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‘Moorish’ Bank Robber Caught After Daring Jail Break

By Don Terry on December 21, 2012 - 2:06 pm, Posted in Black Separatist, Extremist Crime

Joseph Banks, the most prolific bank robber in Chicago history, who became one of the city’s most daring escape artists when he and another inmate broke out of a federal high-rise jail by scaling down 15 stories on a rope made of bed sheets, was back in court today after being captured late last night, two and a half days after his brief run for freedom began.

Banks, who claims to be a “Moorish national” and exempt from federal laws, faces up to five years in prison for the escape.

He was awaiting sentencing in March for bank robbery when he and his cellmate, convicted bank robber Kenneth Conley, scaled down the building, hailed a cab and then disappeared into predawn darkness.

Banks was arrested without incident at 11:30 p.m. last night at a townhouse on the city’s North Side by federal and local law enforcement, according to the Chicago Tribune.

As Banks appeared before a federal magistrate this morning, shackles dangling from his wrists and ankles, Conley remained at large.

  • Erika

    Sam, tiny houses surrounded by industry were never nice even when new – how hard is that concept to understand?

  • Sam Molloy

    Yes, Aron, I have been to Cleveland. I did not like what I saw. A lot of the houses I mentioned here are bad too, now. Some in Butchertown are gentrified and the new yuppie owners complain about the working meatpacking factory they moved next to. But I am talking about how they used to be. Any antique store has many small items stamped “Cleveland, Ohio”. Those houses were new at one time.

  • Aron


    You’ve obviously never been to Cleveland. I have. I have seen housing near factories. I would never wish that situation on my very worst enemy.

  • Erika

    Sam, honey in the 19th Century there was essentially no middle class and very little transportation available unless you are rich. Industrialization enabled rich people to move out of the cities – the most famous example was the mainline suburbs of Philadelphia. However, the working class necessarily had to live near work because they had to walk to work. Even when streetcars started, they were not large systems and workers were only about to live a short distance away (in any case, like the early railroad suburbs like the Main Line, early trolley suburbs also tended to be wealthy)

    Calling those areas middle class though is probably wrong – in the pre-union days there really was not a middle class. They were working class – and with low pay the working class of that time period is much closer to today’s poor than today’s middle class.

    As transportation improved – and people learned more about the effects of pollution – the working class was able to move away – at the same time, the Unions got much stronger (and it kind of helps to remember that the railroads were one of the first industries to be heavily unionized) and combined with minimum wage/maximum hour laws created the middle class. There was no middle class before that. Thus, the working class areas near industrial plants – which were always poor areas – got even poorer as mobility became cheaper and skilled/semiskilled workers (especially Union workers) got enough funds to move away from the factories as mobility got cheaper. The feds and states btw also subsidized this move through cheap (still heavily subidized even today) gas and freeways which subsidized driving. This was really the economic factor behind white flight – especially once you add in that almost all of the early suburbs were reserved for whites only – even though they couldn’t use legal means, they used redlining and “gentleman’s agreements.” If you’ve ever bought a house you know that redlining is still going on.

    Basically Sam, you once again demonstrate your complete ignorance of the historic and economic factors behind people moving to the suburbs – as well as the factors which have led there to be identical subdivision. You also demonstrate your ignorance by not understanding what the driving economic forces behind concentrated povery is.

    Your solution is laughable – as long as there is reasonable mobility in the area, workers can come from anywhere – thus where you locate the plant doesn’t really matter as far as employing people. Its also laughable in that thanks to Republican policies its cheaper for a company to import goods from China than to produce them locally – and thanks to low corporate taxes and low taxes on the rich there is a good reason to go for the cheapest production. With a higher corporate tax rate, there would be much less incentive for a race to the bottom (lowest cost production) because money paid in salaries is tax deductable.

    And no matter what, it still does not change the fact that you are shilling for a movie which is entirely based upon racially stereotypical and racist premises. People who use racism to make their point are not going to have a good point. The fact is that anyone who understands basic prinicples of business and economics (as well as economic history – of course, that pretty much excludes the entire modern right wing) knows that your proposed solution is riduculous.

