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Radical Right Joins in Secession Frenzy

By Mark Potok on November 14, 2012 - 2:09 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Propaganda, White Nationalism

Hundreds of thousands of disgruntled conservatives, still smarting from the re-election of President Obama last week, are signing petitions to allow more than 30 states to secede from the United States — and they are being joined by a motley collection of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Klan sympathizers.

As of midday today, eight of the petitions, which are being posted on a government website set up to encourage citizen participation, have crossed the threshold of 25,000 signatures required to prompt a guaranteed official reply from the White House. (The states are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, the state with the most signers.) But the petitions carry no legal weight at all, and almost no one anywhere on the political spectrum expects them to result in anything more than a collective blowing off of right-wing steam.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the denizens of Stormfront, a huge white nationalist Web forum run by a former Alabama Klan leader, from enthusiastically embracing the cause. Starting last Saturday, a large number of comment threads began appearing on the site that encouraged the radical right to join in on the fun.

Of course, the discourse on the forum has that special Stormfront kind of feel — which is to say, the underlying concern of most participants there is how to create a country, or perhaps countries, that is all, or at least mostly, white.

“We would be better off using all of our strength to secede 80% white states,” wrote “MattwhiteAmerica” in one of more than a dozen threads discussing secession. “A state like Texas, LA, MISS, AL, CA etc are going to need a good old fashion [sic] war to remove the non-whites. …  I’m saying this as most non-whites are socialists and takers. We won’t get a good constitution without a solid white majority.”

“We need to form a WHITE republic,” MattwhiteAmerica added a little later. “One that is for whites by whites!”

Responded “Buffalo”: “I have a feeling a lot if not most of the coloreds would be more than willing to leave a state that actually seceded. I have a feeling they would be smart enough to know that it would be either leave on your own or your [sic] going to be removed by whatever means needed.”

One unexpected dissent came from “Britannic Nationalist,” a foreigner. “Either you’re a country or you’re not,” the poster wrote. “Either all the States should be completely independent, or they should all be a single country. … Will what is now the USA just turn into a land mass of warring factions, states and peoples?”

Most of those posting at Stormfront seemed to realize that they were engaging in a pipe dream. But a few had definite hopes. “Once the cumulative secession petition count exceeds one million then Obama will be very worried,” wrote “Disappointed American.” “One million pissed off armed Americans, coupled with the [antigovernment group] Oathkeepers 3%, can defeat the military. At 2 million signatures, it’s basically a certainty at least one state will secede.”

Well, maybe. Of course, if that’s true, it’s just as likely that some of the other petitions at the government’s We the People website will eventually win their causes, too — causes like “Not Allow The FDA To Regulate Premium Cigars,” “outlaw offending prophets of major religions,” “Restore Fairness And Objectivity To Our Media,” and even “Peacefully grant the city of Austin Texas to withdraw from the state of Texas & remain part of the United States.”

And then there were two direct responses to the secession petitions: “Force all states to pay their portion of the national debt before they can secede from the union” and “Strip the Citizenship from Everyone who Signed a Petition to Secede and Exile Them.” Which is just the kind of thing Stormfronters might actually like.

  • What?

    I really like the idea of giving them Florida, myself, except of course, the Florida Keys, which has a US Naval Base on it and other Federal properties we need for strategic reasons.

    Here is what the Racist Republic of Florida can expect, though…

    +removal of every building in the RRF that was re-built with the assistance of FEMA flood insurance, which would most likely include at least 50% of the structures on shore lines.

    +exclusion of any Native American land, including both Seminole Nations, so they can form their own sovereign naitons, or choose to remain part of the United States (for the one Seminole Nation that actually signed treaties with the US).

    +exclusion of any Federal Department of Defense land, including the 13 active military installations in Florida.

    +legal emmigration for ANYONE in Florida who wants to remain a United States citizen… which would include 70% of the active work force.

    +The United States of America will retain control of the flood protection devices of the southern half of Florida they have been built with the assistance of Federal dollars. We might as well keep all of the waterways too, since there have been Federal dollars protecting their water quality.

    +We will also need to keep the Everglades… since the Everglades is the breeding grounds for gigantic pythons, that we can’t let over run our military bases in Florida.

    I think Florida is quite expendible, considering its lack of adequate voting processes. We can start massive orange growing operations in south Georgia with all the money we save. When the sea level rises, the entire problem would be solved.

