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Derek Black: Have Stormfront Founder’s Son’s Politics Changed?

By Mark Potok on December 18, 2012 - 5:10 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

There was a time, not so long ago, when Lamb and Lynx Gaede, daughters of an infamous Montana neo-Nazi, were considered the next big thing in the white supremacist movement. They were blonde, blue-eyed teenagers given to swastikas and Hitler worship, and they formed a white-power musical group called Prussian Blue, named after the color of Zyklon B residue in the Nazi gas chambers.

But then the twins grew older, rejected the views of their mother April Gaede, took up for the medical marijuana that alleviated their serious medical conditions, and said they’d come to “a place of love and light.” “We’re healers,” is how Lamb put it. “We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can.”

Could Derek Black be headed down the same road? Or is the son of Don Black, the former Alabama Klan leader who runs the racist Stormfront forum from his home in West Palm Beach, Fla., trying to have it both ways?

The evidence is mixed. But Derek Black, who has engaged in racist activism in the past, in recent weeks posted a remarkable statement on a students-only Web forum at the elite New College of Florida, where he is in his third year.

Derek Black

Derek Black, far left, stands with his fellow students at New College during his freshman year.

In it, he sought to respond to fellow New College students who had expressed fears of him, based largely on reports about his father’s views and articles about his own past racist activities, including one on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) website. He clearly said he is not a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi or a Klansman and does not hold such views. He said he doesn’t dislike anyone “on account of their race, religion, or anything similar.” “I do not believe people of any race, religion, or otherwise should have to leave their homes or be segregated or lose any freedom or whatever other terrifying similar-vein ideas have been posted in threads about me,” he said. “If anyone cares,” he added, “I’m also pro-choice (regulated by states), pro-gay marriage (with gov’t not defining marriage between people), and anti-death penalty (regulated by the states).”

Describing a 2008 episode in which he won election to the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee but was ousted because he failed to sign a GOP loyalty oath, Derek Black said he ran “based on the libertarian-ish views I hold (such as protection of personal liberty, no foreign wars without imminent threat), as well as regulation for environmental conservation and an inclination toward protection of domestic industry.” He said that although he had moderator privileges on Stormfront, by far the largest racist Web forum in the world, he does not exercise them.

Reached via E-mail by Hatewatch today, Derek Black confirmed that he had sent the statement to fellow students “in response to uncomfortable feelings about me some students at my college held. I had never publicly commented on the huge, heated threads about me.” But he added that he had not abandoned his view that white assimilation in a multicultural society is harmful to whites. “Everything I said is true,” he said of his statement to students, “and I also believe in White Nationalism. My post and my racial ideology are not mutually exclusive concepts, and people can believe both. WN [white nationalism] doesn’t dictate specific creeds so much as my concern about white assimilation, which I still think is very much a problem.”

Derek Black’s current political views, assuming his recent statement accurately reflects them, do seem to have moderated. By the age of 12, he had created a children’s page on his father’s website, complete with white pride songs and anti-Martin Luther King Jr. bedtime stories. At around the same time, he was profiled in a USA Today article and an HBO documentary, both about organized racism. He accompanied his father to large numbers of white supremacist events.

As late as 2010, when he had a radio show on WPBR radio in South Florida, his first scheduled guest was Gordon Baum — the head of the Missouri-based Council of Conservative Citizens, which has described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity” — a far cry from Derek Black’s claim that he dislikes no group. And just this September, he spoke at Stormfront’s “Practical Politics Seminar” in Gatlinburg, Tenn., on how to advocate for white people effectively. During the same month, he attended a meeting of the European American Leadership Seminar for the second year in a row. The SPLC plans to list the group as a hate group in 2013.

In his recent comments — his first public statement at the school on his politics — Black described some reaction to him at New College: “glares” at public lectures, “the occasional middle finger in the library,” a few “threatening emails.” But he concentrated on others’ fears of him, saying he’d heard “that people might be scared or intimidated or even feel unsafe” because of his purported views, and inviting students to E-mail him personally about his politics. “Making these statements obviously does not instantly create comfort or security for everyone who’s uncomfortable,” he concluded, “but I hope it might help slightly.”

  • aadila


    U.N. Resolution 143 of July 14, 1960 authorized the deployment of a peacekeeping force, ONUC, to Congo which included troops from (attention please) 30 states. The U.N at no time sent its own troops.

    Thank you, please come again.

  • aadila

    “Are you saying all of the American people have bombed Iraq and Afghanistan?”

    No, just those of legal voting age. We are a democracy and the actions of our leaders are representative of the People, per the Constitution. Every American has blood on their hands. Only some of us are trying to change that through anti-war activism. Sitting on the couch munching taquitos and watching NFL football while schools and hospitals are burned by American forces is the same as being responsible for the violence.

  • Erika

    Brock, try reading histories of the Confederacy written by actual historians. That the Confederate government became increasingly centralized and totalitarian is not disputed by anyone serious. The only people who deny that are neo-Confederates steeped in the myth of the lost cause.