  • Sam Molloy

    Areas around small factories were not always slums, they were considered middle class and the employees could walk to work. In Louisville the L&N railroad shops, the distilleries, meat packing plants, Kentucky Truck Trailers, and even a burlap bag factory provided good jobs for decades. They assembled both Fords and Chevrolets downtown, in places no bigger than some high schools today. All these were surrounded by modest well kept privately owned homes. I believe they were racially integrated, although some shops probably had Black areas and White areas. I’m sure similar places were more integrated north of Louisville, This could be our future again. Taxing half the people to pay for the other half to barely squeak by in squalid conditions is a terrible idea, and printing worthless money to make up the difference is worse.

  • Gregory

    We are in Kenyan Farthing territory now with young Sam.

  • Erika

    Sam, Medicaid and WIC are welfare programs dating from the War on Poverty.

    Public housing projects are not with most dating from years before the War on Poverty started. The Techwood Homes in Atlanta, for example dated to the 1940s if i remember right and many in New Orleans were from the 1930s. Most were built in the 1950s as part of so called “slum clearance programs.” Many were initially reserved for whites only, btw. Even today there are millions of whites living in public housing – maybe its subsidized rent through the SEction 8 program, but its still public housing projects.

    Your solution is laughable – first because residential areas around factories tended to be extremely poor already (see for example Cleveland or Baltimore which are old industrial cities where there is still ample evidence of the industrial past – or see Memphis where many of hte poorest areas (not public housing projects but single family houses for the most part) are surrounded by Chemical plants). That is because of the externalities of pollution, noise, traffic, etc. Second, distribution centers is riduculous – poor areas tend to be poor due to poor access to transportation – distribution centers locate where there is good access to transportation. There is also land cause – land in inner cities tends to be extremely expensive – even if houses are cheap, they tend to not have much land (such as the row houses in Baltimore and DC).

    Quite simply you lack sufficient historical knowlege to realize that all of the underlying premises of that film you are touting are based upon racist stereoptypes and incorrect historical data. Thus you make yourself look like a fool.

  • Aron

    Hey Sam, debt is the way the world works. The government needs to start creating more jobs, and once we get unemployment under eight per cent, the expanded ya base can start to pay down the debt.

  • Sam Molloy

    Medicaid and WIC are good programs, as are subsidized school lunches and head start. It is the welfare and Government housing culture that are failures, because like any Government programs they tend to take on a life of their own, employing more Government workers to manage them. They are failures because there are thousands of square miles of nothing but poverty and government programs, concentrated in areas that are Black. To admit this fact is not racist. Allowing this to happen was racist. Easing up restrictions on starting businesses, and providing incentives for major companies to open distribution centers and factories in these areas would have been a better plan from the getgo. One glance at the Debt Clock should tell any sane person that change is inevitable.

  • Reynardine

    Sam et al,

    The only reason welfare and public housing are thought normal by anyone is when they are barred from supporting themselves, housing themselves, or advancing themselves by their own efforts. The “gravy days” of the American middle class were factually so only for white males and their families. Very soon after the law opened the doors for others, the economic disparity that grew out of the Vietnam War and the Nixon era closed it. First it became increasingly difficult for anyone not already in the middle class to get into it; now it has become increasingly difficult for those born into it to remain in it. The end of the New Deal led to the Raw Deal, and the end of the Great Society is leading to the Two-Class Society. For too many people, the only ship that ever came in was the Hard Ship, and so long as downward mobility is the lot of most Americans, it is as cruel to condemn and punish them for their socioeconomic status as to do as much with you for your orientation.

  • Gregory

    You are either delusional or racist. I would prefer to think the former rather than both.

  • Erika

    Sam – the War on Poverty has not failed -Medicaid, for example is an extremely successful program in providing health insurance and has dramatically lowered the number of children without health insurance – and many other planks of the War on Poverty has increased the standard of living of poor people. The children’s program from the War on Poverty has also dramatically increased the available of education to poor people as well.