  • NDN Girl

    Hey, why don’t these secessionists just go back to whatever land that God put their ancestors on, and give the land back to the original people who lived here. If they can’t live in peace here with everyone that’s here, just go the hell back to where your people came from!

  • EightBells

    What will happen when the US government closes down it’s federal operations, military bases, all federal funding disappears, border control goes into effect.

    But, that is all complete nonsense. No state , no group of individuals , no matter how insane they may be, will ever
    succeed in secession from the United States.

    Not sure why folks even embrace such low level thinking(?).

  • Marc Bridgham

    At what point, legally or otherwise, is a secession movement considered treasonous, if ever?

  • Kenfolk

    William Lloyd Garrison, the great aboltionist, favored “Disunion”, the idea that there should be “no union with slavery” in the 1850s. Today the non-Confederacy states are the real “makers”, subsidizing the Confederate “takers”. I’m tired of hearing from those whose “culture” consisted of slavery, lynching, and Jim Crow and can’t accept the fact that a (half) black man won the presidency. I say: Let the south secede-better late than never!

  • James

    Here they go again. To justify tyrannical unjust and unconstitutional government; lets play our race cards. Divide and conquer. Aren’t we all Americans? Why can’t we all get along? Surrendering all our rights and privileges to the government only creates tyrannical government and we all suffer. The American free enterprise system is admired all over the world. It’s why everyone wants to come here. It’s produced the greatest economy ever known to mankind. We did build it contrary to what Obama may say. Get government out of the way and let we the people, all the people enjoy the prosperity.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Thanks Larry, but I think comparing them to Nazi stormtroopers is a bit generous. I’ve seen most of these types at many gun shows over the years and they like to talk about some kind of reckoning which would take place after a total collapse of law and order. I often wondered why that apocalypse was necessary, and after a few years I finally figured it out. They want to take shots at unarmed people, and they envision themselves rounding up and shooting a bunch of hemp-wearing hippies and white-collar liberals and college professors. As I said, they’re going to get a rude awakening if they put this naive plan into action.

  • Susan

    Before we get all hot under the collar, stress out, and require major Obama Care interventions, remember the petition signers are exercising their right to free speech. The Constitution provides a very important venting system; why shouldn’t they take advantage of it? Would you prefer vigilantes to petition signers? Given their history, I think signing petitions is a very positive move for White Nationalists and Klan members. It shows they have some gained some understanding of the Constitution. In time, perhaps, as they learn to work within the Bill of Rights, they may buy into more of it. And by the way, Obama had the support of many whites or he wouldn’t have won. 25,000 people do not a majority make.

  • Reynardine

    Douglas, I don’t note that this discussion has stopped at all. Unless you use the kind of language that can’t pass our Hays Office, your comments, however cretinous, will be posted here. As to your “movement”, I hesitate to describe it, in good measure out of respect for said Hays Office.

  • Douglas

    All are not disgruntled Conservatives. There are many disgruntled Progressives, Communists, and Leftists who have sided with movement. It is not HATE. Most see the destruction of the US Constitution, Freedoms and Liberties being slowly attacked and have no other way to defend them or show their detest. Nothing against Mr. BHO or the outcome of the election.
    Many inflame words are said here which not HATE? HATE is being used very loosely. As is racism. It sure stops the discussion.

  • Larry

    Big “thumbs-up” to Ruslan Amirkhanov for his quote to one of the racist idiots who posted. Ruslan, after noting that the racist wrote:
    “Liberals cannot stop secessionists. Their army will be filled with transgendered weaklings.”;
    replied –

    “You keep believing that. The look on your face will be hilarious.”

    I’m with you on that Ruslan. I could see the same face of defeat on those racists, as those Nazi troops (from World War II film footage) with faces of dazed and defeated disbelief at the hands of the Allies during that great cataclysm. (…and God only knows the similar look of defeat on the faces of the Confederate hordes after their crushing fall.)

  • Larry

    After their defeat in the U.S. Civil War, several thousand of the defeated Confederates emigrated to Brazil. I wonder who would accept them today……

  • Elle

    Texas is a majority minority state, but we have the most corrupt state and local governments due to gerrymandering. I guarantee that there are far more Texans that are loyal to the United States than there are white, racist idiots that think that people are not going to fight for their US citizenship. As a white American I am so sick of these white racists making my race look like hateful, mean, low-down, ignorant Neanderthals.

