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Veterans Today Editor Blames Newtown Tragedy on Israel

By Evelyn Schlatter on January 10, 2013 - 1:22 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, Neo-Nazi

Veterans Today, a website that purports to be a “military veterans and foreign affairs journal” but is really a locus of the far right, is now squarely in neo-Nazi territory.

Oh, sure, Veterans Today (VT) has engaged in all kinds of conspiracy theorizing, most of it focusing on the alleged evils of Israel, for years. Senior editor and board chairman Gordon Duff has claimed that the 9/11 attacks were a joint U.S./Israel operation and that the U.S. government is totally controlled by Israel. The site has even claimed that the Holocaust never occurred or was greatly exaggerated.

But this December, VT seemed to be trying to outdo itself when its financial editor Mike Harris, who also sits on VT’s editorial board, went on Iranian government-backed Press TV to claim that the recent murders of 20 small children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary school was carried out by Israeli death squads. The reason, he said on Dec. 17, is that the Israelis were angry about the United Nations’ vote in November to grant the Palestinians non-member observer status.

“[T]hat is something that Israelis do very, very well,” said Harris, who, remarkably enough, came in third in the 2006 Republican primary for Arizona governor. “They target the innocent, they target children, they target women.” Harris went on to blame Israeli death squads for the January 2011 critical wounding of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the murder of six other people (actually carried out by a mentally ill man named Jared Lee Loughner); the July 2011 murder of 77 people in Norway (actually carried out by an anti-Muslim terrorist); and the July 2012 murder of 12 people at an Aurora, Colo., movie theater (apparently carried out by suspect James Eagan Holmes, who also was apparently mentally ill).

The Sandy Hook killings, which took place on Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn., were also a product of a violent American culture, Harris said on Press TV — a culture, he said, that “comes from the Jews in Hollywood.” He blasted the “Zionist-occupied government that we have in this country — words that might have come from the mouths of uniformed American neo-Nazis, who commonly refer to the government as ZOG, for “Zionist Occupied Government.” “I am very much anti-Israel,” Harris told Press TV’s audience. “I want Israel off the face of the earth.”

Perhaps Harris’ comments shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Joining him on the current VT advisory board are Jeff Rense, a longtime racist and conspiracy theorist who carries former Klan leader David Duke’s radio show on his website and recently offered to host former Alabama Klan leader Don Black’s Internet radio show there as well; and University of Minnesota-Duluth emeritus professor of philosophy James Fetzer, who recently wrote on the site that the Newtown shootings were part of a “psy-op” meant to “strike fear in the hearts of Americans.” He didn’t conclusively say who had carried out that “psy-op,” but did say that its brutality was a “signature of terror ops conducted by agents of Israel.”

VT’s propaganda is increasingly circulating on other conspiracist sites of the radical right, along with straight-up racist sites like Stormfront. After Harris’ appearance on Press TV, one Stormfront poster suggested offering him “honorary membership.”

Harris has been on the political fringe for some time now. He has defended David Duke as a “shining example of western freedom and democracy,” adding somewhat bizarrely that the veteran Klansman and neo-Nazi had “actively embraced the diversity of cultures around the world.” He also defended openly neo-Nazi J.T. Ready after he murdered five people, including his girlfriend and her 15-month-old granddaughter, before killing himself in May 2012. To Harris, Ready, a one-time member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, was “one of America’s greatest hero’s [sic],” a man who battled Mexican drug cartels and local police corruption. Harris hinted that Ready was murdered by the cartels.

Local police strenuously disagree.

  • concernedcitizen

    Mr. Stiver, I do appreciate your position. And your experience. However, we too as Americans are engaged in battles that many find repulsive. We harbor and cradle home grown terrorists in this country who call themselves white supremacists.

    Isreal, has their battles as well. Some we too may find unconscionable. However, we have many Jewish brothers and sisters here in America and we have a duty to protect their rights and freedoms, as we do all Americans who come under the unwarranted attacks of Hate crimes.

  • Robert H. Stiver, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

    I agree with SAS’ “I find this rather strange. Why would anyone criticize Israel for something it had nothing to do with. If you want to criticize Israel, why not do for for its horrible treatment of Palestinians?” — even as I wonder why no one on this site has bothered to address it (it’s a week old now).

