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Eleventh Person Charged in Fort Stewart Militia Plot

By Don Terry on November 15, 2012 - 1:37 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Crime, Extremists in the Military, Militias

As the investigation continues into a murderous Georgia-based militia group led by American military personnel who were plotting to overthrow the federal government, a former Navy recruit has become the 11th person charged in the case that includes allegations of burglaries and car break-ins to support the group and at least two homicides to keep it secret.

It appears drug dealing should also be added to the list.

On Wednesday, according to the Associated Press, Georgia prosecutors said the former Navy recruit, Jeffrey Wayne Roberts Jr., 27, of Savannah, was being held in Bryan County after his arrest Tuesday on charges of illegal gang activity, including possession of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy with intent to distribute.

The gang named in the indictment of Roberts was FEAR, a militia group that authorities say was based at the sprawling Fort Stewart
Army base in Georgia and is responsible for the December 2011 murder of a recently discharged soldier, Michael Roark, 19, and his 17-year-old girlfriend, Tiffany York, a high school junior.

According to prosecutors, FEAR – or Forever Enduring Always Ready – had stockpiled $87,000 worth of weapons and explosives and planned to overthrow the government through a campaign of terror and political assassinations.

The teenage sweethearts were killed and left where they fell in a patch of Georgia woods to keep the plot secret, prosecutors say. Roark had helped the group purchase weapons but had apparently grown disillusioned with the group and intended to return home to Washington state. He and York were killed two days after he was discharged from the Army.

Tom Durden, district attorney for the Atlantic Judicial Circuit in southeast Georgia, said Roberts was not involved in the murders, the Associated Press reported. “He was not present at the murders, but his activities furthered the FEAR organization,” Durden was quoted as saying.

The indictment, the AP reported, says Roberts, who was in the Navy for barely a year, handled drugs for the militia group between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30 of last year, but gives no other details.

Four people – three active-duty soldiers, and a recently discharged soldier, who is the wife of one of the soldiers – have been charged in the murder. The three active-duty soldiers, including Isaac Aguigui, the militia’s 21-year-old suspected ringleader, face the death penalty,

Several other former soldiers have been charged with breaking into houses and cars to help finance the group.

Two members of FEAR – Christopher Jenderseck, 26, a recently discharged soldier and Pfc. Michael Burnett – have pleaded guilty for their involvement in the slayings and have agreed to testify against their former comrades.

Jenderseck was charged with helping to destroy evidence, including bloody clothes and spent shotgun shells, but did not take part in the killing. Burnett was there when the young couple was each shot twice in the head. He was charged with murder, but in exchange for his testimony he will be sentenced for manslaughter once the trials are over.

At a court appearance in August, Burnett, his legs and hands shackled, told a judge that the militia had started out as a group of buddies going out into the woods, shooting off guns – “just guy stuff.”

“I don’t know how it got to the point where two people got murdered,” he said.

  • Reynardine

    Murder in a “cause” isn’t “much ado about nothing”. If rather more “ado” had been made in the 1920’s about certain “Vömgerechts” type murders the growing Nazi party committed in its ranks, instead of dismissing it as “intraparty discipline”, we would have been spared tens of millions of more deaths, both from the Disasters of War and from frank genocide.

  • Apachecheynne

    This is sad to see that even our uniforms have lost their dignity with young men who don’t realize the magnitude of harm they create across America. Because there is more to know then to be a soldier who beats the nation to loweest of the low. Killing your own people is barbaric and does not deserve but faces to turn away.

    The People of America voted for our President, while many others spoke their ill repute, we still elected a Man who has done more to move us forward despite our selves.

  • Dale Setzer

    These people need to go oversea’s and then they might Love “These United States” After there next tour of duty till they die of old age at Leavenworth,KS

  • Kim Garvin

    These “dingbats” killed two people, which I don’t think is considered “much ado about nothing” unless you share the “dingbats” belief system.

  • Joshua Kricker

    I don’t think military personnel who amassed $87,000 worth of weapons and explosives, planning to carry out a campaign of terror, who started off by killing one of their own and his 17 year old girlfriend is “much ado about nothing.” I’m glad this was stopped before they went further.

  • What?

    … yeah, this is a bunch of over reaction “concernedcitizen”… (sarcasm intended)

    Are you out of your ever loving mind???

    $87K worth of weapons and explosives?

    … they really need to put these wannabe terrorists somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine for a long long time…

  • A Walkaway

    Concerned Citizen, I suggest you look into MRFF. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

    I’m not so sure that the military won’t sit it out (if not support it), because of all the “Good Christians” who think they have to take over the world for Jesus in the armed forces.

  • thatsright

    The supporters of Allen West, Tea Party freshman to Congress in 2010 and retired Lt. Col. US Army in my congressional district in Florida, kept citing his military career for qualifcations-and nothing else. Almost every time he opened his mouth he echoed Tea Party extremist statements. He held a gun to the head of a detainee in the Mid-East once. I thought a lot about his actions, words, who backed him, that he won election because the moderates stayed home in 2010 election. But they showed up this time and gave him the boot. I fear people like West can arouse people like the Ft. Stewart Eleven using their influence as members of one of three branches of our government and with military service in their resume’s. Do not for one minute think a military coup is impossible here. Watch an old movie called “Seven Days in May” (1964) and you get a good idea how things could happen. Think about Hitler, Fascists, Germany and most Banana Republics.

  • Sharon Setzer

    NONE of this surprises me – after the pre-election and post-election attacks on President Obama and the obvious racism that still exists in the south. IDIOTS like this get military training – and then plan to use it against the government? Thank goodness for SPLC and its diligence in reporting hate crimes. These people should go to prison for a long, long time.

  • Concerned Citizen

    This story doesn’t get too much coverage from the mainstream media. This is sure the left dander up.
    Seriously. These dingbats couldn’t pull off their plan to overthrow the government because(1) our military wouldn’t stant if, since thet profit from the taxpayers (2) our politcal leaders wouldn’t support or anticipant in such a plot knowing that this would ruin their careers and (3) the people as a whole wouldn’t stant for a radical government that would everyone’s lives. This may be a case of much ado about nothing.

  • aadila

    I don’t see why it should it surprise anyone that our military industrial complex would be a menace to our own people. It’s a symptom of the police state.

  • CriticalDragon177

    Sam Molloy,

    What you said is not entirely true that it wasn’t in the news. After I first heard about this, I looked it up on Google, and multiple other sources were reporting on it.

  • Sam Molloy

    It was probably not on any news. This is the only place you will hear a lot of things. That’s why I like the SPLC.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Don Terry,

    I hadn’t even heard about this, until just the other day. Man I need to watch the news more.