  • Brock Henderson


    Are you saying all of the American people have bombed Iraq and Afghanistan? To say that a nation of people and their government are so inextricably tied to each other that the former is directly and completely responsible for the actions of the latter is indicative of a totalitarian mind, precisely because it is nonsense. As for your statement that the U.N. doesn’t have a military, I’m sure the Katangans would have begged to differ 50 years ago.

    About the UNDHR, I postulated the THEORY that only a HYPOTHETICAL international monster-government could realistically make the UNDHR into more than just a document, enforce it, that is. Pretty sure the U.N. isn’t doing that right now, or else my parents would have been, ahem, visited 20 years ago about their illegal imposition of Christianity upon me.

    Erika, snookums, about all this laughable silliness:

    “The actions of the U.S. government during the Civil War was not tryannical – it was instead an effort to save large numbers of Americans from coming under a tyrnnical government.. There was a legitimate threat of tryanny taking over a large section of the American government, but it was the increasingly centralized and totalitarian Confederacy which represented that threat.”

    I just ADORE satire! Call The Onion right now. Low-brow, farcical, and rife with Orwellian projection. It’s got all I could ever want! Yeah, the U.S. government in reality earned its first of many Most Bloody and Murderous Imperial Regime in World History badges during that conflict, but in the above piece THEY’RE the noble liberating and peacekeeping saviors and their OPPONENT
    is the oppressive totalitarian dictatorship. I get it! Hilarious!

    I hear you’re a lawyer. Know the one about you and a thousand of your other partners in crime chained down on an anchor at the bottom of the ocean? I’m sure you do. Have fun in court the next time you’re there, Counselor.

  • aadila

    Excuse me, did that one just say “raging female emotions”?

    Brock if you pull you head up from Call of Duty and internet porn for a while a look around you, you might realize you are the last person to inspire female emotions.

    What sort of person “opposes” a declaration of human rights agreed to as the basis for a civilized society by pretty much the entire world?

  • Erika

    Brock, the Confederacy became a more and more tryannical government as the Civil War progressed including forced military service, murders of Southerners who opposed the Confederacy, war crimes violations, torture, and many other increasingly tryannical means. Had the Confederacy won, there is little doubt that the Southern states would have been increasingly totalitarian in their effort to protect slavery. In fact, in many Southern states, before the Civil War, it was punishable by death to advocate for abolition of slavery. Even after the defeat of the Confederacy, former Confederates engaged in terror campaigns seeking to prevent democratic action such as elections in the former Confederacy. Indeed, as soon as reconstruction ended, many of the former Confederate states adopted draconian and discriminatory laws aimed at preventing people from exercising their rights. That you do not know that indicates that you know almost nothing regarding history

    The actions of the U.S. government during the Civil War was not tryannical – it was instead an effort to save large numbers of Americans from coming under a tyrnnical government.. There was a legitimate threat of tryanny taking over a large section of the American government, but it was the increasingly centralized and totalitarian Confederacy which represented that threat.

  • Brock Henderson

    Also Erika, if you could take a deep breath and let your raging female emotions dissipate just long enough to remember and acknowledge what we have so far discussed, on this thread and the Radical Right/Secession thread, you would understand that 1) I do in fact have notably different reasons for opposing the UNDHR and the Reconstruction amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and 2) again, the attempted secession of the states comprising what is now the south-central to the southeastern U.S. a century and a half ago has little to do with my beliefs, because I am from California. The former Confederacy is many hundreds of miles away from me. Ergo, I am not a neo-Confederate. I am not in favor of the idea of my state being in any kind of confederate or federal government with any other states, in fact. I am a secessionist, however. Get out your silly label-maker and stick that on my forehead if you want. Have a nice day, kitten.

  • aadila


    “Who is “us,” by the way?”

    The American people, obviously.

    “I believe the subject of this discussion was just ONE international treaty, the UNDHR. ”

    Brock, in your own words you took the discussion from the UDHR to a hyperbolic description of the U.N. as “an imperial and tyrannical monster-state.”

    “Are you aware that those two sentences contradict each other?”

    No contradiction. The U.N. doesn’t have any military force, it all comes from Member States. Enforcement of U.N. resolutions comes from the direct participation of member states, not from the U.N. itself, and member states are not obliged to participate. Therefore your statement is proven false.

    You might as well accept your argument just took one under the stack and head back to the minor leagues where you belong.

  • Brock Henderson


    “Brock, I think what you are saying is that the United States is not obliged to keep its word on human rights because superior firepower gives us the right to violate any and all agreements.”

    No. I’m not. Not even close. Who is “us,” by the way?

    “. . . your notion of international law as being of and by necessity a monster . . .”

    I believe the subject of this discussion was just ONE international treaty, the UNDHR.

    “Enforcement then takes place at an internatonal forum, such as the U.N., WTO or in extreme cases, through joint military action. The U.N doesn’t force anyone to do anything.”

