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Religious-Right Radicals Join NRA Side In Gun Battle

By Ryan Lenz on January 18, 2013 - 4:42 pm, Posted in Christian Right, Extremist Propaganda

Religious-right extremists who have spent most of their energy in recent years vilifying LGBT people or fighting the nation’s culture wars on other fronts have found a new demon to slay: gun control.

It might seem odd that those who profess allegiance to the teachings of Jesus Christ would be so vociferous about making sure that Americans have continued, unfettered access to assault rifles. But in the wake of the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut, which ignited the most heated debate about gun control in this country in a decade, some of the religious right’s most rabid voices are joining the fight.

Matt Barber, a lawyer for the anti-gay Liberty Counsel, predicts a civil war over gun control. Bryan Fischer, the rabid mouthpiece for the homophobic American Family Association, has banned the use of the words “assault rifles” on his radio show. Even the Family Research Council, which describes itself as a pro-family organization, has targeted President Obama as “blatantly disingenuous when he says he believes in the Second Amendment.”

David Barton, the Christian-right pseudo-historian whose views on America’s founding have been widely debunked by mainstream historians, went on conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck’s Internet television show this week to claim the National Rifle Association (NRA) was formed to protect freed slaves from the Ku Klux Klan.

“The NRA rises up in 1871 with three Union officers who had fought to end slavery, fought for civil rights, fought for civil rights for blacks,” Barton said. “And part of the reason is, they want blacks to defend themselves individually, use their individual right of self-defense against the Klan.” (Actually, most historians argue the birth of the NRA had nothing at all to do with civil rights but rather to establish training standards for emerging rifle technology.)

Barber went so far as to predict a coming civil war if the White House moves forward with gun control. In an article published a week ago for the far-right conspiracy website WorldNet Daily, he accused the government of preparing for a gun grab aimed at “controlling – disarming – the law-abiding masses.”

“I love guns. Grew up with ‘em. As a former police officer with 12 years in the U.S. military, I know how to use them, too – use them well. I plan to buy more – a bunch more. In fact, who’s to say I don’t already have a veritable arsenal?” Barber wrote. “Point is, tain’t Big Brother Barack’s nor any other candy-keistered-liberal-cream-puff’s business whether I do or not.”

At issue, for most on the religious right, is Obama.

Earlier this week, the White House released the president’s aggressive plan to address gun control. According to The New York Times, the “multifaceted effort” includes 23 proposed executive orders, some of which address controlling access to guns, and a full-court press on Congress to pass comprehensive gun reform legislation.

Leave it to Fischer, though, who has claimed that Adolf Hilter’s Nazi Party relied on gay men because of their innate brutality, to turn the debate straight on its face. Not only has he banned the use of the words “assault rifles” on his Focal Point radio show in favor of “sporting rifles” – and threatened to fine any member of his staff who uses the wrong term – he has defined the debate on gun control as a thinly veiled plot to target Christians.

“If they decide that mental health are reasons to deny people their constitutional rights, it’s a short step from there to identifying us, Christians, genuine followers of Jesus Christ who believe the Bible and what it teaches … as mentally ill,” Fischer claimed. And if that happens, Fischer fantasizes, “Guns are going to be taken away from us.”