    Many beneficiaries of those program such as MEdicaid also suffer from extremely serious disabilities (and the REpublicans in Congress have basically killed the Ticket to Work program which helps people with disabilities return to work).

    And you are using racist stereotypes here – the vast majority of poor people are white. There are way more white people receiving welfare than black people. To think otherwise is extremely racist.

  • Sam Molloy

    Well, it was off topic, but it was in response to a long post about subtle forms of racism. I consider a lot of the failed War on Poverty to be racist in nature, because it assumes that Black people by nature cannot earn a living. This assumption is ludicrous, as I have worked with too many Blacks that show up every day for work he same as me. This movie could be a massive paradigm shift for Black people who were brought up to believe that welfare and public housing are normal.

  • Gregory

    Even Al Sharpton and Micheal Moore??? You are so open minded and genorous. /sarcasm off

    Seriously, my young friend, I have seen versions of your little film over the past three decades. It takes more time to do this online than in person, where a simple roll of the eyes will do, but you are really fishing in the wrong pond.

  • Aron

    Also Sam, why would you give credence to a film populated by so many people who hate you? Ms King probably wishes you were dead.

  • Aron


    I won’t watch it because I like my intelligence where it is right now. Sitting through even a five minutes of that drivel is sure to render me comatose.

  • Sam Molloy

    Gregory, even Al Sharpton and Michael Moore occasionally make good sense. Why doncha take the blinders off and watch Runaway Slave on the Internet and then decide?

  • Kiwiwriter

    You know, Eugene, you might want to learn to read before you spout nonsense. I read the exact same “Daily Mail” story you posted, and your misinformation is incredible.

    1. This attacked took place two years ago.
    2. The victim is alive — it was not murder.
    3. There were three attackers in this incident, not one.
    4. The person who actually poured the gasoline on the victim was white — the other two were black.
    5. The white kid who poured the gasoline has also been found guilty and is in jail. Doing less time, by the way.
    6. The punchline — the dispute was not about race, or “loud and pushy black women in supermarkets,” or the contents of Carlton Coon’s book…it was a dispute over a marijuana pipe and the theft of a bicycle in connection with the same dispute.

    So, we have four drugheads, two black, two white, getting into a dispute over drug paraphernalia, and a bicycle theft added on.

    Doesn’t sound like a “hate crime” to me, and the law seems to agree the same. It’s teenagers behaving viciously and horrifically, and justice has been done. Their ethnicity is irrelevant to the situation, as motivation was not hatred for ethnicity, but a dispute over drug paraphernalia. And all hands are found guilty and in the hoosegow, with plenty of time to reflect on the error of their ways.

    Maybe you should READ the material you spout before you post it. I mean, you say you don’t read what we write, so you should read something. I know you don’t think about the things you don’t think about, but do you think about the things you do think about?

    Epic fail.

    I suggest you take my test.

  • Sam Molloy

    Eugene, you often raise interesting points that, although they swim against the current on this site, should be as welcome as any other diversity.
    In this case, however, I don’t think this Moor’s bank heists qualify as Hate Crimes as he seems to be more of a Sovereign Citizen type. They are also a recurring subject here in view of their danger to law enforcement and the general public.

  • adamhill


    The crime you linked was not a hate crime, because it wasn’t motivated by bias against an ethnic, racial, etc. group.

    Your claimed reason for outrage about hate crimes, i.e. that they are actually a stealth attack against white people, is dishonest, Eugene. Tell the truth: If you were provided examples of black people being charged with hate crimes, would that change your mind at all about hate crimes? Of course not.

    Plain and simple, this is about your hatred of people with darker skin than yours. You work hard to make this irrational hatred seem sane by citing dubious “scholars”, deploying logical fallacies, and making tortured claims about black women’s buttocks. The problem is YOU.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, Ezra/Jason/Eugene/Annie:

    Back to you. Once again you have brought up an issue that is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Nor have you answered our questions.

    So, based on a single crime, the entire narrative of history, from ancient man, to the present day is a lie? Can you give us proof of that statement?