    Israel, firmly under the control of the Zionist ideology and about to vote in the most rabidly extreme government in its history, has engaged in “horrible treatment of Palestinians” ever since European Ashkenazi Zionists began to invade the Holy Land over a century ago. There have been mistakes made on both sides of the divide, but the mostly Jewish Zionists (I write “mostly” because of the bizarre “Christian Zionists” in the US and elsewhere…) are in control…and they are not benevolent controllers. Despite the fact that they are in illegal occupation of the 45 percent rump of the Holy Land “bequeathed” to the native Palestinians via UN General Assembly Resolution 181 in November 1947 — reduced to 22 percent in 1947-49 when the UN failed to stop Zionist aggression — the Zionists are steadily (illegally, mind you) populating vast amounts of that 22 percent via settlements/colonies of rabid Zionists brought in from Brooklyn, Russia, etc. Our US, via its every action if not the occasional word of the Zionists’ actions “unhelpfulness” in achieving any sort of just solution to the Palestinians’ torment, has been most “unhelpful” to the Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

    I am a 50-year observer of this horror, having been assigned by the US Army in 1964 to learn the Arabic language and culture for one year. Along the way, I was educated to the injustice meted out to the Palestinians and became an avid supporter of their legitimate rights and aspirations under international law. That international law, of course, would not need to be applied if the United Nations had not passed UNGA Res. 181, which was the most flagrant in a long time of trampling on the Palestinians who were just awakening to the nationalistic spirit dreaming of independence and nationhood sweeping the world in those days.

    Israel does itself no favors by its acts of apartheid and slow genocide against the Palestinians. Some people take those acts and subscribe to farther-reaching activities that morph into conspiracy theories and — possibly — may lead to true, “classic” anti-Jewishness.

    I’d like to think that reasonable, objective commenters might expand on SAS’ and my words; come to some understanding of the Palestinians’ unjust treatment that is the crux of many of the problems and much of the hatred across the Muslim and general world; and begin a campaign which might have as its lead “Israel: Accord justice and dignity to the mistreated people of Palestine…and you will have begun a process of mitigating and ending the flashpoint of many people’s current disaffection with Israel and the Zionists holding swayi…a disaffection that, unfortunately, can lead to unintended consequences.”

  • Kiwiwriter

    You know, the anti-Semites have been spouting this nonsense about the Jews trying to run and ruin the world for centuries, and all their predictions have never happened.

    There have been plenty of opportunities, under these theories, for the Jews to complete this task of destroying the world, and they’ve never done it…just in the last century alone, we had two unimaginably bloody world wars, several equally bloody small ones, some nuclear confrontations, a couple of energy crises, massive terrorist attacks, major natural disasters, and “Dancing With the Stars” inflicted upon us.

    And civilization is still rolling right along. If the Jews were trying to take over the world and create an environment where there was a kosher delicatessen flying the hammer-and-sickle on every street corner, they’re doing a bloody fatuous job of doing it.

    And the anti-Semites who screech this rubbish are all alive and well, running their internet sites and on-line radio stations, spouting their filth. If the Jews really did dominate everything by now, you’d think creeps like this would have been taken off the air, their radio stations raided by the cops, and the tiger would either be imprisoned or found stuffed headfirst in a garbage can, the victim of an apparent street mugging.

    Never happens. Sort of like the theories they spout. They never happen.

  • Dominic

    As a veteran, I’m concerned that this idiot portrays himself as a representative and spokesperson for veterans. I for one do not follow his way of thinking and know the majority of all veterans do not follow his train of sick thought. Also, I’m sure he is not an expert on Foreign Affairs as he says. All veterans should distance themselves from this self proclaimed representative. That said, he can qualify as the spokesperson for idiots.

  • aadila

    The Pirate Party should also be considered distinct from the Irate Party (the Republicans). Just in case anyone was confused.

  • Aron


    The Pirate Party I know has promised a parrot on every shoulder and a peg on every leg. I’m personally a big fan of their progressive amputation policies!

  • aadila

    Sam the Pirate Party I am familiar with is concerned with copyright laws, not obliterating capitalism. But that could be what happened to the Kenyan Farthing….maybe it morphed into freeware.

  • SAS

    I find this rather strange. Why would anyone criticize Israel for something it had nothing to do with. If you want to criticize Israel, why not do for for its horrible treatment of Palestinians. ?

  • Sam Molloy

    Despite some interesting articles by Stephanie Krasnow and others, I have let my subscription to Adbusters magazine lapse, partially because of their anti Israel stance preached in every issue. Their partially well intentioned but less than successful Occupy movement has also morphed into the Pirate Party, whose objective is the total destruction of Capitalism. Even more disturbing, just recently they have started a Spanish language issue. The SPLC should definitely check them out.

  • adamhill

    The intersect between the neo-Nazi/WN movements and clinical insanity couldn’t be better illustrated than by these guys. Gibbering, hate-filled lunatics.

  • Reynardine

    I would about as much expect any Jew I have ever known to do such a thing as I would expect them to pull over at a wayside barbecue and cook me for dinner (and, though I as good as chewed cud at a health food restaurant today, I am not, contrary to rumor, cloven-hooved). Guys like this, though- yeah, I could picture them doing it any time, especially at a school where the kids weren’t terribly white. The rest of this mess is toxic brain omelette.