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White Nationalist in Race for Suburban Missouri School Board

By Don Terry on January 22, 2013 - 3:48 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda, White Nationalism

A reported member of the white nationalist Council of Conservative Citizens is running for a seat on a suburban Kansas City, Mo., school board on a platform that includes “removing materials that promote racial diversity” in a district that is becoming increasingly diverse.

The candidate, Edward Stephens, a 25-year-old electrical engineer, came in fifth – dead last – with 5% of the vote when he first ran for a seat on the seven-member Park Hill School board in Platte County in 2012. A candidate who dropped out of the race before the election even got more votes than Stephens.

Students of color make up nearly 30% of the district as families flee the crumbling Kansas City school system. “Diversity has doubled in the last 15 years,” Park Hill School district spokeswoman, Nicole Kirby, told Hatewatch today. “The district supports diversity and making sure we are respecting students across all backgrounds.”

The Council’s newspaper, Citizen’s Informer, regularly publishes articles condemning “race mixing,” decrying the evils of illegal immigration, and lamenting the decline of white, European civilization. The group’s website once described black people as a “retrograde species of humanity.” Created in 1985, the Council is the modern reincarnation of the old White Citizens Councils, which were formed in the 1950s and 1960s to battle school desegregation in the South.

“As a Christian and Freemason, Edward is one of us,” the Council recently announced as it introduced Stephens to readers of its website. The announcement specifically described Stephens as a Council “member.”

Stephens could not be immediately reached for comment. In his campaign literature, he says he has a “heart-felt” desire to “produce the best possible future leaders of our community.”

Stephens, who grew up in Platte County and graduated from Park Hill High School in 2006 before earning a B.S. degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology, also calls for no new taxes and teaching “a pro-America agenda in our classrooms.”

Kirby, the district spokeswoman, said Stephens had also applied to finish the term of a board member who had resigned earlier in the year. “He was not selected,” she said.

In an interview last year with The Pitch, a weekly alternative newspaper in Kansas City, Stephens talked about some of his hopes for Park Hill, one of the best school districts in the state. According to the paper, Stephens said there was too much emphasis on Native American history in the schools.

“We should focus more as a district on programs that are going to focus on, basically, the white men that founded this country and built this country,” he told the paper. The headline on the story was “Park Hill’s school-board race has a great white dope: race baiter Edward Stephens.”

His candidacy is also being promoted on the website of the American Third Position, another white supremacist group, under this headline: “School Board Candidate Proposes A ‘White History Month.’” The story quoted Stephens saying: “I think we need to also pay attention to the white culture and white accomplishments. The vast majority of the Park Hill School District is white. … [I]t only makes sense to honor those things as well.”

By rejecting Stephens last year, the voters missed a golden opportunity for a few laughs and well-attended school board meetings, according to Kansas City blogger and columnist Chris Kamler.

“Surely he’d have come up with some entertaining proposals,” Kamler wrote in the Platte County Landmark shortly after last year’s election. “Maybe he’d have proposed making the Park Hill South Panthers the Park Hill South White Polar Bears? Oh, sure the rest of the board would [have] voted it down, but not [until] after we all had a good laugh.”

Kamler imagined Stephen’s presence would have packed board meetings and citizen participation “would’ve been at an all-time high as folks came from near and far to hear the racist and divisive comments of a school board member. You might’ve even gotten your own TLC Reality Show.”

The election for four open seats on the board is April 2.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Barbarotico: “You are dividing this country and creating hate between the different races and ethnic groups of this country using the flag of “tolerance” and “equality”…
    You are doing the same thing that you done to create the french revolution…the bolchevike revolution, and the armenian revolution.”

    Well, Barbarotico, you should clean up your use of the English language, get a little more organized, cut down on the jargon and buzzwords, and come up with better cliches.

    The SPLC created the French, “Bolchevike,” and Armenian revolutions? You’re giving Morris Dees too much credit. Unless he has a time machine in the basement.

  • Erika

    Aron, a colony of bumblebees in bonnets doesn’t sound “cute” to me. It sounds extremely scary. i have long been very scared of bees and view bees as being unstoppable Erika killing machines with special radar systems to detect people who are scared of them. And that was before i had to go to the emergency room after a bee sting and found out that i am highly allergic to bee stings. And i am pretty sure that bees radar systems also detect people who are allergic to them as well. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the behive they have a picture of me on their target wall because i am like so totally sure that bees are out to get me personally.

    Of course, that means that your plan to leave me on an island will not work since that island no doubt will host lots of bees which no doubt will immediately start plotting to kill me.

    and Aron, a word of relationship advice: you really should not fall in love with someone who is like so totally neurotic, self centered, and crazy enough as to think that bees are super intelligent killing machines which are personally plotting against her :P

  • barbarotico

    Don’t spread more hate in this country!!!…

    Don’t harass more the white people for the simple fact of born with white skin!!!…

    You are sick of hate!!!…

    You are dividing this country and creating hate between the different races and ethnic groups of this country using the flag of “tolerance” and “equality”…
    You are doing the same thing that you done to create the french revolution…the bolchevike revolution, and the armenian revolution.

