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Teen White Supremacist Arrested for Planned Bombing of Alabama School

By Bill Morlin on January 7, 2013 - 1:18 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, White Supremacist

Authorities in Alabama may have averted another school massacre by arresting a 17-year-old white supremacist who allegedly was building homemade bombs to target African-American students at his school.

The teen, identified by authorities as Derek Shrout, was to appear in court in Seale, Ala., today on a felony charge of attempted assault.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor told Hatewatch today that a search of the youth’s home on Friday turned up a couple dozen small tobacco cans and two larger metal containers marked “Fat Boy” and “Little Man.” The names are similar to the code names “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” used for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan by the United States during World War II. All of the containers were filled with pellets and had holes drilled in them. The sheriff said other ingredients needed to complete the devices, such as black powder and fuses, were not found.

Shrout “admitted to being a white supremacist,” the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reported in today’s editions.

“He has a lot of pent up anger towards blacks,” Taylor told the newspaper.  Authorities didn’t immediately disclose if the suspect had ties to specific white supremacist groups or how and when he adopted his racist beliefs.

“By his own admission, he is a white supremacist, but we haven’t been able to link him to any specific organization or any organization to him,” the sheriff told Hatewatch.

Shrout’s alleged plans were exposed when a teacher at Russell County High School, where the suspect was a student, found a journal containing “what appeared to be plans for a terroristic attack,” the newspaper reported. The teacher turned the journal over to a school resource officer, who is a sheriff’s deputy, and the investigation began.

Initially, the teenager claimed his journal writings were fiction, the sheriff said, but that was discounted after his cooperative parents allowed a search of their home and the improvised explosive devices were found

The sheriff said the suspect had “obviously put a lot of thought into the plan,” and named a teacher and six students in his journal.

Five of the six targeted students and a high school teacher, all identified by name in the suspect’s journal, are black, the sheriff told Hatewatch. The suspect also listed a sixth student, who is white, apparently in the belief he is gay, the sheriff said.

The sheriff told Hatewatch that FBI agents are now involved in the investigation and could recommend that the case be handled as a federal hate crime. That, however, is considered unlikely because the suspect is a juvenile. Alabama doesn’t have a specific hate crime law, only enhancements for those convicted of felonies with racial motivation.

The explosive devices the teenager is accused of building were just “a step or two away from being ready to explode” and would have caused serious damage or injuries, the sheriff said.

  • Linda Morris

    plz respond if you think that white supremacists just keep on nagging and they keep on using words that fuel their hatred. (some people know what i mean). i mean they blame it on the jews, muslim etc.

  • Alan Meyer

    The best time to reach out to a racist is when he is still young enough to not be set in his ways and not yet have a long history of bitterness towards others.

    This boy’s arrest might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. I’m hoping that the police will sit this boy down with someone who can reach out to him and maybe get him to question his beliefs and start down a different path.

    Kids like this are isolated, confused, and lonely. Maybe a smart, tough, young cop, someone that the kid can instinctively respect, could reach out to him the way an older brother might to a younger brother and teach him something of the facts of life. Maybe there’s a volunteer for the SPLC or the NAACP who could do it.

    I hope someone can. This kid is dangerous. He needs to be defused, not just held under lock and key for a while.

  • phillip perini

    To compare this racist hateful idiot to earthworms and earth critters , is giving him too much light. We all who are peace loving human beings realize that neo-Nazi hate is just that , misguided , brainwashed , evil , and ignorant!!! Weather this young clouded ” hateful person , ” survives his demonist culture behind bars is where he will ultimately receive his justice!!!!

  • Bold Jackson

    Racism is a dying ideology and will be scraped in the dust bins of history. We need to deal with the bigots that are still around and send them to jail when possible. Anyone who thinks that white supremacy is the result of anti-white prejudice is as dumb as a doornail and knows nothing about the role of white supremacy across the globe. White supremacy once ruled the world! Not Brown or Black supremacy! Some of the arguments about black racism are illogical since it was white supremacy that was institutionalized. Anyone can be a racist, but white supremacy was and is an institution!

  • John

    Sometimes we look for complex explanations where not discernible.

    Maybe this youngster is just already a bad person who needs to go to jail.

  • Ronin

    I assume from the content of subsequent posts that Jeronimus is actively trolling. It’s funny because his original post sounded like ironic satire. Of particular note, however, is that 90% of subsequent posts are responses to the troll, including this one, which thereby divert energy from a useful discussion of the article. While I am new to the community here (although not to the SPLC, which my family has supported for generations), I can understand a certain camaraderie in responding to a well-known and persistent troll. However, it is still just feeding a troll, which is useless and often counter-productive, giving them the satisfaction of fulfilling their original goal. Solomon is the only responder who is actually referring to the article at hand, and half of his is all-caps outrage. I recommend we be grown-ups for a moment, express our feelings and concerns rationally, and stop feeding the trolls. It is the only way to counter their attempts to divert discussion.

