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Derek Black: Have Stormfront Founder’s Son’s Politics Changed?

By Mark Potok on December 18, 2012 - 5:10 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

There was a time, not so long ago, when Lamb and Lynx Gaede, daughters of an infamous Montana neo-Nazi, were considered the next big thing in the white supremacist movement. They were blonde, blue-eyed teenagers given to swastikas and Hitler worship, and they formed a white-power musical group called Prussian Blue, named after the color of Zyklon B residue in the Nazi gas chambers.

But then the twins grew older, rejected the views of their mother April Gaede, took up for the medical marijuana that alleviated their serious medical conditions, and said they’d come to “a place of love and light.” “We’re healers,” is how Lamb put it. “We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can.”

Could Derek Black be headed down the same road? Or is the son of Don Black, the former Alabama Klan leader who runs the racist Stormfront forum from his home in West Palm Beach, Fla., trying to have it both ways?

The evidence is mixed. But Derek Black, who has engaged in racist activism in the past, in recent weeks posted a remarkable statement on a students-only Web forum at the elite New College of Florida, where he is in his third year.

Derek Black

Derek Black, far left, stands with his fellow students at New College during his freshman year.

In it, he sought to respond to fellow New College students who had expressed fears of him, based largely on reports about his father’s views and articles about his own past racist activities, including one on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) website. He clearly said he is not a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi or a Klansman and does not hold such views. He said he doesn’t dislike anyone “on account of their race, religion, or anything similar.” “I do not believe people of any race, religion, or otherwise should have to leave their homes or be segregated or lose any freedom or whatever other terrifying similar-vein ideas have been posted in threads about me,” he said. “If anyone cares,” he added, “I’m also pro-choice (regulated by states), pro-gay marriage (with gov’t not defining marriage between people), and anti-death penalty (regulated by the states).”

Describing a 2008 episode in which he won election to the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee but was ousted because he failed to sign a GOP loyalty oath, Derek Black said he ran “based on the libertarian-ish views I hold (such as protection of personal liberty, no foreign wars without imminent threat), as well as regulation for environmental conservation and an inclination toward protection of domestic industry.” He said that although he had moderator privileges on Stormfront, by far the largest racist Web forum in the world, he does not exercise them.

Reached via E-mail by Hatewatch today, Derek Black confirmed that he had sent the statement to fellow students “in response to uncomfortable feelings about me some students at my college held. I had never publicly commented on the huge, heated threads about me.” But he added that he had not abandoned his view that white assimilation in a multicultural society is harmful to whites. “Everything I said is true,” he said of his statement to students, “and I also believe in White Nationalism. My post and my racial ideology are not mutually exclusive concepts, and people can believe both. WN [white nationalism] doesn’t dictate specific creeds so much as my concern about white assimilation, which I still think is very much a problem.”

Derek Black’s current political views, assuming his recent statement accurately reflects them, do seem to have moderated. By the age of 12, he had created a children’s page on his father’s website, complete with white pride songs and anti-Martin Luther King Jr. bedtime stories. At around the same time, he was profiled in a USA Today article and an HBO documentary, both about organized racism. He accompanied his father to large numbers of white supremacist events.

As late as 2010, when he had a radio show on WPBR radio in South Florida, his first scheduled guest was Gordon Baum — the head of the Missouri-based Council of Conservative Citizens, which has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity” — a far cry from Derek Black’s claim that he dislikes no group. And just this September, he spoke at Stormfront’s “Practical Politics Seminar” in Gatlinburg, Tenn., on how to advocate for white people effectively. During the same month, he attended a meeting of the European American Leadership Seminar for the second year in a row. The SPLC plans to list the group as a hate group in 2013.