    Better yet, can you give us an alternative, accurate, sourced, proofed, academically correct, “narrative of history?”

    Of course you can’t. All you can give us is your hatred of and obsession with pushy black women in supermarkets, and leftists who live in “crummy basement apartments in college towns, doing drugs, with no job, never even had a girlfriend. They’re probably all gay, unattractive, effeminate, overweight slobs. Basically deviants. So they get mad when the see a normal healthy man who has a job, looks good, is clean cut, and has a real job and a wife and family, and has a nice home and car he worked for. So these losers are all jealous.” Please explain to us again, based on your vast knowledge of reality and our lives, how this is true.

    Incidentally, your source for this fantastic story is a British newspaper, the Daily Mail, which does not have a very good reputation even in England, known mostly for sensationalistic coverage of mayhem and sports. Before World War II, it supported appeasement. Have you dug a couple of millimeters into Google to find a more accurate and American account of this incident?

    And if the press is all covering it up, how did you know about it?

    Another question…if this incident is so serious, and an indication of the black-led hate crimes and race war against the white race, why aren’t you

    A. Creating an all-white society as a last stand against this fell tide?
    B. Impregnating a dozen girls who look like Morgan Fairchild (albeit younger) to save the white race?
    C. Setting up a web page to lobby for fund-raising to help this crime victim pay his medical bills and sue his attackers and the police agencies that are apparently failing to defend him?
    D. Going to the scene of the crime to defend his family?
    E. Lobbying with the prosecutors and the law enforcement authorities to have this case prosecuted?

    In short, why are you wasting your precious intelligence, time, energy, and heroism here, yelling at a bunch of Communists and “deviants” who will do nothing but deny your claims, ridicule them, embarrass you, and ignore you?

    You are supposed to be the brave Aryan/white warrior, standing in the gap like Horatius. Any of the above suggestions can be undertaken by you without breaking any laws, and would manifest great courage, determination, and resilience on your part. It would, as you have demanded of us, “make a real man” out of you.

    So why don’t you?

    I guess you just can’t waddle up the stairs out of your parents’ basement.

    Anyway, when you answer the questions I put to you below, in their entirety, omitting nothing, I’ll give you truthful answers to your questions. Until then, your test awaits, and I advise you to take it in full.

    Please note that there are additional questions. When there are 100 questions, each question will be worth one point.