    Are you aware that those two sentences contradict each other?

    “. . . democracy, something which apparently you loathe.”

    Yes, of course I do. I’m an American.

    As for you, Erika, sweetcheeks, must we start a whole new thread over this? Let’s go back to the Radical Right Secession thread and pick it up where we left off there. Again, I don’t read or listen to people who call themselves American conservatives yet speak to crowds at events held at the LINCOLN Memorial, and invoke MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. as their inspiration. With fake tears in his eyes as well, so I heard. Pathetic clown.

    Wow . . . so, nothing imperial or tyrannical about a so-called “federal” government doing what it did here in America from 1861-77. But the people of the states – who entrusted themselves to the care of that government – doing nothing more than governing themselves the way they always traditionally had in the past, or at least trying to, is where the real tyranny is. Yep, and the sky is below my feet and the ground is above my head. And Mommie Dearest is a much better movie than The Godfather.

  • aadila

    By the way Brock, I must add that your notion of international law as being of and by necessity a monster state is simply not true.

    International law functions with mutally agreed terms among states that are then taken to national governments for ratification and implementation. Every state does this differently, but it is already the status quo of how things operate. In the U.S. the executive can negotiate with other states but Congress must ratify any and all agreements.

    Other states, where there are broader exective powers simply sign executive decrees that have force of law until ratified by national assembly. There are many other variations of this process but none require nor imply a superstate. International law simply requires homologous laws within each national government.

    Enforcement then takes place at an internatonal forum, such as the U.N., WTO or in extreme cases, through joint military action. The U.N doesn’t force anyone to do anything. The U.N. is a meeting place for national government, providing transparency and democracy, something which apparently you loathe.

  • aadila

    Brock, I think what you are saying is that the United States is not obliged to keep its word on human rights because superior firepower gives us the right to violate any and all agreements.

    And you wonder why America is hated.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, you have ceased to make sense either logically or etymologically (and maybe entomologically, because you are talking like your brain is full of instars). Get medical attention.

  • Erika

    Brock, that adorable peach cobbler a la mode is back to provide more of his insights in Constitutional law. And as before, his insights are such that one wonders whether he actually has bothered to read the Constiution.

    In any case, Brock apparently missed Article I,. Section 8, Clause 10 of the Constitution – remember Article Article, Section 8 begins: “Congress shall hae the power to”

    “to define and punish Piracies and Felonies on the high Seas, and offenses against the law of Nations.”

    Congress has done so since basically the beginning with what is called the Alien Tort Law, codfied at 28 U.S.C. Sec. 1350) which allows for a person to file a law suit in American federal courts for violations of international law. See Filartiga v. Pena-Irala, 630 F.2d 876 (1980) specifically related to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    That interational law – whether written through treaties or customary has bound the United States has been recognized since 1776. Customary international law is international law which is viewed by the practce of nationals (specifically western European nations). See e.g. The Pacquette Habana, 175 U.S. 677 (1900) regarding whether the seizure of fishing vessals was permitted under customary international law. It is clear that the founding fathers in writing the Constitution intended that the U.S. be bounded by customary international law looking specifically to the practice in western Europe and entering into treaties with various states ranging from England and France to the Barbury States between 1780 and 1820 which is the period where the founding fathers were still runnign things .

    While not binding, the UN Declaration on Human Rights was passed unamimously by the UN General Assembly (at a time when it was primarily the countries of western Europe and Latin America). It has been widely recognized as stating customary international law. In any case, much of the UN Declaration on Human Rights is similar rhethorically to the U.S. Declaration of Independence and is completely consistent with the Constitution. Since it was passed that the time when the U.S. and western Europe essentially controlled the U.N. that is hardly surprising. The U.S. cases which have looked at it has held that it is binding under American courts as stating customary international law which allows under the Constitution and laws immediately passed by Congress to enforce those cases.

    Basically Brock, it seems that you are objecting to the U.N. Delcaration of Human Rights for the same reason why you are objecting to the 14th Amendment – that it gives rights to black people and prevents states from discriminating against people they do not like. That marks you as being a neo-Confederate twit. Quite simply,. you would allow states to engage in pure tryannical actions without limit.

    And you really should seek a refund of whoever it was who taught you history and Constitutional law. You have all of the markings of the self educated who gets information from self educated charalatans like Glenn Beck. You know what they about a lawyer who represents himself, right?

  • Brock Henderson


    I do know the answer to my question. Being a charter of so-called positive liberties, as opposed to the so-called negative liberties explicitly stated in our Bill of Rights, the UNDHR cannot be authentically recognized unless it is enforced by some type of administrative government apparatus. Only an imperial and tyrannical monster-state could even attempt such a thing, needless to speak of a “successful” attempt. I’m sure you would smile at all the bloodshed that would ensue, of course. All those oppressive people getting what they deserve for failing to recognize that there are, of course, only two dimensions of human existence, the individual and the state.