    The word “HATE” Is written thousands ans thousands of time in your filthy web-page… Is as if you wanted to hypnotise the epeople that enter into your filthy page to hate the people from other races or other ethnic groups…

    In countries from latin america: colombia, panama, venezuela, cuba and so on the blacks, the whites and the asians and the indians coexist together without major problems.


    Because in those countries there are not organizations like this one…there are not organizations dedicate to protect an x race or an x ethnic group.

    But in this country (ee.uu) the different ethnic groups hate between them.

    I have realized that in this country exist hate between the different ethnic group because organizations like this one are working the mass of people and are creating a very negative opinion state between the different races and ethnic groups.

    You are the creators and spreaders of hate between the races and ethnic groups…

  • Erika

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    And how can a person be “latin’?

  • Aron


    Why don’t you come back when you can express a cogent thought. Until then, kindly shut your damned mouth.

  • barbarotico

    All those “organizations that “rise the flag to fight the hate” are the true hate groups.

    By the name “south poverty law center”…I can see that this organization in reality want to create and spread poverty behind the political and social scene to use that stuff of “poverty” to get adepts and to have a mass of cattle that support them.

    In the name of the “equality” and “diversity” this hate organization create social divisions and fragmentation of this country.

  • barbarotico

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  • Kiwiwriter

    “Edward Stephens for School Board! I wish someone this gutsy yet ready to be a team player would run where I live, but my locale is stuck with closet Marxists and open sodomites.”

    Well, “Crusader,” you seem to be a typical “Keyboard Commando,” always ready to “let you and him fight.”

    Why don’t you run yourself, and apply the cogency of your…um…arguments and convert the population to your cause, and stand on it and your sacred honor?

    Another question…has anything you have done in your life as a junior Fascist improved the quality of your life?

  • Aron

    I for one would love to see a colony of bumblebees wearing little tiny hand-crocheted bonnets. I think it would be adorable!

  • Reynardine

    Most of us do, here and again, Aadila. If you supply the bonnets, I have a dandy colony of bees.

  • aadila

    I’ll crochet a bonnet, Rey. Just in case someone gets a bee under theirs…

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, your skills with the needle are admirable, so by all means, tend to your knitting (though antimacassars are crocheted).

  • aadila


    The day I cannot take criticism or a joke at my expense (thanks, Rey, for the chuckle) is the day you can put me in my grave. Where I draw the line is on being misrepresented and I’ll step right up to defend myself when that happens.

  • Aron


    Please don’t think I’m taking sides here. I love everybody here equally (except for Eugene who is the light of my life), I just want all of us to be happy!


  • aadila

    Aron and Rey,

    Please see my observations in the thread, which I hope would be a new beginning.

    However, before you cast your ostraka, I think the point has been missed that this whirlwind of controversy over the Anglo Saxons has little to do with what I stated and perhaps even less with what I meant.

    It is that which I take issue with, not that anyone might disagree with me. If you disagree, at least disagree with what my point is. In other words I don’t think the morality police should be mobilized over my statements.

    Though I certainly don’t disagree with either of your characterizations of me. :)

    Sigh…knit one, purl two.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, you claim to be a screenwriter, and I suppose you are familiar with a British series called, “Waiting for God”. You are starting to resemble Daisy.

  • Aron


    I tried to be kind, but now you are simply coming across as petty and immature. And those are two things I know you are not.

    Can we please move on?

  • aadila


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  • Reynardine

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  • Aron

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  • Aron

    Erika, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think I love you :P

    And Crusader, you’re a neo-Fascist otaku. That just proves you REALLY need to move out of your parents’ basement. And get the HELL out of Massachusetts. We don’t like your kind here.

  • Erika

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    And how many times do i have to tell you, the source of radiant joy from me is my radiant personality? :P

    sorry, given such an opening, i simply couldn’t restrain myself ;)

  • Erika

    Of course you would Bull!

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Wait… is a humor site?

  • Judy Thatch

    As a graduate of Park Hill, I am so embarrassed about such a person even existing, much less running for office.

  • crusader

    Edward Stephens for School Board! I wish someone this gutsy yet ready to be a team player would run where I live, but my locale is stuck with closet Marxists and open sodomites.

  • Bull Conner

    Hope he wins.

  • aadila

    Well, since I more or less officially challenged Coral to a duel of wits (which should be easy since I am neither smart nor funny), sundown approaches and there is nary a shadow of her on main street.

    I will wait it out a bit more, but I would say the failure to meet my challenge equates to an admission of defeat, and a restoration of my honor. Perhaps next week will be a little more peaceful around these parts.

    (cue spaghetti western theme music)

    Fade out.