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New ‘Aryan’ Compound in Idaho to be Sold Off in January

By Bill Morlin on November 29, 2012 - 8:27 am, Posted in Klan, Neo-Nazi

The public foreclosure sale of property that was to be a new Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan compound in North Idaho is set for Jan. 14, court records show. The foreclosure will mean eviction for white supremacist Shaun P. Winkler, his wife and their small child, along with a small band of their racist associates who have been living on the site, unless they can come up with almost $70,000 by the scheduled sale date.

Winkler and his wife bought the land in Bonner County in early 201l, hoping to use the site to replicate the former Aryan Nations compound in adjoining Kootenai County. The buildings at the Kootenai County site were razed and the property turned into a cow pasture more than a decade ago, after it was sold in the wake of a court judgment against Aryan Nations, its late leader and several followers. Details of Winkler’s plans for his land are contained in an article in the most recent issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s  Intelligence Report, which was released on Tuesday.

In a follow-up interview Wednesday with a KREM-TV reporter from Spokane, Wash., Winkler acknowledged that he likely faces foreclosure and eviction. But he said he now has plans to continue working toward his goal after moving onto another nearby private property, which he said is being given to him by a retired Los Angeles police officer who he refused to identify.

The private timber company that sold the 17.3 acres to Winkler in March 2011 initiated foreclosure action this past September, about two weeks after learning he had logged and sold thousands of board feet of timber on the land in clear violation of the purchase agreement. Winkler also was several months delinquent in making purchase payments. When contacted by the Intelligence Report in August, Rick Dinning, president of Tungsten Holdings, Inc., said he had no idea the buyer was a long-time professional racist from Pennsylvania and former protégé of late Aryan Nations founder Richard G. Butler, or that Winkler had been logging the property.

Winkler, his sister and their itinerant associates also have been living on the property without a state-required “site permit” needed for discharge of human waste.  Regional environmental health officials launched an investigation after learning Winkler and his racist friends were living on the property without that permit.

Dinning said in August that he had “no clue” that Winkler, who has a criminal record, was planning to use the site to build a “whites-only” housing complex to replicate Butler’s former Aryan Nations 20-acre compound.

That original compound hosted the annual Aryan World Congress for much of its two-decades-long history and became an international rallying spot for racists, several of whom went on to commit various high-profile hate crimes, including murders, arsons, bombings and other acts of terrorism. The compound was sold at a bankruptcy auction after the SPLC, representing a woman and her son who had been terrorized by violent compound guards in a 2000 civil suit, won a judgment for the plaintiffs of $6.3 million.

Several would-be successors to Butler have attempted with little success to take up the Aryan legacy since his death in 2004, but Winkler seems to have been the most visible in North Idaho, frequently hold racists demonstrations. He unsuccessfully ran for sheriff in Bonner County last spring, garnering only 182 votes.

In between slurs directed at Jews, black people and others, Winkler frequently says in interviews that he still admires Butler and wants to carry on his racist legacy. He says he isn’t a “hater” but rather a “lover” of the white race.

But Winkler’s plans seem to have hit a wall, at least for the time being.

“We have begun the foreclosure process,” Dinning told Hatewatch this week when reached at one of his company’s offices in Libby, Mont. His company filed a “notice of default and election to sell” the property in Bonner County District Court, and has published a required foreclosure legal notice in a Sandpoint, Idaho, newspaper.

The property will be sold on Jan. 14 or revert to the seller unless Winkler can come up with $68,977 still owed, plus interest and legal costs from Dec. 11, 2011, when the delinquent payments started accruing, Dinning said. The foreclosure sale is set for 10 a.m. at Sandpoint Title Insurance Co. in Sandpoint.

After that sale, Winkler could still face a civil suit for cutting and selling 30,000 board feet of timber — an estimated six logging truckloads worth as much as $10,000 — from the Tungsten property without permission from the seller. Dinning was noncommittal when asked if he intended to pursue such legal action against Winkler.

  • Gregory

    Eugene said,
    ON DECEMBER 6TH, 2012 AT 11:43 AM
    “How do you know that Wade Michael Page was “white”? Race does not exist. It’s an optical illusion. That’s what I see people posting on here all the time.