    Excuse the sarcasm, if you will. Just trying to communicate at your level.

  • aadila

    Brock, my tender little vegan coconut macaroon, if you want to employ the socratic method, it helps if you know the answers to your questions first. Otherwise, you are groping around in the dark without anything meaningful to add to our discussion.

  • Reynardine

    Talia, I sympathize with you. I don’t think this boy is faking; I do think at this point he is ideologically disoriented and confused. Because he was an active participant in the WN movement since youth, albeit not exactly from free choice, he is going to have some backsliding movements and people will look at him funny. I’ve had to “detox” occasional young people with pathogenic backgrounds, and it’s a slow and painful process. In time, this young man (with his poor little pink hide scorching in the Florida sun) should make friends with real people of different backgrounds, and that’s better than all the lecture halls in the world.

  • Talia

    Speaking as a former family member of a WN leader who has successfully reclaimed my life, we should be helping people leave the movement, not degrading those who are showing signs of wanting to leave – ESPECIALLY the kids of people involved! The kids had no choice! Why make leaving the movement harder than it already is? You do realize that when you are the child or significant other of a high profile WN that you are in danger if you leave and speak out, don’t you? You have enemies on both sides – WNs and anti-racists. I still have nightmares about anti-racists trying to kill me and my new family (we attend syngogue btw). There is a high prevalence of domestic violence in WN families (this should surprise no one). Many of them have been beaten into submission (literally and figuratively) and have severe trust issues with the outside world. WN is a cult and you have been conditioned to fear outside authorities. Very few survive mentally and physically intact. It’s no different than leaving the Westboro Baptist Church or similar cult.

  • Fry


    It’s funny to watch you quote so many things that I would say we’re written by white men in a time of white men.

    Also, you went from being informative to mostly attacks on people…the whole board did.

    There’s also a radical miscontextualization of many terms in this thread. Plus a huge blurring of multiple issues into race issues. It’s funny to watch a bunch of people try to act smart on the Internet.

    I have no skin on the game and just stumbled here but it’s been a funny read.

  • punkmar77

    The slaughter of ‘innocent’ trolls is just priceless on this thread…their level of inbred troglodyte intelligence doesn’t stand a chance…thanks for the giggles. (A) /// <3 (E) !

  • Reverse the Game

    I regularly use White Privilege against businesses on behalf of my two best friends. If they’re making a major purchase, I’m the first voice & face the company encounters. (We live in a small town in the south, so I’ve dubbed the process “cracker control”, which makes them roll their eyes in disbelief).
    Once I’ve got the sales person on the hook for a ball park figure, I introduce the real buyer — both of whom are also police officers. The looks on their little racist faces is priceless.

  • anon

    Why do you give this racist so much press? Doesn’t that help his racist cause? This guy is now semi-famous for all this controversy over a school not denying him access based on his political views.

  • A.D.M.

    If Joseph Hoffman (the last name sounds Jewish) thinks no other group contributed to the building of the U.S., he’s stupid and needs a history lesson.

  • Tom M

    Hi SPLC,

    I am actually the person who ‘started’ the NCF Derek Black controversy by ‘outing’ him on the student discussion board. Previously to my post there, no one knew he was a white nationalist.

    DB continues to record and post a White Natonalist radio show. He continues to be active in the White Nationalist community. I understand that he probably feels pressured because his entire familial upbringing is White Nationalist and he probably has immense personal ties to and financial dependency upon those people.

    But reporting what is essentially slapping a smiling face on racism – a PR move by one of the leaders of the White Nationalist community – as a “change in beliefs” is disingenuous and counter to your stated mission of combating racism.

    DB’s entire post, in context, does NOT mean he is moderating his beliefs. He is merely less virulent in spouting them – which is to be expected, because he goes to a school filled with extremely liberal hippie/hipster students. I find it amazing that you read DB’s post and reached this conclusion: he spends several paragraphs detailing all the ways in which he does not wish hate on people, but never once even mentions what his beliefs actually are. That is because he knows to the people he was writing to, they are indefensible.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, Norman, sorry I haven’t taken you to the woodshed yet, but it’s pretty obvious that you’re a “hit-and-run” kind of guy, who just leaps in to defend his buddy and the white race, in no particular order, from the Jews, blacks, and Reds you hate, which are probably pretty much interchangeable in your mental three-card monte game.

    “Let me suggest to you demonizers of white racialists, watch that reality TV series, 48 hours. What you will see is case after case of predominantly young black men killing other young black men.

    “The race denominator of that program is so pronounced as to constitute an expose of the sub-culture of African Americans. A sub culture quite so caustic as to cause draw back even on the part of it’s own members.

    I”f African Americans can abhor the horror of the personal and societal criminal chaos that infects so much of black society, must we as white people pretend that it doesn’t exist?”