  • harold brohinsky

    I love the idea .
    This brings all the worst elements of society together.
    Let’s head ’em up and move them out.
    Give them Texas.
    Declare it a separate state.
    Provide them with everything they need to make the trip.
    Provide a closely monitored escape route for those real Americans who love America.
    They will start murdering each almost immediately.
    Really close the border to them as they try to sneak back to the US.
    Declare them all to be illegal aliens.
    They will not be missed.

  • GoodGirl

    Sorry, that website didn’t completely copy over. It was:


  • GoodGirl

    Anybody remember that this is an ANTI-HATE website they’re writing on?

    Anyone using this site to promote their bigoted, narrow-minded, conspiratory-theorist blather might want to move to a site more suited to their principles, like or

    Seriously! Why is anyone wasting their energy on this?

  • Val Fitzgerald

    OMG, can this be TRUE? America’s FINALLY TAKING OUT THE NEOCON GARBAGE???? I CAN ‘T WAIT! And—good luck to the LOSERS getting “foreign aid” from America!

  • Gregory Peterson

    Considering that the red states often have blue urban areas…the secessionists would sort of have to figure out how to destroy the red states’ cities before they could get a secession movement moving beyond the seditious petitions to the White House website.

    Interestingly, Texas had seceded from Mexico because of a Black/mixed race President, Vicente Ramon Guerrero. His Guerrero Proclamation had freed most of the slaves in Mexico in 1929. A coup that was made up of vested interests brought down the Guerrero administration and executed him a few years later. They rescinded a lot of the Guerrero administration’s actions, but even they didn’t dare rescind the Guerrero Proclamation.

    The proclamation wasn’t being enforced in Texas, but the slaveholders there could read the writing on the wall, even if it was…en Español.

    After Reconstruction collapsed, Texas, became infamous worldwide for its Jim Crow government and the Waco Horror.

  • P.D. Hollingsworth

    This is America, love it or leave it. Remember that little rightwingnut mantra? Revive it. Deport the lot of them. Do you realize what an improvement that would make for our gene pool? The average IQ would jump by 50 points in this country.

  • concernedcitizen

    There are women just dumb enough to join such a movement. It’s a real shame when people buy into that sort of stupidity and hate agenda.

    What you have is just a large group of very repulsive human beings.

  • Bob Carr

    It is so easy for me to be cynical and say, good riddance!

    There is some fine information available as to what living in a Libertarian world outside of our managed society would mean.

    Want a life beyond modern government? Try Somalia.

    But the truth is that , no different from 1862, Secessionists threaten the well being of the nation.

    What else can I say? This is ignorance, and treason, to the Nth degree.

  • Gregory

    I should have added some text to my link, but the basic premise is something that most of the regulars here know already.

    Stupid people generally think that they are much more clever than they really are, while smart and competent people generally think they are less competent than they really are. Bad grammar, but I am in a bit of a rush between engagements.

    We could go into any number of different explanations for the phenomena that many of us experience on a daily basis. It is a bit like Bobby Jindal saying that the GOP should stop being the “stupid party” while he is advocating that his state school system teach young earth creationism as an equally valid counterpart to the theory of evolution.

  • Gregory
  • Larry

    There is NO American in any of these clowns.. NOT ANY. This issue was settled a LONG time ago and 600,000 American’s died to write it in BLOOD. We are ONE nation and REAL American’s do NOT turn their backs on the Nation because they LOST! They most certainly do NOT discredit all the brave American’s who died to keep this nation one! These people are TRAITORS in my view and that comes form a Marine Combat Vet.

  • Grumpy Nick

    Re: Secessionist wing nut petitions.
    The sum of any number of zeros, no matter how large, is still ZERO.

  • Leonard S. Carrier

    Some may think that this is just disgruntled, right-wing Republicans blowing off steam from their huge election losses. But it is more than that. The radical right wing is dangerous and needs to have the full weight of the law descend upon these miscreants.

    Although the SPLC has made the Ku Kluxers and the Nazi skin-heads pay through the nose, President Obama must now appoint an Attorney General who will put these people in prison for encouraging and committing hate crimes.

  • rifbeach

    Oh, PLEASE, fiqure out a way to let them leave. The Civil War freed the slaves. Can we find a non-violent way to free us from them?