In his recent comments — his first public statement at the school on his politics — Black described some reaction to him at New College: “glares” at public lectures, “the occasional middle finger in the library,” a few “threatening emails.” But he concentrated on others’ fears of him, saying he’d heard “that people might be scared or intimidated or even feel unsafe” because of his purported views, and inviting students to E-mail him personally about his politics. “Making these statements obviously does not instantly create comfort or security for everyone who’s uncomfortable,” he concluded, “but I hope it might help slightly.”

  • supersonic250

    Geez, louise! Aadila is on FIRE!!! *Applauds loudly.*

  • Scott S

    I hope Derick is heading in the direction away from Stormfronts views and will change his racial activity and walk away from it!

  • aadila

    “It may be somewhat different in the USA but in Europe white people’s lives are becoming more and more difficult as more and more non-European invaders come only, not to fit in, just to make more money, have more kids, spread their alien (to Europe) religion.”

    Well Steven, have you asked yourself why that is happening?

    From the ancient empires of Europe forward, European people have invaded other regions, not to fit in, just to take resources, enslave the populations, and spread their alien (to the rest of the world) religion.

    The reason why Europe is a locus of immigration today is directly a result of the expansion of European hegemony that dates back to at to at least 300 BCE, reaching its apogee with the rise of colonialism in more recent centuries.

    If Europe for thousands of years had been concerned with the economic prosperity of other regions, there would be no need for people to immigrate today. Rooster meet roost.

  • aadila

    “If African Americans can abhor the horror of the personal and societal criminal chaos that infects so much of black society, must we as white people pretend that it doesn’t exist?”

    Norman, white males account for about 35% of our population, but represent the majority of mass shooting culprits and serial killers. Based on your own argument, shouldn’t we be talking here about the inherent problems with the white culture that spawns such basic disregard for human life?

    By the way, statistically close to 80% of whites killed with guns are killed by other whites. Your point of blacks killing blacks is meaningless diatribe. It IS a social problem but not as you describe.

    And regarding your hypothesis that Jewish people are conspiring to corrupt politics, not only is that bigoted and offensive, it neglects the obvious factor that the biggest ally of the United States in a region that is hostile to our interests happens to be Israel.

    Frankly Norman, as an American, you embarass me.

  • aadila


    The problem is as you describe.

    White privilege feels threatened by the rise of minority power. The backlash against Obama’s first term was a perfect example. It wasn’t just that he unsettled white privilege. He was elected on the principle of destabilizing the status quo of the elites who enjoyed pornographic profits during the Bush years.

    Does anyone think the elites who originally ruled Athens actually _wanted_ to be ruled by a forum of citizens with random, rotating selection of officials? I’m sure they were choking on their grapes.

    My point is that it is fundamentally a democratic proposition for minority groups to mobilize against white power groups, because whites represent the largest cross section of elites in America.

    Alexandr cited a very reasonable egalitarian principle of a single standard for everyone, whites and non-whites. As I have shown, however, the underlying social conditions are not equal for whites and non-whites, and the mere formation of racial groups is not the test upon which a fair society is judged. There are historical variables which tilt conditions in favor of whites in America, regardless of who is forming groups.

    In other words, supporting white groups on the basis of a “single standard” would be to paint a veneer of egalitarianism over what is, at a deeper level, an elitist and racist society which maintains a double standard in terms of education, income, opportunity, criminal justice, basic nutrition, violence, and many other categories which are far more relevant.

  • Reynardine

    Adamhill, it happened. Back in the early Sixties, a young man took a medication that darkened his skin and then toured the South. His book, “Black Like Me”, was an eye-opener.

    I have had an experience somewhat in reverse. Because of a surname which is often Islamic, Arabic, or Turkish, I have, sight unseen, been subjected to the kind of treatment that professionals would seldom use on a ril uhMericuhn colleague. Later, I have sat in proximity to these same colleagues for over an hour, unrecognized by them. When they found out who I was, their expressions were priceless.

