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New ‘Aryan’ Compound in Idaho to be Sold Off in January

By Bill Morlin on November 29, 2012 - 8:27 am, Posted in Klan, Neo-Nazi

The public foreclosure sale of property that was to be a new Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan compound in North Idaho is set for Jan. 14, court records show. The foreclosure will mean eviction for white supremacist Shaun P. Winkler, his wife and their small child, along with a small band of their racist associates who have been living on the site, unless they can come up with almost $70,000 by the scheduled sale date.

Winkler and his wife bought the land in Bonner County in early 201l, hoping to use the site to replicate the former Aryan Nations compound in adjoining Kootenai County. The buildings at the Kootenai County site were razed and the property turned into a cow pasture more than a decade ago, after it was sold in the wake of a court judgment against Aryan Nations, its late leader and several followers. Details of Winkler’s plans for his land are contained in an article in the most recent issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s  Intelligence Report, which was released on Tuesday.

In a follow-up interview Wednesday with a KREM-TV reporter from Spokane, Wash., Winkler acknowledged that he likely faces foreclosure and eviction. But he said he now has plans to continue working toward his goal after moving onto another nearby private property, which he said is being given to him by a retired Los Angeles police officer who he refused to identify.

The private timber company that sold the 17.3 acres to Winkler in March 2011 initiated foreclosure action this past September, about two weeks after learning he had logged and sold thousands of board feet of timber on the land in clear violation of the purchase agreement. Winkler also was several months delinquent in making purchase payments. When contacted by the Intelligence Report in August, Rick Dinning, president of Tungsten Holdings, Inc., said he had no idea the buyer was a long-time professional racist from Pennsylvania and former protégé of late Aryan Nations founder Richard G. Butler, or that Winkler had been logging the property.

Winkler, his sister and their itinerant associates also have been living on the property without a state-required “site permit” needed for discharge of human waste.  Regional environmental health officials launched an investigation after learning Winkler and his racist friends were living on the property without that permit.

Dinning said in August that he had “no clue” that Winkler, who has a criminal record, was planning to use the site to build a “whites-only” housing complex to replicate Butler’s former Aryan Nations 20-acre compound.

That original compound hosted the annual Aryan World Congress for much of its two-decades-long history and became an international rallying spot for racists, several of whom went on to commit various high-profile hate crimes, including murders, arsons, bombings and other acts of terrorism. The compound was sold at a bankruptcy auction after the SPLC, representing a woman and her son who had been terrorized by violent compound guards in a 2000 civil suit, won a judgment for the plaintiffs of $6.3 million.

Several would-be successors to Butler have attempted with little success to take up the Aryan legacy since his death in 2004, but Winkler seems to have been the most visible in North Idaho, frequently hold racists demonstrations. He unsuccessfully ran for sheriff in Bonner County last spring, garnering only 182 votes.

In between slurs directed at Jews, black people and others, Winkler frequently says in interviews that he still admires Butler and wants to carry on his racist legacy. He says he isn’t a “hater” but rather a “lover” of the white race.

But Winkler’s plans seem to have hit a wall, at least for the time being.

“We have begun the foreclosure process,” Dinning told Hatewatch this week when reached at one of his company’s offices in Libby, Mont. His company filed a “notice of default and election to sell” the property in Bonner County District Court, and has published a required foreclosure legal notice in a Sandpoint, Idaho, newspaper.

The property will be sold on Jan. 14 or revert to the seller unless Winkler can come up with $68,977 still owed, plus interest and legal costs from Dec. 11, 2011, when the delinquent payments started accruing, Dinning said. The foreclosure sale is set for 10 a.m. at Sandpoint Title Insurance Co. in Sandpoint.

After that sale, Winkler could still face a civil suit for cutting and selling 30,000 board feet of timber — an estimated six logging truckloads worth as much as $10,000 — from the Tungsten property without permission from the seller. Dinning was noncommittal when asked if he intended to pursue such legal action against Winkler.

  • concernedcitizen

    That is not love for the white race that is a self hatred that draws a great deal of animosity towards the white race and alienates many groups of people from the white race.

    People that carry that philosophy really don’t have a clue about love, it’s just pure hate.

    If you are white marry white and so and so on then live your life as you will, but to promote hate and to degrade other groups in that process is a self defeating act.

    Hate begets more hate.

    Racists need to put more time into their own progression and evolution as human beings, then perhaps they too would find that they really don’t have all this time they spend towards learning teaching and spreading the cancer of their hate agenda in the U.S.

  • A.D.M.