    1. If you’re here to “debate leftists,” why are you ignoring their responses?
    2. If you don’t read “their posts anymore,” why are you here?
    3. How can you have their posts on “permanent ignore,” when they’re put on a weblog, not sent in a stand-alone e-mail to you?
    4. When you have had a “real job and a wife and family, and a nice home and car he worked for?”
    5. Why should Ruslan Amirkhanov “go away?” Are you the webmaster of this site?
    6. How do you propose to enforce that demand?
    7. Do you seriously expect anybody to obey your demands at this point? You have already stated that we are “crazy,” so why are you issuing them?
    8. If Ruslan is a “crazy person” and you “don’t read him,” why should it matter if he is here or not?
    9. On that line, why should it matter what he writes? Is he ruining your life?
    10. You have repeatedly stated that what appears on this web page “does not matter” and is “not important.” Why, then, are you so concerned with it?
    11. Do you believe that freedom of speech only applies to you?
    12. What legal or racial theory is that based on?
    13. How are you such an expert on the lifestyles of leftists?
    14. According to you leftists “all probably live in a college town in a crummy basement apartment, doing drugs, with no job, never even had a girlfriend. They’re probably all gay, unattractive, effeminate, overweight slobs. Basically deviants. So they get mad when the see a normal healthy man who has a job, looks good, is clean cut, and has a real job and a wife and family, and has a nice home and car he worked for. So these losers are all jealous.” If “leftists” are “deviants” in the first place, why would they be “jealous” of others?
    15. Leftists include Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and John F. Kennedy. Were any of them “gay, unattractive, effeminate, overweight slobs?”
    16. Leftist war heroes include Theodore Roosevelt (Spanish-American War), Harry S. Truman (World War I and dropper of two atomic bombs), John F. Kennedy (World War II), George McGovern (World War II), Al Gore (Vietnam), and John Kerry (Vietnam). Were they “gay, unattractive, effeminate, overweight slobs?”
    17. Does the term “projection” mean anything to you?
    18. You indicate intense anger at and obsession with leftists who have made a great deal of money and live well through their own energy and hard work. Is this because you still live in your parents’ basement and have never earned a penny in your entire life?
    19. You claim that I and the other regular posters here are deviants who live in “crummy basement apartments in college towns” who have never had jobs, wives, or girlfriends. Please give your research, sources, footnotes, and interviews that have enabled you to come up with such a detailed description of our lives, and explain to us who we are and what we are doing.
    20. You have asked us for our “10-year-resumes,” which I presume is part of that research. Since you are now defining us, please present those “resumes” for review.
    21. In one of your many incarnations, you have urged your opponents to do the following: “I urge both of you to focus your lives on real world issues that will improve your lives, such as getting a better paying job, joining the military, getting married, saving up to buy a home, or doing anything that will make a real man out of you.” Have you done any of the above?
    22. If you have joined the military, please list your service branch, medals, and campaigns.
    23. We notice that nowhere in your prescription for life to you include the concept of “community service.” Can you explain this?
    24. Please define “Community service.”
    25. Have you engaged in any acts of community service, e.g., serving in government, supporting charities, mentoring youth, participating in fundraisers for charities or awareness campaigns to address diseases, or even given blood?
    26. If so, please list all such incidents.
    27. You have also stated, “The posters on here are all a bunch of anti-white bigots and haters. They speak nothing but lies.” Why are you therefore continuing to engage “liars” in dialogue?
    28. Why are you so obsessed with the sexuality of leftists and whether or not they have girlfriends?
    29. You indicate that leftists are “gay.” Why would a gay person be “jealous” of someone with a “wife” of the opposite sex?
    30. Where did you gain you expertise in gay lifestyles?
    31. Why have you changed your sex in your names?
    32. You say that all leftists “live in college towns in crummy basement apartments, doing drugs, with no job.” By that logic, how do they pay the rent?
    33. You claim to have a Ph.D. and be a tenured professor. Where is that college and what do you teach, and what have you written for your dissertation?
    34. What do your colleagues and students think about your statement denouncing your “college town?”
    35. Does watching black women perform on music videos make someone an expert on black culture, or on the culture created by black musicians and white music promoters?
    36. Why, if you think that American blacks are not “your people,” are you so fascinated with black music videos?
    37. How does the behavior of black performers in music videos compare with the behavior of white performers in professional wrestling?
    38. Have you done any peer-reviewed or accredited term papers on the connection between music videos and the behavior of ordinary black and white people? If so, please provide the link.
    39. You are apparently well-informed on the sexual practices and movements of black women. What research have you undertaken in this field, and where can your reports be found?
    40. Did that research include sexual encounters with black women? If so, please list all of them, the types of encounters, positions used, the personal information about the involved persons, and whether or not these encounters were provided willingly or for hire.
    41. Did you practice “safe sex” during this research?