  • Reynardine

    Even in Florida, there is no guarantee you won’t open your eyes one morning and find the flakes are thick around you. More detailed comment to follow. Just this, for now:

    I do not want to enjoy any kind of *privilege* that is arbitrarily denied another. I wish the *rights* of each person to be recognized, and the *blessings* of society to be within their reach. And a *reality* show is not *reality*.

  • aadila


    Out of wedlock doesn’t mean out of the home, dummy:

    41% of first births by unmarried women are born to cohabiting partners. – Bumpass, Larry and Lu, Hsien-Hen. 2000. “Trends in Cohabitation and Implications for Children’s Family Contexts in the United States.” Population Studies, 54: 29-41.

  • Michael

    A pointless topic considering that Stormfront is ‘controlled opposition’. Pretending it’s not is disingenuous.

  • Norman

    I am an old man and I have known Derek since he was a boy. Took him bike riding with me one time to Okeheelee Park in WPB.

    In building the park they had used the spoils from digging out the lakes to build a good size hill. Riding up that hill on my bike was pretty good exercise.

    So I told Derek, lets ride to the top of bicycle mountain there. So we started up and when I got to the top I looked back, Derek had bogged down.

    He was mortified that a fifty something year old man had made it and he hadn’t. I told him, no big deal.

    But nothing would have him until he rode that bicycle to the top of that hill. It took him two or three tries, but he finally made it. The boy has grit.

    I knew that the boy was smart and I am glad to see here that he is also evidencing a good level head.

    I have been around the kind of white people that the SPLC demonizes as white supremacists for a long time. And yes, they are white. And yes, they do seem to have an affinity for their own race and culture. Is that so bad?

    Let me suggest to you demonizers of white racialists, watch that reality TV series, 48 hours. What you will see is case after case of predominantly young black men killing other young black men.

    The race denominator of that program is so pronounced as to constitute an expose of the sub-culture of African Americans. A sub culture quite so caustic as to cause draw back even on the part of it’s own members.

    If African Americans can abhor the horror of the personal and societal criminal chaos that infects so much of black society, must we as white people pretend that it doesn’t exist?

    And, as to the other half of the condemnation of white dissidents, the Jews: Does anyone not understand that the Jews have put together a political machine headed by AIPAC that virtually controls US policy as regards the Middle East and Israel?

    Google this string: Israel AIPAC Zionist Matrix of Power

    Surely these realities demands a vigorous and open debate without being condemned as racist or anti-Semitic.

    Maybe we need young people that will stand in the face of political correctness and address the real issues.

  • Reynardine

    In re: Prussian Blue: it’s actually an oil pigment, one of the more durable ones used by artists, and useful besides in dressing steel. It’s true that reactions of cyanide gas produce this harmless pigment, and that’s why traces of it at Auschwitz, where it could not remotely have come from any legitimate use, were indicative that the masonry had been exposed to Zyklon B. I would add, however, that my paternal family tree has a branch which originally came from Freyberg an der Unstrut and produced some hard-ass liberals, which makes those, at least constructively and in part, Prussian Blues.

  • Brock Henderson

    Assuming someone does indeed have access to a privilege of some kind, never mind arguments to the contrary, what kind of person would want to give up or relinquish a privilege he/she posesses? Other than someone with some kind of masochistic mental disorder?

  • whowillstopthekardashians?

    Sad use of statistic aadila. Divorce rates are a lackluster predictor for the probability of being raised by one parent, for obvious reasons. How about actually, you know, just being born by one parent!

    “Large racial differences remain: 73 percent of black children are born outside wedlock, compared with 53 percent of Latinos and 29 percent of whites. And educational differences are growing.”

    I love the SPLC, its like the onion for me.

