why they voted for him? And why “very little”? Wouldn’t it be better to claim that it had “nothing” to do with their voting?

    “Another point – the only place I have heard talk about secession by conservatives because of Obama being reelected is in left wing rags, and here.”

    So what other places have you looked? Do you spend a lot of time reading “left wing rags”? Have you not delved deeply enough into the SPLC website to see the numerous, well-documented articles and blog posts about secessionist talk from the far right? All in all, an exercise in argumentum ad ignorantiam – “I don’t know of any X, therefore there are no X.”

    “A third point – racism has very little to do with conservative ideology in the US, except in the minds of fevered leftists.”

    Who said it did? What’s under discussion is right-wing extremist ideology. You’re the only one I see trying to suggest that “conservative ideology” is automatically extremist. Does that make you a “fevered leftist”? And again with that “very little” – racism should have “nothing” to do with conservatism.

    “One final point – 48% is losing, but it is not all that far from winning.”

    Are we playing horseshoes here? And are we forgetting that Bush II got himself installed in the White House after losing the popular vote?

    “So stop hating your neighbors who voted Romney, stop hating people for being traditionally religious, and stop inventing silly conspiracies (right wingers want to secede from the Union!) that only exist in your fevered imaginations.”

    Um, who said anything about anyone hating Romney supporters or the “traditionally religious” (whatever that means)? As for the secession thing, since you keep harping on it, two words: Rick Perry. Oh, I guess the governor of Texas only exists in my fevered imagination.

    “Or else you will end up sounding alot like those white supremacists you keep complaining about.”

    You make it sound like “complaining” about white supremacists is a bad thing. But really, the only thing that would make someone sound like a white supremacist would be advocating white supremacism.

    Jim said,
    on November 10th, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    “46.5 trillion people on food stamps.”

    Um, that’s 659 times the total population of the Earth – which says everything that needs to be said about your understanding of the statistics and “facts” you’ve spouted here. For the most part, they’re just Romney-Ryan talking points derived from “research” by billionaire-funded “think tanks,” and which were totally debunked during the campaign. Apparently, the right wing’s fear-mongering was successful in at least one case.

  • Aron


    Thank you for the lightbulb. Considering I had jokingly suggested that we change all of our bulbs to high-pressure sodium lights over the weekend, your contribution is much appreciated.

    Remember, the best deterrent to theft is a house whose overhead lights are so bright they instantly blind you when they are switched on!