    Now, If there’s no such thing as ‘race’, then ‘racists’ don’t exist either. It’s an optical illusion. Wade Michael Page descended from the same common African ancestor as his victims did.”

    Eugene said,
    ON DECEMBER 6TH, 2012 AT 11:37
    5.) No ‘white’ person must ever be charged with a hate crime again, because there’s no such thing as ‘white’. It’s an optical illusion. We all have a common African ancestor.

    Your slip is showing.

  • aadila

    Rey I think Deep Ecology is too much of a narcissist to stray into this territory. I believe of the two buffoons, Deep Ecology has the greater mind, and can be distinguished by intricate sophistries around certain themes of quasi-altriusm with an attempt to belittle the interlocutor rather than offend. There is the characteristic smirking emphasis on _kultur_ which Shane cannot possibly understand, being utterly a philistine. Also, Deep writes, as do all narcissists, from an aching need to be admired. Shane cares little for this and draws his satisfaction from nettling others with different points of view.

    There is nothing lost in the comparison however; why, how else should we ever know the difference between deer and rabbit scoots, for example, but by careful examination?

  • Eugene

    I have questions for the room:

    On Monday, an African American man, Naeem Davis, pushed an Asian American man, Ki-Suck Han, into the path of an oncomming subway train in New York at the Times Square statio. My questions are:

    1.) Do you believe this was an inter-racial attack? (some people say there is no such thing as race. Fair enough. If that is true, then there is be no way to identify the race of the attacker and victim. There is no such thing as ‘Black’, ‘Asian’, ‘White’. We’re all one race, the human race).
    2.) Should Naeem Davis be investigated for hate crime charges?
    3.) Note: This is a perfect test case, because there was no ‘white’ person involved in the crime. Neither victim or assailant was ‘white’.
    4.) If there’s ‘no such thing as race’, and ‘we’re all one race, the human race’, then any hate crime charge based on race must be eliminated. Because there’s no way to ever identify a person’s race. Is the victim ‘Black’, ‘Asian’, etc … it’s impossible to determine because there’s no such thing as race. They were just human beings.
    5.) No ‘white’ person must ever be charged with a hate crime again, because there’s no such thing as ‘white’. It’s an optical illusion. We all have a common African ancestor.

  • aadila

    “The idea of “Coexist” can’t stand without a weakening of religious beliefs in part or whole in the adherent, and rejection of the fundamental beliefs which make the religion itself unique.”

    I know a Quaker who is also a Zen Buddhist and there is no conflict whatsoever. In fact the religious expression of each tradition is enhanced by this dual practice. The Baha’i faith is another example where your idea fails. Furthermore, Christmas is actually a fusion with the Syrian sun cult of Mithras, carried out under Constantine. Again and again you are proven wrong, child.

  • Reynardine

    And I am further blessed with the prodromal stages of flu. Good night, sweet prince (collectively, y’all!)

  • Reynardine

    To those who have, or have tried to, contact me at the address I gave, that account appears to have been haywired. It should be straightened out shortly.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Now, as to Marxism. I have to play Devil’s Advocate here, and say that while Marx probably never wrote about promotion of “race mixing” as Eugene might claim, there is no Socialist or Marxist or Communist not in favor of it or that promotes it.”

    Marxists don’t care about “race mixing.” History shows that given the right conditions, all human beings have the capacity to produce and be useful to society in one way or another. Incidentally, all existing socialist states promoted national culture.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Shane, if by “Aryans” you mean “Indo-Iranians” you got one thing right: both the Indo-Iranian and Slavic languages belong to the Eastern, “satem”, group of Indo-European languages, though that does not mean all the speakers share a common ancestry. Tamil is a Dravidian language and Finnish is part of the Finno-Ugric language family, so the only provable relationship is that of human speech. Lithuanian (and the other Baltic languages, like Latvian and the extinct Old Prussian and Kurish) is a satem language, but has no other relation to Sanskrit.