    42. How do you square these acts of miscegenation with Nazi racial laws that forbid such behavior?
    43. Have any of these encounters resulted in children? If so, are you supporting them?
    44. Does watching documentaries about remote African tribes make one an expert on African-American life?
    45. Are loud and pushy women in supermarkets a threat to America’s survival?
    46. Are loud and pushy black women in supermarkets a threat to America’s future?
    47. Are you being forced to marry or reproduce with loud and pushy black women?
    48. Why are you so obsessed with loud and pushy black women in supermarkets?
    49. Are these loud and pushy black women preventing you from shopping?
    50. Have you written a peer-reviewed academic paper on loud and pushy black women in supermarkets? If so, please provide the link.
    51. Does watching music videos featuring loud black women and seeing loud and pushy black women make you an expert on famine in the Ukraine in the 1930s?
    52. Are you sexually obsessed with loud and pushy black women?
    53. You indicate a fascination with loud and pushy black women. Do you find quiet and polite black women sexually attractive?
    54. Please list any and all black women that you find sexually attractive.
    55. In what field did you earn your Ph.D. and where can we find your dissertation?
    56. You claim that you answer all arguments with data. Please provide links to this data, and show that it has met academic standards. (As a Ph.D. with tenure at a university, you must know what those are)
    57. Tell us how the Russian people greeted their Nazi invaders with flowers, with proofs and citations.
    58. Tell us how Stalin intended to mate captured German civilians with monkeys to create a super-race, with proofs and citations. Your statement: “In the closing days of WWII the Soviet army was an entire army of rapists. Stalin had a secret agreement with Churchill and Roosevelt to take 4 million German civilians as slaves to Siberia to work in the Gulags — German women, old people teenagers, children. German babies were even taken for medical experiments. Stalin has a nightmarish dream of breeding humans with gorillas to create a super race of human/ape hybrids, which of course, failed. Read yourself in the Yalta agreement. It says the Soviets can take civilians as ‘labor in kind’ — meaning SLAVES!” Can you prove this with documentary evidence, such as examples of this “super race of human/ape hybrids?”
    59. Why would “human/ape hybrids” be a “super race?” Would they be superior to, say, the Aryan race?
    60. Please give your academic credentials in biology and anthropology in support of this statement.
    61. Tell us how Norman Rockwell sided with Hitler, with proofs and citations.
    62. Please give your academic credentials in art in support of this statement.
    63. Show us your proof that the white man is superior to the black man, with academic citations.
    64. You have also told us that you do not associate with neo-Nazis like Hal Turner, and so forth. Yet you have also said, on May 3rd, 2012 at 11:20 pm: “What’s wrong with being a neo-Nazi?” You have also said, “America is an evil country. While our brave young men were fighting in the East to stop the Asiatic hoards [sic], America bombed our civilians. There were no German soldiers left in the cities near the end of WWII. There were only babies, old people, young children, women. Yet the Americans bombed these civilians. During all this time our brave young men were fighting against Communism. America is an evil country. America fought on the side of evil during WWII. And evil won that war.” How can you rectify this hypocrisy?
    65. What do your colleagues and superiors at your university think about you being a neo-Nazi adherent?
    66. As an educator, how do you treat Jews and blacks in your classes?
    67. Have you received any complaints from them for your racism or anti-Semitism?
    68. In an earlier post, you said you would prove your theories to us, only if we pay you vast sums of money. Does that mean you are only involved in neo-Nazism for personal gain? Statement: “FYI: I do not read any of your responses. I never click on your links. I am not going to do any work for you or answer your questions for free. I don’t do that.”
    69. Isn’t demanding money for personal financial gain in exchange for proving your cause a tactic of the Jews and blacks that you despise?
    70. Why are you using tactics of the very people you detest?
    71. Doesn’t behaving like a Jew or a black make you a Jew or a black?
    72. When are you going to provide us with that e-mail address for our 10-year resumes?
    73. You have said, “Someday you’ll be on a talk show, flogging one of your novels, and you’ll complain, ‘I once debated this guy named Ezra on the Internet and he ignored all my posts, even though they were so clever’. Then you will burst out into tears on live TV.” Care to explain this in 1,000 words or less?
    74. Isn’t a statement like the above an example of using the evil leftist debate terms of “epithets, slurs, invective,” and therefore not becoming a white nationalist and neo-Nazi?
    75. You repeatedly ask us to defend or deny various statements and positions. However, you have also stated that you refuse to read anything we say. Why are you asking us questions about our positions if you do not read our answers?
    76. You have also stated that we are “Communist liars.” If we are liars, why are you asking us where we stand on any issue, since all we state are lies.
    77. You have repeatedly said that you can create a website with your own worldview. Why have you not done so?
    78. You have repeatedly given differing topics as being the “important question.” Can you indicate a set of principles, aka a “political platform,” to consistently give your positions?
    79. Since your positions, names, identities, and views are constantly changing, how can you say you have any core integrity?
    80. If we are all crazy people, why are you wasting valuable time here instead of making your own web page?