  • Steven

    It’s not skin colour is the birth right of being the sprog of one’s ancestors who worked, fought and died for our nations. It may be somewhat different in the USA but in Europe white people’s lives are becoming more and more difficult as more and more non-European invaders come only, not to fit in, just to make more money, have more kids, spread their alien (to Europe) religion.
    Nobody hates these people as long as they stay in their own countries or come to study, and go back to improve their nations, etc. It cannot be though that the solution to problems in other nations is to let them all come to European countries and put the future of our children in danger. We’ve seen many riots and ethnic conflicts in the past already, it will only get worse.
    Nations like Israel keep foreigners out, Japan isn’t full of non-Japanese…only European countries should be, for some reason. I think the reason is that many people want to destroy European culture and simply want to have what our European ancestors have built. Ours, not theirs. Europeans have a right to a homeland as well, just like other people.

  • aadila


    I always see the trolls for what they are…but when fasting it’s harder to contain my anger. Which is why I fast to begin with…in order to conquer such impulses through mental discipline.

  • aadila


    Thank you for saying so but this view is informed by history. Democracy arose in Greece because there was the legitimate social problem of powerful kings arising to become tyrants. “Tyrants” didn’t mean cruel rulers, it meant they usurped power.

    So what do you do if an individual could arise with sufficient strength to wipe out law and all the protections it represented? If you read commentaries from the day, the Greeks were not exactly too friendly with each other. Democracy was defined by fear of tyranny, not by brotherly love.

    Accordingly I think it makes a lot of sense to look at how minorities protect themselves in the context of our society which was founded by wealthy white men. To this day, America esteems wealthy, white, heterosexual men above all others — just look at the composition of most grand juries or corporate board of directors. What do we call that if not privilege?

    That doesn’t mean every wealthy white straight male is going to be in a position of power. That doesn’t mean white people are coming up with ways to suppress minorities. But in large groups the trend appears, so what do we do about it?

    One way to accomplish this is for minority communities to band together in opposition to the power of the elites. Just like any democracy.

  • adamhill

    If white people who don’t perceive they possess privilege because of their skin color were magically to be able to walk around for even a few days with a different skin color, they would understand on a gut level just how different it is when one doesn’t have white skin. But one doesn’t need magic to do this. One only needs some empathy and intelligence.

  • Erika

    The fact is that white privilege – like male privilege – is so entrenched and insidious that it becomes difficult to detect because it is simply seen as the norm. Thus, because racism and sexism is the norm in this society, white privilege is not seen as something exceptional. It hides in plain site.

    The fact is that the people who deny white privilege exists tend to be people who seem to believe that they should have all of the jobs, money, and education simply by virtue of their skin color. They have no other qualification for any of that other than their skin color and simply cannot figure out why they are not allowed into the right club. What they do not realize is that they will never be allowed through the doors in the true centers of white male privilege because white privilege and racism has always been a way for the ultra rich to divide the poor among racial lines so they do not unify along class lines.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, maybe fasting has brought you great clarity about the true nature of our trolls.

  • Sam Molloy

    Aadila, that’s the best and most precise explanation I have heard for a question that has also puzzled me. BTW, Prussian Blue may have been the color of the Zyclon-B residue, but the name has been around since 1710. Look it up, it is an interesting story.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Trema, the Hole in the Head, is back.

    In general, now that official colonialism is almost a thing of the past, white privilege is generally exercised in majority-white countries (as we would class them). And, see here, Hole, if you want to prevent the genocide of white children, why don’t you agitate for gun control?

  • aadila

    Coral’s comment seems right. Racial privilege is not necessarily something someone does, it’s just something that is. Of course the question of whether or not it exists is answered by the venomous responses when you point to it lurking in the shadows.

    Racial privilege doesn’t _want_ to be found out.

  • adamhill

    “They ONLY attack White “privilege” (a future for White children) in ALL & ONLY White countries.”

    Time to ask Santa for some meds.

  • aadila

    Adamhill I suppose I’ve been a little irritable really. I’ve been fasting and the headaches and hunger pains are starting to weary me.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, from an innocent greenhorn on this strife-torn turf, you have become a skilled and indomitable warrior for human justice.

  • TRMA

    Have you ever heard of an anti-racism campaign that targeted any non-White group as having “privilege”?
    Of course not. They ONLY attack White “privilege” (a future for White children) in ALL & ONLY White countries.