    As someone who is constructively, and in part, German, I admit with shame that that nation, when less than a hundred years old, did try to conquer a very sizeable part of the world. They thought they weren’t big enough, and indeed, they proved not to be. If you mean nowadays, well, most of them know better.

    This is not a forum in which to display false, or even shaky scholarship. You are likely to wind up cat-thrashed.

  • Gregory

    You used a lot of words, yet said very little. Maybe Rey is correct…

    You seem to be fixated on an archaic concept of the “melting pot”, a topic that you introduced to the thread. You seem to believe that different cultures in proximity inevitably leads to the degradation of both. Again, this position sounds very much like that espoused by a previous commenter who fled after being thrashed by Reynardine.

  • Reynardine

    And probably more like forty thousand.

  • Reynardine

    Shane-committee: go tell the Amazon or the Orinoco to separate out all its tributaries, and you’ll have better success. For this, you are at least twenty thousand years too late.

  • Shane

    In regards to your request for clarification, Gregory, I understood beforehand that the notions themselves are relative and are indeed open to differing opinions, and was merely asking in regards to the concepts themselves. For the record, however, the dictionaries have decency defining as “conformity to prevailing standards of propriety or modesty.” Whereas degeneracy defines as “having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline.”

    What I am especially at odds with, is the idea that somehow having a “melting pot” of many different peoples, cultures and religions helps to preserve all that diversity without them being essentially turned into a monocultural blend. Mixed up is synonymous with confusion, is it not? Racial differences aren’t said to be important, but then again, race seems to be the *key ingredient* in the blend. A melting pot is where a variety of races, cultures, or individuals supposed to assimilate into a cohesive whole, yet assimilate itself means to make similar and be taken in and cohesiveness means to stick together, yet it is mainly similarity which builds cohesiveness. The idea of assimilation itself means a minority submitting to the majority.The idea of “Coexist” can’t stand without a weakening of religious beliefs in part or whole in the adherent, and rejection of the fundamental beliefs which make the religion itself unique.

  • Gregory


    Eugene posted this in another thread, ” They publish stories that match their worldview.”

    JasonAnnieEzra is back.

  • Reynardine

    Quite suddenly, the previously simple Shane is writing in a style reminiscent of Deep Ecology and Eugene. Has another committee member taken over? Have we got, perhaps, a sock puppet who forgot to stay in character?

  • Reynardine

    Maybe my definition of “degeneracy” is militant racism, Shane, and maybe I consider your ordering us to be tolerant towards it as an act of degeneracy.

  • Gregory

    “How is decency maintained if and when “degeneracy” is allowed and/or promoted? Note that “degeneracy” has different definitons. Isn’t “tolerance” and “apathy” signs of a decaying society?”

    Please expand on this, Shane. I can’t wait to hear your definition of degeneracy.

  • Aron

    Oh Christ. Now badgers can breathe underwater AND fly into space?

    We’re all doomed.

    Gonna have to find some mushrooms and snakes.

  • Shane

    Kiwiwriter provides some interesting information and challenges to Eugene, who I happen to think *is* copying and pasting text.

    However, I don’t think that Eugene’s claims go on strict personal levels. He is talking about group dynamics and whatnot. Ideological racists won’t hear individual exceptions like Ralphe Bunche and the rest because they are considered mulattoes (Maya’s great-grandmother got pregnant by a White man, etc..), or at least cream of the crop. Same with beauty, a racist if admitting that they find a Black person attractive or whatnot, will say that they still can find 20 more good-looking members of their own race.

    I think one ironic thing is that if Aryans do have any genetic affinity with European peoples, it would be the Slavs. Tamil is related to Finnish, I hear, and Lithuanian to Sanskrit. “Aryan Elite” and all of that is pushing it. But the whole thing of Germany trying to conquer the world is false. They are the size of an American state or two, and vastly out-numbered in land territory and population to begin with. However, lets not assume that good always triumphs either. I think it all flows with the idea that “superior” is always outnumbered by “inferior”. Thats why racists are concerned about their 10 outnumbered by 50, or whatever the ratio. Just because a mass of people believes something, it doesn’t make it true. I think stickers in men’s restrooms are a step up from Swastikas, wouldn’t you say?