    “48 Hours” is not a realistic depiction of American life, it’s merely a news show, and one that survives on violence and mayhem, pandering to its audience and advertisers. If that’s your sole contact with African-Americans, you have — despite your age — a lot to learn. And saying that all blacks are responsible for the behavior of African-American criminals is like saying that all whites have to be responsible for the moral filth of Vietnam, Watergate, Irangate, Enron, Ivan Boesky, Exxon Valdez, and the BP scandals. Or the incomprehensible deeds of Adam Lanza, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Speck, and Jeffrey Dahmer.

    Or that all whites are responsible for the horrific acts of the Klan, the neo-Nazis, the Order, Glenn Miller, Louis Beam, Tom Metzger, and the other white sadists and brutes who have committed heinous racial crimes over the past three decades. Just as Derek Jeter is not responsible for David Muhammed, I am not responsible for Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

    Obviously, your view of blacks was formed long ago, and little has changed, beyond your age.

    “And, as to the other half of the condemnation of white dissidents, the Jews: Does anyone not understand that the Jews have put together a political machine headed by AIPAC that virtually controls US policy as regards the Middle East and Israel?

    “Google this string: Israel AIPAC Zionist Matrix of Power

    “Surely these realities demands a vigorous and open debate without being condemned as racist or anti-Semitic.

    Maybe we need young people that will stand in the face of political correctness and address the real issues.”

    Well, it’s obvious that you also have a special and greater loathing for Jews than you do of blacks, which is typical of the white nationalist movement. They hate blacks, but they hate Jews even more, cloaking that with codewords about “Zionism.”

    Anyway, if the Jews and AIPAC really controlled American foreign policy, they are doing a fatuous job of it…it would have been a lot easier for the Jews, AIPAC, and the American leadership if Israel did control the Middle East, and all the Arab leadership was whacked…no problems with Arab terrorism, no danger of Iran building nuclear weapons that could devastate Israel and the Arab oil fields, and greater prosperity for oil companies and arms dealers.

    (Remember that arms dealers do much better not from actual wars, but from tension between nations — they can sell guns to both sides, and keep getting new orders and maintenance contracts. If actual war breaks out, they lose the contracts on one side, and can’t keep up with the demand on the other.)

    The canard that Jews sit around planning all kinds of deviltry to cause chaos to Christians, profit to themselves, and destruction of the planet to hand it to Satan is a pretty ancient lie, and it has been perpetuated by the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” and somewhat more efficiently for the uneducated by Henry Ford’s “The International Jew,” and it’s apparent that you’ve swallowed these lies from top to bottom. Very sad.

    What’s sadder still is that you are an old man, living a life wrapped up in the wasteland of white nationalism and ethnic hatred. What good has any of this done the world? Have you achieved in any of your objectives? No. More importantly, what good has your lifelong espousal of this cause done you, your family, or your loved ones? Has it given you any happy moment? Has it atoned for your personal failures?

    Do you seriously believe that the melanin content of your skin gives you a greater entitlement in life than others — people of greater energy, education, and commitment to excellence? What have you done to make the world, or your corner of it, a better place for all?

    When you go to your Maker, and they bury you, as Lyndon Johnson observed, they will write on your tombstone, “He hated,” and that will be the final score on your innings. What a pathetic legacy.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, we hear from “White Rabbit,” who has written here under various other names:

    “In the 1960’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open the borders to massive non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now these anti-whites are calculating and praising the day when ALL and ONLY white children will be minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.”