    All you anti-Whites ever do is make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a brown mix of this and that.
    To: aadila
    All you anti-Whites ever do is justify innocent White children living in poverty as minorities in every country their ancestors built.

    All you anti-Whites ever do is justify genocide of White children; a future without White children.

    Now you see why anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • adamhill

    I’ll give Derek Black the benefit of the doubt here and agree with Reynardine that he might be exhibiting understandable symptoms of a young man who has on the one hand to deal with his past and his extremist father and on the other to contend with…reality. I recall some confused, fence-sitting kinds of words coming from one or the other or both of April Gaedes’s daughters that showed a similar struggle and then finally they appeared to have largely broken free of that world. I hope that Derek comes ultimately to the realisation that both embracing “White Nationalism” and not disliking anyone based on race, religion, etc. is impossible, because the two approaches are intrinsically at odds with each other. I hope he sees too that, despite the love and respect he feels for his father, the former approach is the manifestation of a group delusion, while the latter is a healthy way to live with others.

  • Aron

    *does the wave for aadila*

  • CoralSea

    To enlarge on aadila’s first comment, I think that some “white” people get defensive over discussion of “white privilege” because they think that it requires something of them. It does: acknowledgement that “white privilege” exists and an open-minded awareness that some persons of color have to surmount obstacles that have they have never even considered surmounting. This acknowledgement and awareness should extend to helping others and extending to them the same assistance that many “whites” may receive without ever thinking that much about it.

    I equate this level of understanding to the struggle that a lot of women went through (and still do, although to a much lesser extent) when they were attempting to make inroads into “man’s work.” I have lost count of the many times when male (white male, in almost all cases) casually mentioned that they didn’t understand why women complained about lack of opportunity–and then recounted anecdotes about how some white, male mentor helped them along, smoothed the way, got them a job, made sure they got the promotion, etc. Many of these guys were very competent — but then, so were women who were routinely passed over because they didn’t spark the recognition, “this young guy reminds me of me starting out” from the old white guys in charge. A lot of the young guys didn’t see this (or they did and didn’t care, because so long as they gained an advantage from it, why should they?)

    Acknowledgement and awareness of “white privilege” shouldn’t result in unending guilt. But it should very definitely result in an awareness of the many experiences and difficulties EVERYONE struggles with (although some more than others). It should also result in a willingness to embrace and acknowledge diversity, and the fact that together, we are stronger. Having worked in a technical field for most of my working life (environmental consulting), I have had the opportunity to work with people of many backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, and it was a wonderfully dynamic work environment.

    I would like to add, however, that economic stratification is also a very serious issue in terms of opportunity and access. I often work in rural areas that are inhabited primarily by lower-income “whites” who, by virtue of their lack of money and the sparseness of the population, have become evermore disenfranchised politically and in regard to economic opportunity. In fact, the changing structure of rural populations (e.g., agro-business displacing family farms and turning farmers into modern-day share-croppers; destruction of local economies because the agro-businesses don’t spend nearly as much locally as is the case with independent farms) is creating yet another seriously at-risk group, regardless of race (although being Hispanic or African-American can certainly exacerbate the marginalization and discrimination).

    Although “race” continues to be a (or “the”) dominant factor in regard to economic opportunities, the ever-gaping chasm of income inequality means that we have to be aware of that, as well. I dare say that one of the reasons a lot of WNs continue to be so rabid is because they see that many “whites” are hurting in terms of income and opportunity. What they miss is that this isn’t due to “minorities,” it’s due to an increasingly inequitable income distribution as unions decline and Corporate America becomes ever more obsessed with holding down wages for rank-and-file workers to the point where a significant percentage of workers in some industries qualify for food-stamps because they are so poorly paid (which means that tax payers are subsidizing these poor-paying employers) while the “bosses” reap obscene bonuses and salaries.