    Now, as to Marxism. I have to play Devil’s Advocate here, and say that while Marx probably never wrote about promotion of “race mixing” as Eugene might claim, there is no Socialist or Marxist or Communist not in favor of it or that promotes it.

    One gets the assumption from Kiwiwriter that to have racial beliefs, or stress biopolitics over geopolitics, that one is lacking in traits such as: love, compassion, respect or decency. Well, once again I have to pose some arguments.

    How does having a “melting pot” of many different peoples, cultures and religions preserve all that diversity without them being essentially turning into a monoculture blend? Isn’t that what is being called for, a blended humanity?

    How is decency maintained if and when “degeneracy” is allowed and/or promoted? Note that “degeneracy” has different definitons. Isn’t “tolerance” and “apathy” signs of a decaying society?

    I could write more, but I am sure that somebody will take the time to respond to these questions, and then some. Thanks.

  • Reynardine

    Getting to the awards List, which I have given out piecemeal..getting to it. Today, carried and sorted by size a stack of wood pallets, which have yet to be dressed with linseed and turpentine and, when sufficiently supple, knocked apart with a hammer, gray-primed, and assembled into fencing. With any luck I’ll have the whole duniewassle in by early February, before stuff starts to grow. But I will get to the rest of those damned awards.

  • majii

    You are free to push any theory you choose, Eugene, but it doesn’t mean it is reflective of reality or real science. I noticed that in all you wrote about how blacks and whites differ, you totally forgot to mention that archeological research has revealed that everyone on the planet is a descendant of an ancient black female in Africa who archeologists dubbed “Eve.” If this is so, the differences you listed are invalid. Also, recent scientific research has revealed that there are no “pure” races. We’re all “mongrels” so to speak. The closest example of a “pure” race today are the Japanese, and this is largely due to their restrictive immigration policy and their culture. Try again.

  • Reynardine

    I suspect Eugene is decompensating. Maybe Vulpes fulva (cross phase) was too much for him.

  • adamhill

    Having a Ph.D. doesn’t make one a “real scientist” any more than getting elected to public office makes one an honest leader.

    By Eugene’s “scientific” reasoning, classification systems of living creatures, which are intrinsically somewhat arbitrary in the features they use for categorization, are a way to separate “black” and “white” people into separate “species”, thereby supporting his claim that “black” people are less intelligent (etc.) than “white” people.

    One problem (of many) with this is that under Eugene’s reasoning, any other difference by which we could categorize humans can also be just as relevantly used to claim one group as inferior to another. Eugene could claim (if his biases leaned in these directions) that women are less (or more) intelligent than men, brown-eyed people are more “developed” than blue-eyed people, tall people are braver than short people, and so on. “Future scientists will classify people with outie and innie belly buttons as separate species, and future generations will laugh at your ignorance!”

    By claiming to be a scientist to bolster his notions, and by citing the classification system used by scientists now, Eugene seems to posssess some respect for hard science, with its established record of contributions of new knowledge to the human species. However, all real scientists would regard his claims about gorillas and people as beyond asinine.

  • Ian

    Just because scientists (a term you suddenly seem to be using in the third person) were incorrect about subject A does not mean you are correct about subject B. Hell, I can play that game too:

    Scientists were wrong about cold fusion, ergo badgers actually have gills and can fly into space.

    Are you claiming that these two alleged human species “diverged from one another about 2 million years ago”? Are you suggesting that whites and blacks have subspecies? How many? Are the Irish and the English subspecies? Are the Koreans white or black? You’ve only mentioned two human species, so I’m assuming they’re either white or black? What about Arabs, Turks, or Greeks? Amerindians? Australian Aborigines?

  • Erika

    Eugenics Eugene, your failure to answer any of my questions speaks volumes.

