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Latino Gang Leader Convicted in L.A. Ethnic Cleansing Campaign

By Don Terry on January 15, 2013 - 4:01 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Hate Crime

A Latino street gang leader and his son were sentenced in federal court Monday to lengthy prison terms for their role in a years-long campaign of racist terror and ethnic cleansing targeting African Americans in and around Los Angeles.

Since at least the mid-1990s, Latino street gangs across Los Angeles County have been targeting, beating and sometimes killing blacks in an attempt to drive them out of the region.

Just before Christmas 2006, Cheryl Green, 14, playing on her skateboard with a group of friends just south of 206th Street in Los Angeles, was shot dead in broad daylight by two men who approached the group and opened fire without saying a word. Two members of the 204th Street gang were later arrested in the killing.

Green’s death shook the city.

A few weeks after her funeral, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, law enforcement officials and community activists held a news conference and vowed a crackdown on 10 street gangs, six of them Latino. “The 204th Street and Eastside Torrance gangs have contributed to the rise in racially motivated murders and other crimes,” the mayor’s office said in a press release.

Much of the racially inspired murder and mayhem was and is being directed from far away from the streets and hills of Los Angeles. As the Intelligence Report detailed in the Winter 2006 issue the powerful Mexican Mafia, a prison-based gang, had given the “green light” to the many Latino gangs it controls in Southern California to terrorize and murder black people as part of the effort to drive them out.

In this latest chapter of race and hate in the Southern California sunshine, 51 members of the Azusa 13 street gang have been indicted and convicted since 2011 for “terrorizing” African Americans in Azusa, a city of about 48,000 in the San Gabriel Valley, according to the Los Angeles Times.

On Monday, Santiago “Chico” Rios, a leader of the gang, was sentenced to 19 years and seven months in prison by U.S. District Judge Gary A. Feess, according to the Times, and his hearing impaired son, Louie “Lil Chico” Rios, was given a 10-year sentence.

Both had pleaded guilty to conspiring to attack African Americans and chase them out Azusa, a gang policy established in 1992, the paper said.

  • jen

    I find it interesting that some people are crying about “where the blacks who commit hate crimes on whites and latinos?” They are fucking rotting in jail.

    This gang is a disgusting disgrace to the human race. There was also a Latino ethnic cleansing gang who killed a white little girl. They did a drive by near her car. All racism, rather it’s from Whites, Blacks or Latinos is disgusting. All people who commit hate crimes should be burned alive!

  • Will Killalib

    Wow what about Trayvon though? You know? I mean its just so much more fun to report about him because his killer was White..I mean not really..He was half jew half spic but anyway we could make him look white at least for a few weeks. In that amount of time who knows how many anti white hate crimes we can encourage. Besides that it just makes for a better socially acceptabe liberal circle jerk story..Maybe we can add it to the ethnic studies curriculum..Let me go ask my Rabbi what he thinks and Ill get back to you..

  • Big Man

    Could Someone PLEASE tell These Brothers 2 wake up and smell the MFucken coffee and stop killing each other Nation wide its not going to be enough of Us left to fight (Stupid MFuckus)!!!

  • LastSaneMan

    I don’t have any respect for the SPLC since they primarily only focus on white right winged extremism, which is the minority of race based violence in this country, no matter what the SPLC tries to feed you. I lived in LA and I’m of mixed race (w+b). The nei-nazis there were very few and typically only defended their areas, they didn’t branch out in violence to gain territory. The Latino gangs and the majority of non-gang affiliated Latinos openly state they are there to take over the state. SPLC would call it racism to point that out, but the truth doesn’t cowar in the face of political correctness. This is 90% of the Latino community harboring this ill will towards the different races, that may sound shocking, but that’s because you didn’t have to live through it. There is a racist group called La Raza that openly promotes this type of race hatred yet I can’t find them listed as a hate group on this site. That’s why this site is garbage, the people that run it are garbage and the people who think they are getting the truth are willful accomplices. The media has completely ignored this racial cleansing because it’s too big a problem for the government to handle. The Mexican mafia gets some blame, but look at la Raza. Bush and Obama support the invasion of the country because they care less about the poor in cities affected by this problem than they do about electoral advantage. Disgraceful. The SPLC is a disgrace too. Pandering fools, stop wasting your time attacking your political opponents and focus on actual race violence.