    As the bumper sticker says, “We all do better when we all do better.”

  • adamhill

    aadila’s batting a thousand today. Succinct, smart, lethal.

  • aadila

    “I’ve always interpreted “White Privilege,” as just being statistically more likely to be born in a 2-parent household.”

    Well, that’s obviously a stupid interpretation.

    The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported statistical percentages of divorce by ethnicity.

    Native American/Alaskan 12.6%
    Black or African American 11.5%
    White 10.8%
    Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 8%
    Hispanic/Latino 7.8%
    Asian 4.9%

    So, as you can see, white people are statistically very likely to be divorced in America, and accordingly not raising children in a two-parent household.

    Therefore white privilege does not refer to the number of parents in the household. It does however refer to being proud of one’s ignorance.

  • whowillstopthekardashians?

    “Black must have had well above-average grades and board scores for admission.”


    “Even a half hour spent researching differences of opportunity, basic nutrition, health care, income, and other such social data will provide plenty of evidence that white people, as a racial group, are privileged in America”

    I’ve always interpreted “White Privilege,” as just being statistically more likely to be born in a 2-parent household.

    Also by those standards, Jewish privilege likely tops America’s problems, followed by Asian privilege, and then maybe Mormon privilege.

    Apparently the SPLC has its work cut out fighting all this privilege.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “I don’t understand , why do you attempt to defeat and label as “hate” any interest that Europeans might have in the preservation of their peoples and heritage?”

    1. Derek Black is not European.

    2. Neither are you, according to most Europeans and many Russians for that matter.

    ” Why is this okay for others but for Europeans it’s racism?”

    Maybe you haven’t noticed, but people do celebrate their European heritage in America all the time. Ever hear of something called “St.Patrick’s Day”, for example?

  • aadila

    Thank you, Mark.

    I would like to add it’s not just about “white people”. The same could be said of Han culture in Asia. It depends on the local dynamics.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Grob, if that is your name, please have reference to what I said, and what Aadila said. There are any number of cultural groups which you can enjoy. The rest speaks for itself.

  • Mark Potok

    Well said, aadila. Your “briefly” summation really makes the essential points.

  • aadila

    Alexsandr A asks a reasonable question which is why in America do we make any distinction between the formation of racial pride groups.

    He suggests that if minority groups should be allowed to form, then groups for the dominant race in society — i.e. whites — should also be acceptable. And in fact to condemn white nationalist groups is tantamount to racism, since it implies a double standard.

    Clearly, Alexsandr has not looked into the reality of race and privilege in the United States. Even a half hour spent researching differences of opportunity, basic nutrition, health care, income, and other such social data will provide plenty of evidence that white people, as a racial group, are privileged in America. Specifically, white males. Another half hour spent researching the history of the country and its roots will explain why that is. So Alexandr, the burden is upon you to be informed.

    Briefly, however, there is a simple answer:

    Groups which unite minority races are fundamentally democratic because they protect the weak from the strong. Groups which unite the dominant race are fundamentally tyrannical because they ensure the strong can manipulate the weak.

    We are not talking here about Scottish Highland Games or other cultural expressions which exist benevolently within the greater social fabric. We are talking about white people who insist upon privilege and deny that virtually the entire history of Europe has been one of exploitation to benefit white people.

  • Reynardine

    Shane, which African-American kid? There are several. Talk about race where, how, and to whom? At a time when the University of Miami was predominantly white, I belonged to a political debate society- composed of white students- who discussed it frequently because it was an issue of our times. It should no longer be an issue, but people like Beck, Limbaugh, Fox Newsies, dog-whistling politicians…and you…keep it so. And if you made half the effort that Derek seems to be making, you wouldn’t be dribbling your snivelling little buugers all over our threads.