  • Eugene

    In 2001 mitochondrial DNA research and morphological variances led to the scientific reclassification of gorillas. Under the new classification gorillas are divided into two species, the eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei) and the western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla). It is thought that the two species diverged from one another about 2 million years ago and both have two subspecies. It is all in the DNA. If variances show up in humans, then using this logic, a re-classification of existing human populations will be required. There could be more than one species of Man on this planet. There are many such examples where scientists got it wrong. Pluto was once considered a planet, but in 2006 astronomers reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet There are objects further out in the Kuiper belt of similar size. So you see, the scientists were wrong. A re-classification was required. In that same way, I believe future scientists will reclassify blacks as a separate species. Future generations will laugh at your ignorance.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Shane, you can believe the moon is made of green cheese, but you still have to pay your mortgage and observe any reversionary clauses.

  • Shane

    I don’t understand what all the fuss would be about over a small compound of people that believe a little differently than others. We need to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs.

  • Gregory

    That thought also crossed my mind. It is likely that the Germans and Austrians were none too impressed with his bullshit either.

  • aadila

    Read it and weep, Eugene. Vulpes fulva.

  • Erika

    i’m seriously confused by Eugenics Eugene’s claim because generally the Bob Jones Universities of the world have no tenure (the better to control their employees after all)

  • Reynardine

    Gregory, by the natiure of his writing style and claims to academic standing, I suspect he may instead be our prior high-winded fraud, Deep Ecology.

  • Gregory

    Please direct us to the research that shows sufficient DNA divergence amongst living human populations to justify division into separate species. Until then, your gorilla analogy is not valid and, frankly, makes you look like an idiot.

    Or, as I speculated earlier, you are merely the latest incarnation of our resident troll-by-committee, JasonAnnieEzra.

  • Reynardine

    I was inspired to look up a picture of my childhood friend, Bushman, in whose face could be seen the qualities of intelligence, dignity, and nobility. Eugene, you should look so good.

  • Aron

    Eugene, you’re a ‘tenured professor,’ and yet you provide a link to Wikipedia?

    That dog won’t hunt, Monsignor.

  • supersonic250

    Eugene- …I said it before, I’ll say it again… PROVE IT. If you’re a PhD, then post it. Until then, you’re not only stupid, you’re a liar.

  • Ian

    Eugene, you haven’t answered any of my questions.

    What have you published? Even if you are telling the truth about being a professor with a Ph.D, that does not make you a scientist until you published something. Often. Name your exact field and list a citation of something you published in that field.

    And it better have something to do with either anthropology or biology, otherwise your opinion is as good as your local plummer’s.

    And answer my questions.

  • Reynardine

    Eugene, I award you a lead propeller for your lead dunce cap. Though members of the genus Canis do produce offspring with some degree of fertility, the canini and vulpini do not produce offspring at all, and the false alarms have proven to be either foxy-appearing dogs, or on occasion, a gray fox (Urocyon), larger and more canine-appearing than members of the genus Vulpes. The gray and red foxes cannot even produce offspring, reports of such animals always proving to be the cross phase of Vulpes fulva.

    I do not believe your degree stands for anything but Piled Higher and Deeper.

  • Erika

    Eugenics Eugene, my daddy happens to be a real university professor in one of the hard sciences so i happen to know how this works.

    Please post a link to your Ph.D. dissertation or at least its listing – all Ph.D. dissentations from reputable universities are published.

    Please post a link to the website of the institution which awarded your Ph.D. along with accreditation information. In other words, prove that if you do in fact have a Ph.D. it did not come from an institution such as Bob Jones University or Patriot Bible College.

    Please provide a link to the website of the instiution that awarded your undergraduate and if applicable masters degree and again provide accreditation information.

    Please provide a link to the website of the instiution along with accreditiation of the institution that you provided.

    Please provide a link to the webpage showing your listing.

    Please provide a link to the webpage of any institution that has provided research grants to you such as the National Science Foundation, US Government, private foundations, as well as links to any previous academic or research employers.

    Please provide a list of publications which have published your works as well as a link to their publication criteria.

    Or just provide your actual name – if you really are a professor we could find all of that through a Google search.

    Come on, sweetie, if you really were a professor, you could provide all of this immediately (or at least allow us to look it up).