  • http://None James Brown

    Gun Control was nothing more than Mind Control-the White House simply through it out there to misdirect public anger about the Nation’s Fiscal Woes…Like Family Feud-SURVEY SAYS-
    Why has no one acted really on anything? Congress is plain out scared of their own shadow but darker and more sinister elements are at work and our Freedom is truly in jeopardy. Right Now,
    Congress cannot pass much of anything after all of the real-time surveys are done and it is all about one question-How will the voters perceive their vote on any issue. Lobbyists also have entered a new era where their dark monies have put all of Congress and the White House under one giant bubbled insulated dome. So when the surveyor calls and wants to survey you, tell them you are already eating sardines and crackers…their backs are on fire to get your thoughts and you just pissed on them to help put out their fire…LOL
    Without the surveys and Lobbyists, Congress might truly debate issues like it should be done but instead, they sit back in lofty high-roller chairs waiting for their staff to report the latest survey results and calculate how much money they can pocket on each issue. The more pissed the public is, the more money they pocket.
    LBJ was right today more than ever before-Today in Washington, the Pigeons do fly upside down cause there ain’t nothing worth pooping on there…But the NRA does need to reel-in their talk about America is on its last leg before disaster-even for them it is a Money Game and with its ten million and 25 million dollar clubs the NRA is now offering, can a poor boy get an Amen? Also, why did LaPierre set the NRA’s gun activitists on point ready to deploy as if we were on the verge of destruction and he is directing a Napoleonic War-we are too young as a Nation to contemplate such stupid and idle rhetoric…think about all this stuff…dumb people love dumb stuff…and our fiscal woes-they are of a horrible “b” rated movie that is going from bad to super bad…but if we all eat sardines and crackers, so be it, they will still feed all of us lots of tv and multiple channels…LOL..remember this-too much of this today is nothing more than “Certified Hoe Ass Shit”(tell the surveyor this one too) and it rolls from the Top Millionaire down to the one with the least amount of millions…huh? And since when do you listen to a Surfer Boy and a Surfer Girl? LOL

  • Aron

    Go away, Barbarotico. None of us, even the dumb ones, are as stupid as you are. If you think you’re fooling anyone, there’s only person you’re actually fooling.

  • pichiboy

    In the nature you will never see an animal disarming another animal for the good well of the disarmed one…

    I can put many historical examples of many nations that were disarmed, followed by the subsequent genocide of those people.

    france during french revolution.

    And south poverty law center want to disarm the american people…!

  • Erika

    Brian, of all the paranoid fantasies i have ever heard, the idea that people who oppose firearms – and would thus be unarmed, duh – will raid the houses of gun owners to kill them may well be the stupidest.

    Paranoia and firearms are a bad combination :P

  • Sam Molloy

    Phillip, you might find the current end times theorizing by John Hagee interesting. Just don’t tell him I’m Gay, we’re gonna suprise him up there.

  • Aron


    1.) All of the information that was published was public knowledge. Anyone could find it. It was hardly published to ‘provoke attacks.’ And please point out where anyone is threatening Second Amendment supporters. Just one link is all I ask.

    2.) A terrorist is still a terrorist. Over forty people died in the King David Hotel bombing. Judah Benjamin was the slave-owning Confederate Secretary of State who fled to Europe after the Civil War rather than face his own countrymen. He was a coward.

    3.) By obtusely comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler you just lost the argument.

    Read a history book, dammit.

  • Brian

    Philip and others, i must admit i don’t know all the historical references, but have to say i am more on the side of the Jews. Maybe it’s because i am Christian. One persons terrorist is another persons freedom fighter. Which is which is defined by the victors that wright the history books and control the media. I have read that the Nazis first disarmed the Jews, eliminating their jobs then bankrupted them. finally demoralized them to the point of desperation. They offered the promise of jobs and good living just a train ride away. Of course they would want to freshen up after their long ride so the Nazis were so generous as to provide group showers for the Jews how willingly marched right in. We all know how that turned out. There are may parallels going on in our nations today. That is why this is not just a gun control issue. People are afraid and want the means to put up some sort of fight before they are taken to the showers. Many of them were also willing to live in DENIAL just like half of this counter is doing today. Lets hope Hitler has not been reincarnated.

    As for hate groups, it is the gun-phobic that are all over the internet and Facebook talking about killing the supports of the 2nd amendment. Also putting up maps of licensed armed citizens in hope they will be attacked in their homes. Sounds like they are the ones committing hate crimes and terrorism to me.

  • Mari Passananti

    Why is the NRA not listed as a hate group? Or at least a domestic terrorist organization? What would be the process to have them designated as such?

  • aadila

    I suspect “Philip” is running up a false flag. Nothing about that comment passes as authentic.

  • Reynardine

    Philip, that word salad is not the most unappetizing thing you’re serving us. It’s that brain omelette entrée it accompanies.

  • Aron


    You don’t think the British were correct to call folks like the Stern Gang terrorists? You’ve obviously never heard of the King David Hotel bombing.

    And you’re starting to seriously remind me of Judah Benjamin. And that is hardly a complementary comparison.

