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Suspected ‘Sovereign Citizen’ on Run After Shooting at Idaho Officer

By Bill Morlin on December 3, 2012 - 4:31 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Extremist Crime, Sovereign Citizens

A nationwide manhunt is under way for an antigovernment fugitive who shot at an Idaho State Police officer over the weekend before kidnapping a woman and taking her from Idaho to Montana.

Mitchell Lee Walck, who served prison time in Montana for assaulting a police officer, released the 62-year-old kidnap victim unharmed 580 miles away in Glendive, Mont., after taking her at gunpoint from her home in Rathdrum, Idaho, on Saturday.

Walck, 57, is believed to be driving the woman’s stolen 2005 silver Subaru Forester station wagon, with Idaho license plate K230050, perhaps heading toward his home state of Pennsylvania, authorities told Hatewatch.

The FBI has joined the hunt for the fugitive, believed armed with a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol and two rifles and ammunition he stole from the kidnap victim’s North Idaho home.


Mitchell Walck

The suspect broke into the woman’s home on Saturday, attempting to hide after firing a 9 mm pistol at close range at an ISP trooper who stopped a stolen truck in nearby Spirit Lake, Idaho, Friday evening. The officer, who was wearing a vest, was not hit, said Capt. Greg McLean of the Post Falls, Idaho, Police Department.

A briefcase found in the stolen truck contained “various antigovernment writings” with references to federal sieges at Waco and Ruby Ridge and “a series of questions for the FBI,” McLean said.

While some of the suspect’s writings and scribbled rants have the hallmarks of the antigovernment “sovereign citizens” movement and he doesn’t have a driver’s license, nothing was found that specifically showed Walck has declared himself a sovereign citizen, McLean said. Sovereign citizens generally believe they are immune from many taxes and laws, including those requiring driver’s licenses and vehicle registration.

The stolen truck Walck was driving had license plates stolen from another vehicle.  Authorities said it’s possible the fugitive now has put stolen license plates on the kidnap victim’s Subaru.

Walck has lived an itinerant lifestyle, and in recent weeks has been in the Idaho cities of Priest River, Sandpoint, Clark Fork and Idaho Falls, and the Montana cities of Butte, Missoula and Libby. He is known to make friends at churches before stealing firearms and other items from those he befriends, authorities say.

“If there are 10 identifiers for a ‘sovereign citizen,’ this guy has at least two of them at this point,” the police captain said. “What we do know is that he’s heavily armed and extremely dangerous.”

Because of the kidnapping and interstate travel, the FBI has joined the investigation and was expected to issue an unlawful flight warrant for Walck’s arrest by this evening.

The kidnap victim was being driven back from Glendive, Mont., by a Kootenai County sheriff’s detective and hadn’t been fully interviewed about her ordeal or asked whether the suspect expressed antigovernment views while holding her hostage, said Lt. Stu Miller of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office.

“There’s been speculation this guy has racist, militia or sovereign citizen connections,” Miller told Hatewatch. “Though he may have those ideologies, there’s no proof at this point.”

  • Tom Jones

    Erika said on December 3rd, 2012 at 4:55 pm:
    “Another sterling member of the white race.”

    And, this is a fine example of a racist comment that only serves to demean yourself and lends no credibility to your arguments! You ‘may’ be a highly intelligent lawyer, but you need to practice what you preach.

  • JT

    Wait, where is the hate here? This site is called hate watch, isn’t it?

  • aadila

    Actually Harry I think most people who frequent this site are just progressive social thinkers who are concerned about hate crimes.

    Why wouldn’t we also be concerned about guns when as far as I can determine, the shooters at Aurora and Newton were not part of any “well regulated militia” as specified by the Constitution?

    It’s time to pry the guns away. All of them. Anyone who thinks the millions of guns circulating in America are not directly linked to the disproportionate instance of random killings in our country is deluded.

    Gun control is the only way forward.

  • Erika

    Harry, all reputable statistics show that having guns in the house makes you much more likely to be a victim of crime including violent crime – it also shows an elevated risk of injury or death through shooting.

    The reaction of Sam is silly – if someone has already broken into your house looking to steal your guns, having them properly stored and locked won’t make a difference.

    The irony is that if law abiding gun owners would actually embrace registration of their firearms the trade in stolen firearms would virtually disappear overnight – because of the lack of registration, stolen firearms are extraordinarily easy for criminals to move – and criminals often look to steal whatever is easiest to move for money or drugs. Stolen firearms are almost impossible to trace due to the lack of registration. Thus, one reason why firearm owners are disproportionately crime victims is because of their own paranoia towards sensible safety measures.

    And as far as your concern trolling is concerned, cry me a river. The reaction of Mark was to use sexist stereotypes and sheer hostility to make personal attacks. Such personal attacks should not have to be tolerated.

  • Harry

    wow kids this went from discussing this wack job running around to blaming guns(and owning them) and insults. I would hazard a guess that most of us who read the articles on this site are professionals of some sort in the judicial system or in law enforcement so lets act like it and not some school kids throwing rocks at each other.
    NOW back to the story at hand I would say its too soon to throw this guy out there as a soveriegn citizen as the article says he is only showing two identifiers out of 10. I honestly think he is most likely a nut job with anti gov beliefs. put him on meds and he will be fine lol.

  • Peter Hockley

    Great spectator sport!

  • Erika

    You know i thought of another thing about Mark – besides him being the type of sexist pig throwback to an America which never existed fantasy view who thinks that blonde jokes are still funny (which pretty much marks him as being stuck in the 1950s fantasy of his mind) it appears that he has no concept that people can actually leave their jobs voluntarilty.