    And sorry, i’m just not going to take your word for it – if you really were who you say you are you could prove it (and honey, trust me, a real scientist wouldn’t be providing a wikipedia link)

  • aadila

    Chances are what Eugene is talking about is that he has improved his counting skills tremendously while bagging groceries, not to mention his critical thinking abilities (“paper or plastic?”). Remember, sufficiently advanced technology, such as a conveyor belt, will always appear a marvel to the ignorant.

  • adamhill

    Bad science: bending evidence to fit (and “prove”) one’s biases.
    Bad science: contriving false equivalencies to fit (and “prove”) one’s biases.

    Using species classification systems the way Eugene did is both examples of bad science in one burst of stupidity. Cool! Double moron!

    Gorillas don’t use language to communicate. People do.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “From: A real Scientist”

    LOL. Just…LOL.

  • Eugene

    Ian, Gregory, Erika, Supersonic, Reynardine, et. al

    I do indeed have a Ph.D. and teach at the university level (I have tenure).

    Is it your position that the two species of gorilla (Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei) should be re-classified as a single species?

    If two individuals are of the same species, they can mate and produce fertile offspring. But the converse is not always true. If two individuals can mate and produce fertile offspring, that does not automatically mean they are of the same species. Here is an example: Foxes, wolves, dogs, coyotes, and jackals can mate and produce fertile offspring. Yet scientists still classify them as separate species. This is a simple fact you can look up yourself. Lay persons often think the ability to mate and produce fertile offspring is the only criterion for species classification used by biologists. It is not. Geographic separation is another criterion. In the case of foxes and wolves, they often live in the same geographic area, yet rarely mate. Occasionally, hybrids are produced. Biologists have still chosen to classify them as separate species. Here is a Wikipedia link suited for lay discussion (scroll down to the Canid interfertility chart):

  • Erika

    i kind of get the impression that Eugenics Eugene couldn’t meet the admissions standards for a diploma mill – his check bounced :)

  • Ian

    So you took some arbitrary date in history and stamped “wild” on everything before that date? Does that mean everything after the Neolithic is “domestic”? Who is domesticating us? Since reproduction between different “races” has been going on for thousands of years now, does this even matter?

    Which of those two gorilla species is “more evolved”? And what does that even mean, since it appears not to actually mean anything?

    Define “white”.

    PS: A real scientist would never actually call him/herself “a real scientist” unironically in a discussion with lay strangers over the internet.

  • Gregory

    A real scientist? LMAO. I had no idea you could get a science degree in Cut and Paste Idiocy.

  • Erika

    You better listen to Eugene, he has a masters degree in Eugenics from David Duke University :P

  • supersonic250

    Eugene: …”A real scientist.”

    Uh-HUH. Sure. Thousands wouldn’t believe you, I do. Why don’t you post that PhD of yours so we can see. And it’d better be from a REAL university too.

  • Reynardine

    Never heard of the Green Sahara, the Saharan Pump, the Kiffians, or the Tenerians, did you? I’m not even going to ask you for your archaeology or anthropology credentials, either. I knew more about that than you do now when I was in seventh grade. You get the Lead Dunce Cap.

  • Reynardine

    Sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been crawling around under the kitchen sink, painting the inside of the cabinet before I put doors on. If someone asks me my racial affiliation, I can truly say, “Antique White”.


  • Eugene

    Geographic separation is one criterion by which scientists classify species. For example, there are two species of gorilla: a western species (Gorilla gorilla) and an eastern species (Gorilla beringei). They have the same number of chromosomes. They can indeed mate and produce fertile offspring. The two groups never meet in the wild however. In captivity they are always held separate and very few Gorilla beringei are held in captivity. In the rare cases where they have interacted — they fight.

    Now, I say the physical differences between Blacks and Whites (humans) are GREATER than the physical differences between Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei. Blacks and Whites were separated geographically by the Mediterranean sea and the vast Sahara desert. In their natural state during the neolithic period (in the “wild”) Blacks and Whites would have never met. Thus, I say they should be classified as separate species. Not sub-species. Either that, or Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei should not be classified as separate species. You must pick one or the other position. You cannot have it both ways.

    From: A real Scientist