  • aadila

    Rey, maybe Jay’s doing it the German way, initial caps for nouns?

  • Reynardine

    I second Aron, Jay. I’ve lived in black neighborhoods and Hispanic neighborhoods and they have all been far more neighborly than I’d ever expect of you.

    Also, “black”, “white”, etc., are considered common adjectives/nouns, and don’t get capitalized unless they are the names of teams, a conceit from which I fear you suffer. As descriptives, they are no more capitalized than “short”, “tall”, “slim” “stout”, “male”, “female”, “dumb”, or “smart”. “African” “Asian” “American”, and “Latin-American” are capitalized because they derive from proper nouns. I am so sorry you were taught neither grammar nor decency.

  • Aron

    Also Jay, would you mind explaining ‘white’ heritage to me? Because my skin is white, but I doubt my heritage and culture is the same as yours.

  • Aron

    Jay, please show us where the SPLC is ‘forcing’ ‘race mixture.’ Maybe you can get your buddies over at Stormfront to help you out.

  • Jay Em

    So SPLC is finding out that it doesn’t matter WHICH races you try and force to live together peaceably there STILL will be racial strife EVEN when eeevilll Whites AREN’T involved (yes, I’m White, it will be interesting to see how SPLC tries to pin THIS conflict on Whites.) Their solution??? Sue to force MORE areas to become mixed (if you Latinos and Blacks don’t want to race mix, we’ll FORCE you to race mix.)
    The idea that Whites are not the only racial group that might not want to be separated from THEIR heritage and racial identity through forced assimilation has not occurred to these geniuses. Or has it? Because if it HAS and they STILL want to force race mixing on EVERYBODY against their will, that would make what SPLC does the
    MOST eeevilll of them all, beyond any doubt.

  • A.D.M.

    Hey, “TruthSlayer,” Latinos are not a race. They’re just as racially diverse as Americans. A black person from the Dominican Republic, a white person from Argentina, and an Amerindian person from Honduras speak the same language, but they’re different in other aspects. As for the rest of your diatribe, if you use the “find” feature on this website, you’ll see the SPLC has profiled non-white offenders.

  • NAFTA Refugee

    It is good to see splc running a story on racism in yet another form. Someone mentioned Mexicans not getting justice from the courts. That injustice sees no color. Every color gets the shaft from that system, except the color green. I have lived and raised my kids in a nice community. It has left them naive. They’re learning through hard knocks, but yet don’t feel the urge to go bushmaster on their SOB boss. When Slick Willy signed NAFTA he took a giant crap on my hometown which to this day hasn’t recovered. Keep packing em in folks.

  • Aron

    Truthslayer, perhaps you might consider actually perusing the site the next time you decide to ‘slay the truth.’

    But nice try, skippy.

  • TruthSlayer

    Where is SPLC on black on white and Latino hate crimes? If I can find countless videos of actual attacks and murders that are racially motivated on YT, surely SPLC can find them too. How many blacks, whites, or others are being charged with hate crimes? Not enough. The murderers of Latino people get 7 YEARS FOR A HATE CRIME? I can’t blame them for taking justice into their own hands. The courts have made it clear that the lives of Mexicans aren’t worth much and have done little to give them EQUAL JUSTICE under the law.

  • Olaf

    I am currently experiencing this driving someone out of a town. But here it is a wealthy suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Motivation is racist and religious (driving out that liberal immigrant, atheist, gay, …). The harassment is not physical violence but slander and psychlogical terror in the neighbourhood and workplace. It pretty intensive, widespread and organized. It is similar to what is known as gang stalking. What I understand it is tolerated by the local police and churches.

  • Reynardine

    Apacherat, you look familiar, too. And I will believe that story when chickens urinate (for city folk: They don’t. #1 and #2 just sort of come out as #3).

  • The Other Dave

    Yes ,the Mafia and Thug and otherwise self supremist types need to go. Hollywood needs to stop presenting them as available role models.


    About six years ago I contacted the SPLC on why Latino gangs in Los Angeles County who were hunting down black Americans and murdering them only because the color of their skin. In particular the Avenues Gang.were not on their hate map or even mentioned by the SPLC ?

    The SPLC actually responded and sent me an e-mail saying that since these Latino street gangs are not political and right wing, they don’t consider these racist criminal gangs to be a hate group. That only right wingers can earn the right as being a hate group with the SPLC.