  • Erika

    So Philip, your plan is to cast your lot with a bunch of Christian Right types who have complain about Jewish control of the media and “international bankers” right out of The Eternal Jew or The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and who believe that the only purpose of Israel is to set off Armeggedon after which all Jews are all going straight to Hell?

    You may well want to rethink that strategy.

  • Philip Kirschner

    The only problem I have is looking at history, and seeing how history repeats itself. Being born into the jewish faith, and having a surviving relative of the German SHOA only tells me one thing, OBAMA is very anti-semetic and his stance towards israel is pig headed. And his promotion of gun registration has a background forged with the blood of my jewish brothers and sisters. Many societies that had democide, started with mandatory gun registration which then led to confiscation. Mark Potak can not catogirize supporters of guns and rifles as being racist. If anything, i view gun grabbers as unsympethic towards the shoa and southern persons. The Jewish People have always supported civil rights. But, I don’t support this president, and its my opinion his actions will lead to a 2nd civil war. As a JEW, I pledge, I will stand by my southern brothers, provide whatever material support they need. Label me as wish, but the founders of isreal the airgune were called terrroist by the britsh occupiers of israel.

  • aadila

    Gregory, here’s the link for responding to the frequently encountered bullchip that Hitler was a socialist, courtesy of Hatewatch.

    We should all bookmark it for easy access…

    To wit:

    ‘After the Nazi Party – or National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP), as it was officially called – was founded, multiple factions competed for influence. Between 1925 and 1927, Hitler was forbidden to speak in public. During that time, a pair of brothers named Gregor and Otto Strasser rose to prominence in the party’s north German branch.

    The Strasser brothers were somewhat sympathetic to socialism. According to celebrated Hitler biographer Joachim Fest, they “saw the world as divided into oppressing and oppressed peoples” and called for an alliance with communist Russia against “the capitalism of Wall Street.”

    The Strasser brothers’ influence waned after Hitler was allowed to speak again. Otto Strasser was expelled from the party in 1930 and spent the war years in exile. His brother Gregor was murdered during the 1934 “Night of Long Knives,” when Hitler purged his party of perceived rivals. According to Fest, Hitler by then had long since declared that the Nazi Party “stood for private property and justice.”

    Fest explains that Hitler kept the word “socialist” – a “leftist label” – in the party’s name “chiefly for tactical reasons,” employing a kind of “prestidigitation,” or sleight of hand, that allowed “capitalism [to find] its true and ultimate fulfillment in Hitler’s socialism, whereas socialism was only attainable under the capitalistic economic system.”

    Translated, this means that Hitler, a canny politician, kept the term “socialist” in his party’s name because it made some people feel good.’

  • aadila

    Aron, who knew?

    Well anyway thanks. It seems rather relevant to the argument in any case since a military base filled with armed combatants and civilian auxiliary is a far cry from an elementary school. If a military base can’t defend itself from shooters, maybe we ought to just shut the whole thing down.

  • Gregory

    Here we go again. Mr. White thinks the Nazis were socialists due to their Party’s name, NSDAP.

    By that logic, North Korea is both democratic and a republic, since the country goes by the name of the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea.

    Seriously, we need a Frequently Debunked Assertions for our misguided visitors.

  • Aron

    Aadila, I must point out that Ft Hood IS largely gun free. Just like nearly every other military base, the weapons at Ft Hood are largely confined to the Armory, and can only be signed out with a legitimate purpose. The only people who normally carry pistols are Military Policemen.

    Things are different during wartime, but the shooting really didn’t occur during a war.

  • Aron

    M White,

    Disregarding your racist dig at the President, ask any reputable historian over whether the Nazis were actually socialists. Because they’ll tell you the were not.

    And the Regulars were not trying to confiscate guns from the Concord powerhouse. They were trying to confiscate STOLEN CANNON AND POWDER.

    Go away before you stab yourself with a pencil.

  • aadila

    By the way, M White, one more observation on your sad festival of factual errors:

    Mass shootings are NOT confined to gun-free zones. The Ft. Hood massacre took place at the most populous military installation not just in the United States, but in the entire world.

    Thank you, please come again.