  • Tobias A. Weissman

    Instead of beating down this boy of 17 years, I would think that our society learn where this boy gets his hate from, and beat that down. Since his parents were cooperative, I don’t think Derek Shrout learned it from them. Children hating others have been going on to much to think that jail time is the answer. History shows it’s not. This child and others need the right kind of understanding and guidance.

  • SamDamnit

    They want to know where he got his racist views? Try turning on FOX news. You do not have to go to stormfront to find people pretending that black people and gays are a threat.

  • ThomasFrazee

    I’m 68, a White male. I can’t count how many jobs I’ve had that Were closed to Non-whites and Non-males. Having benefited from so much bigotry, it’s obvious to me, América needs a soul and Spiritual overhaul. Living with, working with and loving people of different ethnic, cultural and racial back grounds is really the only way we can be truly safe from Those we hate and fear. That would in lnclude Our economic/class differences too. How can we sleep,,or be awake, knowing Our fellow Americans are in severe pain and suffering, when they don’t have to be? We can do it, but, we need a bold and fresh new approach.

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    Racism is a mental illness, indicating acute unbalance based on learned hatred, either from a family group or because of negative experience(s). Psychological counseling is appropriate and necessary before the racism, which is irrational and illogical, can lead to holocaust of people as well as the murder of token objects (people).

    Tragically, racism has long be a part of religion: from the condemnation of Cain to the aspersion against Ham who allegedly saw his father naked–yet had his son damned since he had already been blessed. In both cases, the condemnation led to the transmogrification of pigmentation in the flesh, but only to advance the celebrity status of a minor group that were mercenaries for the Akkadian warlords. Still, it is this distortion and plagiarism from older sources that is the foundation for racial hatred and it was incorporated in to sacred canon by several faiths. It is time that these old tales be exposed and people educated on the reality of all people being equal and have a right of choice in all things. Hatred is not acceptable.

  • Scarabus

    This guy will be charged (not necessarily convicted) of “attempted assault”? No “hate crime” upgrade? BFD!

    Publishing his name, attitudes, and plans will affect his reputation? Yeah. Negatively among civilized people he doesn’t care about, but positively among hate- and fear-driven people he does care about. In some ways this “Hatewatch” post might actually empower him.

    Like the “Terminator,” he’ll be back. When he returns, it may be as a good guy. But don’t count on it.

  • CA Investigator

    As the parent of a bright, loving, 8-year old daughter who has friends of all complexions and all faiths, these reports make me so fearful of the future America that she’ll inherit.

    This country is getting more and more polarized and its citizens are increasingly opting out of the notion of a shared destiny. I know that we talk to our daughter, social responsibility in ingrained in her and she knows that her friends are to be chosen on the content of their character and maintained based no an affinity of interests. Skin color and that slippery animal called, for lack of any real science, “race” is to play no part. But then, we’re graduate school educated, left-coast liberal Jews (who happen to also be non-white).

    Maybe the parents are partially to blame. Maybe the parents did like we do and the kid fell in with the wrong crowd or became enthralled with the Stormfront/White Power internet meme. Maybe he felt powerless at school and gravitated towards white supremacy – “I may be (insert adjective), but at least I’m better than a n***er.” I don’t know, but I’m sad that we are still where we are still.

    As a kid, I had hoped I’d be a father in some color-blind Star Trek universe. The stupid things kids hope for.

    So many died and so little has changed.

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, that would be a hoot.

  • aadila

    There may indeed be examples of racially motivated attacks on whites by non-whites.

    But that does not change the fact that our nation’s insitutions are fundamentally racist in favor of whites and against ethnic minorities.

    We may not ever be able to stop racial violence, but we could stop institutional racism if we wanted to.

  • Erika

    Has anyone seen Eugenics Eugene since this arrest? :P

  • Erika

    Jeronimus, assuming argumendo that anti-white racism exists, and that anti-white racism made him do it, then doesn’t it necessarily follow that all crimes committed by blacks were caused by anti-black racism?

    Oopsie, white supremacists just don’t do logic :P

  • Solomon

    Killing people by blowing them up into bits just because you hate them for their skin color? THAT’S SAVAGERY!!! HOW COULD WHITE SUPREMACISTS CONSIDER THIS SAVAGE BEHAVIOR AS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD?!!!

    We live in a civilization! And as a member, of this civilized society, I STRONGLY abhor this kind of barbarism motivated by racism and homophobia against another civilized human being! I have a dog and even my dog is FAR more civilized than White Supremacists will ever be!

  • CoralSea

    Aron and Rey —

    He can’t crawl back into his hole because the hole doesn’t want him! The worms, centipedes, and other soil critters that I so love to watch when I am gardening, and that are normally incredibly tolerant, have complained that he is emitting noxious gases and making way too many screeching noises for them to stand anymore.

  • Mitch Beales

    Reynardine it is apparent from his posts that his head has been there for a long time.

  • Reynardine

    Aron, he won’t fit.

  • Aron

    Jeronimus, why don’t you go crawl back in your hole?

  • Jeronimus

    It’s because of anti-white racism. Da debbil made him do it!