    I don’t care about how much money they make. What I like to do here is shoot down moronic arguments made by folks like you. For example, you think fat asses is a black woman thing. It isn’t. I have personally seen white women, Middle Eastern/South Asian women, and women of indigenous Amerindian descent with fat asses. I have also seen black women with skinny asses.

    Another thing, overweight people are not well fed. Well fed means eating healthy, not junk food that is high in refined sugars and carbohydrates. Watching TV and going to a supermarket are not examples of scientific research. And as Ruslan pointed out, Africa has modern cities with running water and electricity.

    You can always Google them.

    You then go on to say things like “blacks use welfare and food stamps.” Well, so do white folks, more so than blacks. You also said a bunch of other crap, but Ruslan pretty much destroyed your arguments.

    By the way, if you’re so anti-black, why are you looking their asses?

  • Brock Henderson

    I’d like to challenge the moderator to post my previous comment I submitted. If Mr. Potok feels that it hits a little too close to home, that’s his problem. The principle of it was rooted in common sense. If you are a good and trustworthy citizen, a friend to your fellows and kinsmen in the community in which you live, and a healthy-minded American, you should be DELIGHTED when a majority of the people in your country express distrust of the government, not FRIGHTENED.

    Quite simply, Kiwiwriter, the above is the reason why the SPLC is constantly ridiculed in principled quarters. Maybe it started by declaring an all-out legal war against the most thuggish organizations most everyday Americans between Berkeley and the Beltway would agree to be hate groups, but nowadays, ha!

    At some point in time, the SPLC appointed itself the enlightened panel of judges of what it is acceptable to believe and say about any and every subject. Get that? Nobody in America in an official capacity, such as an election to some kind of public office, asked them what is acceptable mainstream thought and what isn’t. They just set up shop in Montgomery and appointed themselves. They consider adherents to Austrian School economics and believers in anti-fiat currency/Federal Reserve/IMF/WTO/Bilderberg Group/CFR/Trilateral Commission conspiracy theories to be dangerous radicals worthy of surveillance right alongside Klansmen. That says it all. They are just apologists for the current American imperial big-government political establishment.

  • Eugene

    Kudos Brock!

    Wealthy Leftists are insulated from the policies they advocate. Consider Bill & Hillary Clinton. For years while in the White House they advocated ‘diversity’. Yet where did they buy a home after the Clinton left the presidency? Chappaqua, N.Y. is about 90% white. If they really believed that blacks are so wonderful, and the races are equivalent and interchangeable, why didn’t they move to a majority black neighborhood? It’s true, Clinton had an office in Harlem. He went there 2-4 times per year escorted by armed body guards in a limousine. His office has now moved. Hillary Clinton has a net worth of ~ 40 million dollars. Next consider Michael Moore. He claims he grew up in Flint, MI. Not true. He grew up in Davison, MI, which is over 90% white. He has a home in Traverse City, MI. Again, > 90% white. Moore is a very wealthy man. The list goes on of such examples. The Kennedy family, Al Gore, Chris Matthews. They’re all rich. They all live in white areas. Al Gore has an enormous mansion on a big estate. Chris Matthews doesn’t live in Washington DC. He lives in Chevy Chase, MD. It’s a very white area.

  • Kiwiwriter

    “Morris and Mark are more highly disrespected than respected. I hope you realize this.

    Their salaries, net worths, and lifestyles are worth pointing out because it validates and confirms what all critics of the “limousine lefty” crowd – no matter their political stripe – have been saying about them for their entire existence. They are the rich, pampered, and privileged elite class, whose wealth makes them conveniently exempt from the effects that the policies they advocate have on the common people, the everyday middle-class American.”

    Well, Brock, please tell us who “disrespects” the SPLC. Let’s see, Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan, Louis Beam, Billy Riccio, Glenn Miller, and Tom Metzger. That’s quite a crew. A bunch of sadists, psychotics, greedheads, and racist thugs.

    And you say they are “exempt” from the “policies they advocate?” Care to explain that?

    Do use the red crayon.

  • Kiwiwriter

    “ADM, Ruslan, Kiwi, all the rest,

    You guys have got to realize the SPLC is a scam. Morris Dees makes a huge salary and lives in a mansion. That whole organization is a money generating operation for the people at the top. Do you know how much Morris Dees makes? Do you know how much Mark Potok makes? I do. Check it out. Research it on your own. Tell me what number you come up with. Then I’ll tell you. This is the big question: What are the salaries of these guys running the SPLC?”

    Sorry, Eugene/Ezra/Jason/Annie, the “big questions” are the ones I’ve asked you, and I’m not looking up yours until you answer mine.

    And when ARE you going to make that web page with the profiles of us?

    Besides, why should I post the number? You said you never read what we write…