    Glad to see that the SPLC is finally recognising that hate groups cross the political line. That most murders, rapes and assault and robbery against people of color or whites are committed by either Latino gangs or blacks.

    It has nothing to do with politics.

    Unfortunately with the SPLC, it does. The SPLC is a radical leftist hate group.

    50 % of all Latino gang members in Los Angeles County are illegal aliens. Except for the original minority of Mexican – American gangs like White fence, most Latino gang bangers are either illegal aliens or anchor babies. They brought their prejudice with them from Mexico or Latin America, 18 th Street gang, the largest street gang in America is a Mexican, Central American illegal alien gang, made up of illegal aliens and anchor babies. MS-13 is totally a Central American illegal alien gang but you are now seeing anchor babies joining the gang.

  • TC

    Concernedcitizen – When one is disempowered, one often lashes out at the less powerful.

  • VivaLaMigra

    RACISM being practiced by “brown people?” Naw; it couldn’t be! Surely you’re mistaken; everyone knows that only WHITE people are ever guilty of racism!

    [End of sarcasm!]

  • ThomasFrazee

    It is easy to undérstand why so many hate related crimes are being directed from prisons; that is where we put people we hate, and continúe to punish, sadistically, as a Society. Their only option is revenge and striking back. We give them no hope. They are Our Frankensteins.

  • Laura

    How did this judge come up with these sentences? Gotta love CA NON JUSTICE SYSTEM. great job governor. Slap in the face of the victims and their families.

  • Elgranreyes

    Gang members behave like thugs regardless of their racial/ethnic background and they need to be dealt with like any other criminals. Certainly nobody in the Latino leadership is promoting this type of behavior and the mayor was absolutely right in cracking down on it. There will be no “ethnic cleansing” in any community in the U.S. Civil rights laws need to be implemented here in L.A. just as they might be in the Deep South. Nobody’s exempt from hatred, and therefore nobody is exempt from the law.

  • Mark

    Been going on for years you clowns. wake up!

  • Michael Parker

    This is absolutely insane. Hasn’t Black people suffered enough in this country. Not only that, Most Hispanics are mix with African, Indians and Spanish. Why go after Blacks when your own ancestors are mix with it.

  • tino

    Thoose are not latinos,,, they are a group of criminals, working with the Mexican mafia to contol land,,, killing innocent people,, in Mexico they kill thier own. It is despicable and instead of going to prison to hang with thier ”homies” they should just be executed.

  • Sergio

    I’m glad to hear it, the Hispanic community cannot let the worst amongst us dictate the term by which we live this needs to be delt with and never allowed to spread. And if the bastards in the Mexican mafia where all put out of our misery I think we from the Mexican community would be better off

  • concernedcitizen

    Racism is a horrible disease and it’s worse when groups of people get together in order to harm whole ethnic groups.
    But I am floored by the Hispanics committing such crimes given their very fragile position in this country. The last thing you would think they would want is more bad press about crimes against innocent American Families and that’s not to say it’s all Hispanics. I just think that it’s a real shame that so much hate is festering in our communities in America and we should be asking ourselves why and what the hell are we doing wrong as a society that creates inviting atmospheres for these hatemongers?

    We don’t want them to feel welcomed…take the hate elsewhere but get it out of America!

  • Aron

    But I thought the SPLC only reported on ‘WHITE’ racism!

    Seriously though, I’m really glad to hear justice was served. I’ve been following the Hawaiian Gardens Tragedy for some time now. Those poor kids :(

  • Blaidd

    would think they would get more time then that, was this a plea bargain? seriously….

  • james

    Google and read up oni the Hispanics threatening and chasing out black familes in Hawaiian Gardens in the LA Area.
    There have been so many hispanic on black murders in LA simply for color of skin that its not that surprising to the LA Mayor or City Council yet they still have “special Order 40″ which prohibits LA police from asking anyone if they are affiliated wit ha gang, or if they are illegally in the country. as was the shooter of start LA high school running back Jamiel Shaw a few years ago.

  • concernedcitizen

    This is just absolutely insane. Minority against other minorities when will people ever learn.

    Stop the hate people, live your lives. There is so much more to life than hate. Hate only consumes the person who harbors it in their hearts and endears them to no man.