    We’ve seen you make sporadic appearances on this website, under various names, repetitiously spouting your line, “Anti racist is anti white.” You must have that on a shortcut on your keyboard! You pop up under a variety of names, and once you even included your website address. Boy, that’s a lot of effort to spout more drivel about the efforts to exterminate white rabbits.
    Anyway, back to your main points, which are repeated ad nauseum, referring to your earlier attacks, mostly to remind your potential converts:
    1. Ruslan Amikrhanov has posted many more times here than you have, for many years, and I have read his and your posts at great length. I have NEVER seen him advocate “threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical violence, and prison time” or “forced assimilation” in any of his posts.
    2. Freedom of Speech is not “freedom from speech.” If you spout stuff in the public arena, be prepared to be called out and held accountable for it. If you say stuff that offends people, expect them to be offended and argue back. If you annoy people, they’re not going to just sit there and “take it.” You don’t like getting yelled at? Tough beans, kiddo. Welcome to democracy. We have the right to tell you what we think of you. That’s why Carl Pavano gets booed every time he comes to Yankee Stadium, and Vince Coleman will never visit Citi Field.
    3. If you engage in behavior that embarrasses your employer or breaks the law, expect to be fired by your employer or go to prison. That’s true in any country, even ones that don’t offer their citizens freedom of speech, regardless of the country’s philosophies or ethnicities. It’s a simple rule of employment: torque off the boss, he or she can fire you. If you don’t believe me, stick a crowbar in your wallet and chat with an employment lawyer.
    4. You have come here repeatedly and whined about “forced assimilation,” but have yet to prove that whites are being forced to marry blacks or vice versa. The burden of proof is on you, not your cartoon rabbits.
    5. Please share with us actual occasions when you, personally, have been subjected to “threats, intimidation, harassment, loss of employment, physical violence, and prison time” for your behavior. Your web page up and running? No KGB, FBI, or KAOS agents dragging you off to prison? You ever been fired from a job? Better yet, have you ever held a job? And if you’re suffering from threats and intimidation, was that because you refused to marry a black, Latino, or Asian girl? Has any government agent or job superior actually come to your parents’ home, descended into your basement, and said to you, “Hey, dum-dum, you are now required by law to marry this black girl. If you do not do so and present our glorious leader with seven biracial kids in eight years, you will go to prison?” Actually, I hope someone does. Watch how fast your attitudes and priorities in life change once you’re married, responsible, and having kids. Far less time to sit at the computer in the basement and whine, hey?
    I won’t bother to use the usual argument about “Defining white culture” on you, because you’ve heard it here numerous times before, and you’re not listening. You’re just hoping one person out of 20,000 reads your rubbish and says, “This guy is cool. I’m going to join his army and send him my life savings from my grandfather’s trust fund,” so you can move out of your parents’ basement into your own apartment, hire some servants, and spend the rest of your life whining on the internet, and not worry about paying for it or cooking your own food. Unfortunately, while you’ll probably get some hits on your website, I don’t think you’ll get that $30 million check.
    Incidentally, a big portion of “culture” is food, and I’ve heard of Italian food, French food, German food, Russian food, English food, Spanish food, Portuguese food, Polish food, Greek food, Turkish food, Jewish food, Arab food, African food, Haitian food, Mexican food, Caribbean food, Japanese food, Thai food, Chinese food, Indian food, and even Australian food (“shrimp on the Barbie”), and fast food.
    Never heard of “White food.” Care to define “White cuisine” for us? Mayonnaise on everything? Big Macs or Whoppers?

    Now, can you please share with us the actual laws, regulations, and policies, naming the countries, that created this non-existent situation that you decry? For this required commingling of the races to take place, there must be laws and policies on the books, in nations like Britain, Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Bermuda.

    Please present us with proof of this fascinating theory. Not cartoons of white rabbits or snarky satire about English troops invading Virginia in 1607. Proof, with footnotes, academic sourcing, and actual links to sites not run by driveling paranoids and racists.

    And then show us, as I said earlier, how white men are being forced to mate with black women and white women forced to mate with black men. With the same levels of proof.

    In my case, I don’t think I’d have to be forced to mate with Kerry Washington, Halle Berry, or Sanaa Lathan, just to pick on three. ROWRF! Hubba Hubba! Would you? Anybody forcing you to do so?

    And if not, why haven’t you just married a girl with blonde hair and big shoulders, someone who looks like Linda Evans or Morgan Fairchild, or both, and created a whole baseball team of kids for the white race? What’s stopping you? Could it be failure to use deodorant or failure to get a full-time job?

    While you’re at it, see if you can write in something other than mind-killing jargon and buzzwords.

  • Reynardine

    As anyone with any brains at all knows, my dear Brock, the enumeration of certain rights in the Constitution does not disparage others not so named. The United States Constitution is a floor, not a ceiling. And now, my witless badger, if you want to flaunt your snugness and smugness in some society where people are foodless, houseless, comfortless, and beset by plagues, you can find many such around the world, but don’t be shocked when the hungry hounds come twist you out of your sett.

  • Reynardine

    Years since I cooked either version, Aron, at least with rabbit, out of respect for the late Mr. Winter. But either recipe works with poultry.

  • Aron

    I’m not gonna lie, Rey. That sounded dee-lish!

  • Brock Henderson


    Is the UNDHR the law of the land in America, binding upon us? No matter the answer to that question, how is a universal charter of positive individual liberties supposed to be recognized?

  • Reynardine


    1 big, dumb White Rabbit, cut up into serving pieces.
    2 cups vinegar
    2 cups water
    1 medium onion, sliced
    12 cloves
    2 bay leaves
    6 peppercorns
    2 tsp salt
    4 tbsp butter
    1 cup cream, either sour or heavy.

    Make marinade of vinegar, water, and all the spices, including onion. Marinate cut-up rabbit in refrigerator for two days, turning as necessary. Drain and reserve liquid. Heat butter in frying pan and brown rabbit thoroughly on all sides. When rabbit is well-browned, add marinade, cover, and simmer slowly until rabbit is fork-tender to bone. Turn off heat, stir in cream, and serve over noodles or rice.

    That’s the recipe as handed down to me. However, if the White Rabbit is southern, then you:

    Substitute 1 young magnolia leaf and a palm full of Florida redcedar berries for the bayleaf and cloves, and an equal amount Coca Cola for the vinegar

    Strain seasonings out of marinade before heating

    thoroughly blend a flat Tbsp gravy flour to cream before adding, and stir for 5 minutes

    Mmmm, good!