  • Erika

    Ruslan, the one thing that i believe would prevent the white nationalist homeland from becoming an icky perv pedophile hideout is the fact that the U.S. would no doubt blockade the white nationalists to prevent the importation of mail order biides since hte white nationalists would be unable to attract sufficient numbers of women to join them.

    Of course, even if the white nationalists prove us wrong and did get off the ground it would be likely the sexual assault of children which leads the U.S. to send in the army to eliminate them. Ironically perhaps even the U.N would be after them for crimes against humanity since the sexual exploitation of children does appear to violate customary international law (which is why the U.S. can Constitutionally punish American icky pervs for raping children overseas). If the thought of those white nationalist idiots trying to run a government isn’t hilarious enough, imagine them getting hauled before The Hague for crimes against humanity :)

    Fun fact: today when driving at lunch time, i actually saw a pick up truck with a Confederate flag flying from its antenna like something you’d see from ancient footage from the 1960s.

  • Reynardine

    The odious quote you mentioned, Ruslan, was either Justice Taney or Justice Catron in Dredd Scot v. Sanford. Practically, however, it held true from the time Reconstruction ended until the late Fifties.

  • CoralSea

    Gregory —

    I am thinking that Original Anna has confused the “Guess Workers” with the “Transgendered Weaklings.”

    At any rate, none of these people seem to know which end is up.

  • ebdoug

    In about twenty years, those states are going underwater so let them secede, remove their citizenship and don’t let them back in the USA when the water rises. Problem solved. Just get the non whites out first
    Somehow these people don’t understand that this country has natives. White is not a native color of this country. But then revision Texas History probably doesn’t teach anything before the whites came.

  • CM

    Ruslan and Reynardine,

    I wasn’t aware of the Dunning-Kruger thing, either, but speaking of Plato, apparently he and Socrates knew something about it:

    “And is not this the most shameful kind of ignorance, that of imagining one knows what one does not know?” (Apol. 29b)

  • Dan Slaby

    We avoided falling off one cliff this election: the cliff of white supremacy nationalism. A similar movement is fomenting in European countries suffering economic distress. The austerity programs in Europe and including the Ryan budget are mechanisms for uprooting liberalism and restoring fascism as the means for rescuing the people from a problem that was intentionally created to establish fascism.

  • Reynardine

    The curious fact is that the main nuthouse where I was a kid was called Dunning, and they tore it down and built a shopping center. I had, however, a pair of neighbors who were at just that level of stupidity where, because they are too stupid to learn any more, they think they know all there is to know, without being stupid enough to know that their stupidity is impairing them. Thank you, Ruslan, for putting a name to this…er, tantalizing phenomenon. Are you in the psychiatric field?

  • Reynardine

    Trema, by the way, is a certain genus in the elm family, whose fruits have holes in their heads. Reckon we know where TRMA got his handle.

  • aadila

    Maybe the people signing these petitions can be rounded up and tried for treason.

  • merridee

    Michael Parker said,

    on November 15th, 2012 at 2:47 pm

    “Why don’t these white racist move out of the country to some European country. We(patriotic Americans) don’t want these white confederates here anyway. They have always been disloyal to our constitution.”

    Most European (and other countries) wouldn’t have them. Their prejudices make them unfit for admission.

  • Reynardine

    In the interim, I looked it up, and found the phenomenon was named long after I gave up the off-the-wallnut business. We’ve all seen it, though.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    TRMA’s idiotic claims of genocide need to be broken down in a separate comment. The nonsense he’s trying to sell is that people who are against “assimilation” are subject to threats, intimidation, loss of jobs, etc. Gee that sounds really mean until we actually deconstruct what is really going on.

    If a person acts like a racist in public, most people are going to object to it. WNs fail to realize that freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. Of course some racist speech in public, if it especially bad and heard by members of the target group, could provoke violence. I ask in this case what should the WN expect? Should non-white people just tip their hats and walk on as someone berates them simply because of their perceived “race” in public. If a person responds with violence, they will be charged with assault, simple as that. Now if non-whites were actually allowed to attack whites with no legal repercussions whatsoever, it would be a different story. Of course there was a time in the US when such a situation existed- in REVERSE. As one US politician said: “The Negro has no rights which a white man is bound to respect.”

    That’s the REAL country people like TRMA and his WN buddies want. They want to be privileged for being white, because they can’t be somebody otherwise.