  • Grob Hahn

    One of the things I like about the SPLC is their sense of ultimate reality and their perpensity for spelling it out for people who deny it. Sure it is possible that DB is changing his views, we all do as we age. But he seems to be thinking that he can just walk away from his heritage. Sure, in an ideal America this might be possible, but a person’s reputation is of substantial value in America. Consider how George Wallace is remembered; only for a line in the sand. Nobody talks about his pro-black agenda that raked in black votes and kept him on Perry street for several terms. Like it or not, his reputation was cast and his pandering didn’t wash it away. Watching DB try to play the victim while conveniently ignoring his family’s past is delusional. If anything he would gain far more respect by simply being what everyone already seems to know he is. One point though that I wish I could have an answer about (and never get) is this: In what way can white American celebrate their white heritage without stirring up cries of racism? Is there any way a white person can show as much racial pride as a non-white person? Or is the double-standard just the reality we all need to learn to live with?

    And if that’s the case, aren’t we inviting disaster from white Americans?

  • CoralSea

    To build on what Reynardine said, young people often hold views that they get from their parents initially–and then modify or totally reject them as they mature and gain their own life experiences. I would expect that everyone who comments on this site probably had preconceptions or attitudes instilled by relatives and other friends and acquaintances that they ultimately shed as they got a few more years and experiences under their belts.

    I hope that this young man finds his way away from the WN camp. Considering how enmeshed he was as a kid (webpage at 12), the fact that he has journeyed thus far should be an encouraging sign.

    Rejection of noxious worldviews–especially when they are learned in a family setting–can be a long process. Intelligent people feel their way along, replacing negative views with questioning and, hopefully, more positive views over time. They need to be allowed the space to do this; after all, their transformation should be coming from within.

  • Shane

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the African-American kid in the picture near Derek talks more about race than he does.

  • Reynardine

    Aleksandr, there are any number of secular and religious cultural oganizations for ethnic Russians in this country. I know, because I’ve been a member of quite a few, and I’m not even an ethnic Russian. You have no excuse to pout and act deprived, and I caution you that if you hang around here with that self-indulgent attitude, you’ll get a whuppin’.

  • Reynardine

    I submit that, especially given his upbringing, Derek is still young enogh to be confused.

  • Shadow Wolf

    Sounds like he needs to “assimilate” into society more often, before he will be able to ditch the virulent WN ideology altogether. Holding unto “moderate” WN views isn’t so bad. After all, we all know many Republicans hold those same views.

  • Joss

    White nationalists come in many views. Some even are as liberal as Derek. You can be nice and friendly to people of other races, just don’t breed with them. It was never a problem in third reich even! HJ and BDM had in mind to make kids to get penpals all over the world and learn a new language so they would grow up to be cosmopolitan.

  • David Hart

    Call me a cynic but I don’t believe this kid for a second. It’s worth noting that New college is a highly selective public institution. Black must have had well above-average grades and board scores for admission.

  • Aleksandr A


    Quick question: why do you seek to defeat or label as “hate” any interest that Euro-Americans have in preserving their peoples or heritage? Is this not a Double standard? I was born in Russia, is that a sin? I’ve noticed that other groups are allowed–even encouraged–to form race-based groups in America, but it’s discouraged for white people–why? This is the most racist country I have ever encountered! I don’t understand America, everyone here is so obcessed with race and creating race-problems.


  • Aleksandr A

    I don’t understand , why do you attempt to defeat and label as “hate” any interest that Europeans might have in the preservation of their peoples and heritage? Why is this okay for others but for Europeans it’s racism? Aren’t these double standards? I was born in Russia, is that a sin? I don’t understand America.


  • Aron

    Nope, sorry Derek. You can’t have it both ways.

    Either you’re a WN or you’re not. There is no middle ground.

  • concernedcitizen

    The problem with this is that there are racists as I have meant who will smile and act friendly only to try to further push their hate agenda.

    Anyone who ever subscribed to Neo Nazism and claims to have converted well that’s all fine and good but I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them. What I have seen is that racist now have more clandestine operations and are given to using great methods of deception.