    You will be tested on this material. Please fill in all the information. If you fail to do so, the questions will be repeated until you have completed the assigned test. If you do not complete the assignment, you must withdraw from the class. See the bursar’s office.

    And yes, I will keep coming back to ridicule you, every chance I get, every time you spout nonsense. I really don’t believe you’re strong enough. You’re just an internet whiner.

    As Ronald Reagan’s last White House chief of staff, Ron Duberstein, said to John McCain in 2007, “The right wing never wants to be satisfied. They’re professional whiners. They’re never happy.”

    Even if you were living on a self-supporting compound, with barbed wire at the front gate, landmines all around, a solar-wind power mill, a hydroponic garden, 10 million crates of Budweiser in a reefer, stacks of DVDs of lesbian pornography and old Nazi Party rallies, being cared for by an army of blond wives and their children, you would be miserable, whining on your computer to like-minded paranoids about weather impacting your crops, and how the Jews and Blacks were ruining your TV reception.

    It must be terrible to never be happy.

  • Reynardine

    Eugene, your pretense of being an intellectual has completely fallen away. You really sound like a whiny, spoiled, mean little child. I daresay the “intellectual” member of the committee has gone on vacation.

  • Gregory

    Young Sam has posted a link to a film that features, amongst others, such luminaries as Glenn Beck, Andrew Brietbart, Thomas Sowell and Alveda King. It is billed as a documentary but I think what it documents is not what the film makers intended.

    Sam, you are the gift that just keeps giving if you think this bit of right wing agitprop is going to warrant credibility in this forum.

  • Eugene

    That’s my point Mitch! Blacks are never charged with hate crimes. “Hate Crime” is an Orwellian brainwashing phrase used as a weapon only against white people. Your comment PROVES how brainwashed you are!

    YOU are the liar! Your entire narrative of history is a LIE.

  • Sam Molloy

    Pete, I am looking forward to the DVD release of the movie Runaway Slave ( as in Run Away, Slave!) that I believe intelligently articulates the theory, spoken by Black narrators, that our current welfare / entitlement culture is the worst form of suble racism in America today. I know that statistically nationwide that more Whites receive these benefits, but in certain areas that are nearly all Black, it has become the norm, is a trap of both poverty and loss of self respect that is nearly impossible to escape from. Available Jan. 7.

  • Erika

    Pete, my adorable little rum soaked fruitcake, the names Robert, Banks, Robb, Rob, Bob, and Ranks are is not associated with any particular race. In fact, i kind of think that the vast majority of people named Robert Banks would likely be white people.

    Whether they are bank robbers is up to them, so lighten up and laugh at things that are funny once in a while.

    And Majii is right, given the harsh penalties and overwhelming odds of being caught, bank robbery is one of hte stupidest crimes someone can commit.

  • Mitch Beales

    More lies from Eugene. The attack he speaks of was not prosecuted as a hate crime nor does the article he links make any mention of hate as a motive. I would very much appreciate it if the moderator would delete comments which include demonstrable lies.

  • Aron

    Uh Pete,

    How is joking about alliteration and the similarity of names to acts in-and-of-itself ‘racist?’

  • Reynardine

    Pete, so colorful an act as rapelling down a Chicago skyscraper will necessarily attract a half-admiring hilarity. There are real Moors, some of whom are living under circumstances not at all funny, but this guy isn’t one, and that is why his pretentious self-style attracts some Othello jokes. I agree that some of the most dangerous racists are the sneaky ones. Every lawyer knows that, if you’re representing a Ruritanian client, the prospective juror you peremptory is the one who says, “I’m not prejudiced! Why, some of my best friends are Ruritanians!” That said, I suggests that if you have leads you think SPLC needs to follow up, start stringing them the particulars.

  • majii

    Although he was smart enough to escape from the jail, it’s too bad he wasn’t smart enough to avoid robbing banks in the first place.