    Next lets talk about losing one’s job. Let’s say I’m the owner of a business, if I don’t have a particularly diverse work force it stands to reason that I at least have a diverse customer base. Am I going to want to hire a guy who may treat non-white customers worse than my other employees? If I find my employee is a skinhead or reads racist literature, should I not suspect that he might cause problems between members of my work force? Even if my work force is mostly white, there are bound to be Jews, gays, women, liberals, etc. and WNs typically have problems with all of them. The fact is most WNs hide their politics at work or school and as a result they don’t lose their jobs. But that begs the question, if WNs can work side by side with non-whites and not have problems(and believe me, many do), why can’t they just realize that life with non-whites is indeed possible and chuck the stupid ideology?

    Lastly, White Nationalists are lucky they can’t get what they want. See they call Europe a “white homeland”, but look at what this “white” continent did for centuries- they slaughtered each other. In fact, while correlation doesn’t equal causation, one indisputable fact is that Europe has actually become LESS violent as it has become more diverse. When Europeans were irrationally proud of their heritage, they slaughtered each other because of it.

    So what does it mean for WN and their hypothetical “white” nation? Well first of course they have to work out who is white. They would have to make some rather arbitrary standards and base them on DNA tests. How the DNA test would prove anything about the person’s character or abilities is anyone’s guess, but that’s what they would need. Once they do that, and they have their all-white nation, they would notice a problem. Some “whites” are poor and mostly do manual labor. Other whites would be rich. Since “race” explains everything in this biological determinist world, “white” would no loner be adequate. There would be divides into “Nordic,” “Alpine”, etc. There would be divides by necessity. What’s this? Irish and Slavic Americans seem to be overrepresented among the poor and working class? It HAS to be because of flaws in Irish and Slavic blood! It can’t be because of a history of poverty and exploitation! All those things are anti-racist, Boasian claims!!

    And so the white nation would again divide itself on other grounds, and of course eventually fail.

    Naw I’m just kidding. A nation led by White Nationalists would fail because the “best” of the WN movement leaders has always historically consisted of con-men, losers, mentally disturbed sociopaths, pedophiles, and other assorted sex offenders/perverts. You might say perverts are over-represented in the upper ranks of the WN movement.

  • Jamin

    Where are these damn FEMA camps these morons are always fantasizing about when we need them? If the government doesn’t crackdown on them when need more groups like those guys from Indiana who came and threw the beat down on those white supremacists in Chicago.

  • Reynardine

    Dunning-Kruger. I am not familiar with that pathology, and I used to work nut.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov


    “On one hand, you say that assimilation isn’t forced. On the other hand, you advocate threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical violence and prison time for those who are against said assimilation.”

    Really? Please show me where I advocate any of this. History shows that threats, intimidation and employment discrimination have all gone AGAINST black people and other non-white minorities in America, not in their favor. This is because many forms of discrimination are impossible to monitor or prove. If a real estate agent decides not to show certain houses in certain neighborhoods to minority families, they have no way of knowing or proving this. Also, are you familiar with the term “sundown town?” I suggest you look it up.

    The fact is that America still is very segregated, despite anti-discrimination laws. So much for forced assimilation.

    ” So which is it, anti-White?”

    I’m white, you moron.

    “You say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. You want White geNOcide.”

    You don’t know what genocide or oppression is. Go tell your sob story to a Kurd, East Timorese, or Palestinian. Let me tell you something else, I am “white”, you are “white,” but that’s where the similarity ends. You are an ignorant moron who thinks the world owes you something just because you were born to look a certain way, as though that was some kind of accomplishment. There is no other link between us; I am not your “brother” nor your “kinsmen.” And in the same way neither are Plato, Aristotle, or all the heroes and intellectuals throughout European history. Their accomplishments are not YOUR accomplishments, and there are literally millions of non-European people far smarter and more accomplished than you. You might want to consider that next time.

    And, Mr. TRMA, if you are indeed Mr. Whitaker, let me tell you that your article on the Soviet Constitution exposed you as an ignorant blowhard with a serious case of Dunning-Kruger. There is nothing more pathetic than an idiot who is convinced he’s smarter than everyone else.

  • Ithink

    TRMA said,
    on November 19th, 2012 at 3:52 pm
    To “ruslan”
    On one hand, you say that assimilation isn’t forced. On the other hand, you advocate threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical violence and prison time for those who are against said assimilation. So which is it, anti-White?
    You say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White. You want White geNOcide.

