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Anti-Racists Sentenced in Restaurant Attack on White Supremacists

By Bill Morlin on January 7, 2013 - 1:35 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

Five Indiana men, all members of an anti-racist group, will serve between 3½ and 6 years in prison after striking plea deals for their roles in an armed attack on a group of white supremacists last May in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park.

The guilty pleas came Friday on the eve of a trial for Alex Stuck, John S. Tucker and brothers Dylan, Cody and Jason Sutherlin, all members of the anti-racist group Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The five, all from Bloomington, were charged with 37 counts, including armed violence, after they confronted a group of white supremacists who were holding a gathering May 19 at a Tinley Park restaurant.

The Sutherlin brothers claimed they planned a “peaceful protest,” but security video showed as many as 18 men entering Ashford House restaurant, some wearing masks and carrying batons and clubs, the newspaper reported. A melee broke out among the two groups within minutes, injuring some of the white supremacists and several bystanders.

Jason Sutherlin received a 6-year sentence. Dylan and Cody Sutherlin were sentenced to 5 years each, and Stuck and Tucker each received 3½ years, the newspaper reported.

  • Sammy

    I’m glad to see “anti-racists” being held accountable for such extremism. It doesn’t help the cause of equal rights for all when we engage in the very things we vilify others for.


    once again anti racists doing naacps and the jewish anti whites bidding.why didnt they just come in there and gun the whites down.i am sure the jew media would defend them to the hilts,especialy if it were minorities that gun them down.anti racists come in all colors and denominations.i mean lets face it,eric holder and obama put a price on white peoples heads when obama signed the anti white hate crimes act into law.double standards,remember?blacks had to put up with that for decades.however,no0 goverment agentcies ever put a bounty on minorities,until obama was we have ahti white bounties in this coiuntry.kill as many whites as you can,no hate crimes will be pushed.unless a white person is involved,then we prosecute on the obama anti white federal level.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Except, Punkmar, no matter how ideologues want to drag out the “Hitler Zombie,” this is NOT Germany or Austria in 1932, and opponents of fascists and racists should not sink to using their tactics, no matter how attractive it may same.

    To stoop to the levels of your enemies only brings you down to their level and erases the moral difference. Ridicule them, protest them, oppose them, fine.

    But you should never become what you behold. The newspaper story said that the attackers in this case were volunteers at a seniors’ home, I believe. That’s a high purpose, and I doubt that the neo-Nazis were doing anything like that in their copious free time.

    By making these attacks, the anti-racists dishonored themselves and embarrassed the cause of fighting racism.

  • TC

    James, go away, concern troll.

  • victor l bailey

    I agree with Aron. I’m a black male and so of course i applaud their actions, but then they can’t just resort to this kind of behaviour, especially if these people were having a “peaceful” assembly. I’m glad they had the courage to confront the supremisist.

  • Erika

    aadila, the good news is that those two guys may well comprise the entire Virginia KKK.

    aron, maybe michael was referring to the fact that the anti-racist activists were also white (as i understand it) and beat up and injured a bunch of people and got less time than someone who sells a couple of rocks of crack to an undercover cop.

  • punkmar77

    So let me get this straight, if this had been 1932 in Germany or Austria and a group of like-minded young men had taken things into their own hands, you liberal lot would still applaud the authorities incarcerating them? In an age when the police, the military and even some cities local governments are infiltrated by racist individuals it is only a matter of time before people take matters into their own hands, they sent a loud and clear message, we know where you organize, we know who you are, and your agenda of hatred is not welcome here…if you’ve ever read testimony from survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto’s…almost to a person they wish they had done something like what these young men have done.

  • Aron

    Michael, how is the ‘white’ justice system ‘protecting’ ‘white’ terrorists? The ARAs are going to jail. The innocent, if execrable WNs are still alive.

    I think you’re a little confused.

    And Rey, I was wondering where Everyone’s Favorite Corpse Fornicator had gone.

  • Michael Parker

    This is another example of the White justice system protecting white terrorist. It has been going on since post slavery. I as a Black person don’t care about the protection of these groups. They have a history of killing innocent Black people and there supporters.

  • Reynardine

    Aron, what you are describing is a hospital flush hopper, basically a gigantic square toilet used for the disposal of that which shall not be named.

  • aadila

    Erika it’s hard to believe that stuff is still going on. I bet it’s related to the gun control issue.

    Aron that one is so full of it he probably has to pay a surcharge to the local sanitation company.

  • Erika

    Meanwhile, look who has reared their pointy hood covered heads in Virginia –

  • Aron


    I for one would love to see JOHN’s monumental toilet. Please send us photos when he flushes it.

    Also, perhaps he might be able to recreate the Aral Sea!

  • aadila

    JOHN flush me an ocean.

  • JOHN

    aadilla, cry me a river

  • aadila

    I respectfully disagree with those who state they deserve their punishment. Yes, they deserve to be confined and punished, but throwing them into a prison system where rape, torture, and denial of medical care are daily activities does not seem to be appropriate. I don’t think anyone “deserves” to be tortured or raped, even for far worse crimes than this. It solves nothing.

    Prison shouldn’t be the Four Seasons but there should be respect for basic human rights and at least some attempt made to rehabilitate. Our prison system doesn’t do that. If these guys are not hardened criminals going in, they will be going out, assuming they survive murder or gang rape by the aryan gangs.

  • Reynardine

    Sorry to hear about Joliet. That institution once housed the prototype for Hannibal Lector.

  • Erika

    James, of course counts were dismissed – prosecutors frequently charged every thing under the sun and then drop charges as part of a plea deal. In fact, the vast majority of criminal cases are handled in that way.

  • CoralSea

    Rey — Joliet Correctional Center is closed (so sad — Stateville is still there in Pontiac, though).

    As for the actions of these men, something is amiss with them if they think that attacking others — even those who hold abhorrent beliefs — is justified. I think they deserve their punishment.

  • adamhill

    I agree with Aron. Justice was served. I wonder if the situation were reversed, and a group of white racists attacked a bunch of anti-racists and were sentenced similarly, if anyone on a racist forum would ever say, “justice was served”. The answer is really a no-brainer, and it highlights one of the big differences between racists and anti-racists.

  • Reynardine

    In Chicago, able-bodied men duking it out in the back alley with fists would be sorta normal. This is way out of line. Hope they like Big Jolly.

  • Aron

    Just because I agree with their motives does not mean I agree with their actions. Justice was served.

  • Mitch Beales

    Who died James? Take your crocodile tears to the post about the Mississippi kids who murdered a man because of the color of his skin.

  • aadila

    It’s really a pity to see this group resort to violence. Violence is weakness, not power, and sets us all back on the road to a better world.

  • Erika

    Wearing masks and carrying clubs??? Now who does that sound like???

  • james

    so 37 counts, and some im sure were dismissed, but the length of time in jail is NOT ENOUGH.