  • Pete Cracken

    Some of the ‘jokes’ left here as commentary on this article are incredibly racist and use the full power of stereotyping to even be spewed as ‘funny’. They’re not funny. Names do NOT predestine behavior but you can bet POVERTY and social disparity do.

    And SPLC, I’ve got some seriously bad news for you: Your ‘intelligence’ of hate groups is either not up to date or you don’t have any real intelligence about all of these divisionists, ( which, of course, includes racists and seperatists and any other group hoping to pit citizen against citizen based on birth variables ). The numbers on your ‘hate map’ are grossly under-represented in comparison to the ACTUAL number of ‘haters’ stretched across the country. Why is there no mention, at all, of the Dixie Mafia? The myth is they were broken up. What about the Sons of the Confederate Army? The white racists are wise to how much attention the ‘kkk’ draws and they have factioned off under a variety of group names and the internet has allowed a kind of ‘hate network’ to propagate. Some of the white racists are so serious they are ‘uniting’ ( cough ) with ‘yankee’ racists in order to swell ranks and feel a sense of ability. Crooked politicians sympathetic to, in particular, land owners, populate county Sheriff departments with ‘soft’ racists in order to ensure the police force staff are easier on whites than any other race. Don’t think it’s so? Move your white staff into any rural town in the South with a population of less than, say, 10,000. It won’t take long before you discover where these ‘sons’ of The War of Northern Aggression folks are. And it shouldn’t take forever before you see the connection between various ‘lodges’ and local hate groups and then, of course, the politics that follow. Look at the online arrest database in any, mainly, rural county in the South. Isn’t it ironic that the vast majority of people who commit crimes, are arrested, booked, photographed, and sentenced are non-white? No, it’s not ironic. Either non-whites really are just violent, evil people out to get white people or the law works in white people’s favor because of the many influencing variables on the laws that everyone must live under. If you want REAL ‘intelligence’, you are going to have to move into these areas and listen. Pay very close attention. These people are NOT playing around anymore; they don’t care about being labeled as bigots by you or anyone else; their ranks are swelling every month; they are not all tobacco spitting, muddin’ white boys…some of them wear expensive peacoats and live in Manhattan. Your work is not only not done, you are going to need way more staff and put your nose even harder to the grindstone to ferret these dark hearted individuals and groups out. Good luck!

  • silicone watch

    Imagine the headline there: Rob Banks Convicted of Bank Robbery.

  • Susan

    “Moorish national”? Um…WHAT? Is he related to Othello or something? Or was there a new country declared somewhere in the past few years that I missed?

  • Eugene

    A Black in Florida attacked a white youth in vicious hate crime. He doused him with flammable liquid and set him ablaze. This story has been kept quiet by the media. Check it out:

    How come you never heard about this crime? Yet the media went on about George Zimmerman for months.

  • Reynardine

    Yep, we’re still here!

  • Gregory

    Seriously though, if you are going to call yourself a Moor then you should at least call yourself Othello and claim your residential address to be in Venice.

  • Reynardine

    But when we make the movie, we can name them what we want!

  • Sam Molloy

    I’m Joseph Banks and I guarantee you’re gonna like the way you look…with your hands up.

  • Aron

    Erika, the last one was the best. Alliteration is so much fun!

  • adamhill


    It would be one of those cases where the name predestines the child to a certain profession. Little Rob Banks is teased and pranked relentlessly through his school years until finally all his accumulated bitterness and rage is manifested by a career decision: “Fine. If they treat me like a bank robber, then I might as well become a bank robber.”

    But what kind of parents would give a name like this to a child?

  • Erika

    Sorry, but i just have to laugh at the fact that this bank robber guy’s name is Banks. It would be really awesome if he had a partner named Robb.

    Imagine the Headline: Banks and Robb Rob Banks

    Or what if his name was Robert Banks? then his name could be Rob Banks who robs banks.

    Imagine the headline there: Rob Banks Convicted of Bank Robbery.

    Or maybe if he was Bob Ranks – Bob Ranks Robs Banks.

    Okay, this is probably just the result of pre-Holiday silliness ;)