    That makes me think that the fact that Mark is still upset and hostile towards women over being shot down by cute blonde cheerleader while in high school – but there might be a more recent cause. Perhaps it was a blonde who fired him from his job sweeiping up the Wal-Mart for harassing the female employees.

    In fact, this Mark displays a remarkable combination of sexism, total confidence, stupidity, and arrogrance which marks him as one of those silly Male Supremacists from the Men’s Rights Movement.

    Yes, it appears that we have ourselves a visitor from Onancock here who is taking his hostility at being constantly told to go to Blue Ball whenever he tries to reach Intercourse on Peach Bottom on our hands here.

  • Erika

    Mark, your question perplexes me in that i thought that according to the white supremacists people of Nordic descent or aryans were superior. Yet, here you are saying that someone hair color relates to intelligence with the blond hair of northern Europe (the most white you can get) being dumber than the other hair colors. So if there is in fact a link between hair color and intelligence, the northern European population would in fact be inferior.

    One also can see a rather obvious weakness in the hair color link to intelligence theory in that people’s hair color may not be static. See, it is fairly common for children to be born with blond hair and then have their hair gradually get darker. But of course, knowing that would know the blonde jokes are just the refuge of insecure little mysognists who think that Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, and Greg Gutfield are cutting edge comedians. The same sort of people who try to claim that there is a link between cup size and intelligence. Basically insecure little mysnognists who provide evidence to the claim made by some scientists that Nethanderthals did not die out as previously considered and that there may still be some cavemen around.

    So basically my question is:

    Is your hostility towards blondes based upon a belief that people from northern Europe are inferior or simply a reflection of the frustrated sexism of an eternally dateless little man?

  • Aron

    Sorry, there’s no Arian here.

    But Erika is one hell of a lawyer and I’m looking forward to her beating the rhetorical snot out of you for your condescension.

    And she is INFINITELY smarter than you.

  • Mark

    Arian, your sister?

  • Andrew

    As Aron said back at the beginning, “Yikes.” Y’notice how so many of these poltroons have very small heads (with, obviously very small brains in them)? Kinda like comparing a grayhound’s skull to, say, a golden retriever’s. Both breeds can be as sweet as pie, of course, but goldens tend to be a LOT smarter (if nothing else, they’ve avoided having to work for a living any more).

  • Aron

    Oh this is going to be fun.

    Mark, you have NO idea what you’re in for.

    I’m just going to grab a big bucket of popcorn and watch the massacre.

  • Mark

    Erica, you must be blonde. No wonder you got fired from a respectable job.

  • Roger B.

    Imagine that. Idaho Again. This kind of crap sure seems to becoming almost an everyday occurrence around this state. Gee. I wonder why.

  • Sharon

    Another right-wing NUT on the loose.

  • Kate DeBraose

    Everyone who believes they can live in any nation without following that nation’s laws is certifiably insane.

    The idea that every male is a King, which is what their “sovereign” citizen label implies, is nutty. Furthermore, even a King is obligated to follow his national laws.

    The only appropriate housing for them is in a prison hospital for the criminally insane.

  • aadila

    Actually Sam, statistically, owning a gun in America makes you less safe. Far more gun owners lose their lives, limbs and children to gun accidents than save their lives from criminals intent on harming them. In fact, there are more suicides by handguns than homicides in America. But given that our country ranks among the top ten for gun related deaths in the world, intentional or unintentional, there is very little to be said for the argument that guns make us safer.

    Yes, Sam, fear is the great menace. Abandon your fear and be liberated.

  • Donald

    What are the 10 identifiers that the police captain refers to? We are dealing with a Moorish Nation sovereign in my school district right now.

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, just owning a gun does not magically make you safe. If you leave them laying around in your house and walk in the front door unarmed they can definitely put you in danger. I don’t want to blame this lady for the actions of a deranged criminal that should not be loose on our streets, but only publication of the facts can educate other people on the responsible ways to store and carry firearms.

  • Special Asset

    He is still in Montana, he won’t be relocating back to Pennsylvania. He will be located in an area near mountains and/or forests, with access to roads. He is seeking to dig in, so he will be stocking up on survivalist supplies. He will ditch the vehicle he stole from the victim in Rathdrum, Idaho. He may or may not attempt to replace the vehicle with a new stolen vehicle, but this will occur after he hides out for a period of time. He will target a new random victim(s), living in a semi-off the grid lifestyle to intercept and hold in their home; most likely in a mountainous and/or forest-like area. His advantage is that he is heavily armed, so a lot of victims will be at an extreme disadvantage. The FBI should send out a reverse 911-cal,l if they can, to ‘similar’ types of communities in and around Montana or maybe Wyoming.

  • CM

    Walck has a criminal history in Pennsylvania, too, with at least 29 charges filed against him in the late 1990s-early 2000s (in Lancaster). They include assault (simple and aggravated), reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, harassment, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and theft by unlawful taking.

    Some of the charges were eventually dismissed, possibly as part of a plea bargain; he pleaded guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct/engaging in fighting and was convicted of theft. He got a jail sentence with a minimum of three months and 28 days up to a maximum of 23 months; the online record doesn’t seem to show how much time he actually served.

  • Erika

    Another sterling member of the white race.

    And anyone who thinks that guns make them safer should note this guy’s modus operandi – having guns in your house does nothing to help you but does make you a target for criminals. i didn’t work in a public defender’s office for that long (hated the job) but every single residential B&E case i had the primary target for the buglar was guns.

  • Aron

    Now THAT is the portrait of a well-adjusted man.