    And the daily fecal hurdling from the wingnut troglodytes of Reactionary Right-Wing variety happens! But dear God where to start…

    Cognitive dissonance obviously not being present, all the negative actions Ruslan leveled againt the so self-declared ‘anti-assimilationists’ was not towards any group but actually just you as an individual. If you proto-fascist anti-government crusaders are that perturbed by that educated and highly qualified darkie occupying ‘White House’ by all means leave, although recall, America is the greatest country in the world lacking universal health care, high public sector workers’ unions, superior free public education primary through secondary and so on!

    In dumb man’s terms, that means avoid the entirety of Europe and much of South America and Eastern Asia like the SARS virus; I suspect since you believe the African and Middle Eastern ethnicities and races are responsible for making European whites responsible for all the problems in the world you wouldn’t be setting up home there either.

    P.S.-Nobody here is anti-white as the supermajority of the posters and writers of the columns (excluding yours truly as an anomaly) are in fact of Eauropean Caucasian descent in some variety. What we all are anti-idiocy and anti-discriminatory on a spectrum of topics, so feel free to never have children lest they be the unfortunate receptors of such genes…

  • Gregory

    (Un)Original Anna said “You people have forgotten this is supposed to be a free country and win or lose an election everybody still has a right to their opinion and to say it.”

    I’m curious, who is preventing you from expressing your opinion, Anna? You have posted your opinion, bizarre though it may be, here without censorship.

    I would like to hear more about these “guess workers”. Are they employees that require no instructions?

  • CM


    None of Whitaker’s rant makes any sense, it’s just a wild spew of pro-racist self-justification. But that doesn’t stop the intellectually impaired, like TRMA, from whipping it out as if it’s an all-purpose answer to every anti-racist criticism.


    Thanks for doing the math on Orig.Anna’s fantasies. I just want to add that her imaginary 52 million abortions were “all paid for by taxpayers,” which of course is also impossible. On the contrary, various federal laws prohibit the spending of tax funds on abortions.

    Then there’s this gem of absurdity: “They [i.e., Tea Partiers] didn’t claim public land and rape and close businesses or kill anybody who didn’t agree with them.” I’m not sure how one rapes a business, for one thing, and I’m not at all clear on who s/he thinks did do these things. Offhand, it might make sense as a reference to the Khmer Rouge or possibly the Roundheads, but obviously it doesn’t even remotely resemble anything that has happened in the U.S. in recent times, even including the Bush II administration.

  • aadila

    Meanwhile in Teabagistan:

    “Christian” school teachers Cathy Samford in Rockwell, Texas and Jarretta Jamilton of St. Cloud, Florida are both fired for conceiving a child before they and their husbands got married…

    So having sex in committed relationship is sinful, but throwing a pregnant woman on the street is righteous? Can anyone explain this morality to me?

  • Erika

    Original Anna, what are you possibly talking about with 52,000,000 unborn babies killed by President Obama’s people? That is quite a figure considering that there are approximately 311,000,000 people in the United States with slightly over half being female which would leave approximately 158-160,000,000 females. However, not all of those females are of child bearing age – some are children who are too young and some are too old. Removing prepubscent children and post-menopausal women (and really you should also remove women and girls of child bearing age who do not have sex or who are unable to have children for some reason) you maybe might have 52,000,000 women who are able to have children.

    So according to your point, President Obama’s people have (obviously within the past 4 years) somehow without our knowledge performed an abortion on every woman who can have children in America. That is odd because i’m pretty sure that being forced by the government to have an abortion is something that i would have remembered.

    i’m also pretty sure that forcing women to have abortion is not consistent with the President’s pro-choice position. Unlike the position of the Republicans who wanted to force women to have their rapist’s children saying it was God’s will.

  • Reynardine

    And, TRMA, you’re not original, either.

    If people like you and “Original” believed a quarter of the stuff you say about us, you wouldn’t be writing belligerant letters here. You’d be hiding under your beds, trembling in puddles of your own urine.

  • Reynardine

    Gregory, yeah, it’s as good as saying every white person is a born and immutable racist. And, Original Anna, you’re not.

  • Gregory

    That slogan has never made sense to me, because it would appear to be a tacit recognition of white racism.