  • Reynardine

    White Rabbit, dumb bunnies end up as hasenpfeffer.

  • Country Girl

    The Prussian Blue girls haven’t changed; they simply use medical marijuana and have chosen to distance themselves from the center of attention, deciding against joining the frontlines of white separatism with their mother April Gaede.

    I say the same for Derek. The three still believe in white separatism and pride but aren’t active anymore in the movement. And in addition, the SPLC can only quote one or two phrases to justify their suspicions of “hate,” suspicions which are as unsupported as their assumption of change for Derek and April’s daughters. Sorry but I must interject that no change has arisen amongst these young nationalists, and we cannot support any change through quotes of single statements they may have uttered over the course of many years.

  • Why is the left so damn intolerant?

    Interesting. Derek is on the receiving end of actual hate at his new school (middle fingers from strangers for instance. I strongly suspect they’re white radicals rather than minorities). Lots of this real hate has been fueled by splc of course, with nothing better to do than pick on utterly marginalized whites with eccentric or antiquated racial ideas. but here we are trying to determine whether derek has stopped his “hating.”. I’ve never experienced more hatred than from a fellow white liberal angered at my interest (not uncritical by the way) in American Renaissance or Steve Sailer.

  • WhiteRabbit

    In the 1960’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open the borders to massive non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now these anti-whites are calculating and praising the day when ALL and ONLY white children will be minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • http://SPLC phoofer10

    There is way too much Hate , Racism , & injustice in our world , a world where life , liberty , and the peaceful pursuit of happiness is being marred/ blurred by misguided , hateful organizations which brainwash their children into starting/living their lives hating others. When it comes right down to it , our creator , whom I choose to believe is God the Father , and his only begotten son , the Lord Jesus Christ , created all of us as brothers and sisters. We all his ( GODS) children created in his image !!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel pity / and sorrow for these misguided , hateful persons!!!!!!

  • Joseph Hoffman

    I would like to direct those aadila to an article written by a Jewish conservative Ron Unz in the American Conservative.


    Here Unz’s data shows that the most underrepresented group in America at prestigious universities, WHEN IQ AND SECONDARY SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT IS TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT, are actually non-Jewish whites.

    You should check it out.

    The concept of “white privilege” is an inherently racist ideology. No one would allow me to question why Jewish Americans, who represent less than 2% of the population, are about 40% of America’s billionaires.

    No one would allow me to criticize Asians children for the fact that their parents are good parents.

    You have to remember that whites have built the majority of America, and completely built European societies. Blacks building slave-owner mansions don’t count. I’m talking about the Hoover Dam, the space program, the Ivy Leagues where they are discriminated against by Jewish Americans, and the culture of “privilege,” which is really just their success.

    This goes to show the inherently anti-White nature of people on the far-left who hide behind fuzzy, ambiguous moral ideas and masquerade as legitimate people who have their interests of everyone in minds.

    They don’t.

  • aadila

    Brock why don’t you educate yourself before coming here to debate….it’s embarassing to have to explain these things to Americans because it shows how weak our educational system is. It’s not my job to answer questions you yourself should be able to answer.

    Here’s the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, established by the United Nations and undersigned by its member nations:

    Do your homework and get back to us.

  • aadila


    No, dummy.

    The Constitution recognizes civil rights. Human rights are a question of conscience.

  • Brock Henderson


    “having shelter is a basic human right, not a privilege.”

    Does the U.S. Constitution, which is supposed to be the law of the land here in America, recognize that right? An individual civil right so universally recognized takes drastic measures to enforce. How do you propose that be done?

    Erika, switch to decaf. I’m from California, so the economic systems and structures the Southern states ought to create for themselves is no concern of mine, and nor am I a neo-Confederate or white nationalist.

  • robert geserick

    While in my own personal dealings with the kla the guy who was the one inthe place where I went to mddle school (i am now 40 years old) he posed as Rave dancer for techno parties but turned out he was the haead of the KKK .I refused the guys “advances” my reward was i was pulled out of a truck in warnner Robins G.A. and repeatly beaten until sunup then iwas given an application of vick vapor rub on my genitils and throat and am still not able to stand the smell of .But I have become well aware of the Avon polotics of Mr. Mistykiss and the KU Klux Klan. P.s . last time I wrote you I think it made somekind of impact not sure how but did. sincerly Robert Geserick

  • Reynardine

    People have been cured of bigotry, especially when the attitude is one assumed, not out of personal choice, but out of indoctrination in youth. It doesn’t happen overnight.

    Housing, like food, water, clothing, public education, and medical care, is something to which everyone should have access. It is a right, not a prvilege, even though some are denied their rights.

    On three occasions, I have taken people in, and on the fourth, paid a client’s rent. And you, Brock, what have you done for anybody who wasn’t of personal benefit to you?

    As a color, Prussian blue is a slightly greener shade of navy.