  • aadila

    M White

    In any three year period in the United States, close to 90,000 people — give or take a few thousand — die by gun violence.

    In the three year period of the Bosnian conflict, the most horrific war in Europe since WWII, between 100,000 and 110,000 people died to violence.

    Your free-from-tyranny argument ignores the obvious fact that atrocity scale violence is going on right here in the good ole USA.

    Our country has 8 times more gun violence than most of the countries with similar levels of economic and social development and comparable systems of government. How can that be explained?

    And I quibble with your facts about tyrants. George W Bush suspended habeus corpus, which is by definition a tyrannical act. That act suspended the “right of rights”, the right upon which all other rights stand, and yet he took no steps toward gun control. Read my lips: correlation does not imply causation.

  • Reynardine

    Mr. White, the Concorde was taken out of circulation before 9/11. Think about that.

  • M. White

    In the history of crime and school shootings how many have died? 200,300 max. 1 is too many but perhaps we should limit victims access to guns and large capacity magazines. But if that is good should we not limit airliner size and capacity also? If we had max 10 passenger planes and low powered planes we could have saved 3000 lives on 9/11. If preventing death and violent crime is your goal then any gun law that does just that you would support, like uniform conceal carry laws that have done that EVERYWHERE it has been tried. Guns were a protected right not for hunting or target shooting but to prevent a government from becoming tyrannical like in all the socialist stated of the 20th century where 200,000,000 or so human beings were killed by Stalin, Hitler, Mao etc. Has any one figured out why schools (gun free zones or target rich environs) are shot up and not police stations (gun rich and dangerous for wackos and criminals)??
    By definition criminals do not obey the law and hence gun control laws only affect the VICTIMS!!! It provides for a target rich environment for criminals. It is you would think that those that carry guns or have armed guards(like politicians) want the rest of us disarmed and helpless from criminals and politicians. Every tyrant in history disarmed the populace. Lexington and Concord were British attempts to confiscate the colonists arms and we fought back. I am sure our politicians understand all that history. All the fascist dictators took guns away from the citizens. Hitler’s political party was the “National Socialist Workers Party” NSWP and his movement was known as “National Socialism” or Nazi for short. Hitler is alive and well in black face!

  • Phoebe Henselpecker

    Just wondering if anyone of the religious right persuasion could tell me: who would Jesus shoot?

  • aadila

    “Hitler pushed for gun control and look what happened to millions of innocent people”

    Carl, one does not beget the other. Correlation does not imply causation.


  • aadila

    “Aadila, I suggest you learn to crochet.”

    That’s a good idea since I seem to be the only old lady around here who doesn’t get stabby.

  • aadila

    Sam props for standing up to the bullies with good grace. I very rarely agree with anything you say, but I have always found you to be good natured, intelligent, calm, and thoughtful. I don’t like all the ad hominems especially since you are a minority voice in this circle.

  • Aron

    Carl, something tells me you’ve never given a red cent to the SPLC.

    And you obviously know nothing of history if you think that a few civilian guns could have stopped the Wehrmacht. Just look at Paris in 1870.


  • Reynardine

    TRUAryan, your name says it all. Quit lying for AH.

    Carl, more SOS, and I don’t mean Soap on Scrubber. Gun laws were completely relaxed for “Aryans”. Those who were disarmed were the Untermenschen, and we have no illusions. If folks like Ollie North and Grover Norquist get their way, that distinction would be made here, too. No non-whitewinger would be allowed to own so much as a peashooter, and “original intent” would be used to justify the distinction.

    Sam, don’t throw your pacifier, it’ll get dirty, and we’ll have to wash it before we give it back to you.

    Aadila, I suggest you learn to crochet.

  • carl

    So the SPLC uses people like this Fischer guy and the Barton fella to justify gun control. I guess the SPLC doesn’t remember their families and forefathers then. Remember WW2? Poland? France? Italy? Austria? Ya’ll like dropping names, so let me give it a shot- Adolf Hitler.
    Hitler pushed for gun control and look what happened to millions of innocent people in places like….Poland… France… Italy… Austria. They were brutally murdered.

    I’m starting to lose respect for the SPLC. I’ll remember this the next time they come to me begging for donations.