  • Jim

    Just like his father, and his father’s close associate, David Duke, there is absolutely no statement that he can make – either orally or in writing – that should be given any credibility. There is no such thing as “rehabilitation” for people like them, and there is absolutely no set of circumstances of any kind or nature whatsoever under which they can or should be trusted.

  • Erika

    Brock, my adorable Dum Dum Lollypop, only a complete sociopath would wish to limit a privilege (which while called a privilege, white privilege* involves several fundamental Constiutional rights) to a small group of people who look like them and deny it to everyone else.

    Of course, all one has to do is read your “theory” of Constitutional law** to know you are a complete wacko. In fact, from your “theory” of Constitutional law, we know that you would limit the ability to vote to only white male property owners. In fact, you seem like you’d be totally down with bringing back slavery which makes you a neo-confederate twit.

    But really, you can’t expect someone who thinks that the Bill of Rights was designed to protect states to have a problem with say pretext stops for the crime of “driving while black” or random searches of everyone on the wrong side of town. Or see a problem with allowing only white males to receive a good education or reserving all high paying powerful jobs for white males who belong to the right clubs.

    However, all you white nationalists out there – you may be a white male but do not belong to the right club. Sexism and racism is just there to distract you while the rich run off with everything. The rich are laughing all the way to the bank with you – and you get them in private moments (in their private little white boys clubs – seriously, they might as well have a sign out front which says “No Girls [unless you are a date or a cocktail waitress] No Blacks [unless you are a cook or a waiter] No Hispanics [unless you clean the toilets or are a groundskeeper], No Jews [relaxed considerably today, but the most elite clubs still are WASP only] No Catholics [see Jews] No Asians [see Jews], No Dogs!” and they will say the worst stuff about you. In fact, they probably hate poor whites more than they hate minorities – after all, at least they would let blacks through the service entrance to work there.

    And now, because clubs are all about business, the restrictions on religion are largely gone, Asian businessmen are welcomed with open arms because the economy has gone global, Hispanic businessmen are welcomed for the same reason, and the few black business executives around are welcomed as well. However, there is a reason why they are called “tokens” – and at least at country clubs this has largely been driven by the desire to secure the prestige and revenue that golf tournaments bring

    But the “No Girls Allowed [unless you are a date]” rule is still very strong. Very many elite clubs only allow women – even the wives or daughters of members – as “guests.” They are not allowed to be seen as members in their own right. That is one reason why white privilege should really be called white male privilege.

    And if you are poor, forget it. They will never ever allow you in their club. If you have to ask where is white male privilege, you don’t got it. You will never get it. Racism has always been used by the rich to keep the poor and middle class whites from uniting politically with minorities – the Ku Klux Klan was often funded by business interests (even large corporations) which used it as a tool to divide the poor – especially in the 1930s and 1940s used prior to fight unions in the South.

    * which really should be called white male privilege because the people pushing it want to keep white women from occupying positions of power as well.

    ** See the secession article. As far as i can tell this guy actually believes that the Constitution is illegal.

  • A.D.M.

    Steven, have you ever taken a look at immigration laws by nation? You would realize nobody is forcing these governments to accept people from other nations. You would also realize there are a lot of Chinese and European folks in various African countries and there are non-Japanese folks in Japan. But you wouldn’t know that because of the bubble you live in. And if you’re an American, you’re not European.

    Norman, I’ve seen 48 Hours. I’ve seen the cases you mentioned. I’ve also seen cases involving whites killing other whites. Why did you neglect to mention that?

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the African-American kid in the picture near Derek talks more about race than he does.” – Shane

    How would you know? Do you know the black guy in the photo? Or are you just making an assumption about someone you don’t know just because he’s black?

  • gatsby

    If he still believes in White Nationalism, and has attended recent events for racists, I don’t see how he has changed at all.

    Am I missing something here?

  • Reynardine

    Brock, I want everyone to have a home. You have just demonstrated yourself to be a specious (peace, Hays Office).

  • Gregory

    I would like to thank Norman for reminding us that wisdom does not always come with age.

  • aadila

    brock leave rey alone. having shelter is a basic human right, not a privilege.

  • Mitch Beales

    A minor correction Mark. Prussian Blue staining is found in the delousing facilities at Auschwitz, less so or not at all in the gas chambers. This is due to the fact that killing lice required much higher concentrations of Zyklon B than killing humans. The absence of Prussian Blue has been cited by holocaust deniers as evidence that the gas chambers were in fact bomb shelters, a claim that has been thoroughly debunked. It was this connection that Prussian Blue cited (according to Wikipedia) as well as their presumed Prussian heritage and blue eyes. While Prussian Blue colored the uniforms of the Prussian army through the 18th and 19th centuries, including, I believe, the coat my grandfather wore in his spiked helmet photo, it is much darker than the eyes of the Gaedes sisters. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Brock Henderson


    “I do not want to enjoy any kind of *privilege* that is arbitrarily denied another.”

    